Dizzy Headcanons

Everyone on Auradon loves her. It’s so hard not to

Fairy Godmother ends up kind of adopting her because she reminders her so much of a young girl she used to know

The first time she meets Chad everyone held their breath because they were not sure as to how she would react. She ends up walking nicely up to him and introducing herself and who her mother and grandmother are

Naturally Chad is a little rude at first, but no one can really stay made at Dizzy so he eventually calms down and has a surprisingly long and calm talk with her, where he finds out that she was treated very similarly to how his mother was all those years ago

Chad becomes this protective older brother figure for her. Not that he really has anything to protect her from because like I said everyone loves her

Whenever people come to Evie or Mal about hair they always point them in Dizzy’s direction

Along with Evie’s clothing line Dizzy’s accessories are a hit and both of them are constantly swamped with orders of their unique designs

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Can you do malvie for the ship meme?

1.Who is the most affectionate?:


She was trained by her mother to shower her “future prince” with as much love and affection as she possibly could before starving him shortly after, so the flame of his passion wouldn’t go out, his eye would never stray, and he wouldn’t consider something so scandalous, hurtful—and most importantly, jeopardizing to Evil Queen’s desired standard of living—as divorcing Evie, or running away with “some harlot” and taking all of the money and reputation with him.

On a darker note, Mal has been reluctant to show affection to pretty much anyone as Maleficent has been keen in her attempts to drill and beat all the love and kindness out of her. She got better with dating Ben and hanging out with their friends, but it’s hard to undo sixteen years of brutally efficient conditioning.

2.Big spoon/Little spoon?:

Mal is the big spoon, Evie is the little spoon, always.

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Mal getting more Faerie/Dragon-like now that she’s getting a regular doses of magic to her system (and proper nutrition beside), Mal is incredibly protective of her girlfriend, and Evie is more than happy to be protected, cuddled, and loved in such an obvious way.

3.Most common argument?:

What Mal is wearing, especially to public events in their adulthood. Mal’s most common complaint is “But you picked this out for me!” is countered with “I have a better idea!”

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Jaylos Week Day 1 - Rivals

I struggled so much with this. It kinda sucks but I hope you enjoy!
Their school was divided.
It wasn’t something I liked, but it was something I couldn’t really fix.
Two years ago, Lost Isle High School shut down from lack of funds. The school board for both Lost Isle and Auradon Prep decided to merge the schools and invited the Lost Isle kids to join the school. Now, let me tell you why that caused problems.
Lost Isle High School is what some people would call a “slum” school, whereas Auradon Prep was….not. In fact, it was the opposite. Before the merge, only the richest went to Auradon. So, when these two very different groups became one…you can imagine there was some friction.
Two years later and it’s still an issue. We each even have titles. The kids from Lost Isle are the “Lost Kids” or if you’re feeling particularly mean “Villain Kids”. The Auradon Prep kids are usually called “Princes” or “Princesses” or occasionally “Snobs”. I come from the latter group.
My mother, Cruella DeVil, runs a high end fashion line featuring mostly furs and animal based products. As a vegan, I do not agree with my mother’s ethical values. Nor does my best friend Evie. Her mom has a popular makeup line that Evie has ensured no longer tests on animals. We make a pretty good team.
Now, you would assume that such a divided school would have a lot of fights. You would be wrong. Most of the students are actually pretty decent human beings, there just isn’t a whole lot of contact between the two groups. Which sucks for me, because I have a HUGE crush on one of the Lost kids.
At this point, I should probably mention that I’m gay. Like, really gay. Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned my name yet. It’s Carlos. And the guy I’m crushing on? His name name is Jay. He’s one of the hottest guys at this school (and there are a lot). He plays tourney and has dated everyone of the cheer squad, with the exception of myself and Evie (yes I’m a cheerleader, no I’m not a trope….well maybe a little).
Honestly, I don’t even know if he’s into guys or not. I mean, I know he’s “experimented” at the least, but he’s only ever dated girls thus far. So, I’m mostly just holding on to thin hope that I even have a chance. And if you’re wondering why he and Evie haven’t dated, there’s two reasons. One, Evie is a good friend; two, she’s also been kind of unofficially seeing Jay’s best friend Mal for like, three months. Of course, I still try to flirt with him every chance I get, like right now.
I look up from my phone just in time to see Jay and Mal walking over to where Evie and I were sitting on the bleachers after cheer practice. God, Jay looked so hot. He had just finished Tourney practice and was still sweaty with nothing but a tank top and basketball shorts on. Oh how I wanted nothing more than to-
“Carlos!” Evie shouts next to me. I startle and look over at her. I can tell from her amused look that this isn’t the first time she’s called my name. A blush quickly heats my face.
“S-sorry, I kinda zoned out. What’d ya say?” Now she’s smirking, and so is Mal. Shit, they knew what I was thinking.
“Mhm,” Evie says, totally not buying my bullshit, “Mal was just asking if I wanted to hang out tonight. I asking if it was cool with you if I went with her instead of to your place?”
“Yeah, that’s totally fine. Go do…whatever cult shit you two do when you’re alone, doesn’t bother me.” This makes all three of them laugh. Three. Right, Jay is standing right in front of me. I turn to face him and see that he’s laughing at Mal and Evie, giving me a few seconds to stare at him. His laugh is intoxicating, his smooth Baritone voice almost makes my heart melt. And the way his eyes crinkle with his lopsided grin is anyway to bring any guy or girl to their knees.
Evie nudges me and when I look over she smirks and raises an eyebrow. Caught again. My face heats and glare at her before turning my face away.
“So, what are you going to do tonight, Jay?” Evie asks.
“I don’t know. Maybe I can convince Carlos to take me to his house and I can eat all his nasty vegan shit.” He completes his statement with a wink in my direction, making me blush for the third time in the last three minutes.
“Hey, you’re just jealous because my "vegan shit” is amazing. You just don’t have the taste for it.“ I respond quickly.
"Nor do I want to. But, it’s still fun to tease you about it.” With this, he leans in close to my face. I try to make myself look mad instead of flustered, but I’m not quite sure how well it worked. After a moment, I see his face fall a little and he quickly straightens back up. “Well, I better go wash before I leave.” He quickly turns and walks away, leaving me very confused in his wake.
“What’s his problem?” I ask, turning to the two slightly exasperated looking girls.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Mal asks. When I quirk my eyebrow in question, she sighs. “He’s been trying to get in your pants for an entire year, Carlos.”
Well, that’s a little disorienting.
“Wait, what?” I ask, very shocked.
“Yep, and I better go catch up with him.” She turns and leaves, leaving me to watch opened mouthed and she runs up to where he is walking.
“Yeah?” She responds, having been sitting and watching the entirety of what just happened.
“You have Mal’s number right?”
“Uh, yeah?”
“Can I see your phone?” She hands it to me with a confused look and watches as I quickly go to her text chat with Mal.
“What are doing?”
“Something that needs to be done.” I quickly type the message and hand the phone back. “Let’s just hope it works.”
Just as I catch up with Jay, my phone dings with a message from Evie. I opened it and read:
‘Hey, Carlos here. Tell Jay to meet me at my house later. It seems we’ve got a lot to “discuss”’
I feel a small smile tug at the corner of my mouth.
“Hey Jay…”

Malvie HCs

> Mal and Ben broke up and became cool BroTPs and Ben discovered Mal’s super gay crush on Evie and teased her nonstop. He then became president of the Malvie fanclub.

> Ben being a good little cookie, introduced Mal to good old fashion serenade and gave her an idea to serenade to Evie on how she felt about her to sweep Evie off her feet. Mal baiting the idea and the following night, positioned herself outside underneath their dorm window with a guitar in hand and sang “She’s Out of my League” by Stephen Speaks along with Ben, Jay and Carlos as back ups. 

> AU Malvie where Mal is a hopeless romantic and Evie is the school’s “Ice Princess” who Mal’s in love with. They ended up being project partners in chem and Mal, due to the prompting of Ben and Jay to ‘man up’, decided to woo Evie with cheesy lines. Evie simply ignores her and continues to work on their project, breaking Mal’s heart piece by piece. What Mal didn’t know was that Evie loved every cheesy lines and found Mal adorable. 

> Mal winning Auradon’s Creativity Contest with her piece. A mural of Evie smiling and labeled it ‘Fairest of them All’. It resulted a heavy make out session when Evie knew.

> Evie eating a cupcake that was left on Mal’s table not knowing it was laced with love potion. When Mal knew Evie ate it, she was confused why Evie did not show symptoms of being in-love with her when reality kicks her in the face and realized Evie’s feelings for her.

Anyone wanna talk about Descendants?

Okay, descendants 2 was a freakin emotion roller-coaster for me. I bounced from laughing to crying so hard. I honestly paid almost no attention to Ben and Mal. This movie was amazing with its Evie plot line and Jay and Carlos really changed for the better. I need to talk to someone DAMN

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Give us your Descendants headcanons!

(I’m so bad at these)

• Jay has many father figures, like the Coach and Aladdin, but the one he’s closest to is Eugene.

• He officially changes his name back to Jayden, a name that Jafar never used his name that he was fond of (a lot like Eugene/Flynn)

• Evie’s new nickname is Queenie, dubbed by her best friend Carlos

• Carlos and Evie hang out all the time and they’re joined at the hip since Mal only puts up Evie’s clothes half the time. Jay’s fine with Carlos dressing him up since his boyfriend knows his style. Evie often crosses the line.

• Mal always asks Evie to put little braids in her hair in the morning.

• In return, Mal decides different parts of Evie’s outfit everyday. It’s little things like the different shades of blue, or what bracelets to wear, but it makes Mal feel needed and Evie likes her taste.

• Audrey and Mal go out and party once a week, and they love to get into trouble together.

• Jay eventually gets a dog, so that Dude isn’t lonely. Carlos is ecstatic.

• Jay uses the new dog to ask Carlos out. He attaches a little note to the dog and Carlos finds it, which leads him to the picnic he set up.

• Jay finally excels in his studies with the help of all his friends, and becomes one of the smartest kids in Auradon. That leads to him being able to admit he needs help more often.

These are really lame, I apologize. :(

Disney World♢

Ok but imagine unleashing the twins on DISNEY and all the havoc that would ensue

Jacob : i’m gonna scale Cindy’s castle! Fuck yeah!

Evie : * facepalms *


Jacob : can we NOT ride ‘it’s a small world ’ again?
Evie : what, why not? It’s a practically a piece of history! ! !
Jacob : ughhhhh

They would probably buy all the shit, like I could just imagine Jacob with fifty freakin ’ plushies in his arms as he runs around disney with pixie dust falling off his shoulders and mouse ears on his head while Evie has a crown, cuz she’s a queen♡, and she would yell at Jacob to “slow the fuck down you’re going to hurt yourself! You can’t just be racing about! ” while Jacob would just ignore her saying “well, where’s the fun in that?”

And Jacob would be SO restless waiting in lines while Evie would stand patiently and apologize to those unfortunate enough to be in front of them as Jacob attempts to con them out of giving him their spot.

“Please ma'am, my sister is terminally ill and she does not know which moment will be her last, so would you kindly–”

“Stop it Jacob or I swear we will go home RIGHT this instant.”

“….*pouts* you’re no fun at all, you probably don’t even know what fun is!”

And Evie would see this as a challenge and then SHE would drag Jacob’s arse all over the park at twice the speed till he is literally out of breath and out of money.


Jacob screaming like a little girl on space mountain or thunder mountain (i think that’s the train one)

They eat at one of the palaces and Evie has the urge to point out all the historical inaccuracies while Jacob is just like “shut up and eat your food.”

ONE OF THEM GETS LOST SO THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE CENTER OF THE PARK WITH A BUNCH OF CRYING FIVE YEAR OLDS (insert meme here about grabbing a mic and yelling something )i bet Jacob gets lost

At the end of the night they watch the firrworks side by side, so amazed by all the colours and explosions, like they are two little kids again and not born - and-raised assassins.



Everything on the #Ubigamescom booth this year is hands-on! And you can play as Evie! Check the line up via the video.

Just some Smash Bros. taking a selfie! Link is taking the picture, since he has the pictobox…and the longest arms. (Lookin’ at YOU, Kirby.)

This is for another switcharound collaboration with my friends Julie and Evie! I threw some basic colors on this so they’ll be able to understand my tangled mass of scribbly lines, haha. Evie will be lining, and Julie will be coloring! We’ve got another in the works, too…so keep your eyes peeled. n_n