me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this

anonymous asked:

i loveeeee your svtfoe drawings! are you still doin that platonic touch meme? can i get starco #12 if you are! if not thats cool! your art rocks!

of course! ive been waiting for someone to send me a request! here ya go!

btw requests are still open!~

Skyler, oskar’s daughter and jackie, zack’s younger sister, a shy little girl and very lonely, she studies at home by her father’s decision.she  Is very discreet and intelligent, normally tends to stay very attached to zack, because he does not know how to live with others.

is a very good friend of Mona.
Recently she met a new girl of  zack´s school (Amanda), a little antisocial and very reserved, curiously enough is very identified with her, it seems that their relationship improves day by day.

lo prometido es deuda muchachos, aqui les dejo a la pequeña skyler!

espero les guste chicos! 

los amo mucho! X3

Bonus: la altura de los mushashos :v