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Clarke so doesn't love Lexa because she loves Bellamy. She even said she's just doing this for her people #Bellarke

There’s more sexual chemistry between Bellamy and Octavia than between him and Clarke. But you’re right! She clearly loves Bellamy as evidenced by the many scenes of them never physically touching. Not even a kiss. You know who has kissed? #Clexa

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Is Soy Safe To Eat?

Food Heaven Podcast writes:

Vegetarianism is on the rise, and more of us are eating soy. But is soy actually safe to eat? Let’s explore…

  • So many of you have sent us soy-related questions, so today we’re going to share some good old evidenced-based information so that you can decide if soy is right for you.

So what exactly is soy?

  • Soy comes from soybeans and it’s used to make tons of food products in the market like oils, tofu, soymilk, soy sauce, tempeh, and more.
  • The reason it’s so popular among vegetarians is because it’s considered one of the most complete plant-based sources of protein.
  • Tofu, which is big in the vegan world, soaks up whatever flavors and spices you cook it in, and can resemble the consistency of some animal-based products (like cheeses, meats, and poultry).
  • This can be especially helpful for someone who is making the transition into veganhood, but finds it hard to leave behind animal-based food products.

Here are three soy rumors we’ve come across:

  1. Soy has estrogen, which causes breast cancer.
  2. Soy causes early puberty.
  3. Soy makes men grow breasts.

Where does the controversy come from?

  • Well, soy naturally contains phytoestrogens, which have the ability to act like estrogen in the body. Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds found in a variety of foods.
  • Soy has a significantly higher content of phytoestrogens when compared to other foods. High levels of estrogen in the body have been linked with breast, endometrial, and uterine cancer. However, it’s important to note that soy influences estrogen activity in the body- not estrogen levels.
  • A lot of the soy controversy has come from research done on rats, where rats injected with more phytoestrogens could be at an increased risk for breast tumors. There have also been numerous studies with rats that indicate just the opposite effect.  
  • Also, a lot of these animal studies involve very concentrated high-dose forms of phytoestrogens- which usually doesn’t resemble how humans typically consume soy.

What does human research tell us?

  • Research done on humans has shown that soy has an insignificant effect on breast cancer, and some studies have even shown that soy can actually protect against certain types of cancer and heart disease.  
  • Soy is relatively new to us in the states, but there are various countries in Asia that have been eating soy within the context of a traditional diet since forever, and there has not been evidence of harm.
  • See the links below for more information to studies, research, and articles, for those of you who want to nerd up and look into the evidence.

And the bottom line?

  • Although some animal studies have shown inconclusive results when it comes to cancer and soy, studies in humans have not shown any significant harm from eating soy foods.
  • Also, although soy has been shown to offer health benefits, this doesn’t mean that you need to eat pounds of soy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or start popping phytoestrogen supplements.

How much soy can I safely eat?

  • Stick to a maximum of 2-3 servings per day. Also aim for high quality soy products.
  • By this I mean organic and minimally processed things like tofu, edamame, and organic soy milk are all good options.
  • Try to stay away from soy cheeses, soy burgers, soy energy bars, imitation meats, and other soy products that are packed with crappy additives.

Listen to the episode above for more information and check out Food Heaven Made Easy for healthy recipe ideas!

If you skipped out on Scandal, you truly didn’t miss much.

I don’t know what to make of that episode. But I really fail to see how Olivia’s changed. The only thing I can see is that she’s more self aware as evidenced by her conversation with Abby, which was a good conversation. Really, the only good scene in the episode. 

I don’t see how Jake and Olivia’s relationship is any different from 2B except for the fact that they are jerks to each other. I honestly can’t tell if they enjoy each other’s company. REALLY endearing. It’s very hard to make the case that they should be in a relationship, especially after Jake’s random ass, nonsensical rise to the NSA. THE FUCK? It’s like they’re transferring the worst qualities of Fitz and Olivia to Olake. Girl, I guess. The fact that Fitz called Jake for his help and then Jake proceeded to lie about being with Olivia reeks of 2B, and it’s TRASH really. We’ve seen this before. [SIDE NOTE: PLEASE FUCKING MISS ME WITH SOME OLE FAUX ASS OUTRAGE, RESPECTABILITY POLITICKIN’ ASS CONCERNS ABOUT OLIVIA ON HER KNEES FOR JAKE. They’ve been fucking post choking for two seasons now. And I don’t see how this is any different. Did I want to see it? Well, of course not because it’s Jake. And they have the most bland, Sunbeam bread ass chemistry I ever did see. But if you wouldn’t be mad about her going down on Fitz, then I TRULY don’t want to hear it about Jake IDC IDC IDC]. 

However, it’s unclear to me what role Jake and Rowan will play on this show. How will Jake being the head of the NSA have anything to do with OPA and the election in general? I’m sure the writers will find away to tie it together, but I’m just not interested because it doesn’t make any sense. 

The biggest issue with this episode, this arc, and the show more largely, is its thesis statement, which for all intents and purposes seems to be: having power at all costs. But the idea of power is so vague. You could interchange the characters’ use of word power with toaster strudels and it would make the same amount of sense. “YOU HAD A TOASTER STRUDEL, BUT NOW YOU DON’T. YOU’RE MISSING ALL THE GREATNESS  THAT IS A TOASTER STRUDEL. DIDN’T I TELL YOU THAT TOASTER STRUDELS ARE EVERYTHING. YOU DON’T GET JUST GET A TOASTER STRUDEL. YOU TAKE A TOASTER STRUDEL. HAVEN’T I TAUGHT YOU TO LOVE TOASTER STRUDELS.” That’s basically what Rowan’s speeches sound like because there’s absolutely no clarity or meaning behind Scandal’s idea of power. So at this point, I’m like WTF are you talking about? What power structures are you talking about? Surely, it’s not just the ability to boss Fitz around. How is that power? That’s just the ability to influence decisions, which Olivia was doing in the white house and out of the white house.  

This episode was really just exposition. There were a few good character moments, particularly from Abby and Fitz. I’m here for their new dynamic so long as it stays platonic. Olivia is as hard to read as ever. She displays an assertiveness that I think was slightly missing. But it’s the same level of authority depicted in seasons 1 and 2. I don’t see how it makes her different. She is, once again, wary of intimacy as evidenced by her wanting Jake to leave after sex and removing his hand from her face when he tried to touch her. But again, we’ve seen this before post kidnapping. This time though I’m not sure that I understand where it comes from. Is it the abortion? Is it the break up? 

Who knows? Just some knee-jerk reactions. 

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The Haikyuu pet names headcannon is so adorable! [Princess (´;ω;`) ] Do you have something similar for the Free boys?

Ohhhhhhh let’s see okay here we go

Haru: Ironically uses ones like “baby” and “sugar” and “cutie pie” in a deadpan voice to be a dork

Kisumi: “Kitten” or “Baby girl”

Makoto: “Sweetie”

Momo, Seijuro: “Babe”

Nagisa: All sorts of variations of your name with cutesy honorifics or little twists

Rei: Probably wouldn’t use one, or maybe something simple like “honey”

Rin: Wouldn’t use one for a really long time, but would eventually start calling you “babe”

Sousuke: I firmly believe he and his s/o will call each other “idiot” and “stupid” because they’ve got that playful teasing kind of relationship (as evidenced by my First Encounter story)

I’ve seen so many tumblr posts to the effect of “lol disney thought everyone was gonna like Kylo Ren but he’s just a whiny brat, they should have known everyone would hate him” like it’s some triumph of their better judgment but… Kylo Ren is extremely popular

There was that quote circulating the twitterverse from some “industry insider” (which, if you google, sources back to not a news source but a geek culture blogger) saying Disney has “all this kylo ren merch they can’t sell,” like no. It’s true that there was an unmet demand for Rey, as evidenced by all the Rey stuff finally rolling out, but it’s patently untrue that Kylo Ren isn’t selling

Like come on, you should see how many of those kylo ren lightsabers are walking around disneyland. Little girls, boys, dads, moms, teenagers. All fighting each other with their identical Kylo Ren lightsabers

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I went and watched that entire documentary with the Mali forces. I think what amazed me the most was the fact they were using cellphones as radios. It shouldn't be much of a surprise but like you'd think they'd at least have walkie talkies or something. Watching the Major and Corporal get into a fight literally in the middle of a street then get shot made my day....poor guy...

I’m glad some one watched all the clips I posted, or followed the link. 

Given the economic state of Mali, which I’m not sure on to be honest, but given their equipment, and training (or lack of it), its understandable that their forces are going to adapt. Communication is key on the battlefield, doubly so on urban one, so cell phones are forgivable.  Their overall lack of training is strikingly apparent, and frankly saddening, as evidenced by the high-five incident, or the wounding of the commander. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no insurgents at all, and it was all an extended friendly fire incident, as evidenced by the lack of any insurgents when they breach the final building.

And if you’re thinking that that’s a bullshit idea, let me remind you, its happened before.

So I got this idea planted by @meristem on twitter from these couple of tweets for a Haikyuu!! half animal half human au solely for the purpose of writing bunny!Oikawa and husky!Iwaizumi iwaoi…

Anybody interested? (besides Alison) If you are, send me an ask on animal designations for other characters cuz I might need a little help.

Ok, so Karasuno is crows, but it’d be boring if they were all crows, so maybe have them each be a different kind of blackbird??

And Nekoma is cats, but anyone mind suggesting breeds for each player?

Same with Fukurodani and owls, which kind of owl for each character?

Seijou, as evidenced by Oikawa and Iwaizumi, is an animal free for all, make your suggestion and I’ll pick which I like best.

Same with Shiratorizawa, but I’m really partial to Ushijima being an eagle… (just imagine him picking up Oikawa and taking off like a real eagle would to a bunny, and then Iwaizumi runs after them yelling like a barking dog omgg I’m laughing)

And if you have suggestions for any other team I mentioned, go ahead and send them to me too! :)

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Owen and Amelia not talking? That's bad, really BAD!

My favorite Nony has returned!

To put it simply, yes, Amelia and Owen not talking is very bad. I think that was incredibly hard on Amelia as evidenced by her drinking. But have no fear! They will definitely be talking soon… or by 12x14 because we’ve already heard from KMK that he and Cat have shot a very cute Omelia scene. So don’t worry your pretty little head. If they aren’t talking now, they will be in the upcoming episodes. xo.

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What do you think Louis and Harry buy each others on birthdays?

i think louis gets harry jewelry (as evidenced by, y’know, new rings and such) and film for his cameras and i think harry gets louis fancy coats, cozy jumpers, and cute socks. and then i think they do more personal and romantic things. like louis will run harry a bubble bath and give him a massage or learn how to play harry’s favorite songs on guitar so he can play them for him. and harry will paint something for louis or write him poems and cook a romantic dinner for them. but i ALSO think they both get each other little gag gifts sometimes?? like collections of silly little doofy things they’ve found along the way that remind them of each other. little funny stuffed animals and oddly charming souvenirs. 

jensen’s acting was incredible in this episode okay like 

  • he is clearly very freaked out over his “attraction” to amara as evidenced by his reaction when cassifer said the word “attraction”
  • like it was very obvious that he had not let himself even THINK that word because then that would confirm why he let her get away twice because for some reason he “wants” her
  • it also means he’s Super Fucked Up and he fuckin knows it
  • hence why he was the most vulnerable person the banshee could go after
  • he’s freaking the fuck out bc they’re supposed to be chasing down and killing amara and instead he is drawn to her and he doesn’t know why or in what capacity 
  • he can’t talk to anybody about it because he doesn’t want anyone to know how Super Fucked Up he is (like that one kink u have that absolutely no one can ever know about ever)
  • when mildred said he was pining he was like oh fucking hell “pining” is even worse than “attraction” and he did the ol’ winchester suppress your feelings and push them down and cover them with charm and sarcasm
  • he has no FUCKING idea what he’s supposed to do and he’s starting to scare himself

there was no dialogue to support these assertions but idk man it was all over jensen’s face. this whole dean/amara thing is embodied chaos, and i can’t wait to see how dean handles it. 

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That ask about Error's psychological state got me thinking. I'm sure he has manic depression. He almost certainly has schizoaffective disorder, as evidenced by the delusions about his "job" and the "voices" (assuming they're really just in his head). His touching phobia leads me to think he might have PTSD (from that past we haven't seen yet), which often comes paired with an anxiety diagnosis. But that's just my two cents - I have no degree, I just study this stuff for fun.

Oh maaan. This is a really good analysis on Error, btw.


I met Ruta Sepetys on February 9th, 2016. She’s an amazing writer and speaker, as evidenced by the fact that I sobbed while reading her books and teared up while she told us true accounts of Lithuanian survivors during WWII. 

I mentioned that I’m Russian and how she’s the only writer I know that writes stories set in the Baltic region set in WWII for teens and mentioned I wasn’t sure how she felt about Russians (since we’re the baddies in a couple of her books). But she assured me that she bears no ill will, and has some great Russian friends, and that she knows Russians suffered just as much under Stalin as everyone else. Then she asked me if she should be write a WWII book with a Russian protagonist and I think I died for a moment from the possibility and practically shouted YES! If I look like I’m crying in the photo, it’s because I was very overwhelmed and was on a verge.

I highly recommend her books to everyone. 

Her focus is historical fiction; her books Between Shades of Grey and Salt to the Sea are set during WWII in the Baltic Region, telling the stories of survival and hope of people fleeing the war. Out of the Easy is set in New Orleans in the 50′s about a girl trying to flee a small town for something bigger.


Whoa. It’s been a while. Like 3 or 4 months? Sorry for being MIA for so long! I’d like to say my New Year’s resolution was to update this blog more, but that hasn’t really been working out, as evidenced by my inactivity. So I apologize profusely. But I bring a gift: some notes about motivation. Enjoy :) Hopefully there will be more to come! 

William & Olicity

As my good “tumblr” friends can tell you, I (and really we) have believed deep in my bones, since the day we found out about William, that he WILL NOT be the reason that Oliver and Felicity break-up (if they break-up at all).  

Everything that the writers have shown me has led me to believe that IF something fractures their relationship, it will not be Oliver’s son. Will Felicity be hurt that Oliver kept William from her? Probably. But I think when she has all of the information, she will understand. If anyone knows what it’s like to grow up without a father, especially one that knew about her and still left her, it’s Felicity. How could she begrudge Oliver for doing whatever he could to have a relationship with his son, especially when that’s all she ever wanted from her own father? (as evidenced by tonight’s episode)

I’ve also always maintained that 408 was not Felicity breaking up with Oliver. She was hurt and she was frustrated, but she DID NOT have all of the information. I think this time around, we’ll see it play out differently if she’s given all of the information. ESPECIALLY when Oliver is validated in his reasoning for not revealing his secret for fear that something bad would happen to William … like it will in 4x15. 

Also, aside from how I feel about this via character development, if we think about the spoilers we have … it just doesn’t fit

I would love to see this whole potential breakup thing be one big troll by the writers, but I’m here to offer you the idea that if they do indeed breakup, it won’t be because of William. 

I’d be happy to discuss this more in-depth if anyone has questions! :) 

This Is How the Feds Illegally Obtain Evidence of a Crime and Lie About It in Court

The NSA and Justice Department go after suspects in crimes unrelated to national security using an unlawful, deceptive practice called “parallel reconstruction.”

While the political commentators in the nation’s capital are wrapped up in the debate over what to do about ISIS, and as one third of the Senate and nearly all members of the House campaign for re-election, the president’s spies continue to capture massive amounts of personal information about hundreds of millions of us and lie about it.

The president continues to dispatch his National Security Agency (NSA) spies as if he were a law unto himself, and Congress—which is also being spied upon—has done nothing to protect the right to privacy that the Fourth Amendment was written to ensure. Congress has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet it has failed miserably to do so. But the spying is now so entrenched in government that a sinister and largely unnoticed problem lurks beneath the surface.

NSA documents released by Edward Snowden show that the feds seriously deceived Congress and the courts in an effort to spy upon all of us and to use the gathered materials in criminal prosecutions, even though they told federal judges they would not. Among the more nefarious procedures the feds have engaged in is something called “parallel reconstruction.” This procedure seeks to hide the true and original source of information about a criminal defendant when it was obtained unlawfully.

For example, if the NSA, while unconstitutionally listening to the conversations of Americans hoping to hear about plots to harm other Americans (it has revealed no such plots from among the trillions of private conversations it has monitored since 2005), comes across evidence of a bank robbery, the NSA will pass that evidence on to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The NSA routinely does this notwithstanding representations to the FISA court that authorizes its spying that it is not in the business of gathering evidence in criminal cases.

It makes those claims because the George W. Bush and Barack Obama DOJs have argued to the public and to the FISA court that the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits all searches and seizures without a warrant, somehow applies only to criminal investigations and not to domestic spying. No Supreme Court decision has ever stood for that proposition, and the plain language of the Fourth Amendment makes no distinction between intelligence gathering and evidence gathering.

Rather, the language of the amendment is so broad and sweeping (“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated” except by a search warrant issued by a judge upon probable cause.) that for 230 years it has been held to restrain and regulate all government efforts to gather private information—no matter their purposes.

Nevertheless, the NSA’s agents and lawyers felt it necessary to concoct this groundless, disingenuous, and fictional legal distinction in order to persuade the FISA court that it is legally acceptable to permit untethered spying so long as the fruits of that spying are not used in criminal prosecutions. Curiously and naively, judges of the FISA court bought that argument.

So, what happens when the spying uncovers ordinary criminal behavior unrelated to national security? In order to keep its hands clean, so to speak, the NSA sends that evidence to the DOJ, whose lawyers and agents in cahoots with the NSA then concoct an explanation as to how the DOJ came upon the evidence. Of course, that explanation curiously and carefully omits the mention of domestic spying. DOJ lawyers know that if the beginning of the process of obtaining evidence is found to be unconstitutional, then the evidence itself can be useless in court.

This is what lawyers and judges call the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Were this not so—that is, if the government could spread any net as broad and as wide as it wished and use whatever the net caught as evidence in criminal prosecutions—then the Fourth Amendment’s search warrant requirement would be meaningless because it would not protect the right to privacy as its authors intended.

Thus, in order to maintain the facade of spying only for domestic intelligence purposes, and to appear faithful to public and secret promises (the FISA court only sits in secret) that any evidence of criminal behavior inadvertently discovered by NSA spies will not be used in criminal prosecutions, and so as to keep the mechanisms of domestic spying hidden from non-FISA federal judges who are more likely to apply normative interpretations of the Fourth Amendment than their FISA court colleagues, the NSA and the DOJ began the process of parallel reconstruction.

Parallel reconstruction consists largely of the creation of a false beginning—an untrue one—of the acquisition of evidence. This, of course, is criminal. Lawyers and agents for the NSA and DOJ may no more lawfully lie to federal judges and criminal defense attorneys about the true origins of evidence than may a bank robber who testifies in his own defense claiming to have been at Mass at the time of the robbery.

While parallel reconstruction is deceptive, unlawful and unconstitutional, I suspect it is but the tip of a dangerous iceberg spawned by the unbridled NSA spying that Bush and Obama have given us. When you mix a lack of fidelity to the plain meaning of the Constitution with a legal fiction, and then add in a drumbeat of fear, enforced secrecy, and billions of unaccounted-for taxpayer dollars, you get a dangerous stew of unintended tyrannical consequences.

Is this the government the Framers gave us? Is this the government anyone voted for? Is this a faithful and moral commitment to the Constitution, the rule of law, and personal liberty? The answers are obvious.

so i went to see TFA for the fourth (lmao) time and i have? some thoughts u can ignore me im thinking out loud

  • lmao i’m so blown away by oscar isaac’s handsomeness every time like every time i think i’m ready and yet? when the camera pans up to his face in the first shot i’m. im never prepared
  • listen poe and kylo absolutely know each other (attempted banter, ‘best pilot in the resistance’)
  • i’m never getting over the finn/rey mask/mask transition like??? leave me
  • unappreciated poe dameron look #1: the open necked shirt with rolled up sleeves he was wearing under his jacket and and clearly wore as he trekked through the jakku desert to find help
  • i’ve said before that kylo Knows Something as evidenced by “WHAT GIRL!?!?” but i also never picked up on the fact that the officer names the fugitives ship as a corellian YT-1300 freighter…….how many other YT-1300 freighters do you think kylo’s familiar with…..
  • rey’s literally fixing the falcon with duct tape i’m so alive
  • ben is obviously crying under his mask 24/7
  • listen i need to know the meaning of every flag hanging over maz kanata’s door
  • it’s been bugging me for ages but i finally figured out that the first order officer who reports to hux is the factory worker who gives fantine such a hard time in les mis
  • speaking of cameos did everyone spot martha jones 
  • apparantly thomas brodie-sangster is in this too? wild
  • u know i also need an updated atlas if the desctruction of the hosnian system could be seen from takodana surely they were in the same solar system? and yet the sun was still shining on takodana? and the call went out to the first order and the resistance at exactly the same time and they got there at almost the same time but apparently the resistance were based in another system when the first order were close enough to be seen from the planet? i need answers abrams
  • also hyperspace travel isn’t instant i hope he knows this
  • i’m still getting goosebumps over the parallels between the two forest scenes ie. rey and kylo’s first confrontation is in the forest and he overpowers her and their second confrontation is also in a forest with similar topography except it’s snowing and this time she’s victorious i could go on but
  • is jess’ last name testor or pava? cause she’s credited as jess testor but.
  • unappreciated poe dameron look #2: his well cut and smart uniform in the closing group shot