“dan or phil should talk about sexuality more” “dan and phil should address 2009 more and explain to us what happened” 

no. dan and phil should talk about topics they feel comfortable talking about and not feel pressured by anybody else to discuss something that is most likely a sore topic after years of people (such as myself obviously) speculating that they might be bisexual when in actual fact they’ve never insinuated it once and until they do we should not pressure and not spam them about it or be an inconsiderate asshole. we don’t know their sexualities and they shouldn’t have to talk about them just to please me, you, or anybody else. 

on the other hand, i’m obviously super glad bisexuality is being recognised as a sexuality and not constantly pushed aside, and they have nothing against us shipping them and have actually started joking about phanfiction and so let’s not ruin that by being ignorant idiots, shall we? 

what we have now is amazing and they’re comfortable and they’re happy and that should honestly be enough for us. as someone who has been a fan for a long, long time i cannot get over how good things are right now.

*drops mic*

The line art file for the previous month’s set of art! This is from a painting I did in 2010 or 2011, when I still did neat line art for my paintings. You cand use my finished piece as a reference point for colouring studies (:

If you’ve pledged/been charged for June’s set, you’ll receive the download link in your e-mail some time next week ^^ If you’ve missed out, don’t worry! You’ll get the line art file for July if you stay :D

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Harry: *stands next to another human being that isn’t Louis*

Some People: Oh they’re fucking, they’re definitely fucking

Harry: *says his first real crush was Louis, has multiple complementary tattoos with his bro dude pal, stares at said bro dude pal like the sun shines out of his ass*

Some People: Oh they’re just friends, why you gotta force a sexuality on them damn 

Degrassi's Farewell Promo Teases Prom, Graduation and More
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Degrassi: Next Class begins in January on Netflix worldwide and Family Channel in Canada.