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Stones Have Been Popping Out of People Who Ride Roller Coasters
Using centripetal force to prevent a $4 billion healthcare cost
By James Hamblin

1. Doctor finds anecdotal evidence that people are passing kidney stones after riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World

2. Doctor makes 3-D model of kidney, complete with stones and urine (his own), takes it on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 60 times

3. “The stones passed 63.89 percent of the time while the kidneys were in the back of the car. When they were in the front, the passage rate was only 16.67 percent. That’s based on only 60 rides on a single coaster, and Wartinger guards his excitement in the journal article: ‘Preliminary study findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones.’”

4. “Some rides are going to be more advantageous for some patients than other rides. So I wouldn’t say that the only ride that helps you pass stones is Big Thunder Mountain. That’s grossly inaccurate.”

5. “His advice for now: If you know you have a stone that’s smaller than five millimeters, riding a series of roller coasters could help you pass that stone before it gets to an obstructive size and either causes debilitating colic or requires a $10,000 procedure to try and break it up. And even once a stone is broken up using shock waves, tiny fragments and “dust” remain that need to be passed. The coaster could help with that, too.”


Dean slowly realizes that Castiel’s vision is deteriorating. 

Or maybe it had never been all that great.

At least, his vessel’s vision isn’t great and all of that squinting Castiel does isn’t just squinting for the sake of squinting. Dean figures Jimmy may have worn glasses or contacts in his life that Cas had never bothered utilizing for whatever reason. 

He needs to hold his cell phone screen up closer to his face - then back - and then close again while trying to read text messages, all the while squinting.

Dean took him to the movie theater once just for the hell of it and had sat in the back row while Castiel had spent the whole time squinting and asking Dean which character was currently on screen,effectively sucking the fun out of that evening. 

Eventually, after enough evidence, Dean drags Castiel to an eye doctor because as adorable as they are, the squints were apparently a sign of visual impairment and not a constant state of confusion or suspicion.

Sure enough, Cas is blind as fuck and how he’d been getting around all these years is a miracle in itself.  

The doctor sets Cas up with a nice set of bold, black rims not too long after (which, first off, hell yeah) and Castiel actually fucking gasps when he slips them on and sees Dean clearly for the first time. 

“You’re beautiful.” Castiel murmurs, reaching out a hand to gently brush at the freckles along the bridge of Dean’s nose. 

Dean blushes profusely and gives an attempt at a sputter, but doesn’t say anything when Castiel stares at him in awe the entire ride home.

i would just like to point out that the recent conversation surrounding the male birth control trials isn’t just “lol weak men can’t deal with side effects” it’s the fact that when they were testing hormonal birth control for women in the 50s & 60s, the side effects were much worse, and the women who participated in them, mostly in puerto rico, were not told about the side effects or that the drug was experimental

and THEN when women dropped out, they started using incarcerated women as their guinea pigs, and then despite the fact that some scientists who participated in the original trials were like “uh i don’t think this is actually good, it’s making a lot of these women sick,” the pharmaceutical industry & fda were like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and approved it for the general population anyways, without really warning women about the potential for all these negative side effects

and THEN researchers basically ceased to do any type of research on side effects like depression and decreased libido for 50 years, despite the fact that women were still complaining about them, and because there was no “hard evidence” of these side effects, a lot of doctors basically just assumed women were exaggerating or making it up. and that continued until the first major study of depression in women who take hormonal contraceptives was released just. this. year.

so yeah, the patriarchy. *waves flag*

The Stories We Tell

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2176

Summary:  The reader tries to move on after but there are obstacles.

Warnings:  Some fluff, some angst, some humor, lots of swearing

Not all love stories have a happy ending.  

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  

Sometimes two people can love each other completely, and still break up.  It’s not that it ended, it’s that it ran its course.  

You loved him completely, and always would.  But the story of you two together, sweaty and tangled in bed sheets, desperately reaching for each other after a hunt, curled up in front of the TV, that story was over.

Now there was only friendship.  And it was okay, you promised yourself.  

It was okay.  

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“Steven Moffat had the Doctor murder another Time Lord; he obviously doesn’t understand Doctor Who.”

Setting aside the obvious poor reading here that the Doctor committed murder (not that his assault of the General is not a big deal, but come on), the scene in question is concrete proof that Moffat understands Doctor Who very well. The impact of the scene relies on the audience’s understanding that the Doctor coldly shooting down another person is an act that goes against the Doctor’s ideals. It’s “out-of-character” because the Doctor is being driven to perform “out-of-character” actions by his attachment to Clara. These character extremes are the whole point of the Series 9 climax, and the single motivation for the Doctor and Clara to part ways.

Of course, this scene also proves that Moffat understands Doctor Who, because it is not actually out-of-character for the Doctor to go to extremes or take things too far. This has been an aspect of the Doctor’s character that has been hugely focused on ever since the show returned in 2005.

You can point to bits of dialogue that are evidence of the Doctor’s pacifism and refusal to do harm, but when the Doctor repeatedly commits violence and causes harm, you can’t claim that he is out of character when he does so.

The Doctor tries to express and live by certain ideals. The Doctor does not always live up to these ideals. The Doctor sometimes fails.

okay i’m saying this once

I don’t care how you headcanon the Doctor’s gender, romantic orientation, or sexual identity

I don’t give a fuck

But the moment you start replying to posts saying that the evidence is from the EU so it isn’t canon, or that  the quotes are “sketchy” so it isn’t canon, or that your definition of canon is different from mine so it isn’t canon

I will bring the wrath of a pissed off whovian with access to transcripts and searchable PDFs down on you

there is evidence that the Doctor is nonbinary

there is evidence that the Doctor is asexual

there’s less evidence that they’re aromantic but what do you care if people want to headcanon that anyway

and I don't care if you headcanon otherwise or you don’t think that evidence counts or if you interpreted those lines differently

leave those damn posts alone because your reply is a fucking invitation to those of us who do hold think that and we will start throwing arguments at you

and I have days were I get up because the Doctor is nonbinary and if they can deal with a binarist society, so can I

and I know people who manage because the Doctor is asexual or because the Doctor is aromantic

just deal with people having evidence to support their thoughts

you’ve got your choice of world-saving cishet heroes

we don’t have the same with trans aroace ones

A victim of Nazi medical experimentation. A victim’s arm shows a deep burn from phosphorus at Ravensbrueck, Germany, in November of 1943. The photograph shows the results of a medical experiment dealing with phosphorous that was carried out by doctors at Ravensbrueck. In the experiment, a mixture of phosphorus and rubber was applied to the skin and ignited. After twenty seconds, the fire was extinguished with water. After three days, the burn was treated with Echinacin in liquid form. After two weeks the wound had healed. This photograph, taken by a camp physician, was entered as evidence during the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg. (x)

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware Ghostface Killah is a member of the Wu Tang Clan and also a huge Iron Man fan.

He also goes by “Tony Starks.” Some video evidence involving Doctor Doom.

Not kidding. A whole bunch of his songs reference Iron Man in the title or use the theme song from the cartoon or just talk about how great he is. Almost everything is true to the comics.

Let’s be real guys, this is the level of fandom we ALL aspire to.

Yesterday was a very special day, because after a long period of time and visiting many veterinarians and a specialized pet-clinic, Fuechsi was officially declared as cured by his doctor!

This is such a relief after all we had been through in the past weeks!
But let me tell you our story a bit more.

First of all, I am caring about Fuechsis health very deeply from the beginning which starts with a proper diet.
I have been researching about the canine diet and feeding thoroughly, and his diet consists of BARF + a special veterinay dry food that is optimized on his needs. I also brush his teeth every day with a special dog-toothpaste (please do not use human toothpaste!)
Regulary every few months his blood is examinated and checked for any kind of problem.
Also, he enjoys a daily mental training and loves to learn new things that keep him busy.

But very suddenly and unexpected, Fuechsi began to feel very bad.
He couldn’t get up or walk.. so immidiately I took him to the pet-clinic.
There was no evidence in the blood, the doctors couldn’t find anything. While being in the pet-clinic, he even began to act normal again so they sent us home.
Of course, I was very concerned, but without more observation nobody knew what was wrong with Fuechsi..

On the next day I checked him for any signs, and found a bumb on his stomache.
Straightaway, I went back to the clinic, where Fuechsi got a medical ultrasound analysis with a very serious result: there was a hole inside his inner stomache tissue and the intestines were endangered.
The surgery was set on the next day already, and as you can imagine it was just a frightening experience because this was such a serious matter and he is not so young anymore.
If not treated very urgently, it would have been fatal.

Fortunately, even if it was such a heavy surgery, everything went well.
Fuechsi fought very hard and was so brave and kind all the time. Even when he was so weak after waking up from the narcoses, he was giving me kisses as I held him in my arms.

But the time after the surgery was very, very tough.
I had to keep Fuechsi very still to minimize the risk of his inner wound getting ripped open, what means literally staying by his side 24/7, carry him -everywhere- (and he is not a small dog, my backbone is killing me).
Also, he is not allowed to jump on the sofa, the bed.. so I had to stay with him on the floor all the time (but Fuechsi can’t deny that he loved it~!)
I had to stay awake all the night to have an eye on him, to prevent him from moving too much which means almost no sleep for days and days and days.
Well, after visiting the pet-clinic and doctors so many times, yesterday was the day when his doctor said that Fuechsi should be fine by now!
These words were like the most beautiful things I could imagine and since he is so much better now I wanted to inform you, ‘cause Fuechsi is our important crew member!

I love you, Fuechsi ♡

『Mysteriously Enticing』《Chapter One》

A/N: so this chapter isn’t too long, but I feel super bad for flooding everyone’s dash with asks- so here you go! Have some actual content! I’ll actually answer around 7 ~ 9 more asks after this and leave the rest for tomorrow ;; so many followers get annoyed and unfollow because of the spam… sorry if it’s annoying for you…



Pairing: Seven/Fem!MC

Word Count:903

Warnings: food mentions

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The Blind Theory

Intro: So for some reason I literally just wrote this fic in maybe an hour all due to my search for prompts for a potential future follower challenge (let me tell ya I didn’t get very far because I came across this prompt and just went with it). 

The prompt was: “Have you seen my contacts?” (And don’t ask me how it turned into this but it did)

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 950

Warning: This is the closest to smut I am probably ever gonna get (writing it makes me kinda uncomfortable - reading it does not) and it’s not even that close.  Mostly fluff.  Ok all fluff. 


Have you seen my contacts?” You called from the bathroom to your boyfriend who was in the main room.  

Everything was blurry as you fumbled around the bathroom, your eyesight so bad that you couldn’t make out more than just fuzzy shapes until things were super close to your eyes. 

“What was that, darlin’?” Leonard stuck his head in the door, and you squinted at his fuzzy form. 

“I can’t find my contacts.  Or my glasses.  And I can’t see anything to find them.” You reached out to Leonard and found the sides of his face with your hands, pulling your nose to his, his eyes coming into focus at your close contact. 

“Help me.” You demanded, making Leonard chuckle at your endearing nature before pressing a quick kiss to your lips. 

“You are too cute, darlin’, let me take a look around.” He pulled away, quickly going out of focus and you heard his footsteps leave the bathroom.  

You rubbed your face with your hands and started looking again over the counter, bringing your face close to the surface to see anything.  

Suddenly everything went dark, the light in the bathroom turning off, only a faint glow coming from the main room. 

“Hey, Len?  I think the lights went out.  I can’t see shit when the light is dim like this.” You called again, reaching for the wall of the bathroom to ground yourself. 

“Len?” You pulled yourself forward slowly as not to trip over anything.   

Suddenly there were hands on your shoulders pressing you backwards and you nearly slammed against the bathroom wall.  Hot lips abruptly cut off any of your protests and a solid form pinned you to the hard surface of the wall, the attack so sudden that you didn’t even have time to register it. 

He pulled his face away from yours, keeping you pinned with his body, his hands sliding down your neck to your shoulders.  

“Were you the one who turned the lights off?” You asked, leaning into the electricity that his hands were sending down your spine. 

He hummed in response, nuzzling into your neck and making you gasp at the pressure on the sensitive skin. 

“And why, may I ask, are the lights out?” You teased, now sliding your hands around his waist, pulling him closer. 

Instead of answering his mouth met yours fiercely, the kiss deepening quickly, tongues tangling and teeth nibbling.  His hands moved down from your shoulders to your sides, tickling your ribs as he snuck his legendary fingers under your shirt and spread them over your ribs, making you moan at the sensation. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck now, drawing him ever closer, impossibly closer, mouths moving together, breaths mingling.  You pulled your mouth from his, gasping, and began to press kisses along his jaw, a brush of desire sweeping over you when your lips hit a sensitive spot, just below his jaw, and he moaned. 

“You know, you are taking advantage of me by targeting my disability.” You bantered, tangling your fingers in his hair and kissing random parts of his face. 

“I am merely using it to my advantage.” Leonard murmured whilst you continued to press tiny kisses all over his face. 

“And how’s that?” You asked between kisses.

“I have a… wiLL YOU CUT THAT OUT? Ya weirdo.” You could hear the smile in his voice as he pushed your shoulders back, ceasing your attack on his face.

You felt him brush the hair off your face, his dark form barely a silhouette in the dim light and with your poor vision. 

“I have a theory, backed by strong medical research of course, that when you lose your sense of vision, your sense of touch becomes a lot stronger.  Amplified, even.” Leonard stated, and you were confused as to what he meant. 

“I don’t…” You thought, but lost concentration when he slid his hands down your waist and gripped your hips, his thumbs playing with the band of your pyjama shorts. 

“OH.” You finally understood, your conclusion affirmed by the tingles that the calluses on his hands left behind as he smoothed his hands under your shirt and over your spine. 

“You get it now, darlin’?” Leonard chuckled, his lips so close to your that they brushed yours as he spoke. 

You nodded, your forehead bumping his gently and you brought your arms up, resting your elbows on his shoulders and encasing his head between your forearms, your fingers playing gently with his hair. 

“I think I might need some more solid evidence for that theory, doctor.” You purred, and accidentally pushed your head too far forward, making you jam your nose into his.  

You laughed, internally cringing at the ruined moment, and reached to rub his nose between your fingers to disperse any pain.  Leonard laughed as well, nuzzling your fingers out of the way and kissing you deeply again. 

Suddenly you found yourself being hitched upwards, your legs wrapping around Leonard’s waist, his hands holding you to him by a grip on your ass and your back. 

“I’ll show you some evidence.” Leonard growled, which elicited a flash of desire, but also made you laugh at the cheeziness. 

“That was a terrible pick-up line, doctor.” You teased, brushing at his hair with your fingertips, praying that you weren’t going to poke his eye out or anything. 

“Well it worked, didn’t it?” He joked, jostling you up and down once to prove his point, as he had literally picked you up.

You fake laughed a few times before leaning back into him, pressing your lips to his in a hungry, deep kiss, abandoning all goofy banter as things began to heat up again.  Deciding suddenly that you were ready to take this to the bedroom, you pushed off of the wall behind you, nearly throwing the both of you off balance, but Leonard held you tight.  He got the hint and you were quickly whisked off into the direction of the bedroom. 

Turns out his theory was right. 

-Thanks for reading!  I hope you liked it!-

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does anyone else get really angry when they remember about the library of alexandria???

Little Angel

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3242

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“Y-Yoongi, I’m.. I’m p-pregnant..”

After hearing your words, his head shot up and he looked at you with an confused look. “You’re what?”

Walking slowly toward him, you reached out for your pocket and took the little pregnancy test out. The moment you gave him the test, you backed away a little bit and watched his reaction. He was looking at the pregnancy test without any emotion on his face, which made you feel nervous and scared at the same time. 

Even though you were married to him for one year now, this was probably the third time he looked at your face or even answered one of your questions. Yes, this marriage was an arranged marriage and yes, Yoongi didn’t like you the way you liked him. 

You tried everything. You thought he didn’t like your style, you changed it. You thought he didn’t like your cooking, you took classes. You thought he didn’t like your behavior, you tried to fix it. But in the end you understood that the problem was not the way you looked or the way you acted in front of him. You were the one that he hated and that was something you couldn’t change. 

So you accepted the fact and continued living with him even though he was very cold toward you and ignored you like you were a little ghost that was walking around in his house. You were pathetic, you knew that. But you loved him and that was another thing that you couldn’t change.

“Is this even real?”

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Just Human (An Adlock Fanfiction/Ficlet)

(Working on a couple of prompts, but this one just made an intrusion in my funny little head so I just had to write it.)

With the familiar walls of 221B finally taking shape, the construction almost over, Sherlock, with his newfound sentimentality emerging from his recent encounter with his sister, let the nostalgia of this place he call home consume him. 

His eyes were fixed into oblivion, letting the silence of the place calm his senses. It was lost to him that John had arrived. A minute passed, then an hour, and still, some things never change.

He was too lost to even notice that John started to take notice of the drawer by the window, pieces slightly ajar due to the explosion. As usual, the doctor’s curiosity got ahead of him, seeing that the drawer Sherlock has always been cautious of is now available to plain sight. 

And at a glance, the answers he seek are now right in front of him. 

“Sherlock?” John mused, a grin spreading across his face.

The detective seemed to not have noticed. 

John, still smiling, walked over to tap his friend on the shoulder. 

“Hmmm…?” Sherlock replied, still very lull and lost in his relaxed trance.
John tried to play it simple, forcefully trying to mask the smile off his face. “So… when are you planning to complete your scrapbook?”

Sherlock remained still for a moment, then suddenly blinked in confusion, finally realising that John was completely failing at his attempt of a straight face.

Seeing the expression on the detective’s face, John burst out laughing. 

Sherlock’s eyes trailed from the drawer to his friend, then back again, trying to keep his composure. “You look like you’re having the time of your life.” he said, deadpan. 

John walked over to the drawer once more, tapping the creaking hinge with his finger. “Now, you should have had this fixed before anything else.”

Sherlock sighed. “What for?”

“Well, seeing that you were so keen on keeping this a secret for… oh, I don’t know… the years have been a blur.” John mused, giving a comical shrug. 

“How many times do I have to tell you…” Sherlock was about to explain but John shook his head, fingers already cracking the drawer open. 

“Let’s see, plane tickets to –not just one– but quite a lot of countries, erm… didn’t know you were that fond of traveling; a card with ‘W’ on it… interesting; wilted rose petals… makes a statement; and… ah yes, a mobile phone that looks very familiar. Now, I don’t know about you, but there are quite a lot of features of interest in this one, Sherlock.” John quipped smugly, raising his eyebrows at his friend. 

John walked over to his chair, sitting across the detective, obviously waiting for whatever excuse his friend has to offer. Sherlock’s eyes were flitting all over the room, avoiding John’s stare.

“Have you taken my advice yet?” the doctor asked sincerely, taking into account that Sherlock was at a loss. 

“What advice?” Sherlock simply replied, still not looking at him. 

“About phoning Irene Adler?“ 

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose. “As I told you before. People text, and yes, even I reply to her at times when…”

“When what?” 

“I don’t understand why you keep pressing the matter.” 

John rolled his eyes. “Oh, just tell me. Man to man. Friend to friend. Why don’t you just admit that Irene Adler is someone… special?”

He never liked vanilla. It was bland and boring to him, but he still appreciated the gesture. He already set his phone to silent, mainly to keep John from asking questions, but also to dismiss the urge to follow his advice and seek The Woman’s company. 

Still, after parting ways with his friends and knowing he’s being monitored by Mrs. Hudson to avoid any other personal escapades, there’s a feeling of restriction and demise that he wanted off his chest. 

And so, just like the many days and nights he felt that he is simple unattached to his typical cold and calculating self, he replied. 

Went out with John and Molly. Had cake. SH.

He closed his eyes, silently cursing himself for the eagerness to get a reply. It was never the same with her. He could never quite tell, not a pattern to rely on. 

When the text alert echoed across the room, he can’t help but smile. 

Was it good? IA.

Sherlock’s fingers, almost in their own volition, typed swiftly. 

I don’t like vanilla. SH.

And, as expected, her next reply sent him a wave of excitement. 

I know. You told me last year. If you come and find me tonight, I’ll get you chocolate. IA.

“And did you? Find her, I mean?” John asked before correcting himself. “Of course, you did.”

Sherlock nodded. “Would you like to know what happened?”

John hesitated. “Ah… no. Probably best not to..” he coughed or choked, Sherlock couldn’t tell. “So, did you see each other again after… after what happened in Sherrinford?”

The detective took a moment to reply, his chest feeling lighter. There was something about the day he admitted to John that he did reply to The Woman, that made him realise and understand why the doctor always looked elated every time Mary, before her devastating death, was the center of a conversation. 

“Yes. I… I felt like there was a need to see her. Eurus kept on asking things at my every visit.” Sherlock replied. 

John shifted in his seat, interested in the new information, and much more surprised that Sherlock is actually opening up. “Things?”

“Who is was it about?” Eurus asked, her fingers stopping at a half-note. 

Sherlock looked up, stopping the curve of his bow. “What is?”

Eurus tilted her head slightly, putting down the violin at her side. “You played a lovely tune when we first met. Who did you write it for?”

Sherlock rested his violin as well. “Why do you ask?” 

His sister smiled. “You’re being guarded, I can tell.”

“I’m not.” 

“You are. Your mood completely changed.” she mused as-a-matter-of-factly. 

Sherlock paid attention back to his violin, adjusting the strings. Eurus continued to watch him. 

“Oh, no… You are scared of how you feel. That piece translates too much passion and wanting, and you’re scared it might consume you. Tsk, tsk…” 

He pretended not to hear and started to play again.

“I didn’t think there will be a day I will agree with any of your kin, but yeah… she summed it up quite nicely.” John teased.

Sherlock glared at him. “And so I asked her… Woman…” he continued. 

John’s eyebrows knit. “Ask her what?”

“What she thought of the piece…” Sherlock breathed, sounding almost nervous. 

John’s eyes widened in curiosity. “And?”

“Well?” Sherlock’s voice was almost too quiet, as if he meant to ask the question to himself more than to Irene. 

Her position shifted from when he started playing, now looking soothed and allured, but expression still a lingering mystery as she simply looked at him. He still hasn’t revealed the piece was written for her, which added to the reasons of the undeniable thrumming in his chest.

And for what seemed like an eternity, Sherlock realised he was holding his breath until he saw her red lips curve to a smile. 

“As if I could expect less from you… I take it that this was written at one of your… most vulnerable moments?” she asked, obviously amused.

“It would seem so.” he replied tensely. 

Her smile grew slightly, eyes tender against the reflecting flame of the fireplace. “It sounded so – for a lack of a better term – human.” 

“The person I wrote it for apparently made me realise I am so.” his words spilled almost involuntarily, blue eyes searching for anywhere else to look at but her.

His statement obviously piqued her interest, making her lean towards his direction, resting her chin on fingers, and eyebrows raising in question. “And who might that be?”

Realising there was no more room for inhibitions, his eyes met her as he said, “You.”

John could not hide his amusement. 

“It’s not a big deal.” Sherlock huffed. 

The doctor stared at Sherlock, evident that he found the statement ridiculous. “Oh, it is. It really is. Everybody else sees it, Sherlock, everybody but you.”

“See what?” Sherlock replied, looking appalled. 

John sighed. “That you… and Irene Adler…”


John exasperatingly looked at Sherlock in disbelief. “You are obviously in love with her!”

“I. Am. Not.” Sherlock pressed on. But before John could even protest, he continued. “Love is too easy. Too simple.”

“And keeping wilted roses in a drawer has a very complex explanation, does it?!” John exclaimed. 

“Oh for God’s sake…” Sherlock cussed to himself. “The Woman and I don’t work that way.”

John shook his head. “You’re forgetting one thing, mate. You said it yourself.”

Sherlock looked at John as if the doctor was making no sense at all, but John simply smiled knowingly and said, “You’re also human.”