Explanation of the Day:

Last night, I went to the club with my boys. We had a few drinks and then hit up this night club on Hollywood Blvd for a night of dancing! It was super loud in there, but we were tearing it up in there, so it was totally worth it.

So anyway, we make our way back to our apartment complex, and my buddy/neighbor/classmate, Eric (aka Evido) takes my 5-way headphone splitter, plugs it into his CDJ deck, and proceeds to spin a house techno set in his bedroom. Note that this was at about 3:30am when this happened. 

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Sick Tracks of the Night:

I am currently sitting in on a 3:30am set by the hottest up and coming club and house DJ,


This guy is killin’ it. Check him out on Soundcloud; I promise that you will never be disappointed. If you seek the sickest grooves ever, the solution lies there.
Spontaneously, this guy decides it’s a good time to start a club set through a headphone splitter, in the middle of the night. I couldn’t agree more. Exclusive access to a legend, ladies, gentlemen and friends!

Party on, Evido!