evi regals


~A little something to tide you guys over while I work on fic requests, and because my hatred of country music does not extend to this Carrie Underwood song

The after-finals party was everything it was expected to be at Auradon Prep.  

With the moon just beginning to rise, the music started, flowing loud and free like a wave through the open air of the front courtyard.  The lawn was full, grass crunching under everyone’s shoes in time to their steps, the shuffles and bounces of their dancing along with the frequent trips to the punch bowl and buffet table. The only thing louder than the music was the laughter; the happiness and joy hung thickly in the air like a sweet smelling perfume, wafting and winding as each individual body moved through the night.

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Audrey x Evie (Sleeping Queen? Audvie? Chemistry Princess?)   

For Anon

(gifs belong to dovesmitchell deepestsaladshark)

Rating: PG

Notes: You guys can choose what ship name I’ll use in my tags from now on. Just pick one of the ones listed up above and send me a message with your pick, the one with the most wins. Or if there is already a ship name message me what it is!

Notes2: For the anon that wanted this I might have changed a few things. So it’s not exactly like you wanted it but I hope it’s okay.

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