Portland area queers please help

My girlfriend and I have just lost our sublet for the month of October a day before we were supposed to move in. I am facing homelessness for the first time in my life and I’m so completely terrified. There’s maybe a lead on a place in Seattle but it’s with a cishet couple who I don’t really know and I’m very very hesitant about that idea for obvious reasons. Please if you know about anything about a temporary safe space or can help me and my girlfriend out at all feel free to message me. We have been forcibly evicted from our home by individuals in positions of administrative power in our previous community which has firmly revealed itself to be intrinsically transmisogynistic and implicitly supportive of TERF ideology and rhetoric. I know things will work out in the long term because I need to feel that way in order to keep going, but I am so afraid about my wellbeing for the next couple of months. At this point with how extremely depressed I’ve been the last couple weeks and the intensity of my anxiety tumbling out of control the last 72 hours, and now hearing that I have no place to turn next… Idk things are just incredibly difficult and extremely scary, I’m not doing very well atm.


LaToya Fowlkes is standing outside rent court in Baltimore. A judge has just ruled that Fowlkes has to pay her landlord $4,900 in rent and fees despite her complaints that the house has leaky water pipes, chipped paint, rodents and a huge hole in the living room wall.

But Fowlkes didn’t notify her landlord of the problems by certified mail — something the judge said she should have done to avoid eviction.

“It’s hard for tenants, because tenants don’t know the law. And then you have these landlords that just go and buy agents, and agents just sit there and study it,” she says. “So they just know a lot of stuff, they know how to get around, they know how to work the judge over and that’s not fair.”

Fowlkes is complaining about a system that is pretty common around the country. Most tenants who fail to pay rent and are taken to court have no legal representation while most landlords do. Studies have shown that tenants with lawyers are far more likely to avoid eviction.

No one knows for sure how many people are evicted in the U.S. each year. There are estimates that it’s close to 1 million, many of whom are low-income renters living from paycheck to paycheck at a time when affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce.

In A High-Rent World, Affordable And Safe Housing Is Hard To Come By

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Protesting tenants of a Highland Park apartment complex face a mass eviction
The sandblasting contractor was in a bind. It was almost 9 a.m. and his crew was waiting for instructions. But the people wouldn’t leave.
By Los Angeles Times

The late August confrontation outside the 60-unit Marmion Royal apartments in Highland Park marked a flashpoint in L.A.’s slow-burning drama over income inequality, cultural identity, housing affordability and neighborhood preservation.

With its rents and real estate prices rising dramatically in recent years, Highland Park has become the latest front in the wave of gentrification that has swept nearby communities such as Echo Park and Atwater Village, uprooting working-class Latinos from neighborhoods they have called home for decades.

“Highland Park is now ground zero, not only in L.A., but in the whole country,” said Peter Dreier, professor of urban and environmental policy at Occidental College in Eagle Rock.

“Hedge funds and private equity firms are gobbling up properties all over the country,” he said. “They buy buildings for speculation. There’s enormous pressure on landlords to get rid of tenants.”

Queer/nb girl needs help with rent

hey everyone!! if you didn’t know it, I’m struggling financially, and I could really use some help!! My last job at RGIS had me extremely suicidal and moving toward self harm, due to almost daily deadnaming and misgendering. I’ve been trying to find something since july, but nothing has come up for me despite my best efforts. I have applied to unemployment insurance, but I don’t know how much that will be, or how long that will take. In the meantime, I’m still hunting for a job.

Today (9/13/16) I received an eviction notice if I can’t pay off what I owe in rent within 5 days or under agreement with my current landlord. I owe $1005 even. To my name, I have about $100 I can put towards that without making myself broke. ( I’m keeping about 10 to keep my bank account from charging me, and in case I need hygiene supplies.) I really really need some help, I don’t have a family, and I don’t have a source of income, and I don’t have anywhere I can go if I do face eviction.

If you can afford to donate anything to my paypal at raeraetims@gmail.com, I would really really appreciate it!! Here is a link to some of my artwork if you’d like to commission me instead, I’ll draw anything except gore and nsfw!! I’ll charge about $15 for any granted drawing unless it’s complex, but then I’ll work something out with you. I know that’s pretty cheap, but I’m desperate and can’t really afford to try full price commissions with anyone at the moment, so I’ll take anything. I’d start a gofundme, but they take a percentage and I can’t really afford that at the moment either, unless it offers more options to pay? I can’t remember if it does

In short, I need to make $1005 within five days, or at least enough to convince them not to evict me. If you could spread this around and donate what you can, I would really appreciate it!! thank you

donations at raeraetims@gmail.com
email me about commissions at ardentwaters@gmail.com