Stop waiting. Be happy.

People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, and all their lives for happiness.

That’s why I have a job where everyday is a friday, live in a city where every season is summer, and strive to be happy every day.

Your whole life will pass and you will have spent it waiting. Waiting for Friday, for summer, for tomorrow, for that special person, for those last 10 lbs to come off, for that winning lotto ticket, for that promotion, for that title, for the next big thing that’s sure to make you happy.

Stop waiting. Start doing. Start today. Enjoy the people and places and moments that are in your life right now, whether they will be around in 10 years or not. Go after the things you want, travel, meet new people, say what you want to say. Rather than treating it like a temporary obstacle to get to the next step, appreciate and relish this moment here and now. Every moment spent is one we will never get back. We all have somewhere else we want to go, something to aspire to. But in the meantime, as you wait to arrive, enjoy the journey. Because life waits for no one, and you owe it to yourself to not wait another minute to be happy.