This features Geno at home, Geno eating eggs from a pan, Geno looking soft and cute, and the “Why you not call me? Will sit in home.” part that’s not in the version on Youtube. Enjoy!


Inside Penguins Hockey: What animal would you be and why 

Letang: cheetah
Fehr: bear
Rust: polar bear
Cole: wolf
Sheary: dog
Dumoulin: dog (English Bulldog)
Kessel: his dog
Schultz: dog (Golden Retriever)
Kuhnhackl: cat
Daley: lion
Murray: bald eagle
Crosby: eagle or lion
Malkin: snake or scorpion
Fleury: monkey
Hagelin: dolphin
Bonino: penguin


nhl: One word can describe this play…NASTY!👏