The Bronze Movie (2016) Original Title

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⇜ The Bronze Movie Storyline:
In 2004, Hope Ann Greggory became an American hero after winning the bronze medal for the women’s gymnastics team. Today, she’s still living in her small hometown, washed-up and embittered. Stuck in the past, Hope must reassess her life when a promising young gymnast threatens her local celebrity status.

↜ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2016-03-11
Category : Drama, Comedy
Casts : Cecily Strong, Melissa Rauch, Haley Lu Richardson, Sebastian Stan, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch
Duration : 108 minutes

MBTI types and their Layers of Meanness


Surface: Pretty kind

Middle-layer: Their hidden malice starts showing up

Deep down: They’re so done with you they could kill you with only one hand


Surface: You better stay away 

Middle-layer: Nah, when you know them they’re not so evil

Deep down: I was kidding, they’ve already killed you


Surface: Opinionated but harmless evil

Middle-layer: Opinionated evil

Deep down: RUN. JUST. RUN. AND. HIDE. 


Surface: Zero evil

Middle-layer: The “DON’T MESS WITH MY FANDOM” evil (this is: so scary)

Deep down: Still zero evil (Update: they try to be 110% evil because they don’t want to be the ‘good ones’) 


Surface: 1% evil with an 1% margin of error 

Middle-layer: Are you sure you want to mess with me? *smirk*

Deep down: I TOLD YA *world is in flames*


Surface: The executive agressive evil.

Middle-layer: They’re seriously kind.

Deep down: The American Psycho evil. No middle point.


Surface: Flowers

Middle-layer: You make a perfume with the petals of the flowers and you die intoxicated

Deep down: 200% evil. Yes, it increases.


Surface: The “MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA” evil

Middle-layer: Sociopath evil

Deep down: What… wait… what happened? I didn’t meant to be so evil… I guess… (So, not actually evil …………. I guess).


Surface: They’re all loving and caring

Middle-layer: They kind of hate you and your petitions but they can handle it

Deep down: So done. Go fuck off and leave them alone or you can regret it later


Surface: Cold cats

Middle-layer: Angry cats

Deep down: Cold and angry cats. This is: very evil.


Surface: Calm evil

Middle-layer: Slightly bitchy behaviour



Surface: You don’t really know what to expect, actually

Middle-layer: BADBOI BADGIRL uuuh uuuuhhh uuuuuuuuh okno

Deep down: They’re maybe the cutest of the list


Surface: Not actually evil

Middle-layer: Passive-agressive evil

Deep down: They can set you on fire



Middle-layer: not evil found, actually



Surface: Smiles and giggles  (you can decide how much this is evil)

Middle-layer: Super sassy bitch mode on

Deep down: Regret all they said and done on the previous layer, but don’t care really much, so: sort of evil but not dangerous



Middle-layer: FIGHT ME

Deep down: Little bunnies

Alignments of the Zodiac
  • Aries:Chaotic Good - independent, humane, goal-oriented
  • Taurus:Neutral Evil - practical, independent, achieving
  • Gemini:True Neutral - practical, realistic, unfocused
  • Cancer:Lawful Good - honorable, humane, benevolent
  • Leo:Chaotic Good - independent, humane, goal-oriented
  • Virgo:Lawful Neutral - honorable, realistic, stable
  • Libra:Lawful Neutral - honorable, realistic, stable
  • Scorpio:Chaotic Evil - independent, determined, hedonistic
  • Sagittarius:Neutral Good - practical, humane, universality
  • Capricorn:Lawful Evil - honorable, determined, secure
  • Aquarius:Chaotic Neutral - independent, realistic, hedonistic
  • Pisces:Neutral Good - practical, humane, universality

doctorbullets asked:

I always wonder if Dio was a sweet, kind boy at one point. Maybe when his mom was alive. I don't agree with what Speedwagon said. I don't believe that people are BORN evil. I honestly think Dio is so screwed up because of his childhood. But I wonder if MAYBE Dario was a good father at one point, and then changed. Nobody willingly marries an abusive alcoholic.

It’s quite possible Dio was kind, I mean, most children are.

What Speedwagon said though, that’s important, that’s Araki establishing the rules of the story.  There’s something to Dio’s character that’s existentially evil, and, while under less bizarre circumstances he’d probably have lived a more normal life, Dio’s inherent potential for evil is a core part of his character.

If Dio’s evil was simply learned or conditioned, there’d be something there to tip the reader off because Araki’s style of storytelling makes this type of thing clear when it’s intended.  We’ve seen Araki do this later with Diego in SBR (also Pucci in Pt.6), … and it makes Diego and entirely different character than Dio. 

I’d almost understand what SPW says as Araki’s own voice in that scene.  Dio’s lying through his teeth when he excuses his own behavior as the result of a tragic backstory.  Speedwagon calls him out.  And Speedy should know because he’s got the same sort of background.  (That contrast drives home the point of the scene - Speedwagon’s redeemable, Dio is not.)

So yeah, Dio might have been an okay little kid, yeah Dio could have been less evil, but I think he’s written with an inherent and irredeemable evil potential that’s not reducable to backstory or upbringing.  And honestly this doesn’t reflect Araki believing that people are born evil irl, it’s a plot thing.  People use the ‘people aren’t born evil irl’ excuse to dismiss the fact that in PB, Araki’s exploring themes of actual Good versus actual Evil (in interviews, Araki talks about Phantom Blood in these terms) and it’s in contrast to his later, more nuanced writing.  Dio’s got it in him, and although circumstances put him in a position to express that evil fully, it’s not just something he was conditioned into.

anonymous asked:

How does DA:I crew (plus advisors!) react to the Inquisitor fainting due to all of the pressures and hard work required of her? I'm so glad you decided to make this blog! ❤️

Thank you so much! The positive response from you all has been great! (I see those reblog tags, all of you are adorable.)

Cassandra: Cassandra immediately drops whatever she’s holding with a surprised yell. She’s over by their side in seconds, shouting orders for a healer at those around. Later, when the Inquisitor wakes up in their bed room, she scolds them for allowing things to progress this badly, but apologizes for not having noticed how things were bothering them before. She offers her assistance to them any time in the future.

Solas: When he hears the sound of them fainting, he freezes up for a moment and stares at them. He recovers quickly and casts a quick spell on them to check how they are. After determining that they were alright, just exhausted, he has them returned to their room. When they wake up later, he arrives with a cup of tea for them and asks if they need to talk about everything that’s going on. He later takes to checking on them occasionally in their dreams, doing his best to help keep them away from any terrible dreams.

Varric: When they faint in front of him, Varric curses in surprises and jerks back before realizing what was happening. He’s immediately helping them into a more comfortable position and starts reassuring everyone around that “yes, the Inquisitor is fine, but if someone could help him get them back to their room, it would be great”. When they wake up later, he doesn’t bring it up, he instead launches into a dramatic retelling of one of Hawke’s stupider shenanigans, hoping to distract them and make them feel a bit better.

Blackwall: Blackwall manages to barely catch the Inquisitor as the crumble down, calling out for help from whoever is nearby to get them somewhere safe to rest. When they wake up later, he hands them something he carved for them while he was waiting. He tells them that he’s proud of all that they’ve accomplished, but reminds them they don’t have to do it all alone. He offers to be an open ear to them whenever they may need it.

Iron Bull: Bull noticed the signs that something was off with the Inquisitor early on, but before he could mention anything to them, they were already out. He called Stitches over to take care of them and stood back to let them man do his work. When they wake up, he tells them that while they may be in charge, they’re of no use to anybody if they work themselves to death. He invites them for a drink when they’re feeling up to it, to take their mind off things.

Sera: Sera also curses in surprise when they faint, fumbling at them before eventually getting enough of herself together to call for somebody to help. When they wake up later, she scolds them for a bit, asking what the hell that was and how it happened. When she hears their explanation, she’s quiet for a bit before huffing and asking if they want to join her on another pranking spree, to get their mind off of things.

Vivienne: Vivienne raises an eyebrow when the Inquisitor collapses and, with a patient sigh, orders whoever’s around to have them taken care of. She checks in on them later and reminds them that fainting around guests is not proper behaviour for the Inquisitor. She then informs them that a great number of nobles hoping to meet them have been dealt with while she asleep, and offers them some tea and refreshments, now that their schedule has cleared up.

Dorian: Dorian yelps in surprise when they faint and does his best to catch them before they hit the ground. He uses what healing magic he knows to check out how they are before calling someone more specialized in the field to check on them. When they wake up, he huffs and recounts a dramatic (and slightly false) explanation of what happened to them. He then scolds them and demands they take more care of themselves as he doesn’t want to lose the only close friend he has here.

Cole: Cole knew what was going to happen before it did, but unfortunately was unable to prevent it. He hovers around nervously as others tend to you, asking repeatedly what he can do to help out. When they wake later, he is there, grabbing their hands and reassuring them that everything they are doing is for the best, that they are helping so many people, but mustn’t be afraid to help themselves as well. He is more than happy to help them with that.

EDIT: Forgot the advisors:

Cullen: Cullen would probably be so absorbed in something he wouldn’t notice until those around started yelling. He would immediately insist upon being the one to help get them back to their room, embarrassed about how he failed to notice all of this happening. Upon them waking up, he would apologize for not being more conscious of what they were putting them through, and offer a shoulder to them if they ever needed it.

Josephine: Josephine lets out a squeal of surprise when they fall and quickly rushes over to their side. She has them brought up to their room and makes sure that they are as comfortable as they can be when they wake up. While they are asleep, she does her best to rearrange their schedule to be as accommodating to nobles at they can, while not overwhelming the Inquisitor. She apologizes furiously for not noticing their state when the Inquisitor wakes up.

Leliana: Leliana had known that the Inquisitor was under a lot of pressure from all their work, but hadn’t expected it to be affecting them this seriously. She apologizes when they wake up, and promises that she will make certain things are adjusted to be able to best suit both the Inquisition and the Inquisitor. She reminds them of all the progress they have made in Thedas and assures them that, while it may be hard, they are making quite the difference.

-Fine Dwarven Crafts

If you subscribe to Pathfinder Adventure Path there’s a chance that…

The Hellfire Compact is Ready to Download RIGHT NOW!

The Hellfire Compact kicks off the new Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path, Pathfinder’s FIRST Evil Adventure Path. I had the honor (and deep cathartic pleasure) to write the first in @officialpaizo‘s new series, wherein the forces of devil-influenced Cheliax strike back against a legion of noble invaders.

But lest you assume that this be a six volumes of mustache-twirling, here’s seven things you might not know about (or can look forward to in) The Hellfire Compact!

1) Small Evils So you’re evil! But you’re first level. That means you’re probably the meanest fighter around… with a short sword, or the baddest wizard in town… with magic missile. Sure, you can still mess a few goody two-shoes up, but you’re a ways off from indoctrination into the Hellknights or raising that army of the undead. So, part of my challenge with The Hellfire Compact was to highlight “small evils.” While you’ll find true devils and murderous monsters aplenty in the adventure, you’ll also engage with wickedness rooted in simple greed, enviousness, resentment, alcoholism, bad parenting, and other all too familiar evils. You’ll also be asked to commit evil acts, but slaying angels and god dragons aren’t for you yet. Can execute an innocent? Crush a town’s faith? Murder a house’s protector spirit? Put an end to a pair of heroes perfect retirement? Fight a puppy? Oh, there’s still arrogant paladins and obnoxiously good outsiders to punish, but evil starts small and, as is often the case, might even be a little too familiar. If you’re going to do this, you better think long and hard about why your character is hard as nails, because no one’s Sauron at level one. So… do you have the stomach for evil?

2) Faux Western I was halfway through writing this adventure before I realized, “Whoa! This is a western!” And it sort of is! While it’s not set in a dusty, one-horse town, it’s got pretty much everything else. Sheriff? Check. Ranchers? Check. Evil land owner? Check. Hanging? Check. Mounted combat? Check. Mysterious masked good guy? Check. Gang of baddies terrifying innocent locals? That’s you! It wasn’t entirely intentional, but once I realized it, I sort of embraced it for the first and second acts. For the third, though, well… there aren’t a lot of tree-forts in Westerns, but two outta three ain’t bad.

3) Final Countdown There’s revolution brewing in Longacre and you’re in charge of stopping it. Your not being villains just to be villains, you’re being villains to keep nastier villains in control. You have three weeks to bring the boot down on the burgeoning revolution and crush its sympathizers. You’ll have to measure your deeds, making sure you’re quelling the uprising and not driving more people to the rebel cause. If you do nothing, Longacre will be a revolutionary bastion in three weeks. If you act rashly, it might be that sooner. But, if you measure ferocity and intimidation in the proper portions, no one will ever step out of line in Longacre again.

4) Your Own Creepy Dream Home! You’re going to be in Longacre for a while, so you better have a place to stay—and, trust me, the local innkeep doesn’t  want ya. Fortunately there’s a whole, unused, slightly dilapidated, probably not haunted house right on the outskirts of town just waiting for new owners. So, if you’ve always dreamed of owning your own personal Crimson Peak, now you can!

5) Boy Dryads The number of boy-dryads in official Pathfinder products rises to two—and this one wants to teach you all about clonal colonies. (For Pathfinder’s first “guyad,” look here and here.)

6) @#$%-Up Some Leshies Take that adorable plantmin.

7) Strange Aeons Foreshadow Six months from now, the Strange Aeons Adventure Path is going to start. I also wrote the first adventure for that AP. There’s a single line in The Hellfire Compact that suggests a tragic event unfolding in Ustalav. Think you can guess what it is?

There’s plenty more (and plenty worse) but I’ll let you read about or play that yourself.

The Hellfire Compact could be winging its way to you right now. If it is, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared. So watch for the Hell’s Vengeance Player’s Guide later this month. Also, you might want to preorder Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight, another book I wrote ALL ABOUT playing characters who could fit perfectly into this campaign: Hellknights! (More details on that soon.)

So, if you’ve got the stomach for evil and more than just a thing for black armor, start your Hell’s Vengeance campaign with The Hellfire Compact. The road to Hell starts here and it surely is paved with good intentions…

Those of the paladins and cherubs you’re about to crush.

Good luck, villain.


Today is Carnival in Italy!

We use to wear masks for fun in this day :)

I’ve made some masks for you bros :)
You can use these pictures if you want as you want :D

In the next post I’ll show you how to make a mask from these pictures :)

If this post obtains 30 notes (likes and reblogs) I’ll prepare the masks of Maya and Edgar. For 50 notes (likes and reblogs) I’ll draw the masks of Jacksepticeye and Markplier too :)

Bonus Mask
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