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Stones Have Been Popping Out of People Who Ride Roller Coasters
Using centripetal force to prevent a $4 billion healthcare cost
By James Hamblin

1. Doctor finds anecdotal evidence that people are passing kidney stones after riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World

2. Doctor makes 3-D model of kidney, complete with stones and urine (his own), takes it on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 60 times

3. “The stones passed 63.89 percent of the time while the kidneys were in the back of the car. When they were in the front, the passage rate was only 16.67 percent. That’s based on only 60 rides on a single coaster, and Wartinger guards his excitement in the journal article: ‘Preliminary study findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones.’”

4. “Some rides are going to be more advantageous for some patients than other rides. So I wouldn’t say that the only ride that helps you pass stones is Big Thunder Mountain. That’s grossly inaccurate.”

5. “His advice for now: If you know you have a stone that’s smaller than five millimeters, riding a series of roller coasters could help you pass that stone before it gets to an obstructive size and either causes debilitating colic or requires a $10,000 procedure to try and break it up. And even once a stone is broken up using shock waves, tiny fragments and “dust” remain that need to be passed. The coaster could help with that, too.”


i would just like to point out that the recent conversation surrounding the male birth control trials isn’t just “lol weak men can’t deal with side effects” it’s the fact that when they were testing hormonal birth control for women in the 50s & 60s, the side effects were much worse, and the women who participated in them, mostly in puerto rico, were not told about the side effects or that the drug was experimental

and THEN when women dropped out, they started using incarcerated women as their guinea pigs, and then despite the fact that some scientists who participated in the original trials were like “uh i don’t think this is actually good, it’s making a lot of these women sick,” the pharmaceutical industry & fda were like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and approved it for the general population anyways, without really warning women about the potential for all these negative side effects

and THEN researchers basically ceased to do any type of research on side effects like depression and decreased libido for 50 years, despite the fact that women were still complaining about them, and because there was no “hard evidence” of these side effects, a lot of doctors basically just assumed women were exaggerating or making it up. and that continued until the first major study of depression in women who take hormonal contraceptives was released just. this. year.

so yeah, the patriarchy. *waves flag*

Dean slowly realizes that Castiel’s vision is deteriorating. 

Or maybe it had never been all that great.

At least, his vessel’s vision isn’t great and all of that squinting Castiel does isn’t just squinting for the sake of squinting. Dean figures Jimmy may have worn glasses or contacts in his life that Cas had never bothered utilizing for whatever reason. 

He needs to hold his cell phone screen up closer to his face - then back - and then close again while trying to read text messages, all the while squinting.

Dean took him to the movie theater once just for the hell of it and had sat in the back row while Castiel had spent the whole time squinting and asking Dean which character was currently on screen,effectively sucking the fun out of that evening. 

Eventually, after enough evidence, Dean drags Castiel to an eye doctor because as adorable as they are, the squints were apparently a sign of visual impairment and not a constant state of confusion or suspicion.

Sure enough, Cas is blind as fuck and how he’d been getting around all these years is a miracle in itself.  

The doctor sets Cas up with a nice set of bold, black rims not too long after (which, first off, hell yeah) and Castiel actually fucking gasps when he slips them on and sees Dean clearly for the first time. 

“You’re beautiful.” Castiel murmurs, reaching out a hand to gently brush at the freckles along the bridge of Dean’s nose. 

Dean blushes profusely and gives an attempt at a sputter, but doesn’t say anything when Castiel stares at him in awe the entire ride home.

During a recent Kojima Productions press conference, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima responded to questions by journalists about his stance on Western media. Mr Kojima is a well-known fan of Western film but made very clear about his opinion on popular Western television, which continued for almost 30 minutes.

“If I could, I would punch every Superwholock in the throat,” he told journalists, motioning with his hand for emphasis. “All of them.”

More surprisingly is that this appears to be a growing trend among Japanese developers, such as Hayao Miyazaki of “Spirited Away” fame. Shigeru Miyamoto, the much-loved head of Japanese game development company, Nintendo Entertainment, was on record as saying “If I knew my work would be played by Superwholocks, I would have never started making games. [They are] literal trash.” This follows news from Nintendo that they would be introducing new DRM to their games that would search Nintendo consoles for evidence of Sherlock, Supernatural or Doctor Who streaming and permanently disable the console.

I was in Canada last year and spent about 3 weeks there just on holiday. I started in Calgary and then moved through the Rocky Mountains then went to Vancouver, Ontario. It was brilliant, such lovely people and it was just like an enormous Scotland, it seemed to me. But the people were so lovely and we had a lovely lovely time there so my message is I’ll be back to see you whether you like it or not.
—  Peter gives his thoughts on Canada and his message to fans there.

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+++ can you please do a headcanon where rfa reacts to mc's death? pretty please +++

a|n warning: if you’re faint of heart, or cannot handle death, do not read.

RFA reacting to MC’s death


  • tears were prickling his eyes as he sat still on the cold metal chairs outside the hospital’s operating room
  • earlier that day, he brought you to one of his fan meets
  • but little did Zen know bringing you in today was the w o r s t choice he could ever make in his entire life
  • the echo of the gunshot was still freshly ringing inside his head followed by the panic and stampede caused by the people inside the fan meeting premises
  • he couldn’t remove the image he saw moments after he heard the gunshot — the face of the culprit and the sadistic smile it had on its features
  • how you suddenly screamed for his name and shielded him using your body
  • how you coughed up blood and fell right before his eyes
  • he tried to cover his ears as the resounding screams of terror and panic echoed inside his head, haunting him, taunting him, reminding him of how badly he screwed up on the only time you needed him the mosthis gaze fixated blankly towards the marbled floor of the silent hallways; just waiting … and waiting … and possibly hoping for an answer that might ease the pain
  • the door creaked open and he was quick to bolt up, although limping and dirty from the chaos he just got out from, he was very eager and hoping to hear a positive answer from your operation
  • “Doctor!” Zen exclaimed as he approached the one who just got out of the operating room, his face wet from tears, his clothes stained with blood and filth “How is she?”
  • his face was hopeful — the small flicker of light the only thing left inside the dark abyss he’s slowly drowning in
  • but as soon as the doctor removed his mask and gloves
  • Zen knew it wasn’t the answer he was hoping for
  • “I’m sorry for your loss, Sir.” 
  • as soon as those words reached him, his world stopped, the feeling of dizziness and disbelief washing over his system
  • he slowly backed down, his expression flashing cynicism before it all turned into despair and anger
  • “What?” his lips quivered as his arms fell limply on his sides, his crimson hues turning blank from the news he just got
  • “Come again? Will you please repeat that?” Zen’s voice inquired quietly, his lips twisting an incredulous smile “You’re just joking, right?”
  • “I’m very sorry about this. We … did our best. You brought her here a little too late. She already … lost a lot of blood. We are very sorry to deliver this news to you.” the doctor was trying his best to be sympathetic in his explanation but his sympathy failed to reach Zen’s ears
  • his entire system turned deaf and numb at the news
  • “What the hell?” a bark of laughter escaped his mouth as he shook his head, his refusal to let the news sink in evident on his actions
  • “That’s a funny one, Doctor! I’m an actor and I’ve seen lots of plays with this kind of joke running around. You can’t be serious, right?” his eyes tiredly gripped the doctor’s collar as he lightly shook him, his crimson hues passing a silent plead
  • but the doctor only dipped his head low, his silence the confirmation of everything he’s afraid to know
  • “Her time of death is 19:05, 9/11/2017. If only you were able to rush her here immediately then …”
  • upon hearing that, he tried to get past the doctor, pushing him out of the way and limped himself inside the operating room wherein he was just in time to see the nurses putting a white blanket over your lifeless body
  • the tears he tried so hard to restrain, now falling like mad waterfalls on his face, his hands shaking as he slowly removed the blanket that covered your entire frame upon reaching you
  • he grasped your hand with his and it further broke his heart when you didn’t make any movements to squeeze back, your skin cold against his touch
  • “Baby, please wake up. Wake up for me. You can’t leave me here! You promised to be with me until the very end, didn’t you?”
  • and every silent moment that passed, the further it made everything clear for him
  • “Babe … Babe, please. Open your eyes.” and even if how many times he begs, how many times he tries, it couldn’t change the fact that presented itself before him
  • you’re gone
  • and you’re never coming back
  • and it’s all his fault


  • so Jaehee just got out real quick to replenish some supplies for their cafe when it all happened
  • the inevitable fate that played its cards on their poor souls
  • much to her horror, she came back to something she wished in all her lifetime to never experience
  • the entire building was burning up in flames
  • “Oh god …” and what struck her the most was the fact that you’re still inside, silently sleeping on the employee’s quarters, the last place she checked to see you before she went out
  • before the burning building, there she stood still with her body shaking just before she heard the loud sirens of the firetrucks coming towards her direction
  • “MC!!! No!” it was her catalyst to run like mad and try to get herself inside the burning building, ignoring the fact that she might die while trying to save you
  • “Hey Lady! Come back here!” voices tried to stop her from going near the flames, she was frantic enough to come dashing, fully ignoring the warning calls of the people trying to knock some senses to her
  • the fire was burning high in the sky, creating a thick black smoke in the air
  • but before she can finally reach the entrance, she was pulled back by one of the firemen, a group of them now taking over in prying the entrance open
  • the fire was not showing any signs of being extinguished soon as it more parts of the building to be burned to further fuel itself high in the sky
  • her face was already wet with tears as she stared in horror, obviously very helpless at the moment
  • all Jaehee could hope was for you to actually present yourself in front of her and hug her and assure her that everything’s fine
  • that everything’s going to be fine
  • but moments passed and moments turned into long minutes and you didn’t come out
  • and only then was she able to fall on her knees in a silent surrender
  • the inevitable feeling of doom now reigning inside her heart
  • an ambulance came and medics started pouring out as one nurse tried to ease her up from grovelling on the ground to cover her in a wet blanket
  • she was then guided to sit on the edge of the ambulance and only then was Jaehee able to see her reflection on the mirror
  • she was covered in filth, her face stained with dirt from the fire, her hair a disheveled mess and her eyes bloodshot from tears
  • her body was so exhausted that she couldn’t feel anything else but her own hopelessness
  • her head perked up when she heard murmurs just a few feet away from her, two medics talking with each other with one holding something that looked like a checklist
  • “Did you hear? They only retrieved one body inside.” one hushed towards the other, fully unaware of how someone can hear them clearly “It’s severely burnt.”
  • Jaehee’s eyes widened as she mindlessly got up and walked in a daze towards the burning building
  • and true to what she heard, a stretcher was bringing out one lifeless body
  • a body that was beyond recognition
  • “This isn’t real. MC, no, you can’t leave me … not like this.” she pleaded, her voice breaking apart
  • she slowly walked towards the people carrying the stretcher, hoping that this is all just a nightmare she needed to wake up from
  • but what confirmed her fear was how she was able to recognize the thing the corpse was holding
  • because in the hand of the burnt corpse was the eyeglasses you borrowed from her
  • her own eyeglasses
  • and from then and there
  • for the first time ever
  • she broke down and cried like there’s no tomorrow


  • what’s hard in this life was how everything he had hoped to have always had a way to escape his grasp
  • recounting how worst the situation is only brought him to a further deeper level of depression and detachment from everything around him
  • his most prized possession was after all, removed again from his touch
  • each day that passed only made him more anxious of the days to come, wishing, hoping, wanting that it wouldn’t be the last
  • the last time he’ll be able to see your smile
  • the last time he’ll be able to feel your touch
  • the last time he’ll be able to hear your laugh
  • and each days that passes by was only making him wish for more extension of the days he’s able to spend with you
  • but he was not blind not to recognize how the situation at hand was of no further saving
  • that this time, truly, it might be the last
  • and that the time that was given to the both of you has finally reached the end of its cycle
  • “My love.” he whispered as he lay down beside you, his arms enveloping you to a warm embrace “Are you tired?”
  • you tilted your head up to meet his gaze, tears prickling from the corner of your eyes, unable to process that you’ve come to the end of the road
  • you were only able to produce a small nod
  • you heard how he sharply inhaled as he tightened his hold on you, his touch showing how he badly wanted to keep you
  • to hold you
  • to never let you go
  • “I see.” his deep voice reverberated as you pressed your ears near his chest, hearing the slow beating of his heart at the same time
  • a rhythm that strangely put you at rest every single time
  • you were after all very fond of hearing how his heart beats for you and no one else but you
  • your heart broke at how time seemed to run fast at the moments you wanted to stay with him
  • at the moments you wished you were permitted by life itself to be by his side
  • and how it was achingly slow to wait for the inevitable twist of fate to happen
  • “No matter what happens …” Jumin’s voice trailed off as you were finally able to release the sobs you were trying so hard to stop
  • you can hear his own voice break as he planted a soft kiss on your forehead, a droplet of wetness from him protruding on the skin of your face
  • “I love you.” he breathed, his own voice shaking. his resolve now crumbling as he himself started to silently succumb to his dreadful emotions
  • “I have loved you in this life. And I am going to love you in the next.” he whispered, now his lips touching the tip of your nose, his slender fingers wiping the tears that kept on falling to the side of your countenance “I am going to love you and only you to every life I will be given.”
  • you nodded silently as you felt the time finally going its last round of quarter, your own frail hands desperately trying to get a hold of him
  • desperately trying not to let go
  • desperately wanting to feel him whole
  • “I am going to love you hard … that not even time can soon stop us from being together. Not again, not ever.” and with a quick lift of your chin to face him, you felt his warm lips melt against your own, the intensity of his love for you watering your dried soul
  • and his love will be the only thing that will guide you in this lifetime
  • “Rest now, my love. I will be here beside you.”
  • the knowledge of knowing that his love will go lengths just for you soon lulled you into your silent surrender, your eyes closing, marking the end of the cycle of time in your life
  • finally ending your struggle and battle with the sickness you carried the entire duration of your waking days
  • and until you drew your very last breath
  • you knew he was there
  • and that his love will soon revive what was lost
  • what time had failed to permit the two of you to have: a love that can be shared without constraints and struggles, a love so pure, so true and a love that only your hearts will be able to recognize
  • a love that not even sickness can tear you both apart
  • not on this lifetime, but maybe on the next


  • “So, for your birthday, what do you want to do?” Yoosung asked his 4 year old son as he happily tied his shoelaces for him at the porch of their home
  • “I … want … want to … amusement park!” the broken sentences of his child only made his heart swell in joy as the kid beamed at him, the evidence of his youth showing at how his two front teeth was still growing
  • “Ohhh! That’s a very great choice! You really do resemble papa, huh?” he teased as he carried his son and tickled him, the child laughing heartily at his little tickle session
  • “Now, now, stop that both of you.” he heard your voice as you made yourself known to the both of them, showing how ready and perfectly dolled up you are for the day’s itinerary
  • “Mama!” your child beamed and tried to reach you with his tiny, little hands, closing and opening his palms with a smile as bright as the smile of the man you love
  • “You look beautiful! You’re always beautiful for me, honey. Always, okay? I have a very beautiful wife!” Yoosung gushed, his lips now curling a full grin - his amethyst orbs twinkling in happiness “So, my beautiful wife, let’s go?”
  • you nodded eagerly as you interlaced your fingers with his free hand and walked towards the drive way, with the hope for a very great day ahead of you
  • but just as how the day began so bright
  • life truly has a way to make you payback for that tiny ounce of happiness
  • because in the middle of the trip to the amusement park,
  • the car swerved and swayed, your child crying helplessly in your arms, Yoosung trying his best to gain his control back on the steering wheel, the sound of the tires screeching and the last thing you can feel is your body being squeezed and ripped apart
  • … and then there was darkness
  • and that darkness opened a light when Yoosung was able to regain his consciousness
  • his ears can catch people buzzing, whispering and the deafening sounds of ambulances all over
  • he groaned when he felt like his entire body was slammed hard that he failed to move according to the way he wanted
  • then a blinding pain attacked him on the lower portion of his body
  • and only then was he able to fully wake his consciousness up and he never wished so bad that he just didn’t wake up
  • he stared in horror at how his legs were severely squeezed in between his seat and the car controls
  • his head feeling light, his mouth painfully bruised, his eyes too heavy to fully open
  • but what broke his heart the most was when he was finally able to roam his eyes to his side
  • only to be greeted by the bodies of his family
  • covered in blood
  • and l i f e l e s s
  • that he was only able to release a strained scream of horror, his eyes hurting his face the moment his tears started falling down
  • “No … No! No, no, no!!” he screamed your name … and screamed and tried to squirm out of his current position just to reach you, just to hold you, just to check if you’re still with him only to be assaulted back by blinding pain
  • and until he was pried out of the broken vehicle and ushered to the ambulance
  • and up until they were able to reach the hospital
  • the only thing that greeted him was a declaration of his life shattering before his very eyes
  • “Dead on Arrival. A woman and a child. Car accident. 14:02 P.M. 09/11/2017.”
  • and the fact that you died
  • in his very own hands


  • not once in his life did he want something as bad as he wanted you
  • as bad as he wanted to leave a proof of existence to you
  • and as bad as he wanted to have you and only you in his life that was full of nothing but misery and loneliness
  • that’s why, he was very fixated on the thought that whatever mess he tangled himself in, he’d get out of it no matter what
  • he was going on a mission that he, himself, was not even sure if he’d be able to get out alive after
  • to confront the shadows that he, for the longest time, had tread after
  • to confront the enemies he thought he already got rid of
  • thinking that nobody in his life will be affected if he just stayed away from the people he cared about
  • but then you came to his life and no matter how hard he tried to resist, he was able to slowly fall in love with you
  • and then he was able to realize how much of a mistake it was the way he had been living his entire life
  • and he wanted nothing else but to protect you no matter what
  • so that a time will come when both of you will finally be able to stop running away from them, running away from that
  • but what surprised him most, the day he was ready to confront his shadows, was to find you, gagged, tied, covered in blood and beaten up
  • your entire body laying inside the abandoned factory from which he had received an intel that it will be the place for the final confrontation
  • Saeyoung just stood there, his eyes wide in horror as he slowly read the words painted in red on the dull wall behind your body
  • “You can never leave.”
  • and in that moment, all he saw was red and nothing else, the rage inside his body building up
  • but the moment he heard you release a strangled cough, he was quick on his feet to go to you
  • “MC! MC … thank god. Please, don’t strain yourself. I’ll untie you alright? Stay with me. Just listen to my voice!” he stated in a panic, his voice shaking so badly against his throat
  • “Sae … young …” you whispered, the metallic taste of blood grazing your taste. and then you slowly tilted your head just enough to see him, his face now wet with tears
  • his golden orbs flicked towards you and you can see resentment and anger deep within them
  • you tried to crack a smile and whispered, albeit a hoarse voice, the words, “At least … you’re going to be free now. Y - you’re going to be okay.”
  • “No! No, who said I’m going to be okay with you like this?! You idiot! Who told you to fix my mess, huh?” he exclaimed, the flood of his tears never stopping
  • you smiled softly towards him and whispered, “I - I just wanted you to be free. And you are … from now … on … okay …?”
  • and with a last, small cough of blood
  • you saw darkness
  • “You idiot! You … idiot …” his voice broke down as he fell on his knees, his body now shaking from the uncontrollable tears flowing from his eyes, “Why did you do this? It should be me! It should be me … I should be dead!”
  • how badly he wanted for this to just be a bad dream - for him to wake up from this nightmare and to be greeted by your smiling face
  • his desperate self was praying and hoping for all of this to just be a prank - that the heavens must have only been playing a joke on him
  • he waited for your eyes to flutter open and then laugh at him at how ugly he possibly looked at this moment
  • but it never came - your eyes never opened again
  • you’re the only good thing in his life
  • how can you leave him?
  • every single day he pushed you away came back to him like a curse, all the moments he wasted not being able to tell you how much he loves you, how much he cares for you and how much he wishes for you to stay with him forever came rushing back
  • he circled his arms around your body, pulling you close, wanting to never let go
  • and in that brief moment of silence, he was able to know who is responsible for this
  • and came to a resolve he should have done a long time ago:
  • get revenge even if it means he’ll lose his life in the process
  • after all, what is his life’s purpose if you’re not included in it anymore? he’ll follow you soon so you won’t be alone.
Vodka Shots

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Wonho (Monsta X), for anon

Type: Smut, College!AU

Words: 1,777

Summary: There’s something about vodka and frat parties that bring out a side of your boyfriend you’ve never seen…

“Yo! Y/N, take another shot! You’re not drunk enough yet!” Minhyuk yelled over the blaring party music, slinging his arm around your neck. He was sloppy drunk at this point, his whole body and the air surrounding him reeking incredibly of vodka. He leaned against your frame a little too much, sloshing a bit of his beer over the sides of his solo cup as he did so.

You were in a huddle mass of over incredibly drunk people, most of which were fraternity boys. Dating a fraternity boy yourself, you seemingly found yourself in this situation more often than not: the stench of alcohol coating the hair, sweaty bodies of Greek kids milling about and constantly brushing against you. The Pi Kappa Alpha, PIKE for short, house was really quite spacious, more so than most of the other fraternity houses you’d been to, but that space just left room for more party-goers.

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“I Get That…”

“Seriously? After all this time?”

“Yeah! Why do you think I keep going?

I feel as though this is 50% Doctor/Donna and 50% real-life Tate/Tennant adlib. And 10′s valley-girl “yeah!” is just…I want to hug him. That is all. 


How comforting and wonderful that all she has to do is say, “Spaceman,” and he knows they’re still on good terms and their friendship hasn’t spoiled. His little corner-of-the-mouth smile is such a lovely giveaway that he knows exactly how she feels about him despite her annoyance. This is my definition of true friendship: You can get frustrated with one another, but your affection is never in doubt. 

“Nice One!”

Donna makes a brilliant observation and 10 is just beaming. Empirical evidence that the Doctor celebrates and is gloriously proud of the strong, intelligent women in his (soon to be her!) life. A+ feminist ally support, 10. 

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Series 4, Episode 3: “Planet of the Ood”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

Image credits to the lovely BBC.

“Well, don’t worry, daft old man.”

I never noticed it before until now but a small, subtle smile appeared on the Doctor’s face when Clara called him a “daft old man.” To us, this was the first (and last) time we ever heard her call him that onscreen. However, I feel like she has called him that more than once off screen, in the much more private side of their relationship that we didn’t get to see. Its not just his smile that gives me the impression that its a more private nickname for him, but the way Clara said it. She said it just as affectionately as she hugged him.

She wrapped her arms around his chest, nestled her head into his shoulder with her eyes closed. Rested her chin on his shoulder. Her thumbs rubbed against his arms, while he did the same in return. There was nothing new to it. It was familiar between the two of them, much more than just a comfort. It was normal, a habit. Instinctive. Natural. 

This scene feels like it was one of the few glimpses we got into the “unseen” of their relationship. It was like seeing how they were behind the closed doors. One could argue that this scene was just as private as what we didn’t get to see and hear in the Cloisters, after the camera panned away in Hell Bent and just as intimate as when he kissed her hand in Face the Raven.

There was a shift in their relationship between series eight and nine, as well within series nine itself. It was never more evident than during this scene. 

Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - David hadn’t seen Billie since Doomsday, and was surprised when she appeared on the deserted street while filming The Stolen Earth

When the post making this claim first started making its rounds on Tumblr, many of us laughed it off because we knew it was completely false/made up. But the post caught on and became popular, worming its way into the fanbase as fact and showing up elsewhere online.  Even though it is entirely untrue, many people believe it (and spread it!)  Sure, it’s a semi-romantic notion (if you don’t get offended on David’s behalf that some people don’t think he can act unless he’s tricked into an emotional situation).  The truth of the matter is, the claim above is so very far from the actual truth - and there are plenty of ways to prove it.

Let’s break it down piece by piece.

Fallacy #1:  David hadn’t seen Billie since they filmed Doomsday

Fact: David and Billie saw each other plenty of times between the end of filming on Series Two and Billie’s times filming in Series Four.  According to the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Two Companion, the final block of recording on series two ended Friday, March 31st of 2006.  A list of just some of the occasions when David and Billie were seen together after this (without getting into stalker-ish territory) include:
➤ June 2006 - David presented Billie with her award at the Glamour Awards ceremony
➤ September 4, 2006 - David and Billie attended the TV Quick/TV Choice Awards together (and both won)
➤ October 31, 2006 - David and Billie attended National Television Awards together (and both won, as did Doctor Who)
➤ early 2007 - David attended the play “Treats” starring Billie & Laurence Fox and left with them both after the play
➤ Dec 31, 2007 - David attended Billie’s wedding to Laurence Fox

Fact:  Doomsday wasn’t even the last episode shot in Series Two.  The production team scheduled filming on all of the Cyberman episodes together in a block - so Rise of the Cyberman/The Age of Steel/Army of Ghosts/Doomsday were filmed together in the middle of the shooting schedule.  The last episodes filmed for Series Two were the Impossible Planet/Satan Pit two-parter.  You can see evidence of this on David Tennant’s video diaries for the series – where he discussed filming Billie’s goodbye on the beach when they were really only halfway through the shoot, as well as Billie’s emotional final scenes for Satan Pit (and all of the exact shooting dates are available in the DWM Series Two Companion guide as well).

Fallacy #2:  David was surprised to see Billie when he turned around on that deserted street in The Stolen Earth

Fact: Billie’s first scene filmed for The Stolen Earth was David’s regeneration on the TARDIS set (which was filmed Friday, February 22nd, 2008 - according to the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition Series Four Companion).  The goodbye-on-the-beach scene was recorded on March 5th.  The running-in-the-street scenes weren’t filmed until March 13th (and ran overnight into March 14th).  Basically, the street scenes were among the last scenes shot for the two-parter – David and Billie had already been on set together for nearly a month before he turned around to see her walking toward him on that deserted street.

Fact: The fact that Billie and the other companions were returning for the finale leaked in the press before the episodes even started filming.  The Daily Star leaked the returning cast information on October 8, 2007 (4 months before they would begin filming the two-parter).  In November (the 25th) The Daily Express claimed that Russell T Davies and David Tennant had persuaded Billie to return as Rose, with the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail not far behind with similar claims about Billie and David reuniting.  It would be a pretty sad state of affairs if all of the tabloids knew that Billie was back before David did.

Fact:  Billie always knew she was coming back (and David did too).  From the Series Four Companion:  “I knew I was coming back when I knew I was leaving,” explained Billie on Doctor Who Confidential, thinking back to her departure, which had been shot in January 2006, “We all made a little pact that I’d come back and do a few more.  I really love lying to journalists when they ask me if I’m coming back.  I’m sorry that I lied to fans, but I think it was a surprise worth waiting for.”

Fact:  According to Russell T. Davies’ book, The Writer’s Tale, Davies was having trouble writing the Journey’s End Bad Wolf Bay scene.  Before shooting on the two-parter began, Julie had mentioned that the Bad Wolf Bay scene as originally scripted just wasn’t working for her, and David had weighed in as well, saying it was tragic - and then Davies obsessed over it for a month (according to the time stamps on the e-mails in the book), agreeing with Julie that Rose wouldn’t go with Doctor #2, mentioning at one point that “I just realised, my plan to make the Bad Wolf Bay scene work - the one involving Voidstuff - won’t work, because I’d forgotten that Mickey has to be free to stay in our universe. Bollocks.  Julie’s upset. She’s saying, ‘Leave Mickey in the parallel universe,’ and I’m saying, ‘Too late! We promised Noel that we’d bring him back in Torchwood Series Three.’  Then later, in an e-mail dated March 1st, 2008, he tells Benjamin Cook that he’s re-written the scene again, giving more of the decision to Rose to put her in control - and that now, “Julie is happy, David is happy, phew, good.”  Not only was David fully aware that Billie was in the script, he was concerned/had input on her goodbye scene (and all of that was well before filming the street scene).

In Conclusion:  There’s absolutely nothing correct about that statement. Doctor Who is a television show, and David and Billie are professional actors (who must be booked well in advance, and who are given scripts containing their lines/the plot). They can act hurt without actually being hurt, look sad even when they’re happy inside, and can appear to be surprised/thrilled to see each other even though they’ve been filming together for weeks. They are also friends who get together socially, as well as making various public appearances together between the end of Series Two and filming on Series Four.  Both Billie and David always knew that Billie would be coming back, and Billie had been back and filming scenes for Series 4 (including other scenes with David) long before the infamous deserted-street scene was shot.

I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am happy to share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims.  I’m always open to other evidence that can shed light on the matter (but in this case the statement in question really is just totally made up and inaccurate)

Sources for this post:  

  • David Tennant Series Two video diaries (on the Series 2 DVD boxed set)
  • Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Four Companion
  • Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Two Companion
  • The Writer’s Tale - Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook

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The shoes photo from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David & Billie (or is it?)

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There are photos of fans meeting Pearl Mackie in her WEAT weathered grey 'rags' outfit on location in the countryside in the daytime with Peter Capaldi; contextually, this is the place they filmed 'The Doctor Falls' and the place that is visible in many of the scenes shown in the next-time trailer! I'm CONVINCED she gets out of this one!


Letters: #0 The crash [NCT Yuta scenario]


This wasn’t requested but I saw a similar idea to this elsewhere and suddenly found the inspiration to write it! This is a 7-part series called Letters and it features Yuta as the main character. Other members are mentioned but they don’t all now each other in this series - it’s basically a little like an AU…kinda. Anyway, I’ll just explain what the general gist of the series is.

Yuta’s girlfriend (aka you) is unfortunately killed in a car accident [don’t worry it’s not all sad and angsty, but this chapter is lol] Yuta is given her belongings after the crash and finds 6 letters that she has written addressed to “the one whom I love”. Each letter has its own chapter (not this one) and therir flashbacks and a bit of dialogue etc. There isn’t really a story to this apart from the fact that Yuta wants to find out why you wrote these letters and when. Which will all be discovered in the final chapter as well as a big plot twist lmfao

I hope you do enjoy this series, don’t let it flop on me lol. Tell me what you think about it and what you think the plot twist might be - I might actually change it if someone says a good one lol. Anyway, enjoy and sorry for the angst in this chapter ! :)

Word count: 2,844

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this gif has nothing to do with the actual thing but oh well i’ll make one later

Letters series

  • Letters: #0 The crash
  • Letters: #1 Open now
  • Letters: #3 Open when you miss me
  • Letters: #2 Open when you feel like giving up
  • Letters: #4 Open when you need some optimism
  • Letters: #5 Open when you’ve achieved your dreams
  • Letters: #6 Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

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A victim of Nazi medical experimentation. A victim’s arm shows a deep burn from phosphorus at Ravensbrueck, Germany, in November of 1943. The photograph shows the results of a medical experiment dealing with phosphorous that was carried out by doctors at Ravensbrueck. In the experiment, a mixture of phosphorus and rubber was applied to the skin and ignited. After twenty seconds, the fire was extinguished with water. After three days, the burn was treated with Echinacin in liquid form. After two weeks the wound had healed. This photograph, taken by a camp physician, was entered as evidence during the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg. (x)

house arrest (Isaac Lahey one shot)

“Lahey,” you warned as Isaac suctioned his lips around your clitoris, causing you to buck your hips against his face. He had you trapped between him and the kitchen counter, his large hands clamping down onto your quivering thighs as they quaked above his shoulders. You couldn’t help but thrash around as his tongue worked expertly against you, unraveling your defenses.

“They’ll be home any second now,” you hurried, the whine evident in your tone. The pack was out doing research on the Dread Doctors, and Derek had ordered you to stay back at his loft because you were a potential chimera. At first you had been disappointed that you were uselessly confined to house arrest, but when Derek elected Isaac to stay and keep watch, you immediately ceased your griping. 

You and Isaac always shared this bond, a magnetic connection that felt palpable the moment you had met. You were friends for a long time, both too shy to act on your feelings. Eventually, your mutual physical longing superseded your platonic relationship. You suspected the pack already knew, given that you two always reeked of each other after your illicit activities. 

Maybe they were actually oblivious, or maybe they didn’t care. Perhaps it was wrong to keep secrets from the pack, but maybe the reason it was going so well was because it was a secret. Either way, being with Isaac made you feel the happiest you’d ever been, so you decided not to let outside forces taint the only good thing in your life. 

Although currently, your good thing was pushing your luck. After the pack had left, you spent most of the day teasing Isaac, walking around in your underwear and one of his white v-necks, trying to get his attention. It was just so cute the way he insisted that he needed to stay alert in case something happened, which involved him brushing off your seduction attempts. He really was the sweetest boy you’d ever known, with his wide, hopeful eyes, chest puffed out in pride that he’d been assigned to protect you. His valiant restraint floored you, your pores beaming with adoration. 

He was sitting at the kitchen table, reading over the Dread Doctors novel when you came up behind him and kissed him behind the ear, his weak spot. He finally snapped. Isaac had thrown down the novel, lifted you onto the counter, and shoved down your panties. 

You were hoping to sneak in a quickie before the pack returned, but Isaac had something else in mind, taunting you with his torturous pace. Usually, you obliged, happy to prolong his ministrations, but today was not a good day. 

Derek had called about an hour ago and said that they would be home soon and you were in a rather compromising position, what with Isaac’s tongue buried inside you. 

You tugged at his hair, attempting to quell him, but he just reached around you and squeezed your ass roughly, thrusting you into his face.  

“Are you really rushing me?” Isaac grunted against you, the vibrations hitting your core, prompting you to throw your head back. “We have plenty of time.” 

You were about to retort when Isaac snaked an arm under you, inserting a finger inside you, deftly rotating the digit as you failed at stifling a moan. You felt him slip in another finger, his long extremities filling you deliciously. You fisted his curls, trying to absorb more of him, but it wasn’t enough. You needed him now.

“Isaac, come on,” you begged, panting above him. He looked up at you with his cerulean eyes, his interest piquing at your pleading tone. He slowly stood up, a smirk twisting his features. You inwardly groaned at his wet, red face, knowing you were the cause. 

“You’re needy today, aren’t you?” He teased softly as he wove his fingers through your hair, pulling you in for a sloppy kiss, his teeth gnashing against yours. You moaned as you tasted yourself in on his tongue, grasping his shoulder with one hand and using the other to unbuckle his belt, sliding your hand into his jeans. 

“I’m the needy one?” you said between kisses, stroking his semi-erect shaft. “You’re the one who went down on me for like 10 hours.” He let out a huff of laughter, redoubling his efforts onto your neck. 

“I can’t help that,” Isaac whispered, grazing your throat with his teeth. His hips bucked into your hand while you continued to pump him. “You just taste so goddamn delicious. If we get caught, it’s definitely on you.” You scoffed at his dirty talk, your blush giving away your desire. 

Too enraptured to reply, you shoved his pants down, using your legs to push them away as you squeezed his ass. This time, he gave in.

He grabbed your hand that was rubbing his cock, turned it over and gently kissed your wrist, then attached his own to his engorged shaft, spreading his precum over it as lubrication. 

Isaac gripped the back of your knees, moving you forward to the edge of the counter. He aligned with your sex, wetting himself by stroking your dripping slit with the head of his cock. 

“Fuck!” you yelped as he entered you in one swift motion, filling you to the hilt.

You gasped audibly at his size, locking your knees around his hips as he paused to let you adjust. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, nodding fervently, signaling him to continue. Isaac moved slowly, and you could feel his considerable length stretch you out. It felt divine. 

You loved his body, the way he towered over you, cradling you, kissing your sweaty forehead. You loved the way he was attentive to your every movement, making you feel special and loved even though he had never said so out loud.

But you didn’t need that. You didn’t need big gestures or declarations. You just needed the way he fit against you, his tall, lanky frame that was taut and soft at the same time. His big, golden heart that always looked out for you and everyone in the pack. 

You smiled against his shoulder, kissing it as you tugged at his hair, informing him that you were close. He palmed your jaw, nudging you to look at him. He loved this, you remembered. He loved looking directly into your eyes as he fucked your wits out, watching as he ruined you. 

You felt a familiar knot at the pit of your stomach as your thighs clenched tighter around him. Isaac placed his forehead against yours as he increased his pace. 

“Come on, [y/n]. I need you to come,” Isaac urged, his movements becoming erratic. You could hear the distinct slap of flesh against flesh as he pounded into you, making you scream out his name. “That’s a good girl. You feel so good, baby. You’re doing so good.” 

He always made sure you came first as his encouraging voice spurred you on, helping you reach your climax. Your face contorted in pleasure as you threw your head back, feeling yourself tighten around Isaac, your walls convulsing against his cock. Your reaction caused him to release as well, going rigid against you as he exhaled a guttural groan, breathing out your name like prayer. 

He kissed you through your orgasm, helping you come down from your high, your body still shaking around him. You felt him go limp inside you before he pulled out, evoking an involuntary whimper from your sensitive state. 

“Are you okay?” Isaac hurriedly inspected your features, brushing your damp hair away from your face. You nodded, laughing airily in disbelief, somehow still surprised that he could be so considerate. 

“You’re such a good boy,” you cooed. His face turned bright pink as he looked down. You pulled him back, tangling his fingers with yours, bringing your lips together. 

You stayed like that for a while, enveloped in his warmth until you heard the front door open and footsteps file in. Reluctantly, you pulled away as you gathered your bearings, watching Isaac hastily pull up his pants. You kissed his cheek before making a beeline for your bedroom, still clad in only his shirt. 

You slammed the door shut and fell on to your bed, burying your face into your pillow. You could feel your heartbeat hammering in your ears, adrenaline coursing through your wrecked body at the thought of almost getting caught. Your legs were still tingling. 

This boy was going to be the death of you. 

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written smut that’s gone all the way. I couldn’t help it, there’s just so much homework to avoid lol. I had the shittiest first day of classes.

I just have such mushy feelings for Isaac, though. Sweet little werepuppy. I also think I might have a kink for kitchen counters? Yeah… Anyways, hope you liked it! If you want more, please tell me because requests are OPEN!  

The Stories We Tell

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2176

Summary:  The reader tries to move on after but there are obstacles.

Warnings:  Some fluff, some angst, some humor, lots of swearing

Not all love stories have a happy ending.  

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  

Sometimes two people can love each other completely, and still break up.  It’s not that it ended, it’s that it ran its course.  

You loved him completely, and always would.  But the story of you two together, sweaty and tangled in bed sheets, desperately reaching for each other after a hunt, curled up in front of the TV, that story was over.

Now there was only friendship.  And it was okay, you promised yourself.  

It was okay.  

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