evil!korra au i guess

  • AU where Kars crashes into Joseph's back yard while holly is a child. Holly was out there playing when he crashed. Seeing her, he said
  • "Where is Joseph Joestar" not knowing she is his child.
  • Holly, completely immune to his menacing aura, said "Daddy? Let me go get him, so wait here!" She skips into the house leaving Kars awkwardly standing there. She returns a few minutes later
  • "Daddy is on the phone right now so you'll have to wait. So let's play until he's done!"
  • She then grabs his hand and drags him to her room. She pulls out a chest of dress up clothes. "We're gonna play tea party, so we got to get you ready"
  • Kars, for reasons unknown to even himself, plays along.
  • By the time Joseph is done with the phone call, he enters holly's room "Ok holly, where is this friend you were talking abo-"
  • He sees Kars, sitting in a tiny chair, wearing a sun hat, a pair of women's sunglasses, a hot pink feather boa, and poorly applied makeup.
  • "Joseph" Kars says lifting the powder pink teacup to his lips, pretending to drink the nonexistent liquid.
  • Joseph closes the door and walks away 

here have a pile of things that i doodled before things started getting rough around my place … basically in summary i like making dumb aus 

I wonder how often Genos, Bang, or any of the other characters who know Saitama’s true capabilities lie awake at night with the realization that if Saitama wanted to take over the world literally no one could stop him.


inspiration hit me like a truck

im bad at dis

cant draw flannel for shit XD


basically its uh… jack as mia? and that demonic version of mia is anti

antipocalypse lol

and ethan is mark lol

you can make septiplier outta it (like me *lenny face* XD) sorry


idk markipliers tumblr lol XDD

So I’ve gotten quite a few requests for an Enchanted Starco AU so enjoy part 1 of a doodle dump! I haven’t watched this movie in so long I love this au so much! I made the Evil Queen Miss Heinous and tried making her look younger ;3; I also made Marco’s daughter Celeste, who is my idea for a Starco child, and just kinda went with it.
More to come soon! :)

Hey guys, I just let off a bit steam and drew my fav persons in this world.
This fandom is like poison, but I still love the series.

So I wanted to give myself positive thoughts by drawing them happy and all together, just like I like them the most. 

Thanks to all, who sent me nice messages. It helped me a lot :) 

Horitsuba Drama CD #1 Part III

And now the thrilling finale!

Valentines Day will never be the same.

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maybe mr xigbar should stop bugging vanitas about his height, that axe looks quite frightening

twilight-horizon darling thanks for requesting me in the first place, i had a lot of fun drawing this!!! and i’m really sorry i’m so late, i had to find the inspiration for a bit of backstory! hope you enjoy it -v-)/

click for my other lotr au doodles!

More evil Rhys

Can you imagine like Jack and Rhys literally running into each other and rhys making Jack spill his coffee and him going “well guess today’s my lucky day. Some idiot gets to get spaced” or something like that. And Rhys is just all “ pls destroy me” then Jack gets a good look at him and is all “actually your kinda cute” and asks him out. And Jack being all nice and sweet on him . But then Jack finds out that rhys killed vasquez and is all “ oh kitten I didn’t know you liked to kill bad guys!” And Rhys is all" well they deserve it … And yeah I kinda like it" to which Jack will smirk and be like “oh well then I guess you and me will have to go show those filthy bandits whose boss. Cue date in which they kill a town full of bandits, set it on fire and watch it burn. Later during borderlands 2 rhys ends up watching his BOYFRIEND GET MURDERED through a live feed from Pandora to which he gets really upset at and murderously angry at the vault hunters and promises to off them in retribution for what they did to jack.