• Ranpo:Thank you for letting me stay here while Dazai skypes with his mafia boyfriend.
  • Yosano:Oh, it’s no problem. It’s actually kind of funny: You reading, me reading, we’re like an old married couple.
  • Ranpo:If we were an old, married couple the wife would serve iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Yosano:I don’t have iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Ranpo:A good wife would go to the store.
  • Yosano:I want a divorce.
  • Ranpo:Good, on your way to see the lawyer, pick up some tea and cookies.


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pinklover1234me  asked:

Part 2 of the miss honey thingie Just imagine him writing a letter to the parent like : hey sorry for Karen's arm being burned which is causing immense pain and torture I'm going to give her house points and ask the headmaster to change the school logo to : let's pray your body and you are together as one Sorry again , Severus Snape

Eh….I don’t know about this…it seems more cruel than calculating. Snape would most certainly lose his job if he wrote anything resembling this.  Remember, Severus walks the line between being a jerk/bully and being clever about it.  He would never willingly put his job in jeopardy, even though he sometimes takes pleasure in the misery of adding schoolwork or detentions onto students.

Also, fun facts from canon:

1) Snape has never injured a student on purpose, and any injured students are sent immediately to the Infirmary or he heals them himself if it’s bad enough.

2) Snape never gives House points.  Not even to Draco or Slytherin.  Never.

3) Severus is snarky but he doesn’t take student’s real health and life as a joke.  Not only did he put a stop to the curse that was killing Katie Bell, but he also slowed down the death from the ring on Dumbledore’s hand- a feat that not even Dumbledore could manage.  Severus also healed Draco from mortal wounds caused by Harry.  

4) Yes, Severus was mean about Hermione having big teeth, but that was not a medical emergency, and she used the incident to have her teeth shrunk down by Madam Pomfrey to a normal size, which was a win-win in the end.

Again, I’m not trying to be mean, but there’s a point I think that would cross the line and turn Severus from being a firm anti-hero who gets sadistic pleasure out of stupid students not listening to the rules and having to suffer the consequences to an actual bad guy who laughs as he sets kittens on fire.  

Which is more Voldemort/Bellatrix’s speed.