evian water and battery acid

Evian Water and Battery Acid || Alex and Electra

There were at least ten other places Electra would have rather been than at work. Some of those places weren’t even good one’s. On a bus on her way to Hell, for example.

Her day hadn’t started off so differently from the last. The rain wasn’t a full on down pour, for the first time in weeks, just a gentle drizzle of rain that kissed the asphalt instead of pounded it. The air inside Cat’s Cradle smelled like leather and the cinnamon candle she had burning on the register. Jeff Buckley crooned out a verse of Hallelujah from the beat up stereo perched on the counter at the front of the store and it was just warm and cozy enough that she almost wanted to curl up on one of the couches tucked into the labyrinth of bookshelves to take a nap. 

Except that she had fifty fucking boxes of new books to shelf. She shot an accusatory glare at the boxes stacked by the ladder she was perched on, trying to will them to shelve themselves. 

It was her own damn fault for staying up so late the night before with Vi, catching up on everything she missed and telling her best friend about the literal Hell that was San Francisco. Her best friend had laughed at her depiction of Electra’s mother, all jewels and botox and resting bitch face, until the early morning when they finally fell asleep curled up on each other. The red head hadn’t slept so well in months. 

Vi had tried to coax Electra into playing hooky for the day,luring her friend with promises of coffee and a guilt trip packed full of things like “Ty was convinced you were dead in a basement, pickled in some jar” and “You’re gonna have to see Alex eventually. You kinda owe him that- I WILL SMACK THAT GLARE RIGHT OFF YOUR FACE!”

Lectra chickened out, claiming that she was lucky her boss had let her have her job back at all so it was probably too soon to play sick. It was a valid excuse, she claimed… and a convenient one. 

The red head sighed and rested her forehead on the shelf she needed the ladder to reach. She knew Violet was right but she was too scared to face her demons now. What if Alex-

The bell on the door at the from interrupted her panic spiral. Electra juggled the stack of books clutched to her chest, calling back to the front of the store without turning around. “Welcome to Cat’s! I’ll be right with you!”