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S/O flinching in a fight


Jin was still annoyed. “You could have told me you were leaving! I though you were missing or someone took you or something. How could you be so stupid?” He yelled. You and the boys had been at a club, but you hated it, so you left. Now, all you could think was how scary Jin was when he was mad.

Jin was still yelling, moving his hands and arms around as he did. Some came close to you, but one just came to close and you flinched back. Jin instantly froze and looked at you, realizing what had happened. “Y/n, you don’t think I’d actually hit you, did you?”

You shook your head, trying to explain it was a natural reaction for anyone when he hugged you.”I’m sorry, I just want you to stay safe and I don’t ever mean to make you scared. Please believe me.” He said, covering your forehead in kisses. “Please.”

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 You knew making Suga was a bad idea, and you knew pestering him would do it, especially with the comeback being so soon. Yet, you still went to bother him anyways. 

He began playfully throwing things at you,trying to convince you to leave, but this was the time you stepped over the line. He gritted his teeth and threw the water bottle, missing you barely. You flinched back from the throw, yet he didn’t seem to care, so you ran off with tears in your eyes. 

That night, Suga came into your guy’s room. You pretended to be asleep so you wouldn’t have to talk when he sat down and began playing with your hair. “I didn’t mean it.” he whispered out, not intending for you to hear. “I just got so angry and I couldn’t think. I know it’s no excuse, but I never wanted to hurt you or make you think I was trying to. I love you too much to do that.I hope you forgive me.”

He laid down facing you, but hands to himself and sighed. You rolled over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.”Don’t worry. I do.”

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J-hope was always loud, but when he was mad, it mad all the difference. The two of you were currently in an argument when he got slightly too close and slightly too loud. You flinched back as he yelled, involuntarily pushing him back slightly.

J-hope looked down at your hands then up to you, tilting his head slightly. “What? Did you think I was gonna hit you or something like that?” he scoffed. You tried explaining when he realized that  exactly what you had though. He felt part of his heart break and engulfed you in a hug. 

“No matter what’s wrong or how mad I get, I will never do that. I promise. I love you too much.”

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster was always careful around you, knowing your past wasn’t the best. Yet, when he was mad, he lost most of his rational thought. “You can’t just take my things y/n. I needed that today and I didn’t have it cause of you.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“You didn’t think? That much is evident.” he raised his hand to his head, emphasizing his point, but all you could see was the hand coming down. You flinched backwards, breathing heavily.

“No, no, no, no.I didn’t mean to scare you baby. Oh god. Come here.” he said, pulling you into his chest. You sobbed quietly into his chest as he rubbed your back. “I love you. Please forgive me.”

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The only time you’ve ever been scared of Jimin was when he didn’t eat properly. You were getting worried and he didn’t seem to care. “Im fine Jagi. I promise.”

“You haven’t eaten all day. Please ju-”

“I said I’m fine. I’m not some child you have to take care of ya know.” He yelled, throwing his heads up in frustration. You stumbled back slightly, thinking you almost got hit. You knew he didn’t mean to scare you or anything, but that didn’t stop his heart from breaking. “You didn’t think I’d actually-” he trailed off and tears began forming. His covered his face with his eyes as he began crying.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just been so stressed and now I’ve scared you. I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t.”

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V and you often play fought. You’d throw weak punches or slightly kick each other, mainly just to get attention. Yet,when V was mad, you couldn’t tell if he’d actually throw one or not. You flinched back and began to shake.

V took a minute or two to notice, but surely did, He wasn’t sure what to say, so he just hugged you and gave you small kisses all over. You understood what he meant and turned to face him,snuggling close to him.

He held you close as he began singing “You are my sunshine” to you. Even though nothing was said, you both understood everything that was said between you guys.

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You’d seen how protective kookie could be of you, but you never thought you’d be on the receiving end of the yelling. You couldn’t even remember what the fight was about anymore. All you knew was that kookie was yelling and motioning to stuff, one hand came a little close, and now you were on the floor after tripping backwards from flinching. 

Kookie looked down at you and instantly grabbed you hands to help you up. “How did you fall? are you okay? What hap-” A look of clarity washed over his face. “Did you fall because of me?” You nodded and dusted yourself off before Jungkook attacked you in a hug.

“I’m so sorry. You too precious for me to do anything like that too you.”

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✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. four )   ❜

         (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  you don’t feel strange at all? not even a little bit?  ’
‘  oh shit, waddup! i’m taking a selfie with some demons, yooo. hell yeah, whaaa!!  ’
‘  you’re insufferable.  ’
‘  yeah, i’m just gonna… get some fucking holy water.  ’
‘  i’ve lived my life with one adage and that’s don’t fuck with demons.  ’
‘  i just love seeing you squirm!  ’
‘  okay, tell your spooky story!  ’
‘  i think this is all bullshit.  ’
‘  we better get out of this house, somebody knocked our little bear out of his little wicker chair.  ’
‘  you’re telling me you wouldn’t be unnerved by going upstairs and seeing a bunch of stuffed animals organized into a little cult circle when no one did it?  ’
‘  what the fuck? oh shit! no!! where’s my holy water?  ’
‘  what the fuck? oh shit! no!!  ’
‘  where’s my holy water?  ’
‘  it’s just a flashlight! it rolls, it’s cylindrical!  ’
‘  here’s the thing– this is what i fucking love about like, paranormal evidence. people are always clamoring for it, right? like ‘where’s the evidence,’ and then when the evidence is finally they’re like, ‘fake!’  ’
‘  if you slit my throat tonight, i’m gonna have a hard time forgiving you for that.  ’
‘  will you haunt me for the rest of my life?  ’
‘  no, i won’t haunt you cause i’ll be dead. ghosts aren’t real.  ’
‘  that demon’s racist!  ’
‘  fuck that demon, he’s whitewashing the history of this house.  ’
‘  this demon’s what’s wrong with hollywood.  ’
‘  whatever, demon’s racist. i don’t respect this demon.  ’
‘  you’ve lost your mind!  ’
‘  here we go! rock and roll, buckaroo.  ’
‘  fuck this house. fuck this house so hard.  ’
‘  here’s the thing, i discount almost 100% of all of ‘i saw it in the middle of the night’ things because sleep paralysis, often times, most people wake up and see shit.  ’
‘  if i wake up tonight and there’s this grotesque looking thing laying next to me and just staring at me with it’s fucking stupid beady eyes open, i’m gonna shit myself. there’s gonna be poo in my sleeping bag.  ’
‘  i’m gonna sleep closer to you, i don’t care.  ’
‘  every little pin drop that you hear, every little creak, it’s gonna make your butthole tighten.  ’
‘  i think it would be a sleep-full night for me if it weren’t for you.  ’
‘  annnnnd nope, i’m man enough to admit that this is not happening tonight. i can’t. it’s not happening ever.  ’
‘  you givin’ up?  ’
‘  i just think it’s silly to give up at the last minute, but whatever. you know, it’s no big deal.  ’
‘  did you just call the demon a motherfucker?  ’
‘  i don’t give a shit now, i’m gone.  ’
‘  peace out, bitches. go fuck yourself. you were truly awful and i hate you.  ’
‘  this is the happiest moment of my life.  ’
‘  i think it was just a wonderful coincidence.  ’
‘  i’m glad it happened because i got to see you turn into a babbling mess.  ’
‘  i’m happy to let you believe in this ‘cause i think it’s fun that you believe in it, cause if we go to more places, it’s gonna be fun to watch you freak out some more. so great.  ’
‘  let’s just call it unsolved, how ‘bout that?  ’
‘  but we sure had fun!  ’
‘  he looks really happy, actually. look at that little face. he looks like he’s eatin’ grapes.  ’
‘  that’s really interesting, let’s get the fuck out of here.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna imagine that. can’t you just let me enjoy the moment for once?  ’
‘  what a trip its been. we’ve seen a lot of stuff. seen spiders, we’ve seen… ghouls.  ’
‘  this looks like disney land. i wouldn’t be surprised if they got cotton candy in there.  ’
‘  yuk it up, man. yuk it up. you’re really enjoying this, but when the lights go off, this may be a little different.  ’
‘  you’re full of shit if you do not feel strange right now.  ’
‘  i assure you in like half of the places you’ve been, people have died there. people have probably died in the chipotle we just ate at.  ’
‘  well then that’s why she didn’t live forever! cause she found a loophole!  ’
‘  i won’t argue that your logic is flawed. i just hate it because it’s detrimental to my argument.  ’
‘  you think the ghosts just checked in every like 3 to 5 years?  ’
‘  this is a theory. i’m just stating a theory.  ’
‘  no one builds a house like this because they have arthritis. no one says, ‘oh, my knuckles feel a little funny. i’m gonna build a house with 500 rooms.’  ’
‘  i hear ya, man. i agree with ya. i’m just saying this is a theory that people believe… and i’m relaying the theory.  ’
‘  those people are idiots.  ’
‘  i mean, you know what the doctor says: ‘nothing’s better for arthritis than a two story drop to the floor below’ right?  ’
‘  although, i will say, i cannot imagine communicating with spirits produces any kind of receipt.  ’
‘  that’d be– yeah. i… i agree with your calling of bullshit.  ’
‘  good! i’m glad we agree on something for once.  ’
‘  i’m gonna lock myself in here with the ghosts.  ’
‘  i knew that you were gonna do that and it still scared me. fuck you.  ’
‘  hey, man. calm down!  ’
‘  you almost scared me to death – i’m never gonna forgive you for that. hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.  ’
‘  there’s a lot of things that you can’t see that are real. you can’t see gravity – that’s real.  ’
‘  i can’t see gravity? yeah, i can drop an apple.  ’
‘  hey, ghosts! tussle my hair. give me a little purple nurple or something, let’s have some fun!  ’
‘  you’re the worst.  ’
‘  if i have to spend one more moment looking at your silly face, i think i might murder you myself.  ’
‘  we’re on our way to a nightmare.  ’
‘  you’re on your way to a nightmare. i’m on my way to a nice retreat.  ’
‘  this is a mistake.  ’
‘  there’s also a thunderstorm rolling in so that’s fun.  ’
‘  he looks fine. look at him! the kids fine and now i feel like a big weenie.  ’
‘  you are a big weenie.  ’
‘  this is the beginning of a horror movie right now.  ’
‘  that’s an ominous cloud in the sky. some very atmospheric thunder.  ’
‘  well, this seems all horrible and awful in general.  ’
‘  look, there’s spiders everywhere, so that’s nice.  ’
‘  see, i’m more concerned about the spiders than the ghosts.  ’
‘  i thought i got bit in the asscheeks by a spider.  ’
‘  anytime i get even remotely spooked, i just look to the monkey with the sunglasses.  ’
‘  is that a bed? is that a guy? should we poke it with a stick?  ’
‘  uhh, sure. if that’s what it’s gonna take to get us out of here then yes, i believe in all of this.  ’
‘  this is a fucking nightmare.  ’
‘  what the fuck was that?! holy shit balls!  ’
‘  okay, i don’t care what his favorite was – fuck that, let’s go.  ’
‘  toodaloo, can’t say it was pleasurable.  ’
‘  fuck everything about that place.  ’
‘  ‘odd’ doesn’t even begin to describe this one. it’s very strange.  ’
‘  my interest is piqued.  ’
‘  they’re making their kids work seven days a week? my parents would maybe be like, ‘empty the dishwasher’ on a… you know, a thursday, and i’d be like, ‘this is bullshit.’   ’
‘  i guess i’d run away from my parents if they made me work seven days a week, especially if i was shoveling horse shit and moving dirt.  ’
‘  i’d fake my own death.  ’
‘  you strike me as one of those idiots who likes to put their phone down and walk into the middle of the woods and experience nature and all that bullshit.  ’
‘  either way, leaving your house in this day and age without your phone, without your credit cards, that’s already a death sentence. you can’t do that.  ’
‘  this is what happens when you live on a farm.  ’
‘  what wide generalization are you gonna make about people on farms right now?  ’
‘  i just think you gotta read some– some culture, eh, watch some two and a half men, i don’t care. just connect to popular media and know what the world is thinking, otherwise you go nuts.  ’
‘  yeah, ‘cause nothing says sanity and civilization like a red robin resturant, right?  ’
‘  how much trouble could a family of farmers get into?  ’
‘  farmers and bears don’t mix. they don’t put bears on farms.  ’
‘  i imagine this is a little bit more than they bargained for when they were trying to find that pikachu.  ’
‘  that’s fucking terrifying.  ’
‘  you just lock your door. you’re in a car, drive away. that’s not that scary. and then, you know, if the doors don’t work and he starts breaking a window, then guess what? time to die. and that’s a bummer.  ’
‘  then guess what? time to die. and that’s a bummer.  ’
‘  what point does the fear come in? about when the life is draining out of my body.  ’
‘  oh yeah, excuse the public for wondering about your safety, sir.  ’
‘  this does make me realize i don’t give people the middle finger enough.  ’
‘  i guess i’ll just go fuck myself then.  ’
‘  i’m not gonna go find my kids if i’m trying to get off the grid. off the grid, no more kids.  ’
‘  alright, well… once again, we’ve solved nothing.  ’
‘  do you think you could become part of a shared delusion?  ’
‘  every time i’ve ever offered even a little bit of a delusional thought, you immediately shut it down.  ’
‘  no one thinks they’re susceptible to shared delusions and then it happens.  ’
‘  what if we’re in a shared delusion right now?  ’
‘  is this all in our mind?  ’
‘  it could be all in our mind. this could be the most elaborate delusion of all and we’re talking we’re talking about delusions which, in term, is actually a weird delusional loop.  ’


A/N: This was requested! Have mercy on little ol’ me, as this is my first scenario for Kyungsoo, a man whose personality is not drilled into my mind as well and as evidently as let’s say… Baekhyun’s is. I hope you all enjoy this, especially the lovely one of you who requested it to begin with. 

Sending love.

It’s been four months since my last painting.
It’s been four months since I was last paid.
It’s been four months since I lost my inspiration.

Being any kind of freelancer is extremely difficult, so I am not alone at my pity party, but it is usually the freelancers and the entrepreneurs who have the most drive. Against all odds, all disapproval, here they are with a home and a source of income and a pet and maybe even a family.

Within our little crew, everyone is treated with the utmost respect. There is no competition (that isn’t healthy) and there is no criticism (that isn’t constructive). Outside of it, however, is where problems seem to arise.

Being an artist leads to heaps of sticks that only have short ends to them. You have to produce your own work and find a way to sell it and turn your masterpiece into money. Landlords are hesitant when you apply for an open apartment, worried that one day your monthly payments will stop until it gets so bad you’re forced back onto the street. Not to mention the constant inner turmoil that comes with finding your own inspiration, applying that to your work, and then finding someone that has similar tastes to you that is willing to buy what you produced.

“Art cannot be forced,” You’re constantly telling yourself.
So why are you sitting on the floor, paint brush in hand and a blank canvas at your feet, praying that you can think of something, anything, to paint.

“I should’ve just gone to law school like dad wanted,” you sighed out into your otherwise silent studio apartment.

Deciding that maybe some fresh air and a glance at the night sky would do you some good, you pushed your supplied aside and made your way over to the sliding door that led out onto your balcony.

At the beginning of your career, when you first moved into the city and found this adorable apartment, you used to spend all of your dawns and dusks out on this balcony painting and sketching and memorizing how the sun appeared from your balcony.

Now, the sky did as much for you as your sleazy ex-boyfriend.

Your apartment was on the eighth floor of the brick building, giving you a solid view of the bustling city-life below you. Inspiring or not, it sure was beautiful to look at.

You were used to the sight of billions of lights flooding out from windows or the many virtual advertisements littering the sides of buildings. You were used to the sound of a couple drunk teenagers singing 80’s music on their way home from a liquor-heavy celebration and the screeches of speeding car’s tires against the slippery roads.

The sound of your neighbor singing was definitely new to you.

You had never spoken to him minus a couple good mornings and excuse mes from the few times you had run into each other at the elevator, stairwell entrance, or at your own front doors. He kept to himself.

Thinking about it now, thinking about him, you realized you didn’t even know his name.

You looked over to your left (in the direction of the singer’s apartment) and allowed yourself to be slightly intrusive and listen closer.

Your mind recognized the song he was singing, it was from your uncle’s favorite movie, The Godfather.

“Speak softly, love, and hold me warm against your heart.
I feel your words, the tender, trembling moments start.
We’re in a world, our very own.
Sharing a love that only few have every known.

Wine colored days warmed by the sun,
Deep velvet nights, when we are one.
Speak softly, love, so no one hears us but the sky,
The vows of love we make will live until we die.
My life is yours, and all because,
You came into my world with love so softly, love.”

You smiled as you continued listening, your mind flashing back to all of the times your uncle used to play this song on your aunt’s piano at family gatherings.

You wondered if your neighbor had anyone special on his mind while he sang such intimate words.

The sound of footsteps invaded your ears and caused a panic within you. If you were caught doing the audible equivalent of staring, you may just hop over the railing to escape the embarrassment that would surely follow.

Your body was too late in reacting, however, and you now had a clear view of the mysterious vocalist standing no more than fifteen feet away from you.
His body was too lost in singing, however, and you could now stare at this man all you wanted without him noticing.

He was Asian, but you could not tell where he was from exactly. The lyrics flowed out with a slight accent backing them, which allowed you to pinpoint him as being Southeast Asian.

Unless you were completely generalizing him.
Truthfully, you doubted that. Being the artist you were, you had trained yourself to notice details and pay attention to what they told you.

The man’s skin was tinted with melanin while his eyebrows sat mostly straight along his brow-bone. He was the owner of the most luscious lips you had ever seen and you weren’t afraid to admit that you were quite jealous of them yourself.
He was close enough to you so that you could see his top lip was fuller than the bottom, and his mouth had no sharp edges. Rounded and curvy, his pink lips formed the prettiest sounds along with the tongue that darted out every now and then to wet the soft area surrounding where it usually resided.

Your hands itched for a pencil, yearned for some paper. You hadn’t felt so inclined to put something down in such a long time, this feeling of such intense wanting took you by surprise.

Knowing you couldn’t let such a pure, beautiful moment go without being captured in some way, you whipped your phone out of your back pocket and took the quickest, creepiest, most regretted photo you have ever taken and darted backwards, way out of the view of your neighbor.

Your new muse.

You had been working on your sketch for three days, two nights. Relying mostly on your memory of that night, that man, rather than the photo you took.
You considered deleting the photo altogether but you decided it could be a good accuracy check later on in the process.

You had finished his body, the portion you had decided to include in your work, and were now working on adding in the way his arms were bent at the elbows over the side of the railing. You were slightly discouraged that you couldn’t draw the entirety of his face seeing as how you had only seen the right half and were worried that the body proportions would be entirely off if you drew a portrait of him that wasn’t a copy of what you remembered from that night.

The sketch marks of the drawing brought extra attention to the way the man’s clothes hung slightly loose on his body, showcasing his biceps that were on the leaner side rather than being beefy and overly muscular. The shadows and highlights made sure that any defined muscle was brought to the viewer’s attention, telling them that while they weren’t overly impressive, they weren’t formed purely from mindless weightlifting and training. They were crafted by whatever the singer did in his daily life. Naturally.

Your hands were having the most difficulty recreating the look on your neighbor’s face. Whenever you tried to capture the way his jaw was slightly unhinged and the wrinkles formed from the slight creasing of his forehead and eyes that were shut tightly, the imagery represented an expression filled more with pain rather than the emotion that undoubtedly came along when singing about love, whether or not you were the one in it.

You had turned off the auto shut-off on your phone so that you could keep the photo you secretly took up without you having to constantly tap the screen when it started to dim or turn it back on when the phone screen blackened entirely. It took longer than you would care to admit to figure out how to do just that, but what else is google for, right?

As your phone was the main clock in your life, you hardly noticed how late it was by the time you finished your drawing until your strained eyes squinted to read the green LEDs on the oven a few feet in front of you to check exactly how late.

A sigh escaped into the otherwise silent apartment and was followed by a groan caused by the way you were trying to stretch your stiff, tired muscles after managing to stand up from your spot on the hard kitchen floor.

Knock. Knock.

“Who’s at my door this late?”

The question was meant to be rhetorical, you didn’t expect to get an actual reply from the person on the other side of the door.

“It’s Kyungsoo.” Sneeze.

You held back the “who?” that was threatening to come out of your mouth.

Cough. “Your neighbor.”

You panicked.

Had he seen you watching him, listening to him on the balcony the other night?
Did he know you took the picture?

You knew the only way you would find out is if you just opened the damn door so you skipped over to the heavy hunk of wood, undid all three locks, and swung the door open.

Your neighbor—Kyungsoo— was standing on the lame doormat your sister had gifted to you as part of her housewarming present, soaking wet.

“Why are you?…” You gestured to the dripping mess before you.
“You can’t hear the rain? It’s practically a zoo out there.”

Once you started to listen in, you realized that it was in fact raining and one glance at your back windows told you he wasn’t lying about the zoo.
Just how long were you working on that drawing of yours?

You looked back to Kyungsoo and waited for the explanation as to why he was standing in front of you at the moment.

“I just finished up work and I must’ve left my keys back at the restaurant because I have looked everywhere and they are nowhere to be fucking found but I’m starting to go numb so I was wondering if I could…” He managed a sheepish smile, obviously feeling guilty.
“Hop in the shower? Maybe get something to eat after I find a way to dry your clothes?”
“No, no. You wouldn’t have to do all-”
“It’s no problem, “ you smiled a genuine a smile at the beautiful man before you, “what else am I going to do while I’m up this late, anyways?”

Your hands ushered him in quickly, taking the soaking sweatshirt from his cold, wet body and hung it up on the back of one of the dining chairs in your kitchen.

You showed him where your bathroom (and shower) were and told him to leave all of his clothes on the counter so you could sneak in and retrieve them for him.

Your feet remained rooted outside the bathroom door, your body leaning against the wall, until you heard the water kick on. One minute passed by in your head until you knocked a couple times on the door, registered the lack of a reply, and slipped inside.

“Don’t look at the shower door, anything but the door.” You reminded yourself over and over as you bent down to pick up the discarded clothes off the tiled floor, gulping when you got to his underwear.
You had to be careful walking around, as the floor was soaked with the rainwater Kyungsoo was cloaked in before he hopped into the hot, steamy goodness a shower could bring. You felt even worse for your neighbor now, thinking about how weighed down his body must’ve been, walking for god knows how long out in the shitty weather.

On your way out, silently praising yourself for avoiding the sight you would’ve seen if you gazed at the cloudy glass that prevented any details of the human body within the shower to be revealed, your mind became distracted by your seemingly well-deserved compliments.

Kyungsoo’s body, while partially hidden from view by the steamy door, was not completely obscured from your view when your eyes found the mirror that reflected everything you would’ve seen if you looked at the shower head-on.

Maybe you couldn’t pinpoint the crevices of his body and the outlines of his muscles like you forced yourself to do during the creation of your drawing, you could easily trace the seamless outline that was Kyungsoo with your eyes.

You started down at the heel of his foot, trailing up his left calf and thigh, rounding over the curve of his ass, then following the upright posture of his back. Your gaze looped around his neck, threaded through his messy hair, down his face (pausing at his swollen lips), skidding across his prominent pectoral muscles and flat stomach, pausing at his…

You gulped.
And if it weren’t for the sound of the water beating against Kyungsoo’s chest, he probably would’ve heard it.

Your body darted out of the bathroom, borderline slamming the door shut behind you before resting your back against it.
Wet clothes in hand, you closed your eyes and sighed, unable to get what you had just seen out of your mind.

Being an artist meant you had trained yourself to pay attention to the small details (although this detail was not small) and most of all, remember them. Your memory was good, too good at this point for you to just push an image out of your mind.

Who knew your hot neighbor, who was still a stranger to you, was packing?

You didn’t even try to scold yourself for the kinds of thoughts you were having about Kyungsoo and his body. Surprisingly, one of the main points your brain made was that it would be an absolute dream to draw him. All of him.

“Snap out of it, Y/N.”

With a bit of encouragement, your feet led the rest of you to the back corner of your apartment, where your makeshift laundry room was.
While your father disagreed with your life choices, he would never leave you high and dry. A small sum of money was flown to you through a bank account your father alerted you of after the new address of his daughter reached his hands.
After saving every penny of that money for close to a year, you put it towards home renovations. Your own bathroom, for example, and the washer/dryer duo you have to repair yourself every once in a while due to their cheap nature. Now, you’re back to saving and make sure to only use it for rent or utilities when you can’t avoid it (AKA, when you’re in a creative slump and can’t sell any artwork). So far, you haven’t needed to tap into it.

You shut the dryer door with your hip and spun around to find Kyungsoo standing right in front of you.
With a towel around his waist.
His hair dripping down his face.
And the most awkward smile.

“I was calling you but you obviously didn’t hear me. Maybe I should’ve taken longer in the shower?” You decided that he had the cutest laugh in the world.
Deep and hearty but not overpowering, you wanted to hear more of it.

“Your clothes won’t be dry for at least another twenty minutes,” you turned around to throw your own laundry in the wash, “I don’t know how many of my clothes would fit you but I can… Kyungsoo?”
“Is this a picture of me?”
You felt your blood run cold.

Your body refused to turn around and face your neighbor, hoping to prolong your potential ignorance to the situation for as long as possible.

How did he know your name when you just found out about his barely ten minutes ago?
“Yes?” Your body whipped around to face him.
“Did you draw this?” His toe pointed towards the discarded picture on the floor.
“I, uh, saw you singing outside one night. The image of it was stuck in my head, I had to get it out on paper,” you could feel yourself start smiling like you always did when explaining your artwork, “you looked so lost in the song. Have you ever even seen The Godfather?”
The look on Kyungsoo’s face told you everything.
“It’s the movie the song you were singing is from. Speak Softy Love? It’s the love theme.”
“I… I just heard it on Spotify when I was browsing.”
“Well, now you know.”

You felt like Kyungsoo was owed to some explanation as to why there was a pencil sketch of the neighbor you just formally met for the first time laying on your kitchen floor.

“I’m an artist,” you blurt out. “I was going through a slump when I saw you standing outside, which is where I usually go for inspiration might I add, and you were standing there in such a beautiful way and I can’t help it if I see something pretty I want to draw. I’m sorry if you think it’s weird I can burn it or rip it or throw it out if you want me to, I won’t mind.”
“You want to get rid of this?” Kyungsoo feigns hurt.
“It’s not like you would let me sell it, right?”
“Actually, I was going to ask you if I could buy it.”
“You? But you can look in the mirror and it’s basically the same thing!”
“Exactly. You’re incredibly talented, Y/N, and I would love to have this drawing. You’re saying you do stuff like this all the time? Being an artist, and all.”
“I haven’t really made anything for a while, before the portrait.” You had moved over to stare down at the drawing along with Kyungsoo.
“Next time you make anything, a sketch or a painting or whatever else your artistic mind come up with, I wanna know about it first. It’s about time I start decorating my apartment’s walls.”

His head turned on top of his neck to look down at you, his attention now on your lips while yours was trained on his on paper.

“Can I give you a down payment for the drawing? To make sure someone richer and better doesn’t come around and snatch it?”
You giggled before finally looking up and meeting his gaze.
“You don’t need to give me any money right now.”
“I don’t have any money on me, as you could probably tell,” you both glanced down at his barely covered body.

You were unable to finish your sentence before Kyungsoo placed both of his hands on the sides of your face, forcing you to keep look at him.
You could hear your drawing flutter downwards and onto the ground.

“I hope this is enough to cover it.”

His lips were incredibly soft and warm against your own, causing your body to immediately arch into his and keep the kiss going.
Neither of you were demanding. You and your lips took their time at drawing out gasps and mewls from the two of you, your own eyebrows furrowing as you concentrated on how good it felt to kiss your neighbor.

You had started to thread your fingers through Kyungsoo’s hair when you heard a soft thud and felt something fall at your feet.

The towel.

Kyungsoo broke the kiss and followed your gaze to reach his only source of coverage laying uselessly on the floor. While your eyes rose upwards to scan his body (and the exact part of his body you were trying to forget earlier on), his eyes rested on your face to gauge your reaction. When he realized it was a good one, he smiled and put his hands back on your face to receive the eye contact he wanted.

“Are you going to undress too or are you just going to leave me hanging?”

You left one more kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips before you started working on unbuttoning your shirt.

some drarry fic recs!

In response to this post.

@trillgutterbug (wtf i guess replies are broken rn)

Oh man. If you’re having the same problem then this is only going to make it worse, but I don’t blame you bc I’m also constantly on the hunt for recs XD

I’ve been zipping through so much fic it’s hard to keep it all straight, but here’s just some of the things I’ve enjoyed recently. For clarity, they ALL have porn:

  • In Evidence of Magical Theory by bixgirl1 (43k)
    In which Harry and Draco can’t fight, and so they fall in love instead.
    When a hex meant for Draco accidentally catches Harry as well, the pair are forced to learn to understand each other in ways they previously might have thought impossible.
    (So, this is probably the fic I’ve lost my mind over the most in the recent past. It’s so good and full of the best tropes - accidental bonding, forced bed sharing, incredible amounts of pining, super super hot porn. [8th year fic, btw.] But honestly I would recommend ANYTHING by @bixgirl1. I’ve actually been working my way through her entire catalog recently and most of the tabs I have open on my phone are by this author. Seriously, just browse her various work until something grabs you, you’ll love it.)

  • Just Go With It by loveglowsinthedark (3k)
    The prompt: Draco is a telemarketer who calls Harry trying to sell him stuff; phone sex ensues.
    (Just a quick little bedtime story, lol. I’m reccing this because I JUST read it last night and I LOVE phone sex fic, lol. I’m weak for it. So here you go.)

  • As Beautiful As the Day by Lomonaaeren (8.5k)
    Seeing Draco Malfoy on his broom, illuminated from behind by sunlight, turns out to be a defining moment for Harry, and awakens parts of himself he never knew were there.
    (Another one that I’m recc’ing because I just read it - this morning in fact! But it’s very good and sweet and hot. Harry is approaching 40 when he sees Malfoy playing as Seeker in a professional Quidditch game and has a realization about his sexuality. Good stuff.)

  • Five Weddings and a Potions Accident by lauren3210 (20k)
    In which Harry thinks he’s a playboy, everyone else knows better, and Hermione will kill Seamus if Ron tries to collect on that bet.
    (This is prob the only fic on this list that I didn’t read in the immediate past. I just had to make sure to include it though because I loved it so damn much. If you want porn, just read this. It has everything. All the porn you could ever need or want or imagine and all of it is positively dripping with emotion. I remember commenting that I “felt each [sex] scene in my entire body.”  Highly recommended.)

  • You Send Me (Honest You Do) by firethesound (37k)
    As far as potion accidents go in general, and deaging incidents go in particular, Draco knew this could have been so much worse. Harry only lost about ten years, and all his memories are still intact. But the sight of him looking as if he’s stepped straight out of Draco’s Hogwarts memories has dredged up a whole mess of complicated feelings Draco thought he’d buried years ago, and Draco really doesn’t know what to do with any of it.
    (This is simply the latest by @firethesound​ so you know it’s good. Another legendary Drarry author whose tone with these two is always pitch-perfect, and someone else whose catalog I would recommend browsing if you haven’t.)

  • Just Friends (or Why Draco Malfoy Shouldn’t Have Sex in His Office) by  unadulteratedstorycollector (35k)
    Harry and Draco are Auror partners, friends, and um… well, that’s it. Yes, Hermione, that is it. At least it is until Harry catches him doing a certain something that he can’t get out of his mind.
    (Ugh, palpable, palpable sexual and emotional intensity. A terrific Draco characterization. Super passionate. Some explicit Draco/Blaise in the first chapter, too, if you’re into that kinda thing.)

  • Like A Real Family by Queenie_Mab (10.8k)
    Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he’s always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn’t straight.
    (A verrryyy cute fic. I love dad!Draco so MUCH. And he’s great here, such a sweet and devoted father to Scorpius. Also, ridiculous amounts of pining.)

  • Rough Magic by birdsofshore (28k)
    Malfoy’s magic has run wild. But though wild magic is unpredictable and greatly feared, Harry’s damned if he’s going to let Malfoy rot in St Mungo’s while they work out what to do with him.
    (Ughhh, every time Draco starts losing control of his magic, it’s SO intense. There is also a surprisingly terrific Millicent Bulstrode characterization here. But really birdsofshore is another author whose entire library is a safe bet. I definitely recommend browsing through it.)

  • The Den of So-Called Iniquity (4k), Grind (2.2k), & The Placebo Sequence (6.8k) by Snegurochka
    (I’m rec’ing three because they are all so goddamn good and short and all on the same level of intensity. Extremely powerful writing that will leave you breathless. I remember losing my MIND reading these, and then just screaming in the comments about how I couldn’t understand how they could possibly be so intense.)

Alright, that oughta do for now, lol. Hope you find something here that you enjoy!

We love you SZA

SZA went from being an artist I never cared for, despite her affiliation with artists I did (e.g: Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SchoolBoyQ and Rihanna) … to one of my current favourites in a matter of one album. I saw her at Afropunk London last year but didn’t appreciate the essence of her presence … because I wasn’t a huge fan. 

I’d always watched her interviews, even though I found her music boring, because I found her energy so beautiful. This time around, her interview on The Breakfast Club was the best at getting me excited for the album. Charlamagne obviously listened to the album (properly) and asked all the right questions. She broke down the stories behind (most of) the track, from fucking her man’s friends to her insecurities, to being a sidechick. She confessed that this album is the first time she’d spoken about her past relationships (and feelings in general) so explicitly. And it’s so obvious to me. I always found she spoke in parables and would get to the end of a song feeling so underwhelmed and a bit … lost: 

That’s when I realised … SZA is me. I am the queen of parables. I just expect people to understand everything that is so crystal clear in my mind. 

She also spoke about how much she’d “grown” which, again, was so evident to me. Shit … even her melodies are a lot more sophisticated and refined than they used to be. She’s no longer drowning behind instrumentals and using music as a platform to lazily lay her feelings down. The songs on this album have structure and stand out from each other. That’s what I need. 

“Go Gina” is one my faves. The chorus is so sexy in its simplicity. It’s repetitive but not monotonous. I feel like Gina. “Mind my business…”

“Weekend” is another of my faves. She epitomises the beauty of being a weekend lover, addressed to her lover’s “other girl”. Melodies here? Beautiful. Digest the phrases below, found throughout the song, pls:

  • “You say you got a girl. How you want me?” 
  • “Knowing it’s selfish. Knowing I’m desperate”. 
  • “Is you coming home. Is you out with her? I don’t care, as long as you’re here by 10:30”. 
  • “My man is my man is your man. That’s her man”. 
  • “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend. Make him lose his mind every weekend.” 
  • “You take Wednesday, Thursday and just send him my way. Think I’ve got it covered for the weekend”. 
  • “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend” 

“Doves in Wind” - the pussy song. 

Again, she begins a song with a seductive bassline. 

When I first heard Kendrick’s verse, I thought “he really wasn’t needed here”. But after a few listens, I realised a needed a man to verify how powerful pussy is. Women are not making this up. Your twitter timeline is not lying. You cheating uncle is not lying. Kendrick Lamar is not lying. 

Minor detail: I enjoyed his pitch on this track. That’s not his natural pitch. (He almost sounds like Anderson .Paak in some instances, which is besides the point). Now this might not have been the intention at all, but I just got the feeling he was robbed of his traditional masculine bass just talking about good pussy. Vulnerability turned up a notch. The Kendrick I know is the Kendrick on The Recipe, for example.  

My favourite line in this song? : “You can touch the booty if you like, I ain’t trippin on you” at 2:47. 

i could on and on about more of my favourite tracks but this post will get unnecessarily long. 

Bottom line is: girl … I am impressed. 

A threatening kiss

You and Harry are arguing after pictures of him making out with a girl are published online. He claims he’s innocent, but fed up and hurt you make him sleep at a hotel for the night. 

Warning: Hints on mature content

This is a One Shot I have had saved in my drafts for a very long time now and since I haven’t posted in a while, I tried to go over it one more time and then publish it. Please pardon any mistakes, I finished it in one sitting. Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!

Gif is not mine, as I have never gotten this close to the beautiful human that is Harry Styles. 

His hair was a mess after having his ringed fingers furiously pulling on the newly short locks. Harry’s eyes were desperate and reflected his distraught emotions. After having argued for over two hours now, he felt like all hope I might believe his words was lost. He didn’t find it in him to blame me though, there was enough evidence to be held against him. I didn’t look much better myself as I had adapted Harry’s habit of stressed hair pulling. Additional to that came the redness on my cheeks and the stickiness the tears had left on them. My mind and heart raced as I stared at the man standing in front of me. He looked so strange to me now. 

I’d always expected something like this to happen, he was the famous Harry Styles after all. People loved him, wanted to be like or with him and as his girlfriend, I was aware that at some point, I’d be pulled into the mess as well. Some day, someone would try to jeopardize our relationship. However, I had always thought that should it happen, it wouldn’t be real. Maybe a PR stunt his management forced onto him without him knowing or something.
I had never believed that he would come home and tell me that the pictures of him pressed against and kissing a girl, who clearly wasn’t me, were real. The pink lips I was so familiar with had just been tasted by someone else and that was something I could not accept.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?” Harry cried, his voice breaking after being raised for too long.

“Because this is exactly what everyone warned me about when I first started going out with you!”

Sitting down on the couch I buried my face in my hands as I allowed more tears to fall. My entire body jerked as sobs wrecked through me and I shook my head in disbelief.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Harry asked, disappointment evident in his voice.

“It’s what you always do, right? You’re going out with one girl and once you’re sick of her you pick the next in line. I always figured that was a PR thing and that it wouldn’t happen once you were in a serious relationship, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Seriously, Y/N? You can’t just hold what I did before I was with you against me now, that would make you no better than all those damn magazines talking bullshit about me. And besides, that’s not what happened at all! This girl just came on to me!

"Yeah? Well maybe none of this would’ve happened if you’d told your precious fans about us! Maybe you wouldn’t have to fight girls off if they knew that you’re already with someone!”

I knew I was being unfair as we had actually gotten to an agreement on that topic already, but I continued anyway. “But you like that don’t you? That’s why you’re keeping me as your dirty, little secret at home! You love how every girl would throw herself at your feet and kiss them should you ask!”

He shook his head. Harry’s breathing was hectic and he looked as exhausted as I felt. His usually intimidating appearance was shadowed by the glossiness of his green eyes and the hollowness of his cheeks. I felt sick. I knew what my words did to him, but to finally have voiced my darkest fears felt like a weigh being lifted off my chest.

“Look, Harry, I think we’ve argued enough for tonight. I’m done.”

He stared at me silently before nodding. “Alright. We should just talk about it tomorrow.”

“No,” I breathed, repetitively clenching and unclenching my fists. “I’m done with this mess. I want- I need a break.”

Harry’s eyes followed my movements as I got up and brushed past him on my way to the kitchen. When my shoulder brushed against his arm I felt as if the contact burned my skin. The meal I had prepared before the yelling had begun was now a mess and littered all over. The pieces of his plate lay still shattered on the floor while my food rested untouched and I quickly decided that I would only clean the worst of it tonight and leave the rest for tomorrow.

“What are you saying? You- You’re breaking up with me?” Harry’s voice sounded small from behind me and my heart broke at the noise.

It was the complete opposite from how he had spoken to me only minutes ago, all quiet and uncertain. I sighed and leaned against the sink.
I knew Harry loved me and god knows I loved him more than anything else, but I couldn’t deny the pain I felt when I first saw the pictures. The disappointment cursing through my veins when he confirmed that they were real. The taste of vomit made its way up my throat by the mere thought of his lips pressed to hers. His hands touched the skin of her waist, the tight crop-top exposing more than I ever wore out of the house, as her own hands fisted in his hair. And no matter how much he swore his faithfulness and devotion to me, he didn’t feel like mine anymore.

“I’ll stay at a hotel for the night.”

Within three strides he reached me and turned me to face him with gentle touches to my cheeks. His green eyes stared intensely into mine, making my knees go weak. I pressed back hard against the cold stone, uncomfortable by his sudden closeness.

“You want away from me that desperately?”

I carefully pried his hands from my face. “Yes. I’m sorry, Harry, but I want some time away from you.”

Tears shot to his eyes, drowning their green in pain. A sob left his mouth and I had to look away. Watching Harry cry hurt more than anything else had tonight. It felt wrong, seeing a person who was usually so confident and had happiness shining from his eyes looking at me with such utter sadness.

“Y/N,” Harry whispered, “Please. I- I know I fucked up badly. But I swear to you I didn’t cheat. I never would. Do you really believe I would ruin us for someone else?” he shook his head forcefully. “You’re the most important person in my life. Please, I beg of you-”

He moved to touch me again but I quickly raised both hands and pushed him away hard, a gesture that wouldn’t have done much given his height and strength, but it was Harry, and Harry reacted to my discomfort. He pulled away instantly and took a few strides back.

“Y/N,” he murmured, defeated. “will you not hear me out? Please.”

“I have and I can’t any longer, Harry,” I exhaled desperately. My hands rubbed the skin beneath my eyes to wipe away any wetness left on the skin. “Even looking at you doesn’t feel the same anymore. You kissed her! I can’t even say it without feeling like I’ll have to vomit! This is too much for me, can’t you see that?”

Harry looked as if I had hit him right across his face. His cheeks were red and his mouth open in shock. He tried to reach me again but seemed to change his mind and he let his hands drop to his sides.

“From the day we met, I have done nothing but love you! I’ve put you first, I sacrificed so much and this is what I get? How is that fair? Tell me ‘cause I’m stumped!”

“Listen to me,” he spoke in an urgent tone. His pleading came unexpected as I had gotten used to him screaming at me with nothing but anger in his voice.

“I’ll leave. Okay? I promise not to come back until you ask me to. I’ll give you time,” his voice cracked and he coughed, “away from me. But please, stay here. I need to know you’re safe.”

His eyes searched my face and widened when I nodded. Sleeping at a hotel somewhere in London wasn’t something I was exactly eager to do and since the entire argument was all his fault in my eyes, it may as well be him who suffers the consequences. Though the whole situation did cause me suffering as well.

“Fine,” I agreed quietly.

“I’ll get a few things and then I’ll be gone.”

He looked like he had hoped I’d say something along the line of a request to make him stay, but I only nodded again and watched as he slowly left the kitchen. I didn’t move, even when I heard him rummaging in our drawers and the zipper of a bag being pulled. The pit of my stomach felt like a vacuum, an empty space that pushed all my organs out its way to fill my body with uneasiness. Soon Harry was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, fully dressed and with his bag over his shoulder.

“I’ll… ehm… I’ll go now. You’ll be alright?”

“I think so,” I croaked.

We stared at each other for a minute. His lips partnered as he bit back so much he had to say, before deciding against it.

“Can I ask one thing from you before I go?”

I hesitated but nodded. Harry sighed and clenched and unclenched his hands.

“Kiss me? I don’t want to leave without one more kiss from you.”

The desperation in his voice caught my attention and kept me from shouting at him for even asking. I understood that he didn’t ask out of lust for me or so that he could prove a point. His eyes pleaded me to let him have one reminder as he feared I would decide to end our relationship while he was absent.

“Just one,” I murmured and forced myself not to step back as he approached me.

Harry carefully touched my cheek and whimpered upon feeling how sore my skin was. I reached my own arms up as he gently nudged my nose with his before leaning in further until his warm mouth met mine. I whined in surprise as he didn’t go slow like he usually did, but pushed his tongue against my lips in order to get me to open them the second they pressed against his. Harry cradled my face in both hands to keep me from moving away as he guided the kiss. Just as I felt myself loosing to him he pulled away.
His eyes stared at me as if he tried to speak through them, but before I could say anything he turned and exited the room.
I jumped when I heard the door slam shut forcefully. My heart ached at the faint sound of his car pulling up on the street as he drove away, leaving me alone in our big and empty home. It took less than ten minutes of him gone before the events of the night came crushing down on me, causing hysterical cries to leave my mouth as I crouched down on the floor. I didn’t bother quieting my sobs and allowed myself to be absorbed in my hurt. At first it surprised me that none of our neighbors came to check up on me, but it soon occurred to me that they had most likely heard Harry and I argue and seen him drive away. A sudden fear crept through me and I jumped to my feet. As it was very late it had got dark outside a long time ago. I knew how crazy the Londoner streets around our house got by this hour and I instantly reached for my phone. How could I have made him drive? My heart ached at the thought of something happening to him; I wouldn’t be able to bare it. Before my fingers could dial the familiar phone number, I stopped. I was acting foolish and simply tried to invent a reason for me to call him back. His presence was already missed dearly.
I made my way up to our bathroom, undressed and stepped into the shower. Hot water touching my skin always washed away any tension, today however, it did little to calm me. At least it killed time. Once dressed I grabbed a blanked and curled up on the couch, but it felt much too big without a second body there. I uncomfortably stretched my limps and after flipping through various channels I switched the TV off. I rested one of my hands against my forehead and momentarily closed my eyes.

Think Y/N. Think. What are the facts?

Harry had kissed a girl that wasn’t me. He had betrayed me in the most hurtful way and had gone against the one promise he’d made me he swore was as sacred to him as it was to me. He cheated. Another cry left my lips and I cursed my eyes for letting more tears fall as an image of him having sex with her shot through my head. My stomach turned. My Harry laying bare on a bed for someone who wasn’t me? I had always hated to as much as imagine him with women before we started dating, but to think of him sleeping with someone else while he had me was something entirely else. Unimaginable almost.

I decided he couldn’t have. Though I had believed him kissing someone else was impossible, too, sex was an entirely different department and I knew he would never cross that line. After all, he did tell me about it. He came home and immediately owned up to everything.
It had hurt just as much as I imagined hearing it through the media would have, but his honesty still meant a lot to me.

His reaction could have been a better one, though. The second I had began questioning him for details about how exactly the girl had gotten to be in a position this close to him, he raised his voice. I understood his anger at my doubts in him, but how could he possibly blame me? There were pictures for god’s sake! And they didn’t exactly show him particularly disgusted to be making out with a fan.
But what if his loud reaction had been his desperation shining through as he tried to show me how scared he was of losing us?

“Oh, Harry,” I whispered. “What are you doing to me.”

Maybe what I had said earlier was true. This happened because no one knew he had a girlfriend. Girls wouldn’t push themselves at him anymore once they knew, right? Okay, some might, but I knew there were fans who respected the girlfriends. And maybe what he had said was true, too. That he had always been faithful to me and didn’t deserve to be doubted by me. If only I could have collected my emotions and let him explain himself better.
I loved him so much. Too much maybe.
One glance to the clock told me that Harry had now been gone for over three hours already. The ache in my chest increased and I missed my boyfriend’s presence more and more by the second. I unlocked my phone and opened his chat where my fingers quickly flew over the keys.

Come home?

His answer came so quickly it made me smile in relief and picture him sitting beside his phone all night, awaiting a message from me.

You sure?

My phone buzzed again before I could reply.

Never mind. Don’t tell me. I’m on my way.

And again.

I’ll be there in 30. I love you. xx

Warmth spread through my body and I smiled. I patted the pillow I rested my head on and sighed happily, knowing that he’d be back soon. For the first time this evening, I felt at ease.



I felt a hand on my shoulder and then one pressed against my hips. My head felt dizzy and my eyes too heavy to fully open as I was lifted up and scooped into Harry’s arms.

“Why were you sleeping down here, baby? Did you forget our incredibly comfortable bed upstairs?” Harry softly chuckled.

“Mhmm,” I hummed, nuzzling his neck, finding comfort in his warmth. My heart swelled and I felt like I could finally breathe again as my chest pressed against his when he pulled me against himself tightly.

“I can’t believe you fought me to leave you the bed and sleep somewhere else, only for you to take the couch. Makes no sense, love, does it?”

Harry smiled when the only answer he received from me was a whine. He carried me upstairs and gently placed me on our soft mattress. Careful fingers unzipped the thin material I wore over my shirt before he slid off my sweats, leaving me in just the shirt and a pair of knickers. All of a sudden his presence was gone again.

“Harry?” I called out for him as I propped myself up on my elbows.

“I’m gonna sleep in the guest room, my angel” his quiet voice hummed from somewhere in the room.

“Why?” I couldn’t hide the disappointment in my voice. I had expected us to be fine now and him to cuddle with me. My mind was too tired to think about any more reasons to argue with him. I longed for this to become one of the quiet and comfortable nights we always had.

“You said you needed space, my love. Wanted away from me, remember?”

I could particularly hear his pout in his voice before a chuckle rumbled through the room when I vigorously shook my head. My shoulders relaxed as I noticed how calm he seemed.

“I changed my mind,” I whined and sat up, reaching both arms out into the direction I believed him standing since the darkness prevented me from actually seeing him. “Come here. Need you to make me warm again.”

Harry didn’t make any noise. I hated not seeing him and sighed as my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He stood near the door, an expression of hesitation on his face. There was a small smile playing on his lips, however, and I could see the relief in his eyes upon my request of him staying with me.
He didn’t move fast, as if he was expecting me to change my ming any second, but my breath hitched when I felt the bed dip under the weight of another body. Harry crawled onto his side of the bed, pulling the covers higher over the both of us. He sprawled out beside me and his eyes locked with mine.

“Hi,” he murmured quietly.

I reached out my hand and he entwined our fingers. I smiled when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to my knuckles. A giggle escaped his lips when I pulled at his hand, motioning him to move closer to me. Following my silent request he pushed himself up and laid his body down closer to mine, close enough for me to feel the warmth radiating off of him.

“Hey,” I breathed.

We stared at each other. His green eyes were clear and lightly swollen, telling me that he had cried at least as much as I did.

“I’m so sorry,” he promised in a low whisper.

I shook my head to silence him.

“Harry,” I breathed, brushing his hair from his forehead. “You know you mean the world to me. I want nothing less than to lose you, you must know that.”

“I don’t want to lose you either, Y/N,” Harry spoke and leaned forward to bury his nose against my shoulder and in my hair.

“You’ve proven me often enough that I can trust you,” I continued and reached up one hand so that I could caress his neck.
“Tell me your side of the story,” I suggested, “I’ll listen properly this time and will believe you, whatever it is you tell me.”

“Okay,” Harry agreed and tugged on my hand, followed by giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I was at Sainsbury’s to get your tea like you asked me to, when all of a sudden this girl showed up and she just grabbed my face and began kissing me. She fisted my hair and shirt so I couldn’t get her off of me without hurting her, which I obviously didn’t want to do either. I really had to push her several times before she lessened her grip, but of course that wasn’t until some damn photographer’s took pictures of it. I’m so sorry,” he choked on the last word, “Y/N I never meant for you to get hurt like this. I know what it looks like. But I swear to you, the kiss wasn’t mutual. I didn’t kiss back and I haven’t seen the girl since, nor would I ever want to! I’m so sorry. Please believe me.”

A sob left his lips and I shuddered as wet tears dripped onto my neck.

“Sh, Harry, it’s okay,” I tried to reassure him.

“No it’s not, I mean look at you. You’re hurt and you’ve been crying. And I yelled at you when you aren’t the one who made the mistake. I’m such an asshole. ”

“That’s not true, Harry. You’re nothing like an asshole. At all.”

Harry sniffled and pulled back so he could look at me. The back of my hands moved up to brush over his temples before taking hold of his face.

“I love you so much,” I told him. “You didn’t to anything wrong. I should have believed you in the first place instead of doubting you. You’ve always been faithful to me, a picture shouldn’t have been able to ruin all that.”

I gently stroke over his eyelid with the tip of my finger. The skin felt sore and I sighed sadly.
“I’m sorry I caused you so much pain.”

His hands held my waist and pulled me against him. Harry shuffled further down and pressed his head against my shoulder. I rested my chin on his head and kissed his hair. I felt him breath heavily as if he wanted to say something and couldn’t find the words. Finally all he said was:

“I love you.”

“Love you, too, Harry” I whispered.

Silence settled upon us and I felt like there was nothing more we could say, but we didn’t fall asleep full. Harry didn’t move until the very early morning. It was only then that he allowed me to move my arms from around his shoulders to around his waist as he crawled up to lay closer by the headboard.

“M'gonna tell the world about us tomorrow,” he murmured, “Want everyone to know that m'taken.”

I sighed and nodded. “Please do.”

We stayed cuddled like that for several more hours before he rolled over me. His mouth found mine in a slow kiss and his hands reached down to pull at the hem of my knickers. We didn’t bother taking off my shirt or completely pushing down his boxers, only freeing what was needed.
I kissed him tenderly and blindly reached behind him to pull the covers over both of our heads.

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback is always welcome and so are requests, though I’m quite busy at the moment and it will take me some time to finish anything I start new right now. 

The rest of what I wrote you can find here: 


anonymous asked:

sorry to bother, but do you have any evidence on-hand for that Foods To Eat [before/after/to (do/thing)] post sourced to you? i'd like to think it's accurate information but considering it's just claims with no supporting evidence, i'm dubious. thank you!

The What to Eat post contains 12 snippets, therefore which one are you referring to? Are you referring to all 12 or one in particular?

I will start by saying that all 12 snippets come from The Fitness Café, they have over one million followers on Facebook where the vast majority of their content is posted I would be surprised that a network with such colossal following promote “dubious” information. That said, FYI one of the Fitness Café founders actually lost 48lbs in one year and is on his way to completing his first half marathon; unquestionably I am certain he’d be more than happy to hear your concern/feedback regarding his webpage content. Withal, there is a contact us section through their main website or you can also contact them through their FB page if you want to further verify with these guys!

As for evidence, obviously I cannot speak on behalf of the Fitness Café founders, but I can certainly throw in my 2 cents!

If you have been following me for the past 6 years, one thing you learn about me through my blog is that I am a huge advocate of Hippocrates, the father of medicine motto and philosophy; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. In other words, “you are what you eat”! Considering that every 35 days your skin replaces itself and your liver about a month with new cells coming from the foods you eat there is no doubt what you eat literally becomes you! The food you ingest can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Continuing in the same vein, it is also no secret eating a nutritious daily diet is important to maintain good health. Consuming a variety of foods helps to get the daily vitamins, minerals, protein and energy necessary for feeling your best. Many fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed whole foods have properties that can benefit our health. Studies in the past decade have taken nutritional research beyond protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Chemicals in the plants called phytochemicals have been a specific focus in the past decade, offering benefits such as cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, and hormone regulation, to name a few.

There is truly a cornucopia of nutritional benefits that have been discovered. Since the post in question is way too long I will evidently not elaborate on all 12 snippets. 

Before elaborating on some of the information contained in that post I’d like to give you a bit of a background about myself since you didn’t seem to mind reading the about me section on my blog (no pun intended). 

I’m Stephanie (you can call me Steph), I used to be a class 2 obese teen who lost 70 pounds on her own (no personal trainer, no nothing), went from 220 lbs. to 150 lbs. during my first year of college mainly by undertaking running. Long story short, running became more than just a hobby with time (obviously), so after college I decided to give it a shot and try out for the varsity track and field team. I became so passionate with everything surrounding health that I decided to add a minor in social sciences of health during my undergrad. The rest is history, that once obese kid is now a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) tracklete – FYI I am a short distance runner. All that to say, I am not just a random anon posting about health and fitness, I actually live it, breath it and studied the subject. 

Going back to the subject, as a varsity athlete and an avid runner the information contained in the Foods to eat section for: muscle gain, running, before and after workout seems to be correct to me. I can’t think of any fellow sport mate who’d say otherwise.

For example, the what to eat for running sections makes mention of quite a few carbohydrates -  if you are an athlete not only a runner you understand the vital role these micronutrients play when it comes to performing. Healthy carbohydrates of course such as grains (brown rice), sweet potatoes, bananas (such as indicated in the post).

If you are familiar with the world of running, it should be no secret to you that most runners know they should eat pasta, rice, potatoes, or other high-carb foods before a half or full marathon (which is known as carbo-load). After all, carbs are a great source of energy, and you need a lot of energy to cover 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Having said that, if you are unfamiliar with Carb science I would recommend you read on it, it’s very interesting.  

A bit of carb science:

When you eat a bowl of spaghetti, most of the carbs are stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver. Glycogen is your body’s most easily accessible form of energy, but it’s not the only source. During a half or full marathon, you burn both glycogen and fat. But the latter is not as efficient, which means your body has to work harder to convert it into fuel.

When you run out of glycogen during a race you hit “the wall.” Your body has to slow down as it turns fat into energy. Proper carbo-loading—or filling your muscles to the brim with glycogen—won’t make you faster, but it will allow you to run your best and, if you race smartly, avoid the wall. Obviously, as mentioned above you have to choose wisely and select the proper carbs.

I personally like to stick to same carbs, sweet potatoes, plantains and berries, but runners don’t need to be so restrictive. Tortillas, oatmeal, bread, pancakes, waffles, bagels, yogurt, and juice are all easy-to-digest options. Many fruits are high in carbs but are also high in fiber—and too much can cause stomach trouble midrace. Bananas are a low-fiber choice. And you can peel apples, peaches, and pears to reduce their fiber content. Throughout the years, I have posted several posts about carbs for runners on my blog.

Moving on, as for the muscle building snippet, I think it is pretty obvious that the foods mentioned contribute to muscle gain. All of the foods contained in the post below are loaded with protein, so I really don’t see why the information would be regarded as “dubious”. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition who’d think otherwise. Protein is a major micronutrient when it comes to muscles growth. Protein is made up of amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles and body. Without them, it would be impossible to build, repair or even maintain muscle tissue. Protein is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Having a sufficient amount of protein will put you in a positive nitrogen balance, or an anabolic state. Being in an anabolic state will allow you to build muscle. Protein is even described as structural components of body tissues such as muscle, hair, collagen, etc., and as enzymes and antibodies.

As for fruits/vegetables I supposed the Fitness Café may be alluding to plant-based protein foods or carbs. A lot of fitness novices make the error of cutting carbs from their diet thinking it will help their muscles grow faster which isn’t the case at all.  As effective as high-protein diets are for losing weight and athletic performance, you still need carbs and fat for maximum muscle growth (all micronutrients). As seen above, your body uses carbs for energy during exercise. If your cache of carbs is low, your body will use protein as an alternate fuel source, and your muscles won’t grow as much as they would if you were feeding them a cocktail of protein and carbs. As for the fat, it’s vital for the production of muscle-building testosterone. (Studies show that guys who eat higher-fat diets also have higher testosterone levels). Good carbs can be obtained from a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Speaking of protein, if you paid attention to the content of the post you’ve portably noticed that protein shakes/bars and foods are mentioned in the after/before and muscle gain section. One of the most important things you learn when getting seriously into fitness is the crucial importance of proper supplementation pre-and post-workout.  Although it can vary by brand, most experts recommend taking protein in two servings: one an hour or so before your workout to tank off your body’s energy reserves, and another dose immediately after you work out to help repair muscle damage and fuel the growth of new muscles.

As a woman, I would like to also comment of the pregnancy section before concluding. Although, I have no intention of getting pregnant anytime soon, I have been reading a lot about healthy pregnancy lately and the foods showed in that section as well seems pretty accurate to me based on my readings. For example, leafy greens such as spinach have high levels of folate and iron, and kale and turnip greens are both good calcium sources. These minerals are important during pregnancy. Furthermore, all women need 10 extra grams of protein a day during pregnancy (for a total of at least 60 grams); beans and lentils are an excellent source, with about 15 grams per cup. They’re also high in fiber, which helps to combat constipation. And 1 cup of cooked lentils meets half of your daily folate requirement. Moreover, considering that many women develop aversions to meat while pregnant. Eggs are an excellent alternative protein source, since they contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. I also really like the fact that they mentioned lean meat because during pregnancy a woman’s iron intake needs to double so it’s important to include plenty of iron-rich foods now.

I could go on and on and give many examples, but I think you get it now. I invite to read more about health, fitness, wellness, everything surrounding wellbeing in general. Do I agree with everything Fitness Café mentioned yes and no, the world of fitness is always debating on various topic! There are a few things I would have added/changed, but overall for starters I think it’s a great post.


Let Food Be Thy Medicine:


Bad Kitten||Winchester Brothers||

So this is something I’ve tried to start writing twice but my phone’s being an asshole and cutting off the app before I have the chance to finish what I’m writing. Hopefully my laptop won’t and I’ll be able to publish this smut. I might make this into a series but I’m not sure yet. Depends on how it goes.

Word count: 3,199 words

CAUTION: Stop here unless you want to read smut about the Winchester brothers. Mature readers only! Pure smut ahead. Trying to work the plot before the smutty threesome.

Warnings: oral, anal, threesome, daddy kink


Knowing the Winchester brothers and being close with them has its perks. Yes, despite everything Supernatural trying to kill you for even knowing the two brothers, it’s actually worth it. Hunting with the brothers is the fun part.

Dressed in a white figure hugging, finger length bodycon dress with black lace from the top of my breast to around the front of my neck, a cream coat on over the dress paired with a pair of nude heels. My hair falls down my back in luscious caramel curls meanwhile natural eyeshadow outline my eyes. Baby pink blush covers my pale cheeks as a wine red coats my lips, giving me a professional/bad chick look.

“Why are you so dressed up for this case? We’re supposed to look like FBI agents, not clubbers.” Dean asks me as soon as I exit the bathroom in my outfit.“I’ll dress as I want. Besides, this is professional.” I respond as I shove past Dean and walk over to my bag and bend down so I can find my badge for this part of the case. I hum to myself softly as I finally find the badge. I straighten back up and turn around only to see both Dean and Sam staring at me intently with intuitive faces. I raise an eyebrow in question before I shake it off and walk back into the bathroom so I can touch up what needs to be fixed.

Finally, we walk into the police station and instantly, the attention is drawn to us. Standing between the two brothers with a serious expression seems to be all I need to have every male in the building eye raping me. My heels click against the tiled floor as we walk toward the front desk to find out where the sheriff is.“Hello. We were wondering if we could speak to the Sheriff please.” I say sweetly to the male who was eyeing me up.“What for?” The male asks as he keeps his gaze focused on me.“We’re here about the case of the recent murder.” Sam states as he glares at the male who seemed more interested in me than what we were saying.

“He’s busy right now. Come back later though and he’ll be free. Unless you wanna stay longer, gorgeous.” The male tells me, smirking at me when he gets to the end of his sentence.“Darling, we’re FBI. Pretty sure that the sheriff wouldn’t mind if we bothered him.” I say sweetly as we flash our FBI badges, making the male pale quite a bit.

“Right this way.” He says leading us toward the sheriff’s office, me once again standing between the two brothers.“Sheriff, the FBI are here.” The male says after knocking on the door before opening it.“Let them in.” A familiar voice says making my breath catch in my throat.“Why, if it isn’t Malia.” The familiar voice says making me smile awkwardly.

Before me is my ex boyfriend from high school, Derek Mason. His crystal blue eyes still as clear as when we were kids, his shaggy blonde hair falling into his right eye giving him that mysterious persona.“Derek Mason. Never thought that we would meet again.” I say with a fake smile. I sit down in the chair in front of the oak desk as Sam sits beside me and Dean leans his hands on the back of my chair, his arms occasionally brushing against my back.

“Who are you?” Dean asks, trying to figure out how Derek knows me.“I’m Derek Mason. We met in high school. Greenwood high school.” Derek says cockily trying to be the dominant male in the room, making me roll my eyes.“Oh, I remember you.” Dean says with a cold attitude.

“Can we stay on topic please? Derek, what did you find at the crime scene?” I ask with another fake smile as I notice Derek checking me out.“Well, the crime scene was clean, almost too clean. There was blood, intestines and pieces of skin covering the walls, floor, and anything else but there were absolutely no prints. Then the lights just cut off. When the lights came on, there was a message written on the wall in black goo.” Derek says as he maintains eye contact with me. I could feel the anger rolling off of Dean in waves as he tightens his grip on the chair. I glance over at Sam only to see that he’s lost in thought.

“Do you mind if we check out the crime scene for ourselves?” I ask sweetly knowing that he would give in as he looks into my hazel eyes.“Go ahead. Wouldn’t want to go back there for anything. Unless it’s you of course.” Derek flirts making me roll my eyes at his flirting.“I would rather die than have you rescue me. Now, if you don’t mind, can we have some copies of the evidence you’ve collected so far?” I ask sweetly as both brothers try to cover their chuckles at my statement.

“Anything for you beautiful.” Derek flirts once again making me clench my fists in my lap so I don’t react and punch him in the face, therefore blowing our cover.“Flirt with me one more time and see what happens, Sheriff.” I threaten coldly as I glare at him, making him raise an eyebrow at my statement.

He walks off and leaves us in the room as Dean stays quiet and crosses his arms over his chest.“Okay, so besides the fact that he can’t stop flirting with Malia do you believe him? I mean, what kind of creature does something like that?” Sam asks after making sure that Derek isn’t around.

“No idea but if he doesn’t stop flirting with me, I’ll end up kicking his ass.” I state as I get up and lean against the desk and cross one leg over another, instantly catching the attention of the two brothers.“Yeah. So, isn’t that your ex boyfriend from high school, back when you were staying with us?” Dean asks making me sigh.“Yeah. I broke up with him because I found evidence of him cheating on me with one popular cheerleader. Anyways, that’s besides the point. Let’s just get the evidence from Derek before heading back and researching.” I say as I look at Dean only to see that he’s already staring at me with dark forest green eyes. Something in his stare makes me smirk coyly, almost as if it was a game to see who exactly would make the first move.

A sudden tension forms in the air between the three of us, growing thicker by the intense stares being shared between the three of us. Man, this is going to be fun.

We finally get back to the motel and I jump onto my bed wearing a pair of tight spandex volleyball shorts I’ve had since high school and a low cut Victoria Secret tank top.“So, we know that the creature hunts at night, seeing as how this is the third attack this month. They all seem to happen around the same little area. At first, I thought it was Vampires, but they don’t rip the victim to shreds.” I say speaking up as I look at Sam who was busy typing away on his laptop. His jean clad legs perched on the seat on the other side of the table meanwhile his flannel is rolled up to his elbows showing off his firm arms. His shaggy brown hair that’s grown longer over time curls around the edge of his face lightly, illuminating his tan skin even more and hazel green eyes even more.

Malia has no idea what she does to me. When I saw her wearing the white dress, I almost grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. The dress hugs her figure in all the right places but at the same time, they tease me by reminding me that she has no idea how she affects Sammy and I. Her innocent hazel eyes that glow with mischief when she’s pranking Sam. After meeting Derek again and watching other men stare at her as if she’s a piece of meat, it makes me want to sock each of them in the face. It’s not how they should be staring at someone as beautiful as her.


¥So this is where it starts to get smutty kinda so keep reading if you’re into this kind of thing. It’s going to be in Malia’s point of view or possibly no point of view at all. It just depends.¥

The tension from earlier returns ten times thicker than it was before. More than likely, it’s the sexual tension. Its then that Dean and Sam jump into the Impala and leave, claiming that they were going to check out the crime scene, leaving Malia alone in the motel room.

Taking the chance, Malia pulls the cover up over her body before slowly making her way down her body. Knowing that both the brothers will be gone for quite a while, she’s taking advantage of that so she can take care of her own problems that formed the moment Dean gazed at her with his dark forest green eyes and the way his jaw clenched. Slowly working her way out of her clothes, Malia leaves her clothes beside the bed in a neat pile before she begins working.

She slowly trails her hand down her chest and playfully pinched the soft buds of her breasts, using the delicate touches to tease herself and slowly work herself up. Images of Dean licking his plump lips pops into her mind as she pictured him sitting in a chair at the end of the bed watching her slowly work herself to an orgasm.

Then she slowly makes small circles around the slowly erecting buds, trying to keep her pace slow so the pleasure lasts. After a while, Malia lets her hands drop further to her hip bones before trailing lightly against her skin. Once she gets bored of that, she goes right for the prize and begins to work herself up without going past the lips of her pussy.

With a silent cry, her back arches off the bed as her fingers move in circles hitting all the right places without penetrating anything. At some point, the covers that once masked her body from view fall to the floor and leave her bare body out for show.

Teasingly slipping one finger deeper, she quickly retracts the finger before picturing Sam’s fingers replacing her own as Dean stands by and watches.

Sam and Dean both stop outside the motel room door and share a look with each other. They left Malia alone in the motel room while they went on a drive to discuss what they planned to do to Malia tonight for being naughty and wearing that dress out where all of the men gawked.

They pause right before opening the door due to a moan echoing from inside the motel room. A loud moan reaches the brothers ears which makes them smirk knowing that their princess couldn’t help herself. Dean then quickly unlocks the door before they open the red oak only to be met with Malia’s pussy facing them and a look of pleasure spread on her face.“f-fuck.” Malia whimpers breathlessly as her back arches off the bed and gives the two a good look at her naked body.

Dean feels the thick atmosphere of the room growing as he and Sam move further into the room, both brothers quietly moving a chair to where they could watch their princess work. Seated at the end of the bed, Dean has a perfect view of the pussy belonging to a goddess. Sam sits down as close to Malia as possible but at the same time, he avoids alerting her of his presence.

Malia picks up her pace before she penetrates her vagina, giving in to the pleasure she’s been craving. She moves her fingers in and out smoothly, biting her lip in the process to keep from being too loud. The sound of zipping reaches Sam’s ear and he looks down at his older brother only to see him fishing his cock out of the confines of his jeans, freeing the hardened cock as he watches Malia carefully.

Sam carefully mimics his brother’s actions, fishing his cock out of his jeans so he can take care of the painful throbbing caused by the beauty on the bed. The two brothers grasp their cock by the base and slowly twist their hands upwards, taking all the time they need while keeping track of the sounds Malia is making.

After a while, Dean moves onto the bed and sits down beside her pussy, grabbing her hand to stop her movements. She tenses up and opens her hazel eyes only to see both brothers sitting nearby.“Sam! Dean! What are y'all doing?” Malia asks in a small voice, the scratch in her voice not going unnoticed by the brothers as they share a smirk.

“Oh nothing. You know, watching Princess work herself to an orgasm when she could’ve just asked us for help instead. Now we have to punish you.” Dean says making Malia swallow.“w-what do you mean, punish me?” Malia asks, curious to find out where this side of the brothers is coming from.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart. We’re going to take real good care of you tonight, Princess.” Dean purrs as he places a hand on her chest and eases her back down to the bed. Malia looks up to Sam for answers only to be met with dark brown eyes instead of the green hazel that Sam’s eyes normally are. Her heart begins to pound at the thoughts beginning to swarm her mind of what the two have in store.

Dean looks at Sammy and nods before they both start stripping out of their clothes meanwhile Malia focuses on their movements, watching eagerly as the muscular bodies are revealed to her. She moves to the edge of the bed where Dean is standing and sits back on her bottom thighs. She looks up at Dean with her doe hazel eyes as she begins to kiss her way up his chest, starting from the waistband of his boxers still on his body upward as she trails her tongue along with her lips.

Dean takes a deep breath as he stares down at the female whose slowly making her way up his chest, leaving a few hickies in her wake. Sam climbs onto the bed fully bare and he climbs over Malia so his dick is positioned under her pussy, for when she rocks back and forth, there’ll be pressure where they both need it most. Malia gets to Dean’s lips and kisses him forcefully, trying to fight for dominance meanwhile Sam began to leave marks of his own on the skin of her pale back. Malia feels Dean’s tongue poking at her lips and she obeys, trying not to make her punishment worse.

Sam could feel the slick leaking from her pussy and onto his cock which makes him want to have her his way that much more. Dean moves his gaze over the top of Malia’s head and nods to his brother, letting the two give into their primal desires. Dean shoves Malia off of him gently but still with a show of dominance. The air thickens with the anticipation of what’s to come.

Sammy falls backward, pulling Malia with him as Dean falls on top of Malia, landing face first into her chest.“Dean.” Malia moans out softly, her skin buzzing with electricity. Dean smirks as he opens his mouth, using his tongue to swirl the bud around. Sam moved his fingers to her entrance where he begins using one finger to open her up enough. Malia’s back arches and a small ‘fuck’ escapes her breathless lips as she pushes her chest firmer into Dean’s face. She grabs a fistfull of Dean’s hair before pushing him further into her chest, making him smirk cockily. Sam speeds his pace up before adding another finger, increasing the pleasure.“Please, Sam, Dean, both of you fuck me like the little whore I am. Fill me up with both of your huge cocks as you pound mercilessly into my tight little pussy.” Malia begs making both brothers freeze at the words escaping the female’s mouth.

Sam slips his fingers out of her pussy as he moves so that he’s lined up with her asshole.“So, you want it rough?” Dean asks cockily as he sits up on her stomach as he lines up with her pussy. Instead of answering, Malia grabs Dean’s thick and long cock before slamming him into her, automatically making her force herself onto Sam at the same time. The slight sting makes Malia moan as she moves her hips slowly seeing as to how the two males were too shocked to move. Eventually they both snap out of it and sharply thrust into her two entrances.

“FUCK!” Malia yelps as she closes her eyes in pleasure, throwing her head back onto Sam’s shoulder. Dean leans forward and attaches his lips to any skin he can get his hands on meanwhile making sure to leave hickies in his wake.

Malia becomes a rag doll between the two brothers, loving every second of it since they reach the places that make her see stars. She digs her nails into Dean’s back and they trail downward, leaving angry red lines in their place. Dean groans and bites down on her neck harshly in pleasure before grinding his teeth with her skin still in between. Sweat coats all three of them as they fight to make the other come first. She tightens her grip on Dean which makes him pound into her even quicker, giving into what they’ve all three been desiring.

Malia releases all over the two brothers with a groan, the tightness of her pussy being the thing that pushes them over the edge, leading to an extended orgasm.“Damn, Princess. I didn’t know you liked it like that. Now, can you be good for your daddies and hold your hands above your head?” Dean asks making Malia groan low in her throat, the feeling already returning.“I’d do anything for my daddy.” Malia states innocently as she obliges and holds her hands together above her head, ready for whatever the brothers were going to throw her way.

An  Unlikely Reunion of Lost Love - Aragorn

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

Request from @ly–canthrope : ) I was wondering if I could possibly request an Aragorn x Reader request please? Where you were apart of the fellowship as a feared warrior but when they were overrun by Uruk-hai, she was mistaken as dead and left behind - it is months later (battle at helms deep perhaps) where her and Aragorn meet again and he is completely shocked etc. You can choose how it ends heh, thank you :)

Translations: mellon, friend.

Abbreviations: E/C: Eye color, H/C: Hair color

Warnings: Descriptions of main character death, battle of Hornburg (aka Helm’s Deep), battle with Uruk-hai, heartbreak, loss of loved one.


I watched in horror as the world seemed to darken as the blood drained from Boromir’s gaunt face, leaving his skin pale and sickly, contrasting dramatically with the blackened arrows that protruded from his chest. 

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Let's get some things clear about Tsukiyama Shuu.

disclaimer: i am not claiming any of the following to be absolute truth, only theory

Ishida writes very intricately; Everything he does is for a reason and for everything that he blatantly points out there’s a different, often opposite meaning to it. He made Tsukiyama out to be the villain, Touka to be the love interest, Yomo to be a back ground character, Arima to be the CCG’s hero, and there’s many more.

This post gives an interesting theory that it’s likely that Arima is the One Eyed King, aka the leader of Aogiri; the ultimate villain. Touka has taken the back seat in importance in Tokyo Ghoul:re; she triggered a feeling of nostalgia in Haise but it wasn’t a groundbreaking event. It’s obvious that Yomo has a bigger role with Rize and his relationship with Ken, he is not a side character by any stretch of the imagination. In regards to triggers for Haise I think it’s important to note that Nishiki’s reunion made him react violently, his memories just barely coming to the surface. He was also one of the people he talked to seriously before he left to the raid that ultimately resulted in his “death”

I’m going to take the time right now to acknowledge that Shuu had every intention to kill and eat Kaneki during the initial Gourmet arc. I don’t think the desire to eat him ever went away, but was curbed by other desires.

With all that in mind, and with Ishida’s style in mind as well, what does all of this make Tsukiyama? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Let’s start here: They have the most in common out of every character in the series. 

They both had the person they held most dear torn from them leaving them ALONE.


They used books to help them through their loneliest times.

And I don’t think he was lying when he said:

We don’t know about Tsukiyama’s family or his past other than that; for all we know he could have had a similar transformation to Kaneki when he lost his mind- maybe that’s how he learned to ignore his feelings; Maybe that’s why he focused on food to mask them. By chapter 128 he had to say it outloud to keep the lie going; he had to tell himself something to keep the feelings from showing assuming he is lying to himself.

He had no reason to tell Kaneki outright that he wants/needs to eat him. By telling him that did he expect to gain his trust or win him over? Obviously not; he had to have said it for he himself to believe it. No one lies to themselves that harshly unless something happened to make them do that; he must have been damaged by something or someone that made him start lying and deceiving people.

I’d also like to note that after Tsukiyama said “so you won’t give it to me…? my greatest delicacy…?” Not only did Kaneki not acknowledge the fact he just confessed to still wanting to eat him, he assured him that he understood the danger and validated his concern; he saw through the act and the lie.

As we all know Tsukiyama is a very proud man, he thinks highly of himself and takes pride in his title as the Gourmet.

He took pride in serving Kaneki.

He sacrificed his entire livelihood for Kaneki.

He began losing concentration out of concern for him.

He showed visible and audible distress at the thought of him dying by the CCG’s or Aogiri’s hands.

He let his guard down completely and didn’t try to defend himself when Kaneki lost his mind.

The whole group witnessed Kaneki unraveling in front of them, but only Tsukiyama kept his focus on him.

Tsukiyama knew Kaneki felt guilty that he hurt Banjou; it was also indicated earlier in the manga that Tsukiyama knew Kaneki was cannibalizing other ghouls to become stronger, he also knows that makes ghouls insane so we can assume he knows full well how Kaneki must feel. With this in mind, he took the time to comfort him in the best way he knew how: books.

Shuu also said he had the right to the strength he has, and if he let go of his shitty pride he’d be able to embrace that. But what I saw as important was what he said as he left:

At one point he suggested working together with Hinami to help him get back to normal.

On top of all of that, I noticed that Shuu only says “tell me” to his close friends.

He certainly doesn’t see Kaneki as a pet but he does do this:

Knowing this we can assume he genuinely considers Kaneki to be at least close friend. 

Looking to post chapter 128, we see the result of Tsukiyama losing the person he held most dear.

He questioned his meaning in life: was living all about gourmet food? What even is gourmet food to him if losing his “greatest delicacy” could do something like this?

We recently discovered his state very vaguely in Tokyo ghoul:re.

The once proud gourmet has starved himself and is withering away. He no longer seems to care for his appearance or well-being. However, we do still see a part of him that stayed the same- his endearing sense of fashion.

No one starves themselves for 3 years;

No one deprives themselves of life’s happiness for 3 years;

No one gives up everything to let themselves deteriorate and die for 3 years unless they were truly broken and hopeless.

A lost meal would not break a confident, powerful man like Shuu.

Now, with everything aforementioned in mind, what can we call Tsukiyama’s role in the Tokyo Ghoul series? In my opinion, with every else’s roles in mind and assuming this series will have all the roles in a typical story, I think Tsukiyama Shuu is Ken’s love interest (at least one sided). Not for the sake of the ship, but based on the evidence in ink on paper.

So what is Kaneki Ken to him? The world; his moon and stars; his life and his everything. There’s no question that his love for Ken is unhealthy and it started out as a sick obsession, but we cannot ignore Tsukiyama’s development as a character. The build up to Haise’s and Tsukiyama’s reunion has been the most intense out of the characters revealed so far.* It’s absolutely essential to recognize the importance of Tsukiyama’s character and his development in regards to the story because obviously he’s going to play a big part solely based on the fact that the entire plot is currently revolving around him

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a bit along the way! Let’s begin taking care within our fandom to stick together and stop the hate that’s recently started. It doesn’t matter who we all ship, the fact is we love the series for what it is and that unites us. ♥

*I’m not excluding Hide here, he hasn’t even been mentioned therefore he does not apply to this specific opinion.

Edit: it’s come to my attention that calling Tsukiyama the love interest is kinda pushing it so I want to say he just rreeeaaallllyyyy loves Kaneki. Whether or not he’ll be the love interest is up in the air but there’s no doubt he has intense feelings for Ken.
Kind (Barry Allen x Reader)

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: swear words

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             The day was sunny and my sense of direction was fucked up. I had no idea where I was and where I was actually going. It didn’t really help that I was new to the Central City and my phone has just died few minutes earlier. I looked at the useless device in my hand cursing myself that I forgot to charge it.

             Sure Y/N, go out, see the new city, forget that your battery was dying and get lost. I shook my head looking at the shops around me. I knew what I had to do. I had to find a book shop with maps. Yes, I was going to be old-fashioned and buy a map. People used to use only these and find their way around. Why couldn’t I? It was going to be great. I would get in touch with part of history… see the city I just moved into… It was going to be just peachy.

             After acquiring the map, I spent good ten minutes orientating myself around. I pin-pointed my location and the location of Central City Museum and I was good to go. With a map in my hand and proud/scared look on my face I started walking, looking at the piece of paper every few seconds, knowing well that I would lose myself otherwise.

             I had a good feeling that I was getting closer, or that I might have walked in a completely different direction. I didn’t know. The map didn’t have the small blue dot that I was so used to. I began to think, how easy I had it with my phone, which was doing literally everything for me. I thanked silently the people who came up with smartphones, for making my life that much easier.

             Lost in thought and in my map I bumped into someone. I lost my balance and I was almost 100% sure I was going to end up on the ground, somehow doubting that the map would cushion my fall.

‘Woah!’ I heard the male voice and I was balanced by the owner of it.

             I crashed the map in my hands and felt my cheeks burning bright red. I looked up and saw the most beautiful being I have ever seen. He was tall, his eyes were shining like two emerald crystals and his brown messy hair were sticking out in all directions. I kind of wanted to touch them. I looked at his full, pink lips and licked mine. I was so done.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked looking at me intensively.

             I was mute. I didn’t know what to say, I could only stare into those mesmerizing eyes. I needed to get my shit together and fast, because that beautiful human being just spoke to me and I needed to stop staring at him like a creep, I probably was.

‘Yeah… sorry’ I said quietly, feeling stupid ‘It’s just that bloody map was in a way… and I wasn’t looking where I was going and my phone died and I just moved here and they have this new exhibition in the museum and I wanted to see it before they closed it, but now I realise that I’m probably lost cause for the life of me I can’t find my way without my phone… I’m sorry, I’m a mess.’

             Woah. Great. I just told this total stranger my whole life story, it was going so great. I felt my cheeks getting even redder and I wondered how that was even possible. I looked like a tomato and I knew that it wasn’t my best look.

             I looked up at him and I could see traces of laughter in his eyes.

‘For one, CC museum is that way’ he pointed towards the direction I just came from.

             I hung my head down and shook it. I just made myself look like a complete idiot. He probably thought my sense of direction was really bad. Which was not wrong, but I didn’t necessarily want him to know that. Not yet anyways.

‘I’m passing it on my way to work, if you want I can take you there’ he said.

             I blinked few times, trying so hard not to overanalyse what that meant. He was just a kind soul, that took pity on me. It was on his way to work; it didn’t mean anything. It definitely didn’t give me the right to think about how beautiful our future children would be and the wedding march should not be playing in my head.

‘It is so kind of you’ I said, struggling with the map to put it back the way I found it.

‘I’m Barry, by the way’ he said, extending his hand towards me.

             I took it, shaking it lightly. Barry was an old man’s name. But it was not going to be an issue for me. Not with that beautiful smile of his.

             Y/N. Chill the hell out. He is just a strange man, who you just met. He literally did not give you any reason to fall in love with him. Well, except his face and his kindness. I wanted to be Mrs Barry so much.

‘I’m Y/N’ I said, smiling. ‘I’m sorry for bumping into you like that…’

‘Well, in all honesty, I bumped into you, cause I was on my phone’ he laughed awkwardly.

             I looked at him for few seconds and chuckled. There was no awkwardness between us. Normally when I talked to new people I had this feeling I was doing something really wrong. It wasn’t the case with him. I felt comfortable, I felt like I could tell him anything. And that scared me a bit, since I literally knew him for five minutes.

‘Well, Barry, I forgive you’ I said laughing.

‘But seriously, the map? Couldn’t you get a battery pack for your phone or something?’ he asked.

             I blinked few times. Yeah, I was really slow. That thought didn’t even cross my mind. The moment my phone died, my brain went straight to a map. Well done, Y/N, well fucking done.

‘I guess I wanted to feel like I was living in 2000s…’ I joked, chuckling ‘Okay, I didn’t really think about that.’

             He stopped and I looked at him confused. He showed me the huge building with the Central City Museum carved into it. I just overshot it by mere 200 meters. What was even more embarrassing, I probably passed it on my way. And I missed it. I missed a huge building. How did I even manage to do that, I had no idea.

‘See, I wasn’t that far off’ I said.

             I really didn’t want him to go. Our encounter was really brief, but it felt right. It felt like I was supposed to bump into him on that day. My phone was supposed to die and I was supposed to meet Barry.

‘Well, that’s where I leave you’ he announced, hesitantly, giving me his hand. ‘It was nice to meet you, Y/N’

‘Likewise’ I shook his hand.

             He nodded, let go off my hand and turned around. I tried to stifle the sadness which took over my heart when I saw him walking away. I felt really stupid, since I really didn’t know anything about him, but it just felt wrong. Him walking away felt wrong.

             He turned around and looked at me, making up his mind.

‘Y/N, can I have your number?’ he said, confidence evident in his voice ‘I don’t want you getting lost again… And I could show you around Central City… If you would like that, I mean.’

             Thank god.

‘Yeah, I’d like that’ I smiled.


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Common myths and misconceptions about otherkin

i see a lot of people who are making insults on otherkin, and i feel like they dont quite understand it completely

before we continue, for my otherkin friends out there, I’m a forest dragon, as well as fictionkin to bill cipher and invader zim.

Do otherkin try to act like their spiritual self? as in a wolfkin eating raw,uncooked meat, running around in the forest running on all fours?

No. Though some do try to feel as comfortable as they can, not all of us are uncomfortable with our human bodies. Many people misconceive us in this way.

We are trying to feel good in our environment: wolfkin are known for eating more meat than others, but this is natural instinct, as well as dragonkin naturally hoarding, napping and sunbathing. People who are in kin with forest animals usually keep a small garden, too!

Otherkin are known for having natural instincts from their kins and people misconceive that this is us trying to be our soul. Our instincts help us find out our kins, and even our fictionkins!

Do dragonkin really feel the want to consume coins and gems? will they do anything in their power to do so?

As a dragonkin i can tell you this is a myth. Though some do, they know that it is not healthy to eat actual coins and gems, and end up buying chocolate coins and gummy gemstones! though i do not have the want to do this, i can tell you its a myth that we eat real gemstones and coins, and that anyone you saw out there talking about actually doing it may be a troll, or just a seriously weird kin.

Are otherkin the same as furries?

No. Though most otherkin are furries, its because we enjoy representing ourselves as our soul. Otherkin believe their spirits are not human, or are made up of several parts. A full-on, non-kin furry is just making what they believe would be themselves if they where an anthro animal, and thats perfectly fine, too! i love seeing the communities designs, and i like looking at peoples kinsonas!

basically, otherkin ARE their sonas, while furries believe this is what they would look like if they where an animal.

Is otherkin a religion in itself?

This depends on the persons beliefs and opinions! As a ‘christian’ (i believe that all religions exist, and that my past soul decided to reincarnate) otherkin, i can say that some believe it is an add-on to a religion because it does not go against most religious beliefs, but some do see it as its own religion that revolves around reincarnation!

Do people in kin only get attracted to their kintype? as in a dogkin wanting to legitimatly romantically love a dog?

No! Im dragonkin but you dont see me wanting to fall inlove with a dragon, though i would love another dragonKIN. (i’m currently in a relationship with someone who is monsterkin: they are a raven with ram horns and 2 sets of wings)

What the hell are astral limbs? Are they in peoples minds? should i be worried for mental illness if my friend says they have astral limbs?

Astral limbs are kinda a mind thing, but at the same time a spiritual thing. You would expect that our spirits do not fit to our bodies, and our nerves are sensing it and making it feel like something is there. Most amputees feel astral limbs of the limbs they have lost, while otherkin feel limbs that their soul has but not their body. Its just more evidence that a soul exists! Even fictionkin, if they are in kin enough with the character (people separate the kinship with characters into tiers depending on how in-kin they are; tertiary being the least and primary being the most) will feel astral limbs from the character! i had a friend who was pokekin to pikachu, who felt eats and a tail, as well as another cipherkin friend who said she felt a bowtie and the slightest occasional tophat.

The thing most people find is that they have always had these limbs. when i was a child i would move my astral ears to react to things, and now i understand why i had them!

No, you shouldnt worry for mental illness. Otherkin has nothing to do with mental illness, and it has been around since the medieval times, i believe!

Is it true that someone can project out of their body and visit different dimensional planes?

YES this is very true! Ive done it before and its really cool! 

People appear as their soul in the astral plane. We cannot effect anything in our plane, but going to other dimensions, people there CAN see you and you Can effect things. Though ive found most people who are tertiary kin with a character (such as myself with bill cipher) are separate souls from the character, and dont appear as them when they are in that plane. I actually saw bill cipher watching a soap opera in the dreamscape so yeah… pretty sure i didnt pop up as hIM

People say “its hard being otherkin” a lot, and i dont understand what their deal is.

Some people are in kin with demons and monsters as well as villainous characters (like myself) and it effects our emotions and personalities a lot

after a certain point of time i will get irrationally angry, as well as i get dark thoughts and have a sick sense of humor, and i get thoughts of wanting to hurt things, and i get fully aware that this is the cipherkin side speaking.

as well as this, some people feel a bit of emotional pain from it. because of the tumblr community, inanimate objectkin feel like they are fake, and otherkin are put down at every turn, as well as some people have lost friends over it, whether its because they are kin or because their kin is violent or making them too hyper, as well as some winged kin feel stuck on the ground and just want to fly to feel emotional peace.

im hoping this clears up some misconception, and possibly helps some people find their kins! though i know it wont change everyone’s minds, but im hoping it helps some!

A Sharply Worded Silence

by Louise Glück

Let me tell you something, said the old woman.
We were sitting, facing each other,
in the park at ___, a city famous for its wooden toys.

At the time, I had run away from a sad love affair,
and as a kind of penance or self punishment, I was working
at a factory, carving by hand the tiny hands and feet.

The park was my consolation, particularly in the quiet hours
after sunset, when it was often abandoned,
But on this evening, when I entered what was called the Contessa’s Garden,
I saw that someone had preceded me. It strikes me now
I could have gone ahead, but I had been
set on this destination; all day I had been thinking of the cherry trees
with which the glade was planted, whose time of blossoming had nearly ended.

We sat in silence. Dusk was falling,
and with it came a feeling of enclosure
as in a train cabin.

When I was young, she said, I liked walking the garden path at twilight
and if the path was long enough I would see the moon rise.
That was for me the great pleasure: not sex, not food, not worldly amusement.
I preferred the moon’s rising, and sometimes I would hear,
at the same moment, the sublime notes of the final ensemble
of The Marriage of Figaro. Where did the music come from?
I never knew.

Because it is the nature of garden paths
to be circular, each night, after my wanderings,
I would find myself at my front door, staring at it,
barely able to make out, in darkness, the glittering knob.

It was, she said, a great discovery, albeit my real life.

But certain nights, she said, the moon was barely visible through the clouds
and the music never started. A night of pure discouragement.
And still the next night I would begin again, and often all would be well.

I could think of nothing to say. This story, so pointless as I write it out,
was in fact interrupted at every stage with trance-like pauses
and prolonged intermissions, so that by this time night had started.

Ah the capacious night, the night
so eager to accommodate strange perceptions. I felt that some important secret
was about to be entrusted to me, as a torch is passed
from one hand to another in a relay.

My sincere apologies, she said.
I had mistaken you for one of my friends.
And she gestured toward the statues we sat among,
heroic men, self-sacrificing saintly women
holding granite babies to their breasts.
Not changeable, she said, like human beings.

I gave up on them, she said.
But I never lost my taste for circular voyages.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Above our heads, the cherry blossoms had begun
to loosen in the night sky, or maybe the stars were drifting,
drifting and falling apart, and where they landed
new worlds would form.

Soon afterward I returned to my native city
and was reunited with my former lover.
And yet increasingly my mind returned to this incident,
studying it from all perspectives, each year more intensely convinced,
despite the absence of evidence, that it contained some secret.
I concluded finally that whatever message there might have been
was not contained in speech—so, I realized, my mother used to speak to me,
her sharply worded silences cautioning me and chastizing me—

and it seemed to me I had not only returned to my lover
but was now returning to the Contessa’s Garden
in which the cherry trees were still blooming
like a pilgrim seeking expiation and forgiveness,

so I assumed there would be, at some point,
a door with a glittering knob,
but when this would happen and where I had no idea.

Missing [3/3]

<< Part 1 >> << Part 2 >> << Part 3 >>

It’s two in the morning before Arthur finally passes out from physical and mental exhaustion. Of course this is a minor victory for Alfred, who’s already managed to convince the guy to take a nice hot shower—as long as he needed—and gave him clothes for the night. Cleaned up and dressed in newer wear than he probably personally owns, Arthur looks almost like an entirely different person. That fact is a little alarming to Alfred, somehow, like he keeps forgetting that the tattered, well-worn hoodie and jeans aren’t just some kind of fashion statement.

Regardless, he takes that opportunity to wash everything, knowing that if Arthur were awake he’d likely protest. It’s four in the morning by the time it’s done drying, but it’s not as though he was going to be able to sleep tonight anyway. 

Not with Arthur in his bed and the half-starved kittens in a box in the corner.

No, attempting to sleep would be moot.

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I absolutely loved casca. It made my heart happy to see both her and guts develop and end up together. That all said I hope she dies. It puts a knot in my stomach to think about her reaction when sexed by femto. Her kissing him and reaching back to him (though most people say she was too tired to resist) After telling guts not to watch. As I read this knowing it was coming I was ready to despair at casca’s suffering and gutts loss but that’s not at all how i felt it was portrayed. People often cite her broken mind as to evidence as to it being rape but out of everything that has happened in the last 150~ pages I feel she would have lost it already, guts having his rage to protect his mind caska only ever had attitude and that’s not a good bulwark to the insanity and level of demented shit she witnessed. She used guts as she never really loved.him and caused him more pain than anyone barring Griffith and now I just think she deserves to die and for me it can’t happen soon enough.

Socrates and Fuckboy: A Dialogue (Part Three)

Chip: Alright, shit. If you want to be a fuckboy about it, I guess I’ll look it up on Urban Dictionary.

Chip searched his pocket for his smartphone and then, phone in hand, he typed away.

Chip: Okay, here: “A fuckboy is a person who is a weak-ass pussy that ain’t ’bout shit.” Sound familiar, fuckboy?

Socrates: I fear this definition only brings about more vagaries and abstractions than before. Might there be another?

Chip: God, you’re a special breed of fuckboy, aren’t you? Okay, here’s another. A fuckboy is a “male who, through petty deception and womanizing, lives the entirety of his life with the sole purpose of engaging in as much sexual intercourse as possible.” Is that clear enough for you?

Socrates: Behold, the definition will suffice, and we now possess a firm layer of rock upon which we may build our analysis, rather than the fluffy bed of abstractions on which we have hitherto relied. How do you propose we begin?

Chip: Dude, what the fuck are you even saying? 

Socrates: Here is what I propose: Since it is you who has made the assertion that I am a fuckboy, the burden of proof falls consequently on your shoulders. Thus, you must show beyond a sliver of doubt how my intentions with dear Jessica resemble those of a fuckboy. Now go forth!

Chip: Okay, that’s easy enough. You were trying to catch a nut with my girl! Jessica’s my girl, dog, and you were tryna hit. That’s pretty goddamn deceptive, if you ask me. 

Socrates: And you are certain that my initial intention with dear Jessica was to, as it were, catch my nut? 

Chip: It’s obvious!

Socrates: And I could not have engaged in conversation with Jessica for any other reason?

Chip: Not a chance, fuckboy.

Socrates: You seem very certain.

Chip: I am.

Socrates: Your outright certainty befuddles me, and I shall explain why: When I first approached Jessica, you were situated at the other end of this bar, speaking with another lady, and unless your ears are of superhuman caliber, there is no way in which you could have heard the content of our conversation.

Chip: Well, no. But—

Socrates: Then for all you were aware, I could have been dear Jessica’s long-lost cousin or a homosexual—or, as is actually the case, an ancient philosopher who, by the esoteric nature of the cosmos, has mysteriously awoken to a new era and who only seeks to continue asking questions for as long as time may allow. But none of these possibilities crossed your mind, or did they?

Chip: No.

Socrates: Then lacking the tangible evidence that would expose my true intentions, you were forced to base your conclusion only on your own intuitions, and these are what provoked you to think of me as a fuckboy, and one who was quite deviously engaged in a plot to steal away Jessica’s affection from under your gaze.

Chip: Yeah, I guess.

Socrates: And this could not be surmised by the intellect, as we have determined, but only by your own intuition. For in the case of a con artist, who through his peripheral vision has spotted a stranger engaging in conversation with a bystander, would this con artist’s first intuition not conclude that the stranger is a con artist himself, in the midst of scamming the innocent bystander? Lacking any further details about the pair’s conversation, would this not be his first thought? Or in the case of a self-obsessed woman who cares for nothing more than the way she appears at any given moment—if this woman were to watch a stranger peer into a mirror, would her intuition not tell her that the stranger’s intent was to seek out any imperfections in her appearance so that they may be righted? The woman has no more details about this stranger, and so these are the intentions she will naturally assume. But in both of these cases, you must acknowledge, there are infinite other intentions that the strangers may possess for their actions. Why, the assumed con artist could merely be asking for directions, and the stranger peering into the mirror may very well be in the midst of a self-revelation.

Chip: Okay, sure. 

Socrates: And in your case, were not your thoughts of my being a fuckboy not filtered through your own intuition, your own character? Did you not apply your own mental makeup to the intentions of the mysterious man speaking to your girlfriend, intentions which, as we have determined, could not have been known by any other means.

Chip: Well yeah, but I mean, I don’t know, yeah I guess.

Socrates: Then behold! We are gazing into the mind of a true fuckboy!

Chip: Wait, what?

Socrates: By your very definition and your acknowledgments, we have discovered the fuckboy in the room, and it is you.

Jessica: Oh my God, Chip. Tell me it isn’t true!

Chip: This guy’s tripping, Jess. He’s trying to trap me. C’mon, we’re going. 

Jessica: Trap you? He’s just asking questions!

Socrates: That is very true.

(…to be continued…)

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You paced around the hallway, walking back and forth for the umpteenth time as you held your phone to your ear in hopes for some sort of response on the other end.  Unfortunately, you’d been trying to call Justin for the past hour, and you were only met with his goddamn voicemail after each call.  You were more pissed than worried, recalling the time he said he wouldn’t miss this (your birthday party, that is) for the world, yet here you were, pacing the hallway of his house with a phone glued to your ear wondering where the hell your boyfriend was.

You heard footsteps approaching, but you didn’t bother hanging up, still intent on getting at least a word from your boyfriend.

“(Y/N), sweetie?” Your mom’s voice called out.

You bit at your thumb nail nervously, only glancing at your mother for a second before rejecting her, “Not now, Mom.  I’m trying to get ahold of Justin.”

“Honey, it’s been an hour.” Your mother reasoned, a sigh escaping her lips.  She stepped over to you slowly, reaching for your phone and setting it down on a nearby bookshelf. “Listen, I don’t want you to worry, but there’s been an accident that they’re talking about in the news.  It’s located not too far from here, and, well, the car they described was a black Escalade and…”

Your eyes shot open wide, horrified at the idea she was giving you.  Could it be?  Did Justin get into an accident on his way home?  You could practically feel your heart trying to escape your chest.

“There were three passengers; two injured, and the other one didn’t make it.  They couldn’t identify who the poor soul was yet, and (Y/N), I’m not at all saying this is your boyfriend, but it might… You know what?  What am I saying?  Justin’s probably fine, he’s just a little caught up at the studio or something.  Listen, baby, this is your day.  Don’t let––”

“I think I need to be alone right now, Mom.” You interrupted, feeling the tears starting to brim your eyes.  You couldn’t explain the pain in your chest, but the last thing you wanted to do was break down in front of your mother.

“I…” She began before nodding, “Okay.  Think positive, baby.”

And with that, she was gone, and you were alone.  The idea of your boyfriend possibly being the one in that accident broke you to pieces.  It felt like someone was physically reaching down your throat to pull your heart from your chest and ripping it to shreds until there was nothing left.  Tears began to fall down your cheeks uncontrollably, and you took a quick glance around the hall before rushing off and heading outside for some fresh air.  

As you ran outside, you accidentally collided with another body.  You looked up at the figure, unable to explain the relief you felt when you saw your boyfriend looking back down at you.

“Oh my God,” You exhaled, clutching onto the fabric of his shirt desperately. “Thank God you’re okay.”

“Of course I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be?” He grinned, placing his hands on either sides of your face to meet your eyes. “Sorry, I’m so late, babygirl, I––hey, why are you crying?”

You sniffled shaking your head as you ran your hands up to his shoulders, “My mom was telling me about this accident that was on the news.  I guess it wasn’t far from here, and the car was a black Escalade, so I just… I thought you were dead.

“Dead?” Justin said in disbelief, “On your birthday?  I don’t think so!”

You giggled softly at his words, happy to find Justin smiling back at you as he ran his thumbs over your damp cheeks.

“The accident was holding up a lot of traffic, so I asked the driver to take a detour, but we kind of ended up getting lost.” He admitted, evidently disappointed with himself. “I left my phone at the studio, so I couldn’t call you.  I’m so sorry, baby, you must’ve been scared out of your mind.”

You shook your head, placing your hands over his as he held your face, “I’m fine now.  I’m just really, really glad you’re okay.”

Justin beamed down at you, smiling fondly before leaning in to kiss your lips. “Oh,” He suddenly pulled away, seeming to have just been snapped out of the moment in an instant. “Before I forget,” he said, digging into his pocket and pulling out a little jewelry box. “Here, happy birthday, baby.”

This is the second part to the little sister’s best friend drabble… Read part one HERE. I hope you like it.

On Klaus’ 21st birthday, he would have been content with getting hammered legally for the first time, at a bar with his mates.

And he planned on doing exactly that.

What he hadn’t planned on was that a low-key affair would not fly with his little sister, or his little sister’s best friend.

When he had stepped through the door of his favourite bar, he had not expected three glitter canons and two confetti guns to pop in his face, nor had he expected a hundred or so familiar faces to fill the place.

“Happy birthday!” they chorused.

“What the bloody hell is this!” Klaus cried, searching for the two blondes he just knew would be responsible.

“It’s your party, you moron,” Rebekah yelled back, over the din. “Now drink, before that scowl of yours ruins all the fun and our hard work.”

The room laughed collectively, and he smiled too, secretly glad.

As the night drew on, Klaus was pleased to report that he did get hammered legally while he enjoyed his friends and family around him.

“Wow, she’s a looker,” one of Klaus’ friends, Stefan, had leered, nodding to where Rebekah and Caroline were sitting.

Both blondes were giggling at an inside joke, completely lost in the world they’d crafted carefully for the past eleven.

“Hang on,” Klaus drunkenly slurred, pointing a threatening finger at his friend. “That’s my sister.”

“I know your sister’s off limits, Klaus,” Stefan leered. “I meant the other one. What I’d do for a piece of her.”

He wasn’t sure whether it was the alcohol or that someone dared smack talk Caroline, but suddenly Klaus leapt from his stool, rage coursing through his veins, and sunk a punch into Stefan’s chiselled jaw.  

“Never talk about her like that,” Klaus growled, through gritted teeth, staring menacingly at his friend. “Never again.”

Klaus glowered from Stefan, to his bleeding knuckles, to the blonde at the centre of the scuffle and his mind. She was still laughing completely oblivious to the trouble she’d caused, and the turmoil that was swirling through him.  


It was a hot summer’s afternoon when a 22-year-old Klaus sat watching that year’s graduating class of Mystic Falls High as they collected their diplomas. His heart swelled as he watched his two favourite blondes walk across the stage, cap and gown donned, and smiles bright.

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