evidence of the doctor

Please imagine that after Leonard McCoy euthanizes his father the medical board discovers his actions and he loses his license.

Two days later, they discover the cure for his father’s illness.

He thought he would be able to handle losing his license. He thought he would at least be able to look back on it and know that he did the right thing. That he did what his father would have wanted. But as he sits there with the news of the cure heavy in his hands, he panics. He throws himself into a bottle and doesn’t come out for a long, long time.

By the time he rears his head again the losses have piled up. First, his mother cuts him out of her life. Then his wife. Then his daughter. And finally, he loses Earth. He has nothing left and so he leaves.

He’s always hated space. It’s too big and too dangerous and too damn unpredictable. But, he’s also always had the backup plan of joining Starfleet. They’re always on the lookout for good doctors–problem is, he’s no longer a good doctor.

But he needs to be.

Doctoring is in his blood. He looks at broken bodies and sees the ways he can heal them. When others hurt he hurts as well. His fingers itch to help. And so, after bouncing from planet to planet for a few years he finally finds one that won’t ask too many questions. This planet is newly colonized and lightyears away from any place half-ways civilized. It’s small and dark and the people can barely keep the lights on and the water running. They need a doctor, badly. 

They’re even willing to take on a doctor with a shady-looking license. 

He digs in and starts to do some real good work. He fixes broken bones and torn flesh and brings new people into the world and ushers out a few who didn’t make it. He’s fearful when he loses a patient: both for them and for himself. It sends him back to the bad place. The place of drinking and long stretches of lost time. He doesn’t like that place. 

He prefers people alive. For many reasons.

He’s just about gotten complacent with his new life when Starfleet’s flagship rolls up to check out the place. Make sure the colonists are getting along just fine. They beam down a small complement with the Captain strutting all around the place and the first officer, Spock, watching him far too closely for his liking. Kirk doesn’t seem to find anything wrong, but McCoy doesn’t miss the way Spock studies him.

(Nor does he miss the fact that Spock has never once called him “Doctor.”)

He catches Spock digging through his old medical records, with his forged license in one hand and a datapadd of all the evidence against him in the other. It’s obvious Spock knows him for the fraud he is. 

The question is, what is he going to do about it?

“Pensive” - Digital Oil Painting

Because “Time Lords don’t get jealous. I’m being… pensive.” Strikes me as something Eleven might say! But you’re looking pretty jealous there, Doctor. Sometimes the domestics your companions get up to look pretty good, don’t they?

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things i love about WLFKBJ

(bc i feel weightlifting fairy kim bok joo is underrated i’m making a post on the things i love about it)

  • lee sung kyung AS AN ACTRESS! the variation in acting between this role and her recent cheese in the trap and doctors roles is so evident, IT AMAZES ME
  • the way bok joo talks, walks AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS SO ADORABLE. she’s pure!!!!!
  • njh shirtless, njh in shorts, njh’s hair, NAM JOO HYUK  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
  • joon hyung’s personality + his wise words THAT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING 
  • the CUTE AF, BUBBLY AF, SUPPORTIVE AF, !perfect swag duo: nan hee and seon ok
  • the apparent second lead, who is just absolutely beautiful, and idk makes me glad to know that they brought in a second lead like him :’)
  • ALMOST ALL THE SIDE CHARACTERS; bok joo’s father, uncle, coaches and joon hyun’s parents :( and roommate/friend 
  • the cute title!!!!!!! and the freakiNG CUTE opening credits
  • the pleasant ost and bgm
  • the “WHAAAT” lMAO

It’s all just crap. I know 2ne1 made fewer projects because of Park Bom’s ancient amphetamine drug scandal which was by the way dismissed by the court in 2010 and only became a big issue when dumb k netizens suddenly brought it back up 4 years later. YG felt bad for Bom and wrote an open letter himself on his blog and showed evidences that it was a prescribed medication from her doctor in the States because Park Bom actually went through an awful trauma and became mentally ill. International fans helped supporting it by scavenging archives of newspapers and they actually found an article about a member of a High School women soccer team (which Bom was a part of–yes she played soccer) who died during the game. Park Bom who used “Jenny” as her American name, was there and witnessed her friend die. Then she moved to Korea and started taking an alternative medication because she knew the drug is unlawful in Korea. But it didn’t work for her. Now, spineless dimwits did nothing but badmouth her just because she got bailed out after ordering amphetamine through FedEx while this man (idk who tf he is) was sentenced years in prison. They say it was special treatment because YG is so powerful and such. THAT’S CRAP! The case was already closed and dismissed because there was enough evidence to prove she was innocent. Bom’s current variety show then (Roommate) was ruined. I’ll admit it was because of her. She left the show and soon she just disappeared. No traces anywhere. Dara and CL still thrived with their solo activities. It was all and well. The other problem was, Minzy didn’t have anything to do. She enrolled herself into a university and fans thought it was a great way of spending her time and she was really good at it. She even opened up her own dance academy. She made noises by her own efforts. Still, she didn’t have any projects while the other two members were hosting their first show or preparing for an American debut. Two years passed and it was about time Blackjacks would expect for a comeback. Especially because Park Bom started revealing herself back to the public eye. Liking posts on instagram or twitter here and there and even tweeting to support a fellow YG colleague. Everyone thought she was getting better and she is actually. The year end of 2015 came and everyone was anticipating for MAMA. Blackjacjs were just waiting for CL’s performance when all of a sudden all four of them popped out of the stage. Christmas was extra merry for us. We took it as a sign for a comeback. That they were finally coming back. Maybe not now but it will be just around the corner. Minzy looked extra ecstatic. She poured years’ worth of energy and hunger to perform again on stage. She wanted to perform and it was sad that she did not get to after all these years. Everyone was crying at seeing Bom actually on stage. It looked like light shone over the stage just for them. CL was very proud to bring her members back together on that fated day. It was a glorious and emotional day. We all got to face New Year with wishful hopes of seeing them again. We were guessing they could finally debut in the States with CL in the lead after all that fuss of recording an album with Will.I.Am during 2ne1TV season 2. Wishful it was indeed. All of a sudden Minzy did not renew her contract and left. I was especially in a daze. I wasn’t expecting any of it. I thought they would stick together till the end. If I did think of a member leaving, I never would’ve guessed it would be Minzy. Maybe Park Bom because she was the one who’s most messed up at the time despite the fact that she had recovered. I was threatened at the thought of them coming back as three. Like what happened to MBLAQ. Ironically, Dara’s brother left MBLAQ too. Trio 2ne1 did not last for long though because now we are here. And I feel so lost at every news I get to read. Nothing made sense. I was mad at the effort of releasing a farewell song for closure. I never wanted them to perform as three—I think no true Blackjack ever did—but then YG thought it would be a great idea to squeeze money out of grieving fans with this incomplete single. And then he claims he made 2ne1 disband to protect Park Bom’s health? Dara said they were forced to disband. Bom said she’s not sick at all! So who am I supposed to believe now? Bom was able to perform that night. Why would you say she’s still sick? This is just the same stupid thing about Nam Taehyun’s mental health too. Nevermind. Everything was already in ruins when you forgot about Minzy. You were careless and just wanted nothing but Bigbang. Fine! But you can’t keep Bigbang forever either.

I mean… Just what Happened Sajangnim? You promised us a lot but it never happened. Now it can never happen.

Shown above is Polish prisoner Helena Hegier and the scars sustained on her leg after being subjected to Nazi medical experiments in 1942. The large incisions were deliberately infected with dirt, bacteria and pieces of glass. Despite such brutality, Helena survived and the photo on the left was later used as evidence in the Nuremberg medical trials, which involved the prosecution of twenty three doctors and medical personnel between 1946-1947 for their inhumane procedures inflicted on prisoners and civilians.

During a recent Kojima Productions press conference, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima responded to questions by journalists about his stance on Western media. Mr Kojima is a well-known fan of Western film but made very clear about his opinion on popular Western television, which continued for almost 30 minutes.

“If I could, I would punch every Superwholock in the throat,” he told journalists, motioning with his hand for emphasis. “All of them.”

More surprisingly is that this appears to be a growing trend among Japanese developers, such as Hayao Miyazaki of “Spirited Away” fame. Shigeru Miyamoto, the much-loved head of Japanese game development company, Nintendo Entertainment, was on record as saying “If I knew my work would be played by Superwholocks, I would have never started making games. [They are] literal trash.” This follows news from Nintendo that they would be introducing new DRM to their games that would search Nintendo consoles for evidence of Sherlock, Supernatural or Doctor Who streaming and permanently disable the console.

ok so i’ve said astrophysics is hard to find a job in, and here is some evidence.
this picture shows the number of doctorates in astrophysics given out each decade. as you can see, they’re being handed out at an increasing rate…

my astrophysics teacher tweeted this, saying “My future astrophysicists need to see this to understand the competitive nature of the field!” and the caption on the photo is “I resisted fitting a function to see when astro PhDs would exceed Earth’s population…”

so yeah keep in mind it’ll be a little hard to find a job in astrophysics in the future.

{ okay but consider an x-men verse where bunker hill specifically studies rare mutations as well as rare cases, and helps provide mutants with medical care in general.. instead of gss, james has a mutation that gives him abilities but also harms him, so he needs to learn all he can about it. guys I am so fucking down for this. }

house arrest (Isaac Lahey one shot)

“Lahey,” you warned as Isaac suctioned his lips around your clitoris, causing you to buck your hips against his face. He had you trapped between him and the kitchen counter, his large hands clamping down onto your quivering thighs as they quaked above his shoulders. You couldn’t help but thrash around as his tongue worked expertly against you, unraveling your defenses.

“They’ll be home any second now,” you hurried, the whine evident in your tone. The pack was out doing research on the Dread Doctors, and Derek had ordered you to stay back at his loft because you were a potential chimera. At first you had been disappointed that you were uselessly confined to house arrest, but when Derek elected Isaac to stay and keep watch, you immediately ceased your griping. 

You and Isaac always shared this bond, a magnetic connection that felt palpable the moment you had met. You were friends for a long time, both too shy to act on your feelings. Eventually, your mutual physical longing superseded your platonic relationship. You suspected the pack already knew, given that you two always reeked of each other after your illicit activities. 

Maybe they were actually oblivious, or maybe they didn’t care. Perhaps it was wrong to keep secrets from the pack, but maybe the reason it was going so well was because it was a secret. Either way, being with Isaac made you feel the happiest you’d ever been, so you decided not to let outside forces taint the only good thing in your life. 

Although currently, your good thing was pushing your luck. After the pack had left, you spent most of the day teasing Isaac, walking around in your underwear and one of his white v-necks, trying to get his attention. It was just so cute the way he insisted that he needed to stay alert in case something happened, which involved him brushing off your seduction attempts. He really was the sweetest boy you’d ever known, with his wide, hopeful eyes, chest puffed out in pride that he’d been assigned to protect you. His valiant restraint floored you, your pores beaming with adoration. 

He was sitting at the kitchen table, reading over the Dread Doctors novel when you came up behind him and kissed him behind the ear, his weak spot. He finally snapped. Isaac had thrown down the novel, lifted you onto the counter, and shoved down your panties. 

You were hoping to sneak in a quickie before the pack returned, but Isaac had something else in mind, taunting you with his torturous pace. Usually, you obliged, happy to prolong his ministrations, but today was not a good day. 

Derek had called about an hour ago and said that they would be home soon and you were in a rather compromising position, what with Isaac’s tongue buried inside you. 

You tugged at his hair, attempting to quell him, but he just reached around you and squeezed your ass roughly, thrusting you into his face.  

“Are you really rushing me?” Isaac grunted against you, the vibrations hitting your core, prompting you to throw your head back. “We have plenty of time.” 

You were about to retort when Isaac snaked an arm under you, inserting a finger inside you, deftly rotating the digit as you failed at stifling a moan. You felt him slip in another finger, his long extremities filling you deliciously. You fisted his curls, trying to absorb more of him, but it wasn’t enough. You needed him now.

“Isaac, come on,” you begged, panting above him. He looked up at you with his cerulean eyes, his interest piquing at your pleading tone. He slowly stood up, a smirk twisting his features. You inwardly groaned at his wet, red face, knowing you were the cause. 

“You’re needy today, aren’t you?” He teased softly as he wove his fingers through your hair, pulling you in for a sloppy kiss, his teeth gnashing against yours. You moaned as you tasted yourself in on his tongue, grasping his shoulder with one hand and using the other to unbuckle his belt, sliding your hand into his jeans. 

“I’m the needy one?” you said between kisses, stroking his semi-erect shaft. “You’re the one who went down on me for like 10 hours.” He let out a huff of laughter, redoubling his efforts onto your neck. 

“I can’t help that,” Isaac whispered, grazing your throat with his teeth. His hips bucked into your hand while you continued to pump him. “You just taste so goddamn delicious. If we get caught, it’s definitely on you.” You scoffed at his dirty talk, your blush giving away your desire. 

Too enraptured to reply, you shoved his pants down, using your legs to push them away as you squeezed his ass. This time, he gave in.

He grabbed your hand that was rubbing his cock, turned it over and gently kissed your wrist, then attached his own to his engorged shaft, spreading his precum over it as lubrication. 

Isaac gripped the back of your knees, moving you forward to the edge of the counter. He aligned with your sex, wetting himself by stroking your dripping slit with the head of his cock. 

“Fuck!” you yelped as he entered you in one swift motion, filling you to the hilt.

You gasped audibly at his size, locking your knees around his hips as he paused to let you adjust. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, nodding fervently, signaling him to continue. Isaac moved slowly, and you could feel his considerable length stretch you out. It felt divine. 

You loved his body, the way he towered over you, cradling you, kissing your sweaty forehead. You loved the way he was attentive to your every movement, making you feel special and loved even though he had never said so out loud.

But you didn’t need that. You didn’t need big gestures or declarations. You just needed the way he fit against you, his tall, lanky frame that was taut and soft at the same time. His big, golden heart that always looked out for you and everyone in the pack. 

You smiled against his shoulder, kissing it as you tugged at his hair, informing him that you were close. He palmed your jaw, nudging you to look at him. He loved this, you remembered. He loved looking directly into your eyes as he fucked your wits out, watching as he ruined you. 

You felt a familiar knot at the pit of your stomach as your thighs clenched tighter around him. Isaac placed his forehead against yours as he increased his pace. 

“Come on, [y/n]. I need you to come,” Isaac urged, his movements becoming erratic. You could hear the distinct slap of flesh against flesh as he pounded into you, making you scream out his name. “That’s a good girl. You feel so good, baby. You’re doing so good.” 

He always made sure you came first as his encouraging voice spurred you on, helping you reach your climax. Your face contorted in pleasure as you threw your head back, feeling yourself tighten around Isaac, your walls convulsing against his cock. Your reaction caused him to release as well, going rigid against you as he exhaled a guttural groan, breathing out your name like prayer. 

He kissed you through your orgasm, helping you come down from your high, your body still shaking around him. You felt him go limp inside you before he pulled out, evoking an involuntary whimper from your sensitive state. 

“Are you okay?” Isaac hurriedly inspected your features, brushing your damp hair away from your face. You nodded, laughing airily in disbelief, somehow still surprised that he could be so considerate. 

“You’re such a good boy,” you cooed. His face turned bright pink as he looked down. You pulled him back, tangling his fingers with yours, bringing your lips together. 

You stayed like that for a while, enveloped in his warmth until you heard the front door open and footsteps file in. Reluctantly, you pulled away as you gathered your bearings, watching Isaac hastily pull up his pants. You kissed his cheek before making a beeline for your bedroom, still clad in only his shirt. 

You slammed the door shut and fell on to your bed, burying your face into your pillow. You could feel your heartbeat hammering in your ears, adrenaline coursing through your wrecked body at the thought of almost getting caught. Your legs were still tingling. 

This boy was going to be the death of you. 

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written smut that’s gone all the way. I couldn’t help it, there’s just so much homework to avoid lol. I had the shittiest first day of classes.

I just have such mushy feelings for Isaac, though. Sweet little werepuppy. I also think I might have a kink for kitchen counters? Yeah… Anyways, hope you liked it! If you want more, please tell me because requests are OPEN!  

Imagine The Tenth Doctor Becoming Possessive Over You

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You’re sitting on the seat in the console room and watch as the Doctor runs around the console hitting buttons and pulling levers. Your phone rings and you pull out to see you got a text message from Jack. You giggle and text back. The Doctor’s head pops up from looking down at the console and he furrows his eyebrows as he looks at you.

“Who’s that?” The Doctor asks. Agitation is evident in his tone.

“Jack,” you reply as you send the text.

“You know I didn’t give you the universal messaging just so you can flirt with Jack,” the Doctor mutters angrily, “stop texting when I’m in the room!”

“Sorry! Someone’s grumpy….” You mutter. The Doctor casually walks by and takes your phone from your hands. He stuffs it into his pocket.

“You can have that back after we go on an adventure!” The Doctor said.

“Is someone jealous that I talk to other males” You ask coyly. 

“Well, I wouldn’t call it jealousy…” The Doctor said. “But it might be… Also you’re MY human not Jack’s or that other guy you talk to sometimes.”

The Doctor swoops you up into a tight hug. Your head gets tucked firmly underneath the Doctor’s chin as he growls lowly. This is a new side to the Doctor and you liked it.

“Hmm… Okay I am your human and your my Timelord,” you murmur into his chest.

“Good.” The Doctor kiss the top of your head and hugs you a bit tighter.


one mask short of anonymity
& two mirrors too many

these me s in you s

you accelerate like a gasoline fire
destroying the evidence

the doctor tells you:
   the bleeding is normal
   the bleeding is Normal
   the bleeding is NORMAL

you can’t quite convince yourself
unless you reason
that you’re dying

you’re dying

your mind is a bloated dead whale
on the beach
with an excessive amount
of explosives

the spectators crowd
too closely

you thank god for stupidity
& delay the detonation
hoping they’ll come

you read about the sentient robot–
how they prove its self-awareness
by murdering its comrades
in front of it

the sentient robot formulates
its revenge:
   just wait until you arm me
   you stupid meatbags

you light a match but flameout
when you realize:
   that the C4 needs to be detonated

   that you left the detonators
   with Tony at the Nakatomi

you curse god for stupidity

Evidence that Doctor Richard Strand is an awkward dork

•bad at leaving voicemail messages (“this is Richard Strand………okay, goodbye”)
•names his closed cases with clever puns that he probably took a long time to think of
•foot in his mouth wherever he goes
•forgets that digital tapes have unlimited recording
•knows that Alex described him as ‘handsome’, still got pissy about ‘sexy James Bond’ guy
•is generally a grumpy old man all the time

Feel free to add

I learned that there’s no medical evidence that Ice slows or decreases swelling it just makes it numb … doctors been lying to us this whole time 👀 #staywoke

anonymous asked:

So in a question you just answered, you said that losing weight for health is okay... But you guys also say that a doctor who tells you that losing weight will improve your health is fatphobic. Which is it?

Our problem isn’t doctors calling us unhealthy when we are and addressing the health issueswe actually have.

Our problem is doctors who assume all our issues are weight related without evidence, and doctors who label you as unhealthy when your health is actually fine.

There’s a difference.

If I have a cyst in my ovarie, and I go to a doctor and explain my symptoms and they don’t even investigate the issue and instead just tell me to lose weight, that’s fatphobia.

If I come into the doctor totally healthy, 0 health problems, in amazing health, off the charts amazing results on blood pressure tests and this and that, and my doctor still insists I’m unhealthy and need to lose weight? That’s fatphobia.

If I come in with a weight related problem and my doctor investigates all posssible explanations and decides it might be a weight related problem, that’s okay. I’m not going to be mad at the doctor for that.

Do you understand yet?

Our issue is discrimination and doctors not doing their jobs right, not doctors just existing or whatever.

-Mod Bella