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We’re A Family

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Request: @glitterbearbear​ asked: Hey can I have a harry x reader fic where the reader is besties with the rotten four + Ben and when they all realize harry & reader are dating they’re like “if u hurt a hair on their pretty litTLE HEAD WE WILL STAB U WITH UR OWN HOOK” basically like a sibling talk? Thank you!!!

A/N: this one is super fluffy. i’m totally in love with harry hook so this was really fun to write. hope you like it!

4 months had passed since the incident at cotillion. 4 months had passed since Harry Hook, Uma, Gil, Dizzy, and some other villain kids had come to Auradon to start a new life. 4 months had passed since an unexpected friendship had blossomed between Harry Hook and Y/N.

2 months had passed since an unexpected romance had bloomed between the pirate and princess. 2 months had passed since they first kissed. 2 months had passed since the teens realized they were in love with each other. 2 months had passed since Harry Hook had changed for the good.

Y/N and Harry had instantly clicked when the villain pirate had first come to Auradon. Something in him inexplicably changed when he first laid eyes on the beautiful girl. He tough heart had softened.

They brought out the best in each other. They were always laughing when they were together. Bright smiles etched onto their faces at the mere sight of each other.

They were completely and utterly in love.

Y/N and Harry walked side by side, hand in hand down the long hallways of Auradon Prep.

The day was done and the couple was headed to the lake for a famous Friday night lake side Auradon party.

The pirate and princess arrived and quickly spotted their friends standing near the dance floor. They made their way through the throng of people and reached their friends.

Carlos and Jay were currently having a competition on who could fit the most pastries in their mouths, while Mal, Evie and Ben were laughing about something Ben had said about Chad.

Evie’s attention turned to Y/N and Harry as soon as they walked over.

“Y/N! You’re finally here!” Evie exclaimed, throwing her accessorized arms around Y/N.

“Hey Harry,” Evie politely greeted him when she released Y/N from her grip.

The pirate smiled a tight smile and squeezed Y/N’s hand, signaling he was nervous. He received a squeeze back, telling him it was going to be alright.

Harry still wasn’t used to parties and social gatherings.

Evie’s eyes snapped to the couple’s hands, her eyes going wide.

“Since when were you guys dating?!” She questioned loudly, capturing Mal, Ben, Carlos and Jay’s attention.

“What?!” The group chimed in, coming closer to the pair.

“You guys didn’t know?” Y/N shyly questioned.

She guessed she had forgotten the part in the relationship where you tell your friends you’re dating someone.

The group all shook their heads no. Judging by their non verbals, they wanted Y/N to explain.

Y/N explained the story of how they fell in love, earning a few ‘aww’s’ from Evie and smiles from the rest of the group. Evie and Mal asked rapid fire questions about the relationship, making Y/N’s head spin.

The rest of the night went smoothly, Harry relaxing more and eventually entering a conversation about tourney with Jay and Carlos. Y/N was having a chat with Evie and Mal when Mal leaned in.

“So, how’s the pirate treating you?”

Y/N lightly blushed.

“He’s amazing. He’s so great, guys. I can’t say enough good things about him,” She gushed.

“Well, if he makes you happy, that’s all I care about,” Evie smiled, getting a nod from Mal.

“Well, excuse me but I’m gonna go get more punch. I’ll be right back,” Y/N excused herself and left for the punch bowl.

Mal and Evie took this as an opportunity to give Harry the talk. Mal pulled Ben away from a conversation he was having and the three of them made their way to Harry. Carlos and Jay got the hint of what the interruption was and folded their arms, trying to be intimidating. A confused look found it’s way on Harry’s face as he looked around the little circle formed around him.

“Harry, we just want to say that we are so glad that you’re dating Y/N,” Evie started.

“We’re so glad that you make her happy. The most important thing for us is Y/N’s happiness,” Ben joined in.

“But, if you hurt a hair on her pretty little head we will stab you with your own hook,” Mal deadpanned, “Don’t think I’m joking.”

Harry gulped. He knew Mal wasn’t kidding.

“Seriously, though, dude, I will punch you in the face if I ever hear that you hurt her,” Jay threatened.

“Yeah. We’re a family. If one of us gets hurt, all of us get hurt. We love Y/N more than anything. We’ll do anything to protect her,” Carlos spoke.

“I would never, ever hurt Y/N. She is my world. I love ‘er. She is my happiness, and trust me, I would never do ‘er wrong,” Harry promised, looking at everyone in the group.

“Good,” Evie smiled, “Welcome to the family.”

L A T E     O C T O B E R 

The annual Hate Everybody Club™ rooftop party

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cannlei  asked:

Carlos and Uma?

Carlos and Uma Headcanons

- They are both, suprisingly, friends. This probably due to their similar relationships with their mothers (Cruella and Ursala both using their kids for chores and work) and how their personalities just seem to work together

- Cruella just sends chills down Uma’s spine (but, I mean, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will :P)

- Uma had given him some pointers on the Isle about how to steal without getting caught and how to trick the people at the local market (he returned the favor when she went to Auradon, showing her about the ways that it was different than the Isle and introducing her to some new people)

- Their birthdays are only a few days apart

- When Uma wanted to join Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos’s group, Carlos had been the only one who didn’t mind

- When Uma (& Harry and Gil) went to Auradon, she was stunned at how much he had changed. He was a lot less quiet and timid, and a whole lot more confident and outgoing

Evie & Uma as best friends headcannons

I really suck at organization so today I wanted to write some Jayvie but I forgot & now I’m really really tired, so as an apology have some headcannons of my two fave girls

• They never really talked back on the isle, but once Uma came to Auradon, Evie was the first one to try and make a truce.

• Uma knew all about how badly Mal treated Evie in the past ( this is from the book plot ) so one day she asked Evie why she was still friends with Mal

• “ I don’t know, I guess she’s changed and I’m used with being her best friend, ”

• Uma told Evie about her history with Mal, which only made the blue-haired girl sad

• Evie was the one to convince Mal to apologize , Uma knew that.

• Evie and Uma started to spent more time together, due to Mal always being with Ben, Evie felt a little lonely when it came to a female-best-friend so Uma kind of just started to hang out with her

• Secretly, Uma always thought Evie was amazingly beautiful and smart.

• Being friends with Uma made Evie , obviously, spent more time with Harry and Gil ( and slowly starting to like Harry )

• Every time a fight would break between both groups, Evie would step in, knowing that both sides liked and respected her.

• Evie telling Uma every day that she’s worth it and capable of anything

• Uma showing her soft side only to Evie ( and Harry )

• Evie automatically making clothes for Uma and doing her hair + make-up.

• Uma always telling Evie how much she appreciates her.

• Evie convincing everyone to join movie nights ( and slowly trying to make the both groups one )

• Uma & Mal starting off again as friends because of Evie

• Uma always venting to Evie

• Evie giving her amazing advice and always being there for Uma, knowing she needed her.

• Evie organizing girl nights with Uma , Mal, Lonnie and Jane.

Evie braiding Uma’s hair

• HUGS. LOTS OF HUGS. UMA NEEDS THEM. ( so does Evie )

• Because of the friendship between the two, the others getting along as well

• lots of happiness and cute moments between the two

• inside jokes

• one big family

writers-imagines  asked:

Bad!Evie and Good!Harry headcannons where he went to Auradon with Mal Jay and Carlos instead of Evie

I think my headcanons for this got a little away from me…but are we going to complain? Maybe :p. I’m really down for evil!Evie.

  • Harry is one of Evie’s oldest/closest friends. They meet one day when Harry’s hat catches her eye. She smiles flirtatiously, distracting him with sweet words and steals the hat right from under him. A game of cat and mouse begins until Harry corners her, a menacing glint in his eyes as he asks for his hat. 
  • She continues to put her mother’s lessons to use, flirting with the pirate to get her way. He doesn’t give. It’s his favorite hat, a gift from his mother. “Well, it looks better on me.” He admits it does, but he still wants his hat. So begin a dynamic that grows into a bit of something more.
  • Evie hates Mal with every fiber of her being. She hasn’t forgotten how is was confined with only her mother for company for ten years. The hate continues to grow when Harry is selected to join Mal, Jay and Carlos in Auradon. Not only had the girl isolated her for years, but now she was taking her sort-of boyfriend
  • She tries to be happy for Harry and sweetly congratulates him on escaping the godforsaken Isle, but she can’t help feeling bitter and a bit betrayed. Harry knows the happiness is faked. He knows that she had hoped if they ever got to leave it’d be together. He almost tries to decline. She doesn’t let him. “Get the wand! Bring down the barrier and we can be together again.”
  • Harry finds Evie in the crowd as he’s preparing to leave, the girl glaring. He wanted to call out to her. To tell her he’s changed his mind and he’s not going. Not unless she does. He doesn’t get the chance. His father is pushing him to the limo and Carlos closed the door behind him. He’s left with the terrifying image of a beautiful face twisted by hatred as they cross the bridge.
  • When Maleficent is defeated and the barrier remains closed. Evie stews. She hates them all. Letting her anger get the better of her, she starts hanging with the likes of Anthony Tremaine, Ginny Gothel and Harry’s estranged sister Harriet. They wreak havoc on the Isle, competing with Uma and her crew of sea rats for territory.
  • Evie double-crosses both groups, working as a double agent. She uses sweet words to get her way and manipulates all those around her. She makes her mother proud
  • While proud with how Evie is making a name for herself on the Isle, Grimhilde is always quick to remind her that the reason she wasn’t chosen for Auradon was because she wasn’t beautiful enough.
  • She becomes even more obsessed with her appearances, her mother’s words sticking to her. She wonders if that’s why Harry left her. He’s clearly forgotten her. Months have passed and she’s still trapped. She’s still not at his side.
  • Evie takes to studying her mother’s old spell books, at the ones she was able to keep hidden before the others were stolen away. She knows she can’t practice a thing, but she’s preparing herself. One day the barrier will come down and she will show everyone who the fairest truly is.
  • When Mal has her breakdown and returns to the Isle, Harry is the first to jump at the chance to go back. He’s not evil but he’s not good either. While Auradon had its perks, he needed to bring his princess with him. He knows it’s a bit insensitive but he tells Ben about her. Asks him if he can find her if he can bring her back when they get Mal. When Ben doesn’t say no (though he doesn’t say yes either), Harry takes it as an okay.
  • Harry leaves Jay and Carlos to teach the little kingling the ropes when they arrive on the Isle. They know more Mal is more likely to be anyway. He promises to be on the look out for her and will meet with them later.
  • He finds Evie leaving Ursula’s fish shop, leaving Uma with a pleasant goodbye. When they spot him, neither seem to thrilled about it. Uma calls him a traitor. Tells him he doesn’t deserve the hook his father gave him for turning his back on his crew.
  • Evie. She looks different now. Her makeup is darker, but she’s still just as beautiful. And her clothes are far riskier than he remembers. She glares. She’s angry at him and he knows she has every right to be. He abandoned her. Left her to fend for herself on the Isle. Years of being together, let’s him see the little bit of sadness she’s hiding behind her fierce facade.
  • He doesn’t bother with greetings. He grabs her and runs, ignoring the threats spewing from Uma. He doesn’t stop until they’re safe in one of their old childhood haunts a little cave that only they knew about.
  • Harry didn’t know what he was expecting but the slap he got? Definitely not that. All their time together and she’d never hit him, even when he had managed to hurt her. She curses him and just like Uma, calls him a traitor.
  • Evie hits and pushes him when he tries to reason with her. She lets all that pent-up anger loose, raining hell on him. His apology isn’t enough. Not for abandoning her. Not for forgetting her.
  • He takes her abuse. He knows she needs this, to let her frustration and disappointment in him out. He hisses when sharp nails meet flesh, but he still apologies. “Evie, yer comin’ wit’ me to Auradon.”
  • Evie doesn’t stop until those words leave his lips, his hands catching hers. She stares, satisfying with the angry red marking she’s left on his pale skin. She half expects him to laughter in her face and tell her it’s a joke. He didn’t come back for her at all. He just came to rub salt on an open wound. But he doesn’t. For the first time, she notices the sincerity in his eyes. Auradon’s stripped him of the maddened gaze, one of many features she loved.
  • She hates Auradon and all it stands for, but she sees her opportunity. She’s memorized all those wicked spells in her mother’s spell book and she knows just how to conceal them when she takes them with her. She’ll go to Auradon with Harry, bring him back to the man he had been. Together their reign of terror will begin. After all they do say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Call for a Group Plot!

Summary: an AU in which Maleficent defeated the Rotten Four at the end of the first movie and took over Auradon.

So far, almost all characters are from the Isle, and most will venture to Auradon in Uma’s ship.

Uma is the only canon character is this group, and we’d love to have more canon characters, especially from the first movie! So, if you RP BEN, MAL, EVIE, CARLOS, JAY, LONNIE, JANE, AUDREY, CHAD, DOUG, HARRY, GIL, DIZZY, BELLE, BEAST, FAIRY GODMOTHER or MALEFICENT, you are more than welcome to join us!

OCs are also welcome! We are on Discord chat discussing plot, and a few threads already started!

anonymous asked:

What are some of your Evie and Jay headcannons?

Since I apparently can’t bring myself to write more prompts for now (still have a few WIPs to be published as soon as I finish them), I decided to do these. You can also find some I’ve written when the first movie came out two years ago.

  • the honey moon phase never stops with them. Sometimes it fades a little bit, like they would only hold each other, have their arm around one another, hold hands, kiss the other’s cheek but other times they go on full PDA, no matter who is around (except when it’s Fairy Godmother since they’ve already been reprimanded like 20 times) to the point that Mal and Carlos have to literally separate them and keep them apart when they hang out together or they’ll just start making out all of a sudden - the thirst is real folks
  • they love cooking together. Jay likes spicy dishes so he teaches them to Evie while she teaches him how to bake. And by teaching I mean they end up food fighting each other and by the end of the session they’re covered in flour and chocolate which Jay takes great pleasure in cleaning off of Evie
  • This is canon in the book but Evie always steals food from Jay’s tray and since at first he prefers junk food she starts putting green and healthy food in his tray when he’s not looking so she can pick at it. He’s grateful for the green stuff though because tourney and R.O.A.R. practices require a healthy diet (for the record he still eats pizza more than anything else, “it has tomatoes and ingredients from every food group Evie, it’s healthy!”)
  • NSFW: after going down on her for the first time, Jay wouldn’t stop humming Starving to Evie so now everytime she hears the song she blushes and he teases her.
  • Evie’s sketchbook is full of drawings of Jay and she often has to stop herself from sketching him some new outfits because his closet is already bursting with her creations. 
  • Jay slips little memos in her sketchbook, may it be a compliment, a joke, a love note, a drawing, it always makes her smile.
  • they’re considered the second most popular couple in Auradon after the royal couple, being the trendiest fashion designer and the Knights’ MVP. They don’t act like it tho, since most of the time they’re together it seems they only have eyes for each other (except maybe when they’re with their best friends)
  • their favorite place to go on holidays is Agrabah. It seems to be where Jay is the happiest and therefore Evie too. She loves watching him wander around the streets and discover new things about his heritage.
  • Their favorite movie genre to watch together is…horror movies. Evie just talks to the characters as if they could actually hear her and avoid being murdered and Jay is a good match, trying to guess how the next victim will die. When it gets too ridiculous he laughs and she rolls her eyes and when it gets really hardcore scary they’re clutching at each other for dear life. Mal caught them once and since then she hasn’t stopped teasing them about it.
  • one of their favorite things to do together is simply hanging out, just the two of them, in one of their dorms. Jay’s head rests on Evie’s lap while she plays with his hair and they just talk about everything and anything with pop music in the background. 
One Word Prompt - Acceptance X Gil {Mild Angst, Mild Gil X Evie}

one word prompt: {acceptance x gil} for @dontbenormal111

‼️ a lil angsty gil for yall , mild gil x evie because why not ? ❤️
- lana

“I can’t even look at you right now.”

Gil could barely look up to react to his father’s words. His head hung low as tears prickled at the backs of his eyes, threatening a fresh stream as Gaston resumed his lecture. Between them, a once-sealed envelope with the crest of Auradon lay in tatters on the ground; the subject of his father’s rage.

“But, dad…”

“But nothing!” Gaston’s nostrils flared as he slumped into a leather seat adorned with deer antlers. The fireplace crackled before him, illuminating his pensive features as he grinded his teeth. “I’ve had to go through hell and back to raise you boys. On my own, at that! Isn’t that humiliating enough? A-and then for you to go and accept this… this PITY. From the king of our sworn enemies.” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “How could you?”

Gil felt his heart sink deeper in his chest. His entire life, living on the Isle was never an issue to him. After all, it was all he knew. But looking into Mal’s eyes the day she returned, seeking vengence for Ben, he knew that if the most awful girl on the Isle could change her ways, he could too. He could have the clean slate he’d always wanted, away from the chaos that ensued when the crew was together. Sure, he loved Uma, and Harry too, but he needed change. He needed his freedom, and a life where his survival didn’t lie on the shoulders of his friends.

Gil found his voice, which escaped from his lips in a pained whisper. “B-but even Uma’s going, Dad… everyone’s leaving…”

Gaston remained frigid. “But not you.”

Gil’s heart pounded with a dull throb in his chest, a constant reminder of the struggle he’d put up the entire day to convince his father. He’d hidden the invitation for a week, to be exact, and had only built up the courage to mention it now. While there were few people that intimidated Gil on the Isle, his father was an exception. Old age had hardly put a damper on Gaston’s strength and brute.

Gil gritted his teeth. “Dad, I have to go. I need a better life. There’s nothing for me here.”

Gaston remained unswayed, facing the fire as it burned steadily before him. He tapped an impatient finger on the arm of the chair as he began to become strung out with the headstrong teen.

“If you go…” he began slowly. “You are no son of mine.”

Everything around Gil stopped. His heart ceased to pound, and everything seemed to stop moving. The bitter words echoed in his ears, and he could feel his legs weakening under pressure. His breath hitched as he opened his mouth, at a loss for words as a fresh, hot, new stream of tears ran down his cheeks. He wiped sloppily at his eyes and nearly reached out toward his father with a shaky hand, but to no avail. What use was it? He would only remain frigid, possibly worse if Gil prodded.

All that would be left if he stayed would be a life of “no’s” thrown in his face, and “what if’s” as he hung around Uma’s abandoned dock with the rest of the sell outs. Gil knew he was smart; or at least he thought he was, and staying would ultimately be the stupidest decision he’d ever made. He had to bite his tongue and stand his ground, now or never.

He dropped his shoulders, finding his voice for the last time that evening.

“I guess I’m not, then.”


“You’re so smart.”

Gil’s head snapped up, lost in another daze as he hung over an open-ended calculus worksheet in front of him. His eyes met Evie’s hazel ones, which were shining with pride. “Huh?”

She tapped the worksheet with the end of a sparkly, blue pen. “Number three. I could never figure that out; I spent ten minutes on it and just gave up!” She looked up and flashed him a brilliant smile. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re way smarter than I would have given you credit for.”

Gil’s face heated up, and he bowed his head, smiling to himself. “Uh, yeah… numbers come naturally to me, I guess…”

Evie gently placed a hand on his. “I’m proud of you. You make the transition look easy.”

Gil looked up and grinned. “I do?”

She laughed lightly and nodded. “You were born good. It’s in your blood.”

He chuckled hollowly. “Yeah? Tell that to my dad.” His voice grew bitter for a moment. “He won’t even speak to me.”

“Hey,” Evie whispered. “Don’t worry about him.” She nodded to the front of the room, where Mal, Jay, Carlos, Lonnie, Doug, Ben, Jane, Harry, and Uma were huddled, laughing and talking amongst themselves. A few raised their heads, smiling and gesturing the pair toward their group. Evie nudged Gil and grinned. “See? You have another family now. And we love you for who you are. Not who we want you to be.”

Gil felt his heart race, his mind filling with endless possibilities for the life he’d found himself in. Sure, his dad refused to speak to him, and his life did a complete 180 in the past few weeks.

But none of that mattered when he finally belonged to a family that accepted him.

xx lana

S   T   R   A   Y

[ An ongoing ‘Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’ story by Span and QyGuex ]

[ Master Post Located Here ]

C H A P T E R  T W O |

London, 1869, moments later |

Evie stared in disbelief as her brother stood before her.
Her own brother whom had been missing for three months… he was here.

”Jacob… is it really you?

He attacked her. He nearly killed her. He tried to kill her!

“… killed-”, she muttered to herself, “-wait-! Jacob! Have you been the one slaughtering innocents?! You’ve been breaking our Creed?!-”

What was she saying? How was that the first thing that came to her mind? The Creed?! This was her brother… her twin brother; who had been missing for three months up until this very moment. How could she have been so blind? She stayed firm to her orders instead of searching for her own brother.

Jacob… I’m-”

Jacob turned fully to her and roared from deep within his chest. With his mouth parted, it glowed as if fire inhabited him. Steam, mimicking smoke, bellowed from his very bowels. It made Evie recoil slightly and shiver from head to toe. She brought her arm up to brace for what she expected would be an attack.

Yet, nothing had happened.

There was just silence. Evie Frye lowered her arm slightly and saw that Jacob had up and vanished. She didn’t even hear him leave. Did she imagine it all?

”How did he-”

Henry and a group of weathered Rooks came running into the alleyway; their breath precipitated in the cool, London air.

“Are you alright? Why, you’re pale as a ghost!” Henry said, putting his hand to her face to feel how clammy it was from her sweating. “The Rooks told me about your fight on the rooftops…” Henry looked down to see that her arm was bracing her side; blood glistened against the dark fabric of her cloak.

She was injured.

“You’re hurt. We need to get you to hospital.” He put his hand to her shoulder, trying to walk her out of the alleyway - but she gently brushed it off.

No,” Evie spoke shortly, turning to look back to where Jacob was, then her vision trailed to the roof tops. “The creature I fought… it’s the one responsible for all of the murders… Henry, it’s-”

Mr. Green! Miss. Evie!”, another Rook shouted, leaning around the corner of the alleyway. “The beast! It’s done it e‘gain! E’nother one dead! Just a’tta round-about on St. Ive’s Street!”

“We’ll go ascertain it… Miss. Evie,” Henry spoke quickly, his heated breath clouding in the cool air, “-you go with Caleb, he will-”

No, Henry! You don’t- … . . I have to see what it did.” Her eyes were adamant. Strong. She was hiding something, Henry could tell; but with that ‘Frye determination’ radiating off of her, he couldn’t say no.

“Alright, Miss. Frye. Let’s go.”

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Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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y'all people wanna know what grinds my gears?? how carlos is the super genius of the group and evie is the clothes making fashionista

like okay sure but fashion diva carlos whos main weapon is all the gossip he collects from his circles??? pls i want this. also his mom is billionare fashion designer,even if he hates her and she was a shitty mom, he would have picked up some tips. i get why hes characterised that way one to show how different he is from her but consider:

a huge part of evies character arc is that shes a fuck lot smarter than she prtends to be. sooo why isnt she the computer geek?? it would stop the ‘pretty girls arent smart’ stereotype and make her even more impressive

tldr; i cry over what might have been

mak → sirens
  • mak: HEY
  • mak: SO
  • mak: im gonna be living with him
  • mak: im going to hell bYE

The Spun floor lamp was inspired by the traditional wooden spinning top. The lamp can be positioned in an upward or downward manner, changing the play of the light.

The wiring further pays homage to the way a top is wound and then spun, allowing it to be wound round the base or loosely placed on the floor.