evie rue

  • [after Evie doesn't invite Mal to her birthday party]
  • Evie: Mal said I'd "rue the day."
  • Jay: What does "rue" mean?
  • Evie: No one knows!
  • Carlos: [googles it] I got it! "Roux: a mixture of fat and flour used in sauces and soups!"
  • Jay: Mal called you a fat flower?

askstripes  asked:

Rue challenged me to a fight. Can you tell me her weaknesses?

The Rue can be a very challenging opponent, especially when she gets a hold of a bow. I suggest first catching her off guard by shouting compliments and being polite, where she’ll have no choice but to retaliate back with kindness. 

Then throw offerings at her such as a flower crown and her favorite foods. The Rue will not be able to resist the tasty treats of jelly beans, maple bar donuts, and milk. Be sure you add green dye to the milk as this somehow makes it more appealing and exciting. She will end up eating more of the sweets than her stomach can handle and not only forget about the fight but she will be over encumbered.

Good luck~!