“A Woman of Paris” - 1923

Top photo- Charlie directing Edna as Marie St. Clair, though no longer in a romantic relationship for several years, they still smoldered, evidenced by top photo. Second and third photos, relaxing between takes, bottom - Edna as Marie St. Clair.

Charlie Chaplin created this dramatic role for Edna Purviance, he  hoped it would help towards a career as a dramatic actress.  It was his way I’m sure of acknowledging her contribution to his early success. Edna contributed more to “the tramp’s” continuing evolution and was his greatest and most enduring onscreen partner.

Charlie Chaplin prepared a reissue of “A Woman of Paris” - in 1976 he created a new score:

According to David Robinson: “The score was the last completed work of a creative life that had spanned three quarters of a century”

anonymous asked:

About the Osaka life thing with vkook and jimin being in the room.... I'm 120% it was jimin cause in koOkminworld video she pointed out you can hear jimin calling for tae after he leaves and holy fuck you can (wear headphones and turn the sound up it's so clear that it's jimin) also I went on the real video just to be sure and yep even in the real thing (bh should check this shit) you can hear jimin come out and whisper to tae before he stops doing the vlive... this jimin really was in jk's room

i mean, it could’ve been yeah. but that’s still not solid evidence to me (mainly because i have an ear infectiona and can’t wear headphones to listen to it closely, so i can’t tell if it does sound like jimin lolol i’m sorry). i think there’s a high chance it could have been. but i’m not going to believe it until we get solid evidenc,e like when jikook finally come out and they’re like, “lol, remember that one time in osaka…..” 

i do think it’s really suspicious though. like, no denying that. there was definitely someone in jungkook’s room, that wasn’t a staff or tae. and it does seem highly probable that it’s jimin.  

It’s early in the morning and nobody will probably read this but I just had the greatest ‘humans are space orcs’ idea

Imagine if humans are the only species that experiences impatience.

Think about it. Most prey animals are extremely patient. Ever meet a deer or a rabbit in the woods and hold still to try and out-wait the thing? I can guarantee your brain starts sending bored bored bored messages very quickly, and your instincts start telling you to give up and find something else to do. Humans can do the patience thing- as evidenced by our endurance hunting methods- but our instincts tell us not to. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this feels like a predator development. I have the idea that if aliens are mostly prey-based, and we’re predator-based, then the aliens will be very patient and we just aren’t.

As an evolutionary development, being impatient can be brilliant. It means that we didn’t sit around and wait for the ice caps to warm up, we knew we didn’t have the technology to survive that level of cold, but we did it anyways. We were trying to send people into the sky and then into space before we had fully figured it all out, simply because we didn’t want to wait and think it out, we wanted SPACE and we wanted it NOW. And personally, I tend to be extremely productive and inventive when I’m feeling impatient. Mechanic is booked for a few days? I’ll figure out how to change my oil and tires and tint my car’s windows myself. Strawberry season is still 4 months away? I’ll get a heat lamp setup and grow them myself. Friends can’t visit and help move furniture for a week? I’ll build a trolley out of some toy cars, tape, a chessboard, and do all the lifting myself.

This impatience is what made us design faster cars, faster computers, faster internet, faster communication, methods of growing food faster, of processing food faster, we’re always looking for the quickest and most efficient thing simply because we are not patient. 

Impatience leads to a type of creativity and persistence that patience just doesn’t have.

Imagine aliens starting to realize this.

“You got to your moon before you had developed LED screens??? You didn’t even have computers that could do basic math?!”
“Well, what else were we gonna do, sit around and wait?”

“Your planes don’t have gravitational control? Don’t you experience discomfort from the acceleration and directional changes?”
“Sure. But we needed to get on the other side of the planet in a decent amount of time.”
“So… what you’re articulating is that you’d rather have physical distress than have to have a long journey?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Human____, our mechanical teams will be on site in several of your earth hours, so we won’t be going anywhere until then.”
“Screw that. Where’s the manual for this thing? I bet I can fix it.”
“But you don’t have any mechanical training.”
“I also don’t feel like sitting around on this rock for ages.”

“You’re back already? I thought your medical representative told you to not be walking on that limb for another of your weeks.”
“Ugh. I just can’t anymore. I’ve got to get up and move and do something, anything.”
“But doesn’t that hurt to walk on?”
“…You would choose pain over waiting?”
“What can I say, I’m not a patient person.”

Like aliens just being baffled that humans would rather work hard or struggle with a problem or even experience pain and discomfort. They, as prey species, are used to just waiting it out. They don’t have the same impatience driving them to get up and go and to fight through things just because they can’t wait any longer.

Human: Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Alien: Why don’t you have time? Is something scheduled soon?
Human: No, I just don’t feel like wasting time.
Alien: But… it’s not wasted. It’s time well spent. And you do technically have the time to spare for that. If there’s nothing scheduled, then you do ‘got time for that’.
Human: No. No, I don’t. It’s just… no.

We all know that the galra are born with yellow eyes right? It’s their species thing

So why does Zarkon have purple ones? He was shown to have yellow ones before he turned all evil, so why the switch?

We used to just say “Oh he’s like the king or whatever, that’s why” but ever since the flashback ep, it always bothered me. HOWEVER, there was one galra who made their eyes turn purple

This dude right here, but the only reason they turned purple was because of that purple glowy stuff he collected from Slav

So, after all these years collecting quintessence the stuff finally rubbed off on Zarkon and made him stronger and more powerful as evidenced by the guy above during “Escape from Beta Traz”. And as far as we know, Zarkon has been using that quintessence to keep him alive for over 10,000 years and has A LOT of it stored.

This explains why Keith suddenly turns purple when he comes into contact with that stuff, quintessence is like Space Steroids and it’s raw power amplifies the strength in someone (Just aliens as far as we know). And I think I have a good idea as to what it is that’s inside these tubes in the last episode of s2

So why does Zarkon need so much of it?

I think he’s planning to use it in some huge way on his armies to give him the upper hand, and at the rate Haggar is collecting them, it won’t be long until they have enough to use it against Voltron and to capture the universe.

a Baku shoes masterpost 

because that’s exactly the kind of person i am

to start off with, little Bakugou doesn’t really seem to have a preference for shoes. on the left, it looks like he’s wearing sneakers, and the middle also seems to be some kinda sneakers. on the right he’s wearing sandals.

in the series proper, these are the first shoes we see Bakugou wear

however, they’re likely just school issued shoewear because Izuku is wearing the same kind of shoes 

this is further evidenced later on, where both are wearing completely different shoes.

these seem to be their own personal shoes, since Izuku is wearing his signature red shoes here. we can’t get a clear image of them but, Bakugou it seems, favors loafer type shoes

this is once more shown in his two character pages, where he’s shown wearing casual clothes and on his UA character page, where he’s wearing his own shoes and not UA’s school regulated shoes.

next are Bakugou’s hero outfit boots.

Now, Bakugou actually didn’t design them. They’re an interpretation of his initial designs  that the hero company came up with

however, he clearly seems to really like them because he specifically wore them during the Sports Festival. either that, or he wore them because they’re specifically designed for battle and work better than any of his regular shoes

(interestingly, he wears them two different ways during the festival. during the Cavalry Battle, he wears his pants over the boots, while later on he tucks the pant legs into the boots)

later on, while at the training camp and when he was kidnapped, he was wearing shoes that seemed like some sort of sneakers?

it’s hard to make out, but they don’t look exactly like loafers, and there seems to be laces on them

in one of the colorspreads, he’s wearing what looks to be combat shoes. this is the only time we’ve ever seen him wear these kinds of shoes, if you exclude his hero shoes.

return of The Loafers: red colored formal wear edition

and here we have some pretty cool lookin’ snow boots on the 2nd popularity poll colorspread (also why is he wearing snow boots while being shirtless. child. this makes no sense)

and finally

more loafers

long story short Baku really seems to like loafers

and boots, sometimes

but mostly loafers

Camp Camp Max Analysis

Alright, i’m doing a sequel analysis because I love bad television shows and in depth analysis of characters who don’t really need it. This last episode was GOOOOOD.

Alright, so continuing on the vein of “max has a tragic backstory”: Lets talk about the gift he received from his parents. 

So, Max receives a package from his parents, with a short postcard. Inside the package, is the exact sweater he already wears. 

This is the most obvious part of this scene- How I’m reading this is that his parents seem to be going through the motions of parenthood, and making half-hearted gestures to keep up the charade- buying something that “made them think” of their child, which has little to do with their interests or personality, but rather. is a purely aesthetic trait- Their kid wears a blue jacket —> Their kid likes blue jackets—-> Buy their kid a blue jacket. No work has been done here- Clearly, Max’s parents are at the very least, emotionally neglectful.

…And, as is evidenced by Max’s lack of food in the opening, possibly physically neglectful as well. He doesn’t eat much, which could be either a sign of depression or a sign of being used to not eating.

Great, so we now have solid evidence that Max is being neglected by his parents. Let’s take a look at that postcard.

Some things that jump out at me right away:

- It’s typed.

-5 words total. Concise, and impersonal.

-Signed, in an oddly formal fashion, “Your parents”- stating a fact, rather than an emotional connection. They might as well be saying “The people that birthed you.”

-It’s SLOPPY. The letters aren’t straight, the words aren’t on the lines. It’s a rush job of an afterthought.

Thinking more about the post card itself, we can assume that Max’s parents ship him off to summer camp every year so they can travel- Implying that they have a lot of money to throw around, and probably pay off their kid to keep him from complaining too much. Buy him really expensive shit that he doesn’t really want or need to keep him from complaining, but don’t make an effort to make his life actually comfortable or enjoyable. 

I bet he grew up in one of those houses where everything is beautiful and clean, and he wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Jesus, imagine being a grubby kid like max in that environment. No wonder he’s so cold towards someone like David.

my fellow sensates:

i just want to remind you to be calm and courteous when you speak with netflix personnel, be it by chat or by phone. it’s another person on the other line and it will only benefit our cause if we prove our maturity, determination, and intelligence. that said, when i called and made my displeasure known, i was thanked for having coherent points. this is important, as it makes it easier for the rep to discern a clear and digestible argument for the show’s potential continuation that they can pass on to the higher ups.

this is some of the stuff i brought up:

  1. netflix didn’t seem to care to advertise sense8. it didn’t even appear on a banner featuring netflix originals which was on their own website just a few days after season 2 was released
  2. if they’re going to judge it by the amount of views, then the timing of the release was poor. it’s finals and graduation season - people are busy. and judging it by that standard, in that timeframe is brutally unfair because it goes against netflix’s entire premise of watching when you please.
  3. making a decision when the second season hasn’t even been out for a full month makes even less sense when you consider that we waited for THREE MONTHS to hear about the season two renewal.
  4. the fanbase is incredibly loyal. we waited patiently for two years for a second season, so despite the production cost, people were paying for their service for that period with the primary justification being new sense8 content to come.
  5. the creators had planned the story out through at least five seasons. there was story left to be told, with an idea of where it would be headed. compare this to something like 13rw which was renewed, even though it’s already run through its source material. 
  6. fanbase age difference - sense8’s audience is probably a bit older than say 13rw’s. we have more spending power (as evidenced by holding subscriptions for two years as we waited for new content)
  7. finally, their reputation is on the line here. sense8’s diverse and progressive nature can only be a boon for netflix. this show is culturally and socially relevant. it made fans think highly of the company. thus the timing of the cancellation (first day of pride month) feels like a pointed slap in the face.

remember that netflix is still a company whose primary interest is money. i didn’t drive the point home too well, but you can and probably should add in an 8th point (how appropriate..) which focuses on money. maybe a personal statement about your own subscription would be good?

keep up the good fight, my friends. we’ll give them a war.

Kuron is an android, not a clone:

so S3 Shiro (aka Kuron) is obviously not real Shiro, based on {all these reasons here} plus all the multiple other metas floating around detailing all the differences. the most common theory at this point seems to be that Kuron is Shiro’s clone, but i’m gonna make the case that he’s not a human clone - he’s an android, i.e. a humanoid robot, but he thinks he’s human.

  • in {this video clip of 3x05} you can hear a mechanical sound as Kuron’s pupils dilate, which sounds like a camera focusing - as if his eyes are cameras
  • Kuron survived for days on the ice planet, and for a week in space without food or water, which a human shouldn’t be able to do
  • Kuron acts cold and robotic, as evidenced by {this gifset} of him coldly telling Keith to open the team up to attack for the sake of the mission
  • in all of VLD so far we’ve never seen any hint at the Galra using clones - in fact, all the Galra we see are very different and individual
  • however… we have seen them use robot sentries:
  • Kuron not only has a different haircut etc, his physical features also look different - there’s differences in his eye shape and hairline, his eyebrows are thinner, and his shoulders are more flat than Real Shiro’s, and his arms and chest are more bulky
    • if he’s genetically identical to Shiro, we wouldn’t expect to see those differences in eye shape, eyebrows, or hairline, but we do
  • (not to mention, those squared-off shoulders make Kuron look even more like the Galra sentry robots)
  • that creepy dead-eyed Shiro lying on a table during Kuron’s escape? it’s not a failed clone - it’s an android that hasn’t been programmed yet:
  • …hence the vacant stare and expressionless face
  • we know Haggar can transfer a living consciousness into a robot body, because she does it to the Robeasts several times (i.e. Myzax and Prorok both got transferred into robot bodies)
  • as i pointed out in {this meta about Shiro’s bayard}, Shiro never uses guns on the show - but Kuron uses a gun during his escape. you know who else uses guns? the Galra sentry robots.
  • on a meta level, “robot replacement who thinks they’re the original human” is much more in keeping with the science fantasy genre than clones

and i want to bring up one final point, which is that the design of the Galra ships, sentry robots, and uniforms are all reminiscent of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica:

(Allura wearing the guard helmet. notice the similarity in the V over the eyes)

In BSG, the robot Cylons were also used as sentries and guards, just like they are in Voltron. However, there were also humanoid Cylons (i.e. androids) who could pass for real humans. And some of them were programmed to think they were human…


Dream Daddy quick thoughts:

1. I love how once you realize Robert is taking the piss out of everyone 90% of the time, everything he says on other routes becomes hilarious.

2. Presumably Robert is quiet at Amanda’s party on other routes because he didn’t reconcile with Val… He probably didn’t even go meet her… kill me…

3. Robert has a Thing about sex, as evidenced by how infamously thirst will ruin your chances with him from the start, so when he makes advances on you at the end of the third date…  he’s totally sabotaging himself again by ruining his one deep relationship ie the one with you.  Kill me again??

4. For some reason I kinda love that Joseph was married when he hooked up with Robert, yet Robert and Mary are still bros.

5. Conspiracy theory: Robert is short.

This turned more into quick thoughts about Robert, I’m sorry, my cards are showing very clearly.

Gem Hierarchy

This might have seemed very obvious to some, but I just realized we have enough information to support this, so here we go.

Gems are ranked based off their actual ranks on the Mohs Hardness scale. Gems on this scale can only be scratched by gems equal to or lower than them in terms of hardness, so having a higher number makes you more indestructible. 

The diamonds are the hardest gemstone with a hardness of 10. The disbelief that a Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond would make sense, because the only thing that should be able to scratch a diamond should be a diamond.

Both Rubies and Sapphires (Padparadscha included, as padparadschas are sapphires) are 9s. This is probably why Rubies were sent out as bodyguards for Sapphire, and why Sapphire was allowed to speak directly with Blue Diamond. Garnets, however, vary their hardness depending upon what type they are, but all garnets have a hardness lower than 9, which is also probably part of why seeing them fuse was such a disgrace- they combined and became weaker, even though they were almost the strongest.

Alexandrite, the fusion of Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet, is an 8.5, making her an optimal attack gem, and making Amethyst and Pearl ‘stronger’ but Ruby and Sapphire ‘weaker’.

Next up is both Topaz and Aquamarine with a harness of 8 (although to be more exact, aquamarine has a hardness between 7.5 and 8), putting the two as equals. Aquamarine is obviously very egotistical about this, because she is pretty high up, and this is probably also why topaz is sent out on missions so much.

Amethyst, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Jasper, Sardonyx, Rutile, and Agate all have a hardness of about 7, making Amethysts, Jaspers, and Rose Quartz-s good soldiers- tough but not too tough. Holly Blue Agate shouldn’t really have the authority over Amethyst and Quartz Guards the way she does, but there seems to be a trend with the ego that comes with blue gems working with other gems, as evidenced by both her and Aquamarine.

Zircon is a good 6.5-7.5, making them a slightly higher up but still fairly average bunch for their jobs as lawyers.

Both Sugilite and Opal are about a 6.5, making Amethyst, Sapphire, and Ruby ‘weaker’ as Sugilite, but Pearl ‘stronger’ and Amethyst ‘weaker’ as Opal.

Lapis Lazuli is a 5-6, making her an average gem, and putting her in the place to do the hard labor of terraforming. Rhodonite also falls here, and if we assume that she is a fusion of a pearl and ruby, then its not surprising that she has to hide as it would make a ruby softer and a pearl harder.

Malachite is a 3.5-4, which could be why Lapis was able to take control of the fusion that Jasper thought fusing would make them stronger. Fluorite also has a hardness of 4, which we can only assume to be dragging down the hardness of some of her gems.

Pearls, the walking coat racks of the gem world, fall between a 2.5 and a 4. As such, they are easily bossed around by almost everyone, and are not expected to be able to fight. Bismuths have a hardness of 2-2.5, so they also would not be considered to be able to fight, and this is probably why they are tasked with working on modifying weapons instead of fighting with weapons.

TL;DR- gem hierarchy based on Mohs hardness scale, fusion of different gems frowned upon because the fusion most likely consists of an upper and lower gem, inevitably bringing down the hardness of one gem

The Data Theory

This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.

Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.

Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.

Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.

Keep reading

Who really Shattered Pink Diamond...

During the events of the “Back to the Moon”, we were all certain that Rose was the one that shattered Pink Diamond and started the rebellion on Earth. But during the events of “the Trail” the accusation of Rose Shattering Pink Diamond doesn’t make sense anymore.   


please watch clip before reading this clip 


As Zircon had explained before the shattering of Pink Diamond had taken place Rose had been recognized as a threat for 700 years. In others words Rose Quartzs were already out lawed and bubble by Pink Diamond. So how did Rose get so close to Pink Diamond if everyone was already on guard for her. And the murder weapon was described to be Rose’s sword! But as it was said before by Bismuth she designed the sword to destroy the physical form but never the gem… But Blue Diamond was told that it was a sword. So it doesn’t make sense at all.

In fact the shattering of Pink Diamond was pinned on Rose Quartz, why you may ask because it was convenient for the real perpetrator! They had someone to blame and also they had the power to cover up the ordeal. Along with that it had to be someone who was close to her as well, someone who could have gotten her outside of her palanquin.

Zircon believed it had to have been a person in power and the only Diamond we have not seen in power is White Diamond and I believe she’s the one responsible for Pink Diamond death. But why? Why did she do it? The reason being is that Pink Diamond was not filling her role as a leader. The one who performed the deed was pearl… OUR PEARL!

From what we’ve seen from the gem society is that they believe in complete order and each gem must fill their role! The diamonds are leaders they are meant to thrive and expand their civilization. Pink Diamond is seen to be the youngest diamond, since see only started her one colony. And she failed at her duty to due so. I’m not talking about her shattering, I’m talking about what she did with the planet. Yes she created kindergartens and made new gems but she did something useless not benefitting Homeworld and fitting the model.

I’m talking about the creation of the human zoo

She creating the human, she was capturing life wasting her resources, to study organic life. Of course the other diamonds would see them useless thing to do Yellow herself called the human zoo silly during “what’s the use of feeling Blue”.(The only reason Blue cares about humans is only because they have a connection to Pink). And from the detailed and well cared environment that the humans lived in she seemed more occupied with the zoo than creating her colony (she was still invested in creating it but was doing something on the side to put it in perspective).

That was her first mistake as a Diamond. The second mistake that Pink made was letting Rose go rouge. From what Zircon had said Rose Quartz gems were already an outlaw after Rose went against Pink, And what did Pink decided to do.

She deicides to bubble all the Rose Quartz and not destroy them. Now we’ve seen how harsh the Diamonds can be and how strict they are. And from what we got from other gems everyones afraid of making a mistake in the fear of getting shattered by the Diamonds who they see as godly beings. But Pink didn’t not excises her power enough and was too soft. And she couldn’t even get one of her soldiers under control. She showed mercy to all these Rose Quartz gems which is a sign of weakness.  From that description she didn’t seem fit to rule as a Diamond and that’s why she ordered Pink’s demise.

I also believe that’s why Yellow was acting so weird during the trail like she knew something. Like she knew something about it; I think knew the truth and was just protecting Blue. And it also explains why Yellow she’s trying so hard to get Blue to move on she knows what White Diamonds capable of and doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Blue, to be seen as an unfit ruler and gets shattered by White Diamond.

Okay now that’s done let’s get to Pearl side of the story.

The reason why I believed that it was a pearl is because what gem is more closer to a Diamond than a pearl. Zircon said it herself that it had to be someone close to her. Pearls are with their owners 24/7 they are able to see them at their strongest and their weakest. And they’re the only gems that are able to be alone with their Diamonds so a pearl could know the perfect time to strike since they’re with them all the time. 

And it had to be our Pearl that did it. And why because she was originally white Diamonds Pearl and she was given to Pink. There is evidence that she is White Diamonds Pearl her gem is in the same placement as white’s along with her color in the Answer the color that represented her was white. Though you all maybe asking “but how did she end up with Pink”.


Listen to this and Zircon’s imitation and try to tell me that doesn’t sound familiar to each other.

Watch out my Diamond!!!

 The way Zircon said tried to imitate “Pink Diamond’s Pearl”  it sounds very similar to how dramatic our Pearl is. Remember during the trail case, when Zircon said “and where was her Pearl” Take notice how yellow and blue pearl when Zircon said that’s why was would they react like that when Zircon said “pink diamond’s pearl”…because they knew that she was really white Diamonds pearl our Pearl.  Now wait I have an explanation my reasoning. 

I believed that they knew because they were high ranking pearls.

Pink was still a young diamond she didn’t know anything  so White Diamond gave her Pearl to Pink. And during the time Pink thought it made sense since she was a beginner it would make sense that she would be sent her attendant that knew how White Diamond worked to help her further her training into becoming leader. This experience Pearl would guide  her through her next colony so she was told…

But what Pink didn’t know was that White Diamond had disowned her pearl. For what ever the reason our pearl was considered defective or maybe failed job for White Diamond.  Whatever the reason White saw our was unfit she  tossed her away. That could explain why Pearl is such a perfectionist, or so OCD because she was traumatized by it and swore to be perfect from now on. It took such a toll on Pearl mentally that she thinks so lowly of herself and always has to prove herself. That’s why Pearl was so dedicated in fighting for Rose she was scared to be thrown away again. She was under Pink but was still loyal to White.

Pearl is really torn up…

When White ordered the death on Pink she had ordered Pearl to do it; White had told Pearl that if she did this for her she would accept her back into her court and she would be her Pearl again. That’s why pearl is presented as this desperate individual; remember she was willing to do anything for Rose and even die for her. That’s the type of person she is whose’s to say that she wasn’t willing to destroy another Diamond to get back to her original owner. And we all know how desperate Pearl is sometimes…

And how she did it was simple she would lie to Pink Diamond that there was a problem with the palanquin and would have her step outside to fix it…. I say this because look at the position of the palanquin it looks like it crashed the way it was setup. It was close enough for gems to see the act happened but not close enough for others to see what happened. I say this because Eyeball said she “saw” Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond but we don’t know how close she was she may have saw a figure that looked like a Rose Quartz

And after getting her caught off guard Pearl shaped shifted into Rose Quartz and shattered her from the front. After that White Diamond pulled a few strings and a few gems say they saw Rose Quartz did it. I know Pearl’s a small gem but with White Diamond ordered it so surely she’s know the secret in shattering a Diamond since she was one herself…. 

Pearl was given the order and she did it everything was swept under the rug Rose was blamed and she completed her mission. However White lied to her and she wasn’t taking her back because she was still defective and assigning her a new owner when she got back. Everything she did was for nothing and she felt like she had no purpose. That’s why when Pearl said when she served “Homeworld”, because she techinally betrayed her owners. 

How Rose found her way to pearl was that Rose was trying to find out the her culprit that shattered. Then along the way she discovered it was no-other than our Pearl that destroy Pink Diamond. Instead of being upset she was surprised that a little could accomplish something like that. Pearl would tell her story and Rose would grow found and attached with her story. Pearl would call herself self a defective and say she wasn’t good enough saying “Who would want me…” And Rose being the person she is took in Pearl, despite everything she did in framing her. She saw pearl as a strong ally to have for the fight against Homeworld and well Pearl fell in love with Rose as a result. 

That’s why Rose took the blame to defend Pearl. And it you don’t believe me that it was Pearl that shattered look at how she reacted when Eyeball said that she saw Rose Shatter pink Diamond (in back to the moon) she’s shaking like crazy and scared because she’s the one who really did it. And take note that she’s the only one in the show that hasn’t shape shifted it seemly that Pearl avoids it at all cost; this could be due to the guilt she has in transforming into Rose Quartz. 

Though there is on piece of evidenced that I believe proves my theory that Pearl belonged to White Diamond and lied to her that she could go back her if she shattered Pink Diamond. 

You see this…

I always though that pearl getting stabbed had symbolic meaning and now that all the pieces have been putt together it does. Holo Pearl represents White Diamond stabbing Pearl in the back. Promising that she could come back to her and serve if she did what she shattered pink Diamond but she didn’t keep her word. Then the place wear Pearl is stab is the stomach… the same place that Pink Diamonds gem was. Rebecca Sugar foreshadowed this since the start of the series it was Pearl, under white Diamonds orders.

But hey that’s just a theory and as I said before if you disagree be polite.

Daniel Mauser’s adopted sister: a blessing after the tragedy

In July 1999, a few months after the Columbine High School Massacre of April 20, the parents of one of the victims, the 15-year-old Daniel Conner Mauser, proudly decided to adopt a little Chinese girl, obviously not to replace Daniel, but because they felt they had a lot of time and love to share with another child. Here’s their story:

“We made a two-week trip to China in October 2000 and brought back a bundle of joy by the name of Madeline HaiXing Mauser!

All three of us (Tom, Linda and Christie, Daniel’s sister) left on October 11. We traveled along with others who were adopting at the same time-a total of 20 Chinese girls being adopted. Six couples were from Denver, the others were from all over the country. All these folks are wonderful people who are going to make terrific parents!.

We traveled to four different cities: Hong Kong, Nanning, Gui Lin and Guangzhou (formerly Canton). We spent two days in Hong Kong, sightseeing and adjusting to the 13-hour flight from San Francisco.

Next we flew to the city of Nanning, where our precious little daughter was handed over to us. We were very pleased at how quickly she bonded with us. She weighed twenty pounds when we got her, was very strong and energetic, very healthy, inquisitive, sociable, and very generous with her smiles.

Madeline was abandoned in the city of Liuzhou, which is in the province of Guangxi in the south of China, when she was a couple of weeks old. She spent less than a month in an orphanage, then was placed in a foster home. It is clear that she was very well cared for and got lots of stimulation-as evidenced in her strength and the fact she was walking before she turned one

Her given Chinese name is Liu Hai Xing: the Liu is her surname and represents the name of the city and orphanage. The Hai Xing translates into “ocean star.” We combined the two words for simplicity. Her birth date is November 22, 1999.

We also visited the beautiful resort city of Gui Lin, where we took a riverboat cruise down the Li River through miles and miles of famous cone-shaped limestone mountain formations called karsts. This is a favorite tourist site for the Chinese. They prefer to see the area in the fog and mist. Even though it was the dry season, we were treated to fog and mist! We finished up our paperwork in Guangzhou, then returned to the U.S. on October 27.

We are very grateful we were able to spend time in China so that we could learn more about the Chinese people and learn about their culture. We found the Chinese people to be very friendly and polite. When we walked around with Madeline in the stroller, we got lots of looks, to say the least. These weren’t just polite nods or “Ahhhs” from grandmotherly women. All sorts of people looked approvingly at us-even grown men!

They had broad smiles, they turned around as they walked or bicycled by, they pointed and smiled, they gave us the “thumbs up” sign, etc. Some would stop us to say “Hello!” or to pinch her cheek–and once we stopped, a small crowd would gather around to marvel and smile. School children would practice their English on us. They were all really wonderful people.

We think Daniel would be very proud of our decision!”

Source: Daniel Mauser’s Memorial-Official Website

Victor and St. Petersburg

While Yuuri and Hasetsu is most the most significant example of character being reflected through their setting in YOI, I think Victor being explicitly from St. Petersburg is also a significant character choice for a number of reasons:

Most obviously St. Petersburg is an internationally famous city, this works as a contrast to Hasetsu a relatively obscure seaside town. This underscores the great contrast between Yuuri and Victor’s careers at least in Yuuri’s eyes. Victor as an internationally celebrated athlete while Yuuri’s sees his popularity as more local in nature.

St. Petersburg is also the cultural capital of Russia, and the location Russia’s most prestigious museum the Hermitage. Victor, as a Russian National Hero, thinks of himself as a cultural treasure of Russia as evidenced by this flashback/day dream of him sitting in the Hermitage in episode 11.

Figure skating also has a strong history in St Peterburg, especially innovative, artistically focused skating like the Olympic pair skaters Lyudmila Beloussova and Oleg Protopopov famous for introducing the “death spiral” into pair skating.

I think it’s also significant that we see next to nothing of St. Petersburg in the show proper except the occasional scenes of Yuri training, giving the city a mysterious feel in much the same way that Victor himself is much of a mystery throughout the show.

Victor himself only really directly mentions St. Petersburg once and that is in episode 4 when he reveals that he never imagined leaving the city. It comes across as a moment of great vulnerability for Victor as we get to learn something about his feelings.

Making St. Petersburg the place of origin for Victor helps to inform us initially some aspects of his character in much a similar way to how Hasetsu informs Yuuri’s character.

I buried this point in a reblog of one of my other GotG posts, but I wanted to pull it out into its own post because I think it’s important.

I think this movie contains one of the most accurate and sympathetic depictions of the fannish way of thinking that I’ve ever seen in mainstream media. This is not a movie about fandom, but I think it is actually more sympathetic to, and understanding of, the way people in fandom think and behave than 99% of TV or movies’ attempts to depict more classically fandom-associated things like fan conventions, fanfic, or cosplay. 

These are movies about a guy who uses music and pop culture to process his emotions and provide a framework for thinking about the world, and while there are times when it’s played somewhat for laughs (e.g. trying to explain David Hasselhoff to Gamora), most of the time the movies are as sincere about it as Peter is. Even in the David Hasselhoff scene, Gamora doesn’t laugh; she might not fully understand, but she recognizes how important that fantasy was to Peter and just tells him that she thinks it’s sweet – I mean, if you think about it, what happened here is that the main protagonist in an action movie described a self-insert fantasy to a “cool” friend and got a sympathetic and understanding response. When does that EVER happen?

(In a reblog addition to the original version of this post, katiekeysburg contributed a link to an article with James Gunn that suggests there’s a certain amount of autobiography in Peter’s use of fantasy as a way of coping with reality, so a lot of this is intentional.)

And it’s also a movie in which the action-hero main character carries around a completely nonfunctional (in practical terms) comfort object with him, and the other characters are totally supportive of that. (The practically-nonfunctional part is important, I think, because I can think of other movies in which the protagonist has something like a weapon given to them by a dead loved one, but I can’t think of anything else I’ve ever seen in mainstream genre fiction in which the protagonist carries an object which is only used to comfort them and calm them down, and is actively shown being used that way on a regular basis.) In the first movie, Peter’s friends don’t really get it yet, but even there, the only actual semi-derogatory reference to it that I can remember is Drax’s “You’re an imbecile” when he realizes Peter went back to the Kyln in the middle of a firefight to retrieve the Walkman, and given how little interaction they’ve had so far and the fact that everyone’s lives were in jeopardy because of waiting for him, that’s a reasonable reaction under the circumstances.

But no one ever makes fun of him for needing it, and I’m pretty sure that by the time we get around to the second movie, when they’ve started to recognize how important it is to him, his friends would be the ones going through hell and high water to get it back for him (as evidenced by the fact that Rocket apparently retrieved Yondu’s broken arrow from Ego’s planet while the planet was literally blowing up around him – I’m sure any of them would do the same in a heartbeat for Peter’s music player).

Even Yondu seems to have been supportive of it, because Peter’s confidence with the Walkman, and with playing his music out loud in general, suggests that Yondu never used it as a punishment – that is, he could easily have withheld it to control Peter (surely it must have been obvious that if he’d wanted to control and break the kid, taking away his music would’ve been the way to do that), but he doesn’t seem to have done that; Peter never behaves like he grew up under the threat of having his music taken away from him. In fact, we find out in the second movie that Yondu actually made copies of the music on Peter’s tape and kept it on the ship, presumably in case the original was lost.

In both movies, trying to take away Peter’s music/comfort object is shown as something that only really bad people do (like the Kyln prison guard, or Ego crushing his Walkman), and people show their love for him by giving him more music, or by letting him share his music with them, or just making sure that he has it.

I just. These movies, you guys. ❤ ❤ ❤

You guys are taking this too far

The new popular post is really starting to concern me. It’s stating that Joseph is abusive, that he was the only person who cheated in the relationship, and that he is manipulative. This is really sad to see for such a good and well written character in such a sweet and wholesome game.

Neither character is flawless. They were both cheating - Mary was flirting with several men, and she actually leaves the bar with one in Robert’s route. Joseph cheats on her with you after they have decided to divorce. Mary didn’t care one lick about her youngest child in one part of the game. Joseph lost track of his twins who went on to tear apart another person’s property. Neither of them were happy in their marriage, and they are both flawed characters…But that’s what makes them so great!

Now, again, I’m not saying either of them are saints. I’m just saying this whole “Mary is pure and Joseph is literally hurting her” is actually making me sick to my stomach. You’re turning a sweet game into something even more sinister than the datamined cult ending based on no factual evidence at all. The devs haven’t said ANYTHING (at the time of writing this) about Joseph’s endings or Mary.

Both characters are flawed, yes! But that’s what makes them so good! Joseph’s route is morally grey, yes, but he wasn’t intentionally manipulating you into an affair, and he wasn’t ever hurting Mary. They both love each other, it’s just…Not working out anymore. And that’s okay! That happens! It’s implied Mary lost her fifth child and sunk into a depression while Joseph struggled to keep things afloat. It’s implied that Joseph is having a mid life crisis while Mary is struggling with alcoholism. They are both struggling at the time you come in. Both of them, and neither of them are at fault for not fixing or helping the other.

It is really unfair to tell people that them dating/liking Joseph was all a ruse and that it’s a bad idea. It’s unfair to take such well written characters and force them into a box of 100% good or 100% bad. It’s okay. Joseph’s route is okay, and if you count in the way your character reacts (the “was there something I did wrong?”) and the fact that we’ve find other content in the game that appears like it actually should have happened (walking Mary home), it’s more heavily implied that there’s a glitch than “the whole point of Joseph’s route is to show you the dangers of dating a married man.” That isn’t fair in a dating sim. You are literally supposed to date him, so saying that you weren’t supposed to date him completely destroys the entire point of the game.

What I’m trying to say is just…Can we please stop with this unneeded and poorly evidenced drama over Joseph? It’s very upsetting to people like me who just want to enjoy the game and enjoy wholesome content, but keep seeing people talk about how Joseph is a terrible man who may actually be hurting his wife is…It’s too much.

Please, guys? Can we tone it back a little?

Kaneki and Toukas child will live

(DISCLAIMER: This is my own opinion regarding the survivability of Kaneki and Toukas child. There’s no actual proof that anything i’m saying is in fact true, and there’s a possibility Ishida might just punch me in the gut and prove me wrong.)

Following the release of the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re, chapter 129, we receive confirmation that Touka is indeed pregnant, and with Kaneki as the father, the child is either a half-ghoul or half-human (im working on a meta on the genetic implications which ill post later on). While everyone has been theorizing about the possibility of a pregnancy since Ishida’s drawing of Touka with a bloody belly and the burnt-womb poem; having finally received its validation, the fandom seems sure of one thing: the baby will die. Whether it will be through a natural miscarriage or during some kind of combat, the baby will certainly die. And with reason, after all, its our first time experiencing a ghoul pregnancy,of a hybrid nonetheless, and considering what we know (the ghoul mother absorbs the child, the child dies of malnutrition,etc), there’s no hope for the baby. And yet, here I am,saying that I believe the child will live. Why? Well for various reasons:

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