There is no “proof” here.

I post evidence, and I post informed interpretations of that evidence. I have my own interpretations as well, and I invite people to add theirs.

Since we seem to be at this point again, I wanted to reiterate that I do not “prove” things in the sense that people generally mean. This is also why I am not in the business of convincing the belligerently unconvinced. I am not emotionally invested in hand-holding people who believe I have photoshopped thousands of artworks to appear to support what I say (yes, that is a thing* ), for the same reason I am not emotionally invested in convincing people who go around saying “Evolution is only a THEORY!” that they are mistaken. I fail to see how that is my problem.

What I’m talking about in the above tweets and in this post are more or less the same thing; what frustrates me is that the lack of interdisciplinary cooperation leaves massive lacunas in our body of information regarding the topics covered at medievalpoc. In other words, science (usually) understands that “proof” is not a thing; unfortunately, many people in history and art history did not get the memo.

And in this din of miscommunication, people shove things where they don’t belong: assumptions that the race of people in ancient history can be “proven” with DNA testing, the misappropriation of Classical Demography to support entirely modern notions about human history, and laid over it all, the relentless assumption that history is a ubiquitous and temporal progress of humankind from “Worse” to “Better”.

We are not objective. That is just not how people work. And we’ve known this for decades; centuries; millennia. The pretense that we can somehow remove ourselves from our observations and find a universal and inhuman truth in them is a rather poisonous ideal that leads us ultimately to betray the truths we CAN know.

Injustice occurs when information is destroyed or purposely withheld from people in order to oppress them. To take something away from them, to cause them to be disenfranchised, to excuse terrible violence done to them.  To make them seem less than human. And that is the reality of what has been done and is still being done to people of color. Histories, cultures, lineages, physical documents and works of art are suppressed, ignored, misrepresented, painted over, or completely destroyed in order to support the fictions of white supremacy.

People being so caught up in their own perspectives that they universalize these experiences is the reason I get so many messages that question why this project exists, because “everyone already knows [whatever]” , and the same amount of messages positing that every single thing here is some sort of elaborate ruse perpetrated for nefarious reasons.

What is touted as “objectivity” is nothing more than individuals projecting their own experiences, values, constructs of “self” and “other”, perspectives and opinions on everyone else. What we learn of logic, reason, philosophy, is often nothing more than the same ten white men who died centuries ago, and hold it up as the One True Way of understanding ourselves and the world. We teach the aesthetics of Immanuel Kant as if they come unfiltered through his perspective from some universal authority, and yet we completely ignore how they were shaped by his racism. there are countless examples, but over it all is the same internal illogic that ignores its own hypocrisy.

That is where we are at right now, and that is the point I am starting from. Claiming I am unaffected by these truths or that I am somehow outside of my own society or culture would be a lie. Each individual comes to the table of evidence with their own baggage, their own culture, their own individuality. Pretending that we don’t is much like pretending that these inequalities don’t exist; they do, and until we correct them, they will remain uncorrected.


* Mostly espoused by people who do not seem to understand that I post photographs of artwork, and that multiple photographs of the same artwork can look different. The original paintings or drawing themselves are not actually embedded somehow in your computer. My apologies if this comes as a shock.

Things that are now real because of the Mook:
  • Rei became a scientist in order to support Nagisa’s dream
  • Rei made a literal replica of Nagisa when he crashed because he didn’t just want any company; he wants to spend his life with Nagisa
  • He once slept in a birthday cake for Nagisa while imagining his surprised face when he leaped out during the party
  • Rei worries about Nagisa running off without him and getting hurt
  • He is so attached to Nagisa that his entire Earth life was shaped around laughing with Nagisa and being around him
  • He is so attached to Nagisa that his entire space life was shaped around laughing with Nagisa and being around him
  • He is so attached to Nagisa that he couldn’t even give up an artifical version of him to return to the real Nagisa
  • He experienced anxiety about returning to Earth because he was so afraid of being rejected by Nagisa
  • He cried and screamed while losing Nagisa
  • He cried at the thought of losing Nagisa
  • HUG

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top 3 reigisa moments of 2014!


- Nagisa clutching onto Rei because he can’t let him leave

I love how Nagisa literally grabs Rei’s leg because he cannot let him leave. It is such a purely despate, emotional reaction. He is acting on pure instinct - the unadultered need for Rei in his life, and his inability to let him go. That motion is full of such innocent and natural love that it’s truly beautiful. 

- Rei worrying about Nagisa, but still being patient

It’s so sweet to me not only how Rei helplessly worried about Nagisa in ES 5, but how he didn’t let his worry push Nagisa or pressure him. Even after his frantic entrance, he didn’t force himself onto Nagisa. Even as he listened to Nagisa’s reasoning and grew more concerned and upset, he didn’t interupt him or force his feelings. And even when Nagisa burst out at him, he just let Nagisa hold onto his shirt, and then held Nagisa back. 

Honestly, this is so important to me. Rei cares so much about Nagisa that he has contact, visible, physical reactions for his well-being. But he also cares enough to back off when Nagisa needs space and time, and knows how to listen and learn from Nagisa’s cues. Which is so important in a relationship like theirs, where they both can be governed by emotion and contrasting principles. 

- Rei’s admiration and Nagisa’s blush - IMPORTANT

It’s not just important because it’s cute, which it is. But also because it subverts a lot of what people think about the relationship. Sometimes it seems as though viewers constrict their dynamic to, say, memes and jokes based off of episode 3 of the series. Nagisa is pushy and loud, Rei is stern but, ultimately, submissive to the overbearing Nagisa. 

But this scene entirely subverted those constricting stereotypes, even further than the rest of the series did. Nagisa was quiet and gentle - he was the one blushing by a compliment, rather than just giving them. He wasn’t the flatterer, but the receiver. And Rei wasn’t cool and collected, he was sincere and sweet. 

Basically 2014 was a great year for Reigisa, but I really hope it wasn’t the last!

Read the Grand Jury evidence in the Ferguson case: State of Missouri vs. Darren Wilson

If you want to read the actual evidence presented to the grand jury that decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, here’s your chance to get some actual facts. 

This site is posting all of the evidence as it becomes available online. Click through to read it for yourself. 

There’s a lot here, but I certainly haven’t seen anything to support the notion that Officer Wilson went cruising around looking for a black kid to shoot.  Exactly the opposite: at every turn, from the robbery to the eyewitness accounts of the confrontation with Wilson, Michael Brown was the obvious aggressor. 

To get you started, here’s the interview with Officer Wilson himself:

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Reigisa is that popular? Their tag on tumblr barely moves and while a lot of people say they ship it, a good number of those people don't give any attention to them and rant over another Free! ship.

Reigisa is, like, the ship everyone is like “yeah” but not super SHIPPY with? I think it’s because they’re side characters and, also, not in a love triangle. So there’s no competition. And fandoms love competitions because it makes them love their pairing even more in comparison to the other, and more excited when their pair gets moments and the other doesn’t. 

And like Rei and Nagisa are just over here being the cutest little sweethearts

And like I get why they’re not super popular but at the same time I’m like HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM

Like Nagisa is so cute around Rei and always teasing him and getting him to be himself

And like loves how dorky Rei is

And like always looks out for him too

And like Rei can’t help how much he needs Nagisa in his life

And even though Nagisa drives him nuts he really cares about his happiness and tries to please him

And like gets super jealous because even though Nagisa is overbearing if an ounce of that attention goes to someone else he’s a wreck

And he’s very protective of Nagisa and looks out for his safety which is no easy task considering the trouble this boy gets into 

And like in general they just are adorable in their everyday conversations and just being around each other?

And like I get why people don’t like the pairing as much but at the same time I’m like

PLEASE SEE HOW PERFECT THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER! Please, fans and Kyoani, give them more love!

Ken Ham, an Australian-born evangelical leader, claims that his interpretation of The Bible is more valid than the basic facts of geology, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and especially evolution.
—  Bill Nye, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

Watch their full-length debate here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z6kgvhG3AkI

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You're probably being spammed by asks by now, but i have to know, thoughts on the reigisa mook (apparently containing Rei giving a Nagisa a hug)???

I am still freaking out and probably will be for the rest of my life. I just can’t stop looking at the sweet picture. 

Just…Nagisa looks so sweet, and Rei is looking at his sweet smile and knowing he is going to lose him. And when he wakes up, the first thing he does it hold Nagisa. And that is just so sweet to me, because it is so innocent and loving and desperate. Because he loves Nagisa, and even dreaming about losing him makes him want to hold Nagisa close so he can’t lose him again. 

It’s just so sweet how these two can’t live without one another, and refuse to let go

GOD our OTP is beautiful