The NEW original Star vs the Forces of Evil monthly comic book series comes out today!  I’m SO excited! These comics are wonderfully written by Zach Marcus and beautifully illustrated by Devin Taylor! Both work on Star! Ask for them at your local comic book store, or order them directly from JoeBooks!  Store.JoeBooks.com

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The first of issue of the Star Vs The Forces of Evil comic series comes out today!  It seems like it was only yesterday over half a year ago when Devin Taylor (my immensely talented artist) and I started working together on it.  I’m very lucky to have him to turn my words into beautiful comics and jokes.

Check for it at your local comic books shop, or wherever dope comics are sold.

SVTFOE October episodes


Friendenemies - When Tom vies for Marco’s company instead of Star’s, Marco becomes suspicious.

*Nick Lachey (98 Degrees) guest stars as Justin Towers

This episode is a complete mystery. We got that… weird poster, and the Love Sentence band is going to be in this episode (it had already been teased by the show’s writers).

The episode’s poster shows Marco holding tickets + Love Sentence being in the episode = Marco has to help Tom to get the tickets to the concert (for Jackie, or for Star? Dun dun dunnnn)

Is Mystery - Worried about his tadpoles’ futures, Buff Frog investigates the hole in the Mewman force field.

More plot. More lore. More best frog dad. From the promo, and the poster, it looks like Buff Frog is going to infiltrate the corn field with the help of some other monsters, just to be discovered and captured by the rats and meet Ludo. Is he going to unwillingly join the diminutive villain to feed his babies?


Hungry Larry - Star and Marco help Mr. Diaz create the scariest Haunted House on the block.

*Billy West guest stars as Hungry Larry.

The much awaited Halloween episode. Months ago Adam said, on Twitter, “There’s going to be a  dedicated Halloween ep this season and it’s actually scary”

Spider with a Top Hat - Star’s most entertaining spell, Spider with a Top Hat, wants to become a fighting spell instead.

*Guest starring Steve Little as Spider, Eric Christian Olson as Rock, Ron Lynch as Narwahl Husband and Maria Bamford as Make-up Blast.

Likely the spider from the intro (and outro). Star is going to have to argue with her creations?