I was just casually tossing the idea of “Hey I should make a fucking Dornish Pride music video at WonderCon” around in my head but then I was like “Nah, I’d need more people”

And suddenly my buddy messages me out of the blue like “Yo, I wanna do a video with you again” and then another dude is like “Hey you doin a music video anytime soon?”


So I guess I’ll go through with the idea then! SOME HARD DORNISH BUSINESS BOUT TO HAPPEN YO

"But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

We cannot walk alone.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Blanket Burritos

A/N: Here’s some fluff because both doiloveyou-myohmy and I need it today. Lady bonding between Skye and Jemma with some side Ward x Simmons.
Skye watched as Jemma sat motionless on a lab stool, staring into space. The fact that Jemma hadn’t moved in at least 4 minutes was starting to concern her. It wasn’t common for the scientist to be anything but buzzing around the lab. What was even more worrying was that it looked like Jemma had actually been in the middle of a task, as evidenced by the beaker limply hanging in her hand, resting on the bench in front of her.

This could not be good, Skye thought to herself as she finally pushed herself off the door jamb and entered the lab.

“Jemma? Jemma, hello?” Skye waved her hand in front of Jemma’s face.

“Oh, hello Skye. How can I help?” Jemma finally snapped out of her stupor. “I was just finishing up.” She gestured vaguely with the beaker.

Finally getting a close up glimpse of Jemma, Skye got even more worried.

“Jemma, are you feeling okay? You look, well, terrible!” Jemma was pale with circles under her eyes. Skye instinctively put the back of her hand against Jemma’s forehead and felt the clammy skin.

“Of course, Skye. I’m fine. Just a bit tired.” She pushed herself away from the lab bench and tried to move in her usual brisk manner to put the beaker in the cooler. She got about three steps before the beaker almost slipped from her fingers.

“Okaaay, Jems, we’re going to go upstairs to the lounge. When was the last time you ate?” Skye queried as she placed the beaker in the cooler and then started steering a surprisingly willing Jemma towards the stairs.

“I think I had breakfast?” Jemma sounded unsure.

“That was like, nine hours ago! We’re going to go upstairs and eat some soup because you clearly are sick,” Skye exclaimed in a tone brooking no arguments. However, Jemma didn’t protest and just let herself be pulled along. Things were definitely not looking good.

Skye deposited Jemma on the couch and went to the kitchen to fix up whatever soup she could find, and toast some bread. She popped her head around the corner, but Jemma hadn’t even moved, so Skye carried on.

Carefully carrying a bowl of soup and a cup of tea, Skye made her way back into the lounge only to find Jemma wrapped up to her ears in a blanket.

“Where did you get the blanket burrito, Jemma?” she asked, setting the bowl and mug down.

“Hm?” Jemma looked up at her.

“The blanket Jems, where did it come from?” she gestured toward the cocoon.

“Oh, Grant came by,” Jemma replied looking down. Skye tried to hide a grin at Jemma’s very unusual usage of Ward’s first name. Well this was definitely something she could use against her SO if she needed, as she filed the incident away for future use.

“Here, start on this while I go get my blanket, my laptop and Doctor Who, okay?

“Okay,” Jemma said reaching for the bowl. Skye went off to gather the supplies needed, shaking her head and starting to plot future cute encounters between the scientist and the specialist.

What if the final frog’s DNA specifically codes for the natural existence of cherubs in a universe?

Cherubs clearly exist in universe A, as evidenced by the massive green serpent bones, among other hints.

In universe C, we observed them directly in extensive natural occurrence as Calliope and Caliborn’s parents.

Aside from Lord English, however (and he’s obviously a special case, hardly “naturally occuring”), there is basically no evidence for any cherubs whatsoever in universe B. I honestly don’t think there are any.

Here’s why: Aranea compared cherubs to an immune system that clears out old life forms and makes way for the new with their balanced creation and destruction.

That’s why the final frog is so important. it introduces a key aspect of the Genesis Frog’s biological system, so to speak.

Because if you don’t have an immune system separating out the healthy and unhealthy parts of your body, what do you get? You got cancer. Because everything grows out of control. And that’s exactly what happened to the B universe.

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What's your opinion on Liam's friend andy? Is he apart of managements plan too?

I used to think Andy was a big ol’ douche. In the early days of 1D, he was a big ol’ douche. LOL But he’s evolved over the years and now I think he’s a decent guy and a good friend. No, I don’t think he’s part of management’s plan. 

As evidenced by the shade Liam has thrown at Danielle and Sophia, he seems to take loyalty very seriously. If his best friend accepted a check from management in exchange for pushing the official narrative, that friendship would probably be over. When we see Andy lurking during stunts, I think he’s there as a buffer—to make it less awkward for Liam. 


*cries forever*

l lawliet - silence


"We’re getting on, Mr. Carson you and I.  We can afford to live a little."

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Hi! I've been reading a lot of Jaime meta recently, and I came across your post about how his current arc is about identity and redemption (and "needing" Brienne). Genuinely curious: what about Jaime's arc is redemptive? I've seen a lot of stuff about Jaime not needing redemption, about having not enough guilt to deserve it, not doing enough, about not being REALLY changed, etc. and I'm really on the fence. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I should so be sleeping right now but there are polite Anons asking me to talk about Jaime Lannister so…

The thing about Jaime Lannister and his redemption arc is that it is about more than just him. Honestly, in my opinion, anyone who says that there’s nothing redemptive about his arc, or indeed that he doesn’t need redemption (he pushed a child out of a window) is talking bull but hey that’s just me. 

The thing about Jaime is that he represents Westerosi chivalry, as it exists in the timeline of A Song of Ice and Fire. He’s got all this flash, all this skill with a sword and all these good looks, but underneath he doesn’t really believe in knighthood anymore. His fall from grace in killing Aerys represents the fall of Westerosi chivalric virtue. In his youth, when he was so full of that idealism that he initially scorned in Brienne, there were knights like Arthur Dayne in Kingsguard, “men as well as swords were made of finer steel”, but when Jaime is Lord Commander, they’re really starting to scrape the barrel. (This isn’t to say that chivalry was perfect before this, because it wasn’t, there’s been a slow decline since the Age of Heroes but Jaime killing Aerys kind of symbolises that final nail in the coffin). 

And Jaime feels hugely guilty about this, it’s clear in the way he regards his fellow Kingsguard members in ASoS/AFFC. Obviously there are other things he does that are arguably more worthy of his guilt (once again, the whole child/window situation) but it is chivalry itself, as expressed through Jaime, that is in need of redemption. 

Naturally this is where Brienne comes in, providing Jaime with the inspiration he needs to get back on the horse (I’m sorry that’s only a clever pun if you know shit about chivalric traditions). When Jaime jumps into the bear pit, he does so partly out of affection for Brienne, yes, but also out of this rekindled desire to do good deeds, to do knightly deeds. Now this is possibly the only big gesture we see as “proof” of Jaime being “really changed”, as you put it, but the difference in his way of thinking and his reaction to smaller events is indicative of his slow return to chivalric virtue. He might still lust after Cersei, but he won’t fuck her in the White Tower, because that white cloak that once soiled him is beginning to become sacred again. He asks Boros Blount to shows him “where it is in our vows that we swear to beat women and children” yet I shudder to think what he could have done to Arya under Cersei’s orders, had he been the one to find her in AGoT. 

Jaime’s arc has yet to reach completion, but what we’re already seeing is a distinct change in his modes of thought - although he’s still a snarky asshat (he’s a Lannister, it’s genetic), he is much more moral and much less cynical as his journey goes on. Honestly I think the real test of him (and Brienne) will come in TWoW: Brienne’s choice of what to do in the Stoneheart situation will have enormous reverberations in terms of GRRM’s discussion of knighthood and what that means, and whether or not it can be truly upheld in Westeros. Currently, despite all the atrocities being committed by so-called knights in Westeros, Brienne’s mere existence, as well as her effect on Jaime, proves that chivalry is not yet entirely dead. 

Jaime’s personal redemption essentially comes second to the symbolic redemption of the figure of the knight in Westerosi culture.

There’s always been that little spark in Jaime, this little bit of the boy who had wanted to be Arthur Dayne, that rails against the cynicism he has so carefully constructed, and this little spark might be all that’s left of true chivalric virtue in Westeros. In the darkness that is made up of Gregor Clegane and men like him, this spark can be seen in Brienne, occasionally in Sandor, in Garlan Tyrell, and though the darkness is growing, so is that spark in Jaime. And if he can keep to this trajectory, if he can hold to these virtues that Brienne has reminded him of, then maybe that spark can light up the world.  

This is a high school friend of mine.  I like to tell stories about him to new friends I make because his life is so much more interesting than mine.

maybe thor felt he wasn’t ready to be king at the end of thor 2 because he knew he wouldn’t have loki by his side for counsel and companionship, which was something he always intended right from the beginning. he doesn’t have that reassurance anymore, and he doubts himself. he’s probably well aware that he’d never perform as well as he would have, and that without loki’s guidance he simply isn’t fit for the throne just yet. how can he be expected to take that position and remain there without his brother? the brother that he always intended to rule beside and the brother that completes him in every way possible? how could he ever think himself fit to rule if so much of his heart and soul is missing?

it’s a tricky business, playing a game in which you’re unsure of the pieces.
and in this game, i fear losing is not an option.


The Tsars’s vodka in action. Aqua regia or Царская водка in Russian is a 3/1 mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.

Upon mixing concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid a chemical reactions occurs. The product of the reaction is nitrosyl chloride and chlorine as evidenced by the fuming nature and characteristic yellow color of aqua regia. In this case the dissolved copper and other transition metals turned the color of the solution deep green, but the gas over the solution is yellow from the chlorine and nitrous fumes.

Interesting fact about the Nobel prize and the dissolution of gold:

When Nazi Germany occupied Denmark from April 1940, during World War II, György de Hevesy dissolved the gold Nobel Prizes of Max von Laue and
James Franck with aqua regia; it was illegal at the time to send gold out of the country, and were it discovered that Laue and Franck had done so to prevent them from being stolen, they could have faced prosecution in Germany. He placed the resulting solution on a shelf in his laboratory at the Niels Bohr Institute. After the war, he returned to find the solution undisturbed and precipitated the gold out of the acid. The Nobel Society then recast the Nobel Prizes using the original gold.

George de Hevesy got his Noble Prize in Chemistry for ”for his work on the use of isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes” in 1943.

Max von Laue got his Nobel Prize in Physics for ”for his discovery of the diffraction of X-rays by crystals” in 1914.

James Franck got his Nobel Prize in Physics ”for his discovery of the laws governing the impact of an electron upon an atom” in 1925.

While the show has strong actors throughout the cast, Monaghan and Fisher both stand out as exemplary talents, as evidenced by their burgeoning movie careers. Monaghan has been acting since the age of three and his experience shows, giving the character an authentic, lived-in feel. His relationships with his siblings, particularly older brother Lip, show off an easy brotherly affection and his recent scenes dealing with bipolar disorder have been standout— Fisher is even better and should be in the discussion for awards recognition. He’s taken an initially recurring role sketched out as “gay thug” and turned in such an emotional, heartbreaking performance that Mickey has become one of the most important characters on the show. His ability to convey Mickey’s depth of emotion without words is essential to making the storyline succeed.

obi wan kenobi character mix listen

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