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Just when you think, okay, last week STAR WARS fandom was pretty good for fic, but it definitely can’t keep doing that every week, when n o p e, fandom puts out more fic that leaves me incoherent in both joy and suffering at the same exact intensity as previously. I will put this fandom up against so many others for fic that makes me feel things and leaves me feeling like, yes, this fic satisfied something in me in the way that fic, at its best, is meant to do!

In All The World by Ammar, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 76.6k wip
   The story of how Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi tamed each other, from Naboo to Anakin’s early days at the Temple.
Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, past sexual assault issues, 81.7k wip
   Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.
time to change the road you’re on by wreckageofstars, obi-wan & anakain & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.
Let’s Kill Hitler by updiddlyupup, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 6.1k wip
   Even in times of war, it’s not usual to wake up with a different Jedi Master than the one you had when you went to sleep.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan/sith!anakin, 4.3k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, ahsoka & obi-wan & cast, 69.8k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Ghosts of a Future Not Yet Past by LurkingCrow, obi-wan & luke & cast, 4.2k
   On Mortis the boundaries between past, present and future are paper thin. As he ponders the unexpected vision of his former Master, Obi-Wan gets a visitor from the other end of the temporal spectrum. Feels ensue. Otherwise known as the “excuse to give a certain Jedi all the hugs” fic.
Calm down, Anakin by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 1.7k
   Obi-Wan finds a better way than meditation to calm Anakin down.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka, 1.1k
   Pants and shirts flew through the air as Ahsoka sat perched on her master’s bed, watching him frantically panic over his wardrobe.
A Walking Shadow by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & padme & luke & leia & palpatine & cast, 74.6k
   It is five years into the Empire’s ascension, an order built on the blood and bodies of the Jedi. None survived, they say, and the handsome, icy profile of Lord Vader plastered across every Imperial city leaves no room for doubt in the minds of many. But Vader knows there is at least one left, one that escaped him on Mustafar all those years ago.
A Time For Thought by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, obi-wan & luke & leia & han, 1.4k
   “The Princess is right.” General Kenobi speaks up. “While on the Death Star, I was informed that a tracking beacon had been placed on this ship. Open the hidden compartments, Solo. We are not out of danger yet. The tracking beacon must be destroyed.” “You were informed?” Luke echoes the General, looking confused. “By who?”
absolute power by cosmicocean, leia & luke & han & ben & cast, 8.6k
   In the end, she takes the offer. In time, Luke will come to regret ever leading her to it. Where Leia becomes Empress with the intention of doing good, and falls so far.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & cast, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: I don’t think you’ve done a fic for where Chancellor!Obi-Wan actually present the evidence and starts the corruption investigation?
Ben and Grandpa Go Camping by darthnickels, vader & leia & ben, 2.9k
   post-ROTJ AU. Leia takes her young son to the one man she hates most– the man who may be the only one in the Galaxy who can help him
untitled by legobiwan, obi-wan & dooku, ~1k
  The Count took his napkin and dabbed at his mouth, placing it on the table and leaning back in his chair. “So tell me, Mr. Hardeen. How did you manage to kill the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi?”

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anonymous asked:

I don't think you've done a fic for where Chancellor!Obi-Wan actually present the evidence and starts the corruption investigation?

Lmao, replying two months later. Here’s how it went down.

Obi-Wan closes his eyes and takes long, deep breaths. Breathe out negativity, breathe in the Force. Out negativity, in the Force.

The information he’s gathered so far should be enough to convince the Senate to start an investigation into Palpatine and Amedda’s dealings. Obi-Wan isn’t especially worried about that. No, what worries him, what causes emotions to release, is Anakin.

Obi-Wan knows Anakin won’t take this well. Not at all. He’ll most likely see it as Obi-Wan launching an unjustified attack on Palpatine simply because he doesn’t trust politicians.

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Wednesday 5:27am : Camera #64

ADV Emily: This is the last tape before he disappeared, yes?

LT Kenny: Yes, sir.

ADV Emily: and what about his partner, Elisabeth Su-op?

LT Kenny: She was brought in for questioning directly after but the any video evidence has since been corrupted.

ADV Emily: and where is she now?

LT Kenny: Unknown, she too disappeared shortly after the event.

ADV Emily: Is it possible she went through the [CONFIDENTIAL]?

LT Kenny: Not likely, it was damaged beyond repair.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Broysc Quinncident, since it was brought up as part of the Quinn discussion last week, and why I’ve never really accepted the canon that Broysc was mentally ill/suffering from dementia by the time Quinn and the SW catch up with him. There’s a perception that people who don’t accept that canon are trying to soften Quinn, make him more palatable and easily romanced. And I’m sure that exists, but for me it was more that the writing for that particular scene felt particularly lazy.

 Meandering thoughts on my own headcanon follow below. Sort of navel-gazey, has severe problems with verb tenses.

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Clearing Up Misunderstandings, Part 6: Callout Posts

Every now and then, I see posts from people who claim that I’m a horrible, terrible, disgusting person. As evidence, they post something that I wrote over a decade ago when I was a teenager, post an out-of-context screenshot, or grossly misinterpret something that I’ve said or done. In the beginning, I didn’t let these things concern me…but, as time passes, more and more people are taking this nonsense seriously. Unfortunately, I think it’s time for me to address some of these issues.

YandereDev uses slurs!

I’ve heard people complain about certain words that I have used. I’ll give you an example. One time, I said the phrase “problematic tranny stoner girlfriend” when I was chatting with my friends. There’s a screenshot of me saying this…without any context, of course. So, what’s the context? I was quoting a transgender person who said the phrase during a live-stream. I quoted the phrase because it sounds funny, like “flying purple monkey dishwasher”. I obviously wasn’t attempting to dehumanize or insult anyone; a dehumanizing statement would sound like “I hate trannies!” or something along those lines.

If you ever see me use a word like “dyke”, “tranny”, or “faggot”, I’d like you to do one thing before you draw any conclusions: look at the context. How am I using the word? If I ever say something like “All faggots should burn in hell!” then, obviously, that would be a homophobic statement. But, if I say “Sup, faggots! How are you all doing today?” Then I am using the word “faggots” the same way I’d use the word “friends” - without any ill intent or any reference to homosexuality whatsoever.

I’ll be honest with you: Yes, I make edgy jokes, and yes, I make politically incorrect jokes. No subject is too taboo for me. I’ll joke about any subject. Race, gender, sexuality, religion, anything. White people, black people, Christians, Muslims - I don’t think that any subject should be “safe” from humor. With that said, none of my jokes are actually meant in a hateful or spiteful way. If someone gets offended by my jokes, I feel like it’s their fault for being too sensitive.

So, remember: when I use “offensive” words, I’m not trying to dehumanize anyone; chances are, I’m just picking a curse word at random. And, if you ever hear me make an edgy joke, it’s obviously just a joke, and not an actual, genuine insult aimed at a real group of people.

YandereDev defends child abuse!

Based on some remarks I made in an old blog post, some people are claiming that I don’t see anything wrong with pedophiles or child abuse. I’ll take this opportunity to clarify myself. The first thing I should mention is that whenever I say the word “pedophile”, I’m using the dictionary definition of the word: a person who is attracted to children, not someone who molests or rapes children.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. Pedophilia is a mental illness.

2. In a perfect world, there would be no pedophiles.

3. Anyone who molests a child or rapes a child should be executed.

4. I hope that it’s possible for medical science to produce a cure for pedophilia.

5. Being a pedophile is involuntary.

It’s that last part that confuses people. People don’t understand what I mean by that, and assume I’m saying that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

Here’s what I really mean by that: Being afflicted with pedophilia is like being afflicted by any other mental illness, like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, or dementia; you don’t choose it or ask for it. It develops inside of you, and then you’re stuck with it forever.

Pedophiles probably wish every single day of their lives that they could be normal. Pedophiles are probably disgusted with themselves for having an attraction towards children. Many pedophiles probably commit suicide so that they won’t have to live with the shame of being attracted to children. Pedophilia is a curse that nobody should have to suffer from, which is why I hope that one day it becomes possible to develop a cure.

Now, let’s get something straight. What you’re attracted to isn’t a choice - but rape is a choice. Being attracted to children is no excuse to rape children. Rape is one of the worst things that a human can possibly do, and child rape is even worse. As I stated above, I think that raping a child should be grounds for execution.

To summarize: I pity pedophiles, because they suffer from a mental illness that they never asked for…but if they dare to lay their hands on a child, that pity is instantly gone.

YandereDev is a Nazi!

Yandere Simulator is supported by donations. Someone who donates a specific amount of money becomes a “sponsor” and can give me a logo to display before the game’s title screen. One of the sponsors chose a “Black Sun” for his logo. During the point in time when that sponsor sent me their logo, I had never seen the symbol before, and had no idea what kind of connotations it might hold. A few people contacted me and told me that it was a Nazi symbol, so I decided to do some research. I learned that it was originally an occult symbol, before it was hijacked by the Nazis for their own purposes. I was not certain if the sponsor interpreted the symbol as a Nazi symbol or as an occult symbol. I didn’t want to remove a sponsor logo over a theory about what the sponsor might be trying to express with the logo, so I did not take action. This obviously does not mean that I’m a Nazi.

YandereDev opposes Social Justice!

I don’t have a problem with fixing social injustices. However, I do have a problem with “Social Justice Warriors”. No, I’m not talking about people who advocate for socially marginalized groups; I’m talking about people like this. I have a problem with people who use “social justice” as an excuse to scream at others, bully others, and threaten others. I have a problem with people who think that they are justified in acting like total assholes, as long as they are doing so in the name of social equality. I have a problem with people who spend most of their time shaming others for “microaggressions” or “manspreading” and stupid made-up bullshit like that.

Some game developers put LGBT characters into their games solely because they want to brag about how inclusive and progressive they are. “Look at us! We put a marginalized group into our game! See how virtuous we are? Will you praise us now? Will you give us a good review score?” There’s a part of me that is hesitant to include LGBT characters in Yandere Simulator purely because I don’t want to be interpreted as one of those game developers who is only doing it to score points with the social justice crowd. I’m not opposed to the concepts of diversity or inclusivity, but I really, really don’t want anyone to mistake me for a member of the SJW cult.

YandereDev supports GamerGate!

This is a nuanced issue. This is not a black-and-white issue. This is an issue with many shades of gray.

In 2014, some gamers found evidence of corruption, collusion, and numerous conflicts of interest between game developers and game journalists. The gamers called out the devs and journos. Internet trolls saw this as a great opportunity to harass the devs and journos who were being called out, some of whom were female. Sadly, a headline like “Hate mob harasses women” attracts more attention than “Internet sleuths uncover evidence of corruption in the game industry”, so the media gave most of its attention to the trolls who were writing mean things, instead of giving attention to the people who were actually exposing collusion and conflicts of interest.

As an indie game developer, allegations of corruption in the game industry were very serious issues to me, so I paid extremely close attention to the GamerGate scandal. At the peak of the controversy, I probably dedicated at least one hour every day to reading about the latest discoveries and revelations. I saw a lot of trolls saying a lot of rude things, but I also observed a lot of people who were genuinely trying to expose unethical business practices in the game industry, because they cared deeply about their hobby and didn’t want to see it infested with corruption. That was the side of GamerGate that didn’t get any attention from the media.

Unfortunately, third-party trolls hijacked the GamerGate hashtag and used it for spewing hate. A handful of Internet vigilantes went too far and actually doxed some of the people who were being accused of unethical behavior. This gave lots of ammunition to the developers and journalists who were trying to prevent people from taking GamerGate seriously. They spread the notion that GamerGate was a hate campaign, and most people fell for it. The words “ethics in game journalism” became a punchline. Discussions about the topic were banned in most gaming forums. Everyone associated with the movement was labeled racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/misogynist manchildren who were only interested in harassing women.

I’m far too busy to engage in any kind of activism, offline or online. Throughout GamerGate, the only thing I could do was watch from the sidelines. I wasn’t rooting for the people that were harassing women, but I was definitely rooting for the people that were exposing unethical behavior.

YandereDev wrote creepy, sexist articles!

In 2010, I wanted to get a job writing about video games. I noticed that a website named “The Examiner” had two game-related openings. The openings were “Sports Games Examiner” and “Video Game Babes Examiner”. I thought that the second opening sounded hilarious, and I wanted to know what it would entail, so I applied for it. I got the job, but I never actually received any explicit instructions on what to write about, so I decided to just wing it and write about anything that involved female video game characters. Sometimes I posted articles like “Top 10 most revealing outfits” and “Top 10 biggest boobs”, but I also wrote about actual news, too. I wrote about games that were banned or censored for being too lewd, and wrote about controversies that revolved around lewd content in games. Sometimes I even tried to shine a light on overlooked female characters, or write articles promoting more respectable female characters who don’t look like Barbie dolls. Sometimes I wrote about things that were sexy, but I don’t believe I ever wrote anything that was sexist. Looking back, I don’t feel ashamed of the articles that I wrote for that site.

YandereDev wrote rape stories!

When I was younger, I spent a lot of my time writing fanfiction. I wrote a lot of very dark stories. I wrote stories where characters killed each other, lost their limbs, lost their eyesight, got disfigured, or were subjected to a sexual assault. Almost all of my stories revolved around miserable characters who were suffering in some way, either psychologically or physically.

Here’s a question for you: Game of Thrones is a TV show with rape scenes. Does that mean it’s a “rape show”? No. Some of my old literature has rape scenes. Does that mean I’ve written “rape stories”? No.

Have I written dark stories? Yes. Have I written stories with mature themes, meant to be read by adults only? Yes. Were people raped or forced into sexual slavery in my stories? Sometimes. Have I written stories about the psychological trauma that a rape victim goes through? Yes. Are any of the rape scenes in my stories meant to be arousing or titillating? No.

YandereDev is a racist!

Ha! I know where this misconception comes from…

One of my friends makes a lot of politically incorrect jokes. Sometimes I’ll ask him silly questions just to hear what kind of edgy joke he’s going to make in response. In May of 2016, a black child fell into a gorilla pit, and the gorilla was shot to death. I wanted to hear what kind of edgy joke my friend would make about the situation, so I asked him about it. To my surprise, he didn’t reply with politically incorrect humor. I was shocked that he wasn’t acting like his usual, edgy self. I expressed my surprise by stating that I expected him to make a racially-charged remark. Someone took a screenshot of this interaction with my friend, and tried to suggest that I was encouraging racism.

This is one of many examples of weird people stalking me, taking screenshots of things that I say, and then presenting those screenshots out-of-context to try and make me look bad. Please, don’t be gullible. Don’t fall for that crap.

In Conclusion

·         Yes, I say taboo words and make edgy jokes when I’m talking to my friends in private, but nothing I say is ever meant to dehumanize anyone.

·         Yes, I feel pity for pedophiles, but I don’t think that child abuse or child rape is excusable for any reason.

·         No, I don’t support the political beliefs of every single sponsor who has ever donated to Yandere Simulator.

·         No, I don’t oppose the concept of social justice, but I do reject people who treat others like shit and try to use social justice as justification for their awful behavior.

·         No, I don’t support Internet trolls who harass women, but I also think that there was a side of the GamerGate movement that genuinely was concerned with ethics.

·         Yes, I held a position as “Video Game Babes Examiner” at a website, but I’m not ashamed of this at all, because I did my best to write interesting and entertaining articles.

·         Yes, I wrote dark literature that involved mature subject matter, including sexual assault, but I have never attempted to make rape seem erotic.

Every time I see a “callout post” that accuses me of something horrible, it’s always about something that I could easily clear up with a few words of explanation. I honestly don’t believe that I’m the evil, nasty, disgusting monster that these callout posts make me out to be. I’m just a dude who is trying to make people happy by developing a video game.

I generally try to discourage people from contacting me, so that I can focus all of my time and attention on developing Yandere Simulator. However, all of my hard work will be wasted if people decide to abandon the game because a dumb post on Tumblr gave them a warped impression of me. So, if you ever read a “callout post” and think to yourself, “This is disgusting, YandereDev needs to explain this!” then feel free to contact me via e-mail and ask for an explanation. I’ll gladly clear up any misunderstandings.

And, before you let a callout blog twist your opinion of someone, consider the words in this blog post.

anonymous asked:

McCree and Reaper poly soulmate scenario? First finding each other?

What an interesting and potentially volatile relationship to be in the middle of. Constant, endless back and forth of sass. Also constant angst.

…Anyone regret asking me to take off the read mores yet?

  • You and Jesse meet first.
  • You’re just passing through Deadlock territory -probably a poor decision, but you’re sticking to the diner which rarely sees any serious action while your car’s getting fixed up.
  • And in he walks, takes one look at you and swaggers over, sits himself down across from you and introduces himself.
  • If it had been any other name, you would’ve kicked him to the curb. Instead you freeze, push aside the shitty coffee, and tell him your name.
  • The arrogance disappears in a moment. He goes from smirking and cock-sure to wide-eyed and flustered, scrambling to sit up and make himself more presentable. It’s immediately endearing.
  • He fiddles with his shirt as you talk, and his expression moves from starry-eyed to a dopey grin and back again.
  • You talk a little about the other name on your skin, and he has it, too. You discuss who it might be, and joke that maybe it was that famous war hero who just seemed to disappear out of the public eye a while back. Silly, huh?
  • But there is the awkward factor of him being a member of a gang. So you offer him an opportunity he never got -to leave.
  • And, loathe as he is to leave his bike behind, he jumps at the chance. He chucks a few things into your backseat, rests his feet against the dash,  and you’re speeding away. You’re worried the Deadlocks will come after you, but they don’t -by the time they realise he’s gone, you’re well out of their territory, and some of them figure that Jesse isn’t the type to squeal, so he’s not worth going after.
  • Unfortunately, he’s not the only outlaw in your duo. You’ve been on the run -nobody got too hurt, but robbing banks makes you a target. And since Jesse doesn’t exactly have a clean record himself, you’re left stealing to survive.
  • In a way, the trip makes him better. You aren’t as fast and loose with human lives as the Deadlocks were. And he’s smart, in a way he never got a chance to show back there -you stay ahead of the law, until the very best come to get you.
  • On paper Blackwatch is after Jesse’s testimony against the Deadlocks. But Blackwatch’s commander has a more personal stake.
  • He offers a deal. Due to your connection, due to your skills, he can secure you both positions under his command. If not, you’re still criminals, and he will send you both to jail.
  • It’s not the best start to a relationship.
  • Reyes gives you both distance. He’s got his own feelings to deal with. His two soulmates are criminals that he strong-armed into joining Blackwatch, which also makes them his subordinates. He risked a lot bringing them in -it’s another thing for Jack to yell at him about, at the very least- but now that they’re here, what does he do?
  • Meanwhile, you and Jesse stick close together, avoiding everyone else. You’re both antsy, feeling caged, and you look to each other for support. It works for a while, but you’re both stressed, and eventually it starts to get to you.
  • Reyes sees it, how miserable you both are, and for all his brilliance he doesn’t know what to do. You’ve barely talked since arriving on the base, certainly not about the soulmate thing, and he’s terrified that he may have fucked everything up.
  • Reinhardt doesn’t necessarily like what BlackWatch is doing, but he does like his friend, and so he tries to help out by cheering up Reyes’ two soulmates. At first, you both resist his efforts, but it’s Reinhardt. Eventually, you three are friends, and now he’s dragging you and Jesse along to whatever he’s got going on that day. It’s the most aggressive befriending you’ve ever seen, but it does put you in contact with Ana, who is cool, and Angela, who’s around your age.
  • Ana listens to Gabriel with just enough judgement in her expression that he ends up arguing with her without her saying a word. It leads to him talking himself in circles, realising that he can’t keep ignoring you both, and he thanks her for the talk despite the fact that she hadn’t bothered to say more than ten words.
  • And now that you two are a little happier, you’re considering what to do. You’re clearly stuck here, and like it or not, Reyes is your (other) soulmate. May as well make the best of it.
  • It’s awkward, but you three sit down, have a talk.
  • It take hours. Figuring out how this is gonna work, how you being his subordinates will be handled (there is something of a protocol, actually, it happens often enough). A little bit of how you’re all going to fit together, but that’s gonna take time. 
  • By the end of it you’ve all got an idea of how it’s going to work out. For now, Reyes is still in a different bed, and he has to at least act professional, but you try and meet up for lunch, you develop in-jokes, you brush shoulders in the halls.
  • He learns to leave Commander-mode when you’re in private, joins you if you’re hanging out with the others. Jesse learns to reconcile who he was with his future, trusts you both enough to open up about the feelings he can barely put into words -guilt, love, fear, hope. You figure out how to balance them and how they balance you, to feel secure in a way you haven’t in a while.
  • For the first time, it looks like everything’s going to work out. Reyes is happy. 
  • Until he finds evidence of corruption within his organisation. He keeps it from the two of you. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. He doesn’t want to burden your new relationship, and he figures he can handle it.
  • Except the corruption runs deeper than he thought, and some of it’s higher than him. People he drinks with, people he’s known for years, people he’s trusted with his life, he can no longer trust.
  • But he still trusts you and Jesse, knows you’d never be involved in this… But he can’t tell you, because it would be you three against who knows how many, and not one of you has ever run away from a fight.
  • When Jesse’s arm comes off, Reyes’ name comes off with it. He takes it as a sign.
  • He becomes cold, cruel, snaps at you -breaks off the relationship, claiming he never should’ve started it in the first place. Jesse snaps right back, plans to get Reyes’ name back on his arm abandoned in a fit of anger. You’re hurt and confused, and in the end you pull Jesse away, leave Reyes behind -leave Blackwatch behind.
  • Reyes tries to convince himself that it’s better this way. It’s hard. Reinhardt and Ana aren’t there to offer any support, Mercy and Genji are more your friends than his, and Jack… 
  • You hear about the explosion two days after it happened. The shitty roadside diner you two are having lunch in has the TV on mute, and Jesse sees you freeze as you look at it -and then your face crumples. He swivels in his seat, sees the destruction, the still smoking ruins -the headline, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes presumed dead.
  • An older waitress sees the two of you, silently crying in your booth. “Terrible business,” she says. “You knew people there?”
  • You nod, and drag Jesse out of there, once again.
  • Jesse gets his name put on his arm again. You hold his hand through the whole thing, which is done by a very discrete tattoo artist. 
  • You play the part of bounty hunters, trying to do the good you couldn’t do in Blackwatch. 
  • You stumble into the role of outlaws, not that you’re unfamiliar with it. It doesn’t matter too much. It wasn’t like either of you were going to be living normal lives, anyway.
  • When the Recall happens, you don’t want to go. Jesse has mixed feelings. There’s too many memories there. But it’s also your chance to do good, to make a difference -what ends up convincing you is some of the old team, Genji, Reinhardt, and Mercy, saying they will at least meet up.
  • And it is nice to see everyone again. But there are gaps -and to you, at least, some are bigger than others. You never spent too much time in WPG so it’s not as bad as it could’ve been, but it still feels like walking through a haunted house.
  • You can’t help but think about all the things that could’ve gone differently back then. How you should’ve acted when you noticed something was wrong with Gabe, how you shouldn’t have left him, should have gone to- to someone for help. Jesse is quiet, but you think he’s stuck in the same loop.
  • The first night back, you cuddle up together, and feel his absence sharper than you have in years.
  • Miles away, unknown to you, a creature named Reaper learns of the Recall, and the agents who responded to it.
  • He acknowledges the information with the same apathy he gives almost everything. Makes no visible sign that any of the names mean something to him. But they do.
  • Once again, Overwatch has conspired to put his soulmates in harm’s way, and this time he might be the one to kill them.
  • He tries to convince himself that you two betrayed him as much as Jack, but it’s hard when he drove you both away himself. He tries to tell himself that dead men don’t have soulmates, that he can barely make out your names on his wrists anymore, but that doesn’t change how he feels.
  • He wanted you out of this, damn it. And now you’ve thrown all his efforts in his face.
  • After a while, he manages to convince himself that he can kill you. Both of you. If you get in his way, if you stand with them, he can do it.
  • But he can’t. He has the chance to shoot Jesse but he doesn’t take it, and then you’re tackling him to the ground and yelling at him for copying… himself. Yelling at him for ripping off Gabriel Reyes, because of course you recognise him, but you can’t accept it’s him. Not when he’s a monster, not when’s he tried to kill your friends.
  • Because you believe in him, or you believed in him, and you can’t believe he’d do this. And Jesse… 
  • Jesse accepts it quicker, which Reaper’s not sure how to feel about. His lips press into a thin line as he aims Peacekeeper, not sure how much it will do against a dead man but prepared to back you up.
  • Your accusations get weaker as the man in front of you does nothing to refute them, and eventually you fall silent, throat hoarse and chest heaving. You don’t make an effort to get ready to fight. Whatever happens, you’re soulmates. He won’t hurt you.
  • And Reaper wants to prove you wrong, but he can’t. All he can do is stand there, under the crushing weight of disappointing his soulmates again until he can’t stand it, hurls insults at the both of you as he wraiths away.
  • You’re met by Genji, Reinhardt and the others, who listen in horror as you tell them what happened. They’re sympathetic, and give you some space -you and Jesse are silent on the way home, holding each other in the corner of the shuttle.
  • Reaper is angry. He lashes out at the surviving Talon agents, and Widowmaker stays well out of his way. He snarls when anyone tries to talk to him, and leaves the base in favour of an old safehouse where he can breakdown in peace.
  • It’s not the first time he’s questioned his path, but it’s the first time he seriously considers abandoning it. He can’t get your faces out of his mind, the horror in them, and the smiles from years ago.
  • Miles away, Jesse squeezes your hand, and you try to believe there’s still hope.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk in to a bar.

Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says;

    “The media is really tearing you apart for that Scandal.”

    Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Using my secret private server with classified material to Hide my Activities?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything Else?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, And taking bribes from foreign countries?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the drones being operated in our own country without The Benefit of the law?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and right afterward it Declared Bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean arming the Muslim Brotherhood and hiring them in the White House?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Whitewater, Watergate committee, Vince Foster, commodity Deals?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Turning Libya into chaos?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Being the mastermind of the so-called “Arab Spring” that only brought chaos, death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Trashing Mubarak, one of our few Muslim friends?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The funding and arming of terrorists in Syria, the destruction and destabilization of that nation, giving the order to our lapdogs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give sarin gas to the "moderate” terrorists in Syria that they eventually used on civilians, and framed Assad, and had it not been for the Russians and Putin, we would have used that as a pretext to invade Syria, put a puppet in power, steal their natural resources, and leave that country in total chaos, just like we did with Libya?

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The creation of the biggest refugees crisis since WWII?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Leaving Iraq in chaos? ”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean HHS Secretary Sibelius shaking down health insurance Executives?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving our cronies in SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 Months Later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The NSA monitoring citizens’ ?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses to keep them quiet?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the INSIDER TRADING of the Tyson chicken deal I did where I invested $1,000 and the next year I got $100,000?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean when Bill met with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, just before my hearing with the FBI to cut a deal?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “ You mean the one where my IT guy at Platte River Networks asked Reddit for help to alter emails?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean where the former Haitian Senate President accused me and my foundation of asking him for bribes?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean that old video of me laughing as I explain how I got the charges against that child rapist dropped by blaming the young girl for liking older men and fantasizing about them. Even though I knew the guy was guilty?

    Trump: "No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean that video of me coughing up a giant green lunger into my drinking glass then drinking it back down?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean that video of me passing out on the curb and losing my shoe?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean when I robbed Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party Nomination by having the DNC rig the nomination process so that I would win?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean how so many people that oppose me have died in mysterious was?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Travel Gate? When seven employees of the White House Travel Office were fired so that friends of Bill and mine could take over the travel business? And when I lied under oath during the investigation by the FBI, the Department of Justice, the White House itself, the General Accounting Office, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and the Whitewater Independent Counsel?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The scandal where, (while I was Secretary if State), the State Department signed off on a deal to sell 20% of the USA’s uranium to a Canadian corporation that the Russians bought, netting a $145 million donation from Russia to the Clinton Foundation and a $500,000 speaking gig for Bill from the Russian Investment Bank that set up the corporate buyout?. That scandal?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “That time I lied when I said I was under sniper fire when I got off the plane in Bosnia?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “That time when after I became the First Lady, I improperly requested a bunch of FBI files so I could look for blackmail material on government insiders?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “That time when Bill nominated Zoe Baird as Attorney General, even though we knew she hired illegal immigrants and didn’t pay payroll taxes on them?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “When I got Nigeria exempted from foreign aid transparency guidelines despite evidence of corruption because they gave Bill a $700,000 in speaking fees?”

    Trump" “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “That time in 2009 when Honduran military forces allied with rightist lawmakers ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya, and I as then-Secretary of State sided with the armed forces and fought global pressure to reinstate him?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I’ve got it! When I stole the White House furniture, silverware, when Bill left Office?”

    Trump: “THAT’S IT! I almost forgot about that one”.

ok this is ridiculous but hear me out: when english monasteries were being destroyed for little good reason in the 1500s, thomas cromwell would send commissioners in to look for “evidence of corruption” as a weak justification for their dissolution. which kinda sounds like what antis do to sh3ith ha (”i don’t have a good reason to hate this thing… so i will find reasons. then pretend i am righteous in my hatred so you cannot disagree with me”)

Mistaken Identity *Closed RP


One of Emma’s knees bounced nervously as she sat waiting in the hallway of the FBI building. It was performance evaluation time, and this one was not going to be good. She’d made a bad call, firing her weapon during a criminal raid and hitting an unarmed suspect. She’d thought the guy was reaching into his jacket for a gun, but it had ended up being only his cell phone. She’d had a taser and should have subdued him with that. She could occasionally be a little trigger-happy with her 9mm Glock, especially when the adrenaline was pumping. Most of the time, her instincts where right and she put down someone who WAS an immediate threat. This time was an exception; she’d screwed up, and now it was time to face the music.

She smoothed her conservative pencil skirt, tugging it lower towards her knee. For once, she’d worn a suit with a skirt and heels instead of her usual pants and boots. Pulling out all the stops, as far as making a good impression. Not that she expected it to help, in reality.

The higher-ups called her in and told her to have a seat at the table in front of the raised bench they were all seated behind. She couldn’t stand that arrangement; they did it deliberately to remind lower-ranking agents of their status in the Bureau. Her immediate supervisor, A.D. Stabler, was there, along with a panel of other assistant directors. They reviewed the facts of what had happened, then gave her the chance to explain herself. All of their faces giving nothing away. When she finished, she was excused and told to meet Stabler in his office.

When she got there and took a seat in front of his desk, Stabler surprised her by sliding a case file across to her. “Agent Spoole, I have a new assignment for you, in lieu of pursuing disciplinary action. I’m also moving you out of the Violent Crimes Section. Complete this, and I’ll approve you for Cyber Crimes. For that supervisory position that’s open.”

Emma was at first livid at the news she was being transferred. She’d given so much to that division. It had become her life, pretty much. Now she was being railroaded for one goddamn mistake?! But then the idea of that supervisory position sweetened the deal a lot. Well, until she opened the file and read through the case, growing more furious with every page, once she saw what it entailed.

“Sir, I don’t mean any disrespect, but frankly this is bullshit! You’re sending me out to some Oregon podunk town on some low-priority shit detail. So I can tail some Mayberry sheriff who may or may not have taken bribe money from marijuana growers. I’m a federal agent. I have one of the highest arrest-and-conviction rates in V.C.S. I’m NOT some gumshoe P.I.”

Stabler leaned back in his chair, glaring at her. “You need to check and stow the attitude right now, Spoole. That’s the last thing you can afford.” He opened an Alka-Seltzer and dropped it into a glass of water. He was a lifer in the FBI, and he had the ulcer to show for it. “There’s evidence pointing to police corruption in that town. Find out about this Romero character, gather your intel and evidence, and bring him in if in fact he’s involved in any of it. Otherwise, don’t bother coming back from Oregon.” 

“Yes, sir. All right. I’ll do it.” Agent Spoole gathered up the file folder and stalked out of his office. She went straight to the elevator and took it down to the underground parking garage. She gunned her white Mustang out and took a drive around the city before heading home to her high-rise apartment in Bethesda, Maryland. Once home, she poured herself a neat glass of Pendleton whiskey, her favorite, as she turned on some of her favorite pop music and started throwing clothes into a couple of suitcases. All the while, cursing Stabler, the FBI hierarchy, and her own stupid judgement. If she’d been a man, would she be in this situation? Probably not. But as it stood, she had no choice. She needed to get this stupid assignment done, submit a decent report, arrest the guy if needed, then she’d be home free. Honestly, how hard could it be? All she had to do was bug Andy Taylor’s house, then follow and listen in on any- and everything he did. Things most often naturally worked themselves out from there.

Later, as planned: Emma booked a flight to Portland Oregon for the next afternoon. After landing, she picked up her car from the transport company, loaded all her bags in it, and put in directions to White Pine Bay in the GPS. It took almost two hours of driving because even with that, she got lost, ended up on old Highway 88. Well off the main freeway. She noticed a motel with a new-looking blue neon sign reading “Bates Motel.” It seemed as good a place to stay as any. Besides, it provided a convenient start for asking questions. This was her experience doing investigations in small towns: she’d learned the local cops knew a little, the local newspaper reporters knew just a little bit more, and the local small business owners knew everything. She parked and got out, noticing the office was empty of anyone. Perhaps they were out to lunch, or cleaning rooms. She wandered along the porchway, looking for any sign of an owner or front desk manager.

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Ferguson Police conveniently forgot to publicly release this part of the footage.

It shows Michael Brown paying for the pack of cigars he supposedly stole.

The officer who murdered Michael did not know he was a ‘suspect of a robbery’, so the tape of him 'stealing’ the cigars have no relation to the killing.

But this footage is important because it proves that the police are trying to justify Mike’s murder by slandering his character.

anonymous asked:

How about some soulmate au where the soulmates thoughts about the other appear on their skin if that makes sense? I'd love to see McCree and Soldier 76 or whoever else you wanna add!

I love this.
Also, I had a really hard time coming up with a scenario to write for McCree, until I went into my AUs folder and the first thing that jumped into my eye was this little gem here and I laughed for about fifteen minutes at the idea, so of course I wrote it.

Requests are closed.

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I’m watching a British police procedural on Netflix and an early plot point is the crooked cop trying to hide a key piece of evidence and the anti corruption cop being all “I will find it” and the evidence is a crystal drinking glass… hey crooked cop I have good news for you vis a vis a key component of glass


Just this small part of the animated short speaks volumes. Here you have the so called “defender against the omnics” shown clear evidence of her corruption in front of a war mural. Sombra, who is supposed to be the villain, is on the left in front of the “good humans” while Volskaya is sitting in shocked silence on the right in front of the “evil omnics”. Who here is the true villain? 

S3E13 Reaction

Bloody joker card, love it, much clevers.
Look at Bruce in the big boy chair uwu
I never found Lee so interesting as a character until she got pissed.
I like this Jerome cult grunt.
Babs omg shut up Ozzie is looking for his Ed
Why we calling Ed the snake look at this deadly Babs viper
Disco vampire hair lmfao
Guys you should probs listen to Selina okay?
Also her makeup is still fantastic so
Definitely listen to her.
Nah not the face man
His beautiful face D:
Lee you’re examining a corpse shouldn’t you be wearing like, a hair net or something
Your hair is so pretty tho don’t change anything.
Its okay if you end up corrupting evidence girl, your hair still look fly
Omg yes my faceless child rise rise riiiiiise
BABS OMG STOP 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
He loves Ed so much I’m crying
But that cane knife is legit tho
LMFAO I love Lucius so much
I love all these crazy laughs yesssss
Lee is being so boss lately
Omg girl yes TELL HIM.
Where’s my face end me 😂😂😂
This fake Jerome is so annoying can he just not exist anymore kthnxbai
Omg Selina poor baby
Man I had a feeling about that momma.
Also where’s Butch
And where’s Ed
I miss them.
Tabitha looks so happy when she murders.
Why can’t Selina ever be happy
Why can’t anyone ever be happy on Gotham lmao
But ugh finally a power balance between Bruce and Selina! Used to always be Selina being better at everything, so happy with this development.
Don’t fight tho babies, plz just love each other uwu
Jerome killing it
Omg ewww staple face
Oh Oswald poor baby
I mean you deserve it but poor baby
Ed when Oz gets to you next episode you better be making up with Oz or else 😬💪✊
Yesss Dwight is done good riddance
Damn Jerome works fast

BONUS: omg next episode looks sooooo good.

‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Trailer: Kevin Spacey Threatens 25 Years of Underwood Reign (Video)

Netflix’s “House of Cards” is 30 days from releasing its fifth season, and the streaming giant is campaigning for viewers with a full trailer starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as treacherous first  couple Frank and Claire Underwood.

When we last left them, the Underwoods were on the threshold of inciting a deadly confrontation with Islamic extremists in order to distract their political enemies and the public from mounting evidence of their corrupt route to power. All in the midst of their bid for re-election, with Claire on the ticket as Frank’s Vice President.

From what we can gather, the action picks up shortly after where we left off: Protests have erupted outside the White House and the Underwoods continue to work the campaign trail against their charismatic Republican opponent Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman).

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Here’s what we can deduce as new from the fast-paced clip, set against a seething monologue from Spacey about how much Frank loathes, well, the American people:

Claire’s hair is longer. Aside from being a major power aesthetic for the first lady, it suggests a pretty decent time lapse.

    • Doug Stamper isn’t doing much better. Never prone to life the easy way, Michael Kelly’s Stamper is always wrestling one of his demons to the ground. It seems his sobriety is once again on the verge of collapse.
    • The Conways are sweating. Joel Kinnaman kept his cool as one half of an aspirational couple challenging the Underwoods for the White House, but it seems a landslide is no longer in the cards. An electoral map flashed briefly in the trailer showed Underwood up 10 electoral votes over Conway in the general. We can’t be sure if it’s a projection or the real deal. But Conway is distressed, big time.
    • Patricia Clarkson in the heez. There’s a  two-second glimpse of Season 5’s new cast member. Campbell Scott is supposed to be floating around as well, though we didn’t see him.
    • Where are your faves? Missing in action were a few key players like the gloriously underrated Jayne Atkinson as Secretary of State Kathy Durant, Paul Sparks as Claire’s paramour Tom Yates and Neve Campbell as political consultant LeAnn Harvey. We get a quick glimpse of Molly Parker’s Jackie Sharp, who hit the road after selling out the Underwoods in an on-the-record newspaper interview, though it looks highly likely to be a dream sequence.
    • Dancing tech guy is still bopping. Damian Young’s data scientist character Aidan Macallan is still in the picture after using the firehose of security clearance to spy on citizens and attempt to sway their votes to the Underwoods. Things must be going great for him.
    • Six more terms. At the trailer’s crescendo, Frank delivers a terrifying prospect:”Underwood 2016 — 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036 — one nation, Underwood.” It’s unclear how the childless pair would achieve that long of an Underwood reign. Frank himself is only eligible for one more terms as President. Claire could feasibly occupy the seat through 2024. We can’t wait to see Frank justify the math — or the constitutional amendment — necessary to achieve his goal.

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​Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese are showrunners this season on the Beau Willimon-created series, and they serve as executive producers along with ​David Fincher, John Mankiewicz, Daniel Minahan, Kevin Spacey​, ​Joshua Donen, Dana Brunetti​, ​Eric Roth, Robin Wright​, Michael Dobbs and Andrew ​Davies.

“House of Cards” usproduced by Donen/Fincher/Roth and Trigger Street Productions, Inc. in association with Media Rights Capital for Netflix.

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James was definitely miserable, because when he saw the hitchhiker he slowed the car, rolled down the window, and asked, “Need a ride?”

The hitchhiker looked at him calculatingly from behind rain-streaked glasses, his expression calm and flat. His anorak was filthy, the battered rucksack over his shoulders no better. At least his hair looked clean. As did the laptop bag at his hip.

“Yes, please, that would be lovely,” the hitchhiker replied.

And that was how James found himself talking to a solemn-faced young man who listened, actually listened. Not that James didn’t return the favor (the young man was Q, he was on a cross-country hike, he had a family that he loved and didn’t mind bragging about), but it was an amazing relief to have someone listen to James for once.

He’d just come back from a company party, which he hadn’t been allowed to enjoy because he was the boss’s security for the duration of said party. He’d been treated like a deaf, dumb rock, not a human being with ideas and a brain and a soldier’s sense telling him that something was wrong. He’d been subtly insulted, openly discussed, and eyed for consumption by numerous people. He was done with it all.

“I’m turning in my two weeks’ notice tomorrow,” James growled, hands tightening on the steering wheel as he peered through the windscreen, the glass lashed with rain. The wipers could barely keep up. “No more of this. I’m done.”

Q was silent for a moment. Then he asked casually, “What’s your boss’s email?”


“Your boss’s email. I’m… something of a hacker. And I like to get revenge on people.” Q’s eyes glittered behind his glasses as his face turned hard and sharp and somewhat gleeful. “I can ruin his life for you.”

James was miserable. So he gave Q his boss’s email address, and listened as Q listed all the pros and cons of ferrets as pets. There was something trustworthy about Q. Something secretive, but friendly. Or maybe James was being an idiot again.

At the next hotel, James dropped Q off. It was still raining. Before he got out, Q whipped out a pen and a tiny notepad, wrote down a number, and handed it to James.

“Text me when he’s ruined,” Q ordered, with a hint of smile.

James nodded. “Thank you,” he said, because there was nothing else he could say.

“You’re welcome. And thank you for the ride.” Q smiled fully now, and something in James’ chest relaxed. Before he could say anything else, Q had exited the vehicle and was walking up to the hotel. James waited until he was inside, then drove away.


The next day, an important business firm was hacked, and the personal information of its execs and CEOs was leaked to multiple news outlets. Not to mention evidence of shady dealings, corruption, and a plot from within to assassinate the leader of the ring. The leader happened to be James’ boss.

James texted Q, and they went out for a celebratory dinner.

“I’ll make sure the police leave you alone,” Q promised James. “I’m good at that, too.”

“How? Why? Were you already planning on hitting them? Am I just a chance meeting? Or did you plan our meeting, too?”

Q gave a secretive smile and sipped his drink. “Maybe I just like you. Ever think of that?”

James grinned. “Alright, keep your secrets. God knows everyone has a few.”

Q smiled wider.

Today's News: April 20, 2017

—A leading South Korean presidential candidate has questioned whether his country can trust what the U.S. says during the Trump presidency after it emerged that a promised U.S. “armada” to the region to protect against threats from North Korea was a no-show.

—Pakistan’s Supreme Court says there’s not enough evidence of corruption to remove Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office, even as it ordered more investigations into money transfers alleged in the Panama Papers.

—We’re tracking the news stories of the day below. All updates are in Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4).

Read more from The Atlantic:

This article was originally published on The Atlantic.

“A government that needs any and all dissenters to be murdered,” huh? What about the Separatist Alliance and the Confederacy of Independent Systems? Rather than allowing the Separatists to secede from the Republic and maintain peace, the Republic engaged in war instead.

While it’s true that the Republic did last longer, it became corrupt towards its later years as the Senate became increasingly…unhelpful. When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, for example, the Senate didn’t provide any assistance. They left the Battle of Naboo to the Gungan Army. And not to be rude, but I wouldn’t trust any government that put my safety in the hands of Gungans.

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Former military officers, Steve Rogers and his best friend, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes were detectives with the NYPDs Major Crimes Unit until one day a case comes across their desks involving the theft of a piece of art once stolen by the Nazis during World War II from a Jewish collector’s private collection. The case brings them face to face with infamous international art thief known only as Lewis.

Now five years later, having witness the shady underbelly of the black market and the corruption within governments, corporations and human nature , the once detectives, bring together the world’s best to form a company to provide evidence against the corrupted.

They are Leverage

anonymous asked:

I hate that everyone just assumes that Gabe went crazy by himself I mean that man made a pumpkin costume that scared Reinhart and he took in a scrappy cowboy, nah guys talon brainwashed him slowly.

people who think gabriel went crazy need to really sit back and chill. that’s literally the weakest excuse. i mean come on guys, have a little more creativity on your villains. (but thats tumblr for you, youre either good or bad, there’s no in between)

the brainwashing theory is interesting but i dunno, they already successfully brain washed widowmaker, that seems a little redundant (at least to me).
i really like the idea that gabriel had discovered corruption among blackwatch and overwatch. i think that would explain his shift in attitude a lot more- growing paranoid of who he can trust and angry because he has no hard evidence to prove there is corruption but he knows its there. the biggest reason why i think of this is because reaper never assassinates certain ovw agents even with a clear shot. he’s a skilled killer, there’s literally no reason for reaper to miss his shot so he’s avoiding having to murder certain people for a reason.
and with the recent updates of the sombra ARG, you begin to wonder what’s really going on here. her actions don’t really have any affiliation with overwatch, so is it possible reaper struck up a deal with her- he’d offer his services in exchange for information he needs regarding overwatch?

i think it would be AMAZING if blizzard does manage to make us second guess ourselves. people (tumblr especially) need to stop thinking everything is in black and white. Reaper is DEFINITELY a gray character and i appreciate that so much.