evidence of corruption

You have a situation where a group of FBI agents is in direct conflict with prosecutors who believe the agents have a weak case in their attempt to find evidence of corruption that can be used against Clinton. The agents, in an atrocious violation of FBI policy against injecting the Bureau into an election, begin leaking dark innuendo to reporters. That convinces the FBI director that he has no choice but to go public with the fact that the Bureau is looking at some emails that might or might not have something to do with Clinton, though no one has actually read them. That news lands like a bombshell, despite its complete lack of substance.  

And then it turns out that these agents are basing their investigation on a book called “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer. Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute, an organization co-founded and chaired by Steve Bannon. Who is the CEO of the Trump campaign.


Republicans are now vowing Total War. And the consequences could be immense.

Trump partisans are behaving like the FBI has a mountain of smoking gun evidence to put Hillary Clinton into jail forever. Forget that there is just nothing at all in reality to support this, because whenever I point that out, they call me names and cite totally discredited websites as proof that they’re right and I’m an idiot.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing that we seem to be living in separate realities. I, of course, believe that I live in actual reality and they live in Breitbart reality … but I keep remembering how Karl Rove said to a reporter that the Bush White House was no longer concerned with facts, because they could create their own reality. Based on my interactions with Trump partisans this year, it seems like Rove was right.

So that’s why this FBI scandal is so upsetting to me. The power and inherent respect of the bureau is being abused by a small group of people who want to create their own reality, based on a book whose premise was conjured out of thin air explicitly to be a political hit job.

It’s incomprehensibly dangerous to have any government agency act upon totally false and imagined things because those things fit their ideology. It is terrifying when it’s an agency that has the power to arrest and detain and investigate people. 

And not that it matters, I guess, but what these FBI agents have done, and what Trump’s campaign is apparently complicit in, is a violation of the law. It is specifically a violation of the Hatch Act, which was written and passed to prevent exactly what these people are trying to do.

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I don't think you've done a fic for where Chancellor!Obi-Wan actually present the evidence and starts the corruption investigation?

Lmao, replying two months later. Here’s how it went down.

Obi-Wan closes his eyes and takes long, deep breaths. Breathe out negativity, breathe in the Force. Out negativity, in the Force.

The information he’s gathered so far should be enough to convince the Senate to start an investigation into Palpatine and Amedda’s dealings. Obi-Wan isn’t especially worried about that. No, what worries him, what causes emotions to release, is Anakin.

Obi-Wan knows Anakin won’t take this well. Not at all. He’ll most likely see it as Obi-Wan launching an unjustified attack on Palpatine simply because he doesn’t trust politicians.

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S3E13 Reaction

Bloody joker card, love it, much clevers.
Look at Bruce in the big boy chair uwu
I never found Lee so interesting as a character until she got pissed.
I like this Jerome cult grunt.
Babs omg shut up Ozzie is looking for his Ed
Why we calling Ed the snake look at this deadly Babs viper
Disco vampire hair lmfao
Guys you should probs listen to Selina okay?
Also her makeup is still fantastic so
Definitely listen to her.
Nah not the face man
His beautiful face D:
Lee you’re examining a corpse shouldn’t you be wearing like, a hair net or something
Your hair is so pretty tho don’t change anything.
Its okay if you end up corrupting evidence girl, your hair still look fly
Omg yes my faceless child rise rise riiiiiise
BABS OMG STOP 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
He loves Ed so much I’m crying
But that cane knife is legit tho
LMFAO I love Lucius so much
I love all these crazy laughs yesssss
Lee is being so boss lately
Omg girl yes TELL HIM.
Where’s my face end me 😂😂😂
This fake Jerome is so annoying can he just not exist anymore kthnxbai
Omg Selina poor baby
Man I had a feeling about that momma.
Also where’s Butch
And where’s Ed
I miss them.
Tabitha looks so happy when she murders.
Why can’t Selina ever be happy
Why can’t anyone ever be happy on Gotham lmao
But ugh finally a power balance between Bruce and Selina! Used to always be Selina being better at everything, so happy with this development.
Don’t fight tho babies, plz just love each other uwu
Jerome killing it
Omg ewww staple face
Oh Oswald poor baby
I mean you deserve it but poor baby
Ed when Oz gets to you next episode you better be making up with Oz or else 😬💪✊
Yesss Dwight is done good riddance
Damn Jerome works fast

BONUS: omg next episode looks sooooo good.


Just this small part of the animated short speaks volumes. Here you have the so called “defender against the omnics” shown clear evidence of her corruption in front of a war mural. Sombra, who is supposed to be the villain, is on the left in front of the “good humans” while Volskaya is sitting in shocked silence on the right in front of the “evil omnics”. Who here is the true villain? 

A Letter of Concern

Dear House of Noble leadership,

In my recent investigations, i have discovered evidence of corruption in the ranks that I believe the leadership should be aware of. If it is possible, I would like to arrange a meeting with High Chancellor and any of the other representatives who are available in hopes of presenting said evidence before the February 19th meeting, considering my inability to appear and present it due to upcoming business with the church.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to speak to you all soon.

Inquisitor Casyril Rommel

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What are your current thoughts on the ideologies between the two sides about to fight in Gundam IBO and where Tekkadan stands in all of this? <:

Ooh, that’s a hard one.

McGillis’s goal has been to eliminate corruption in Gjallarhorn – we first meet him doing an inspection of the Mars fleet to find evidence of corruption. Then we slowly learn that his goal is to remake Gjallarhorn based on his interpretation of what its founder wanted, and that his plan is to take control of Gjallarhorn himself and make it happen. He doesn’t care who he has to step on along the way.

I’d say his ideology is along the lines of “things were better before, and I’m the only person who can fix what’s broken and make it right again.” Which is an extremely dangerous ideology!

The rest of Gjallarhorn is supposed to be a politically neutral space police force, but, as we saw in S1, that’s a lie and there are factions that get involved in politics (which is one of the things McG wanted to root out). Rustal’s motivation has been shown thus far to be “stop McGillis” and “maintain the status quo.” Maybe he also wants to have more power on the Seven Stars, but that’s par for the course in these quasi-feudal systems.

Gaelio, obviously, wants revenge. He teamed up with Rustal because he’s the best shot at opposing McG. (I really love this, because it’s such a call-back to the original, a “what if Garma survived and came back to kick Char’s ass?”)

Where does Tekkadan fit in? Orga’s goals don’t align with McGillis’ - Orga just wants to give his family a home, and if he has to fight all of Gjallarhorn to make that happen, so be it. He, like Gaelio, sees an alignment with a stronger party –McGillis – as the most expedient way to reach his goal. Which, of course, is not necessarily the wisest decision he’s made, but it’s in character for him. He has matured some since the first season, but he’s still brash and driven by emotion.

I don’t know how long this alliance will continue; McG could go too far. Or McG could turn on them, as he’s turned on everyone else. Or McG could lose. We’ve got 7-9 episodes left to find out. (I’m not sure if it’s going to 50 or 52.)

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For a long time, I've been a Catholic, but I've been researching Islam. Do you have evidence that the Bible is corrupted, because I think I'd convert if I had that.

Hello! I hope you are doing great. If you want to know if the Bible is indeed corrupted, it might help to watch Dr. Zakir Naik’s presentation abou the Bible.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyAY76NmSno

May Allah guide you! Take care!

Imagine solving a case before Sherlock

So I haven’t written anything since like 8th grade but my little sister wanted an imagine so I figured I’d just post it here I guess. 

Summary: You solve a case before Sherlock and it doesn’t go over well.

You slapped the case file down on your chief’s desk, and he lazily looked up at you.  “What’s this supposed to be?” You didn’t even hesitate.

             “That case that’s been floating around the precinct. The double homicide.” His posture straightened, and he started flipping through the file. “I heard there was a PI on the case, but it seemed like it needed solving so I just… did it, I guess.”

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“A government that needs any and all dissenters to be murdered,” huh? What about the Separatist Alliance and the Confederacy of Independent Systems? Rather than allowing the Separatists to secede from the Republic and maintain peace, the Republic engaged in war instead.

While it’s true that the Republic did last longer, it became corrupt towards its later years as the Senate became increasingly…unhelpful. When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, for example, the Senate didn’t provide any assistance. They left the Battle of Naboo to the Gungan Army. And not to be rude, but I wouldn’t trust any government that put my safety in the hands of Gungans.

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I mean I have no illusions about how the US’ global power isn’t always wielded for good. BUT I won’t deny I’m kind of pleased that FIFA finally appears to have made the wrong enemies in the US government.

like I’m not sure if any other organisation has the resources and political power to clean up the shitty mess that is FIFA. FIFA seems quite subdued, probably because they know they are fucked this time- the US DOJ apparently has evidence of bribery and corruption going back decades. If anybody can finally nail them, it’s the US DOJ. 

I love seeing the Panama Papers being described as “shocking” new evidence of corruption by the wealthy. Rich guys being corrupt is probably the least shocking news of all time; like, that’s not even news, it’s reality. I mean, if there can be any certainties in life, they are death and rich people committing tax evasion. What’s really miraculous is that the media is finally giving air time to billionaires who have hidden their fortunes somewhere other than an abandoned cheeto factory.

Gem Corruption Process Theory

This will explain how corruption occurred, how the diamonds corrupted on a wide scale and how Rose and crew survived as well as why Lapis and Amethyst WEREN’T AFFECTED.

[Actually, this is just an extension of an old theory post that turned out to be correct (only partly because I thought Lapis would corrupt) and I’ve added more evidence! ]

When pondering about why corruption may occur, I naturally turned to the only instance of near corruption that we have seen: Amethyst in Reformed. When the episode first came out, a wonderful theory as to how this episode may be correlated to gem corruption appeared and became the foundation for my theory. Corruption occurs after regeneration occurs.

I believe corruption occurs as a result of emotional instability, more than likely a losing of one’s self and then regenerating. 

 Amethyst first obtains a “weird” form when she is confronted with intrusive trivia questions from Steven which make her really think about herself (something we know she dislikes to do due to her self loathing). She continually avoids affirming who she is and transforms into what she believes Steven and Garnet want her to be (more like Pearl or stronger) to the point where you can see the beginnings of the corruption process

You can tell she is beginning to corrupt from Garnet’s expression (more on that under the cut)

Only when she hears Steven’s comment about her avoiding thinking about herself and really dedicating herself to solidifying her identity does she return to normal. Amethyst’s successive regenerations are just a manifestation of her internal struggle in this episode.

Also, in the newest episode, Crack the Whip, Amethyst begins to lose her form AGAIN AFTER REFORMATION

In Gem Hunt, Steven affirms what I said all that time ago by saying:

They don’t remember who they used to be…maybe they don’t even know how to look like themselves anymore

TL;DR Gems become corrupted when they lose themselves (or are so overcome by an emotion that they are reduced to it) and can’t regenerate properly as a result of the trauma (can no longer “visualize themselves”)

This is where my old theory left off around the time of Reformed. However, with new information from Monster Buddies, Gem Hunt and Lapis’s Backstory, I believe I now know the full manner in which the Diamonds corrupted the gems left on Earth, save for Rose and crew.

Most people have already picked up that what corrupted the gems on Earth was a song (from Monster Reunion) and a flash of light as seen in monster buddies and Lapis’ backstory

And many have also concluded that it was a song that destroyed the minds of the gems such that they corrupted (as Garnet explained in Monster Reunion)

However,I hypothesize there is another step that people have been missing - The song or noise caused all the gems that experienced it to poof - or at least disrupt the physical constructs of the Gems enough for them to be altered - for the corruption to occur!

Remember, we have seen noise interruptions from Rose’s shield do this before in Sworn to the Sword and Mirror Gem

This confirms it is possible not only to affect the physical constructs of Gems on contact but on many from a distance. It’s not crazy that the Diamonds could do this on a massive scale with a lot of energy required the bright light)

(Also, the Gem destabilizer seems to work like a tuning fork to poof Gems)

Thus, I believe this interference AS WELL AS the mental destruction caused corruption to occur. 

I know what you’re thinking: Where’s the evidence that this happened? 

The Answer: Garnet’s reaction in Reformed.

Garnet KNOWS that corruption occurs after reformation/alteration of physical constructs because she SAW IT from Rose’s protection. That is why she reacted the way she did, backing away and putting her arm on Steven. 

It may also partially explain why Centipeetle could be partly healed by Steven (this is iffy) as part of the damage on her gem from these vibrations.

It makes sense logically because it also explains why Lapis and Amethyst weren’t affected- Lapis didn’t have a physical construct to alter and Amethyst either didn’t have a construct either (more likely) or was away from the noise the Diamonds sent out for her construct to be affected enough as she was underground.

Just a recap of what people have already said: Rose and crew likely survived by her shield using counter frequencies to block out the affects of the song - specifically on their constructs if my theory is right 

Edit: Someone pointed out that the Diamond’s song could have been transmitted through wailing stones! This makes the song reaching all Gems on Earth (and strongly enough to disrupt their physical constructs) more feasible as well as explain why the Gems were collecting the stones when Homeworld might come back (Message Received).
I hope I worded this OK. Feel free to tell me your thoughts?

So as someone who sat through the super delegate question in 2008 and have now listened to two sets of anti-Hillary people scream about it… I’d like to point out that as of now Hillary is now holding more than a 100 pledge delegates more than Bernie is holding in pledge and super delegates combined.  

When you hold fewer super delegates than the other person they’re evil and undemocratic and evidence of corruption.  Let me give you an alternate reading: super delegates are evidence of the ability to get support from other people in power within the government and party in order to get things done.

I know tumblr is the land of feeling the Bern and all that but can we at least stop pretending Hillary Clinton is stealing the nomination from him unfairly?  It’s a contest for the nomination of a political party for the presidency of the United States.  There are a lot of elements at play.  I’ll vote for whoever has a D after their name in the fall.  Just like I did when I worked for Bill Bradley when he lost to Al Gore, and then worked for Al Gore.  And just like I did when I worked for Hillary Clinton when she lost to Barack Obama, and then worked for Barack Obama.  

The demons aren’t the ones running in blue when there are literal fascists on the other side of the ballot.