All Evidence That Could Possibly Indicate Trans Girl Marco #37

*Marco explicitly refers to herself as a girl, again - Season 2, episode 19*
Relevance Level: 11
Explanation: Whelp it fucking happened. Marco is now as close to an explicitly confirmed transgender character in a kids show that there has ever been. She set up (or agreed to) a fucking merchandise line where she’s a girl, a main villain thinks of her as a girl and uses she/her pronouns and is never corrected, she refers to herself as a girl, she likes to think she’s pretty. She’s being threatened here but look how happy she is.

Maybe Marco will never be confirmed, 100% canon, maybe Disney will never allow it. But nevertheless there she is. There she is for young girls to see, telling young girl’s that she may be silenced but she still exists, telling young girls that’s it’s OK, ya girl Marco’s got your back.

Why Don't Some People Believe In Science?
Some people don't believe in vaccines or climate change or other scientifically proven things. Why not? Why don't people trust evidence? Socrates: The Father...

Please take the time to watch this video, especially if it is speaking about you.

Many important facts in our world are not being accepted by a portion of the public because they are not taking in the evidence, do not believe the evidence/experts, and flat out make up their minds to go directly against reason and logic. This includes topics such as the validity of religion, climate change, vaccines, space travel, and more.

In case you were not aware, some people still argue the Earth is flat!! I’m not joking. I’m seriously not trying to be degrading, but religion and climate denying are in the same boat as a flat Earth. There is no valid evidence to support them, yet millions believe in these things. Don’t believe me? Send me your best arguments.

This is incredibly damaging to our society. If large numbers of voters are uninformed, and cultured to stay uninformed on serious issues, then it is impossible for us as a society to make the best decisions. Climate Change is a prime example. The evidence is full proof and people do not believe. They sight ridiculous observations such as snow as proof of the contrary. (If you do not understand why snow is not evidence that Climate Change is false then you have not done any research, but message me and I’ll explain it for you.) Many of our leaders are extremely biased and unwilling to objectively research topics and that is appalling in a democracy. Climate Change can and will literally kill us all, there is no room for arguing. Equally, the fight over which religion is correct has cost billions of lives. The truth is that they fight for nothing because no religion is true. That is the most deeply saddening truth in all of human history.

What can you do about this?

Make the effort to be a person who does not make snap judgement decisions, even if it challenges your current opinions, the opinions of people around you, and especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Do the research! Remember that an opinion without evidence is meaningless. Be logical in your daily life. Don’t do what you know is harmful or pointless. Don’t buy products because of what the tv commercial said. Evaluate the world around you. And ask WHY more often! Get curious and motivated to satisfy that desire.

What is really needed is a wide spread change in culture. We need to promote the act of thinking critically, evaluating objectively, and following evidence. We need to remember that our emotional response is not a truth, it is a reaction.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me. I am very friendly. If you have questions about climate change, religion, or other issues just ask!


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