Nervous Conversations

So amon requested “ Hey, I saw that your requests were open and I was wondering if you could do a Evgeni Malkin imagine where he’s nervous to talk to you because he doesn’t speak English that well.” So i did it and here it is!  Hope you enjoy 

- Cassie

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           Working at a coffee shop wasn’t exactly your ideal job but hey, it pays the bills while you’re in school and that’s what matters.  Still being in school also wasn’t ideal but you just couldn’t figure out what you wanted to be.  Some good things came out of working at the coffee shop, you got to meet quite a few different people on a regular basis.  Some regulars that came in every day, others on occasion, and some completely random people just passing through.  But your favourite of all of them had to be the Pittsburgh Penguins that came by early in the morning as you were opening or late at night before you were closing.  

           "And what can I get you today Sir?“ you ask politely not looking up as you approached the counter. 

           "Now, now is that anyway to treat your favourite customer?” the man asks causing you to look up and squeal almost jumping over the counter. 

            You run around the counter giving him a bone crushing hug causing him to stumble back slightly. 

           "See now that’s better" Sidney says laughing.

            “Good job on the road trip, you guys won 5 out of 5 games and you would have won the 5th if it weren’t for terrible reffing” you say walking back around to the other side of the counter. 

           "Believe me I’ve heard enough complaining about that for 10 years" he laughs “and i’m usually the one complaining." 

            "So where’s Geno?” you ask flushing “he’s usually with you in the mornings." 

              "What’s wrong (y/n) miss your boyfriend?” he asks teasingly.  Everyone and their grandmother knew about your crush on the Russian man, and everyone and their grandmother loved to tease you about it. 

           "Shut up" you tell him looking down “I’m just curious." 

            You know you shouldn’t care about where he is, the man is always so quiet around you.  He barely says more than his coffee order and the few times you’ve hung out with some of the boys he didn’t even look at you.  You thought maybe he was just shy, but then you started coming around more and it never changed so you had just started brushing it off but then you just HAD to go falling head over heels for the man.  

           "Well, he decided to stay a little later at practice he said he has things to work on." 

           "Right, he stayed and you didn’t” you say skeptically. 

            “Shocking I know” he says laughing picking his coffee up off the counter “they don’t want me practicing too much something about concisions." 

            "It’s good someone has some sense” you mutter.  You, just like every other person didn’t like the idea of Sidney back on the ice so soon after a concussion but, just like every other person you knew it was quite impossible to keep him off the ice.  

           "Hey you’re coming over later right?“ he asks changing the subject matter quickly "Rusty wants to watch that movie Split since he couldn’t see it in theatre." 

            "Yeah probably” you say with a sigh.

            “Good because your boyfriend has been missing you too." 

            "Go home and take a nap” you tell him shoving him out. 


          “(y/n) your boyfriend just got here” Rust to you from the kitchen causing your cheeks to flare red, “go on in Geno she’s on the couch” you hear him say quieter.  

           "Shut up" you hear him say quietly before rounding the corner and coming into the room “hello (y/n)” he smiles sitting on the couch next to you.  Well this is a change, you think to yourself. 

            “Hey Evgeni” you smile at him.  You might call him Geno behind his back but you know that’s only for his friends and he’s never given you the ok on it.  You would never dream of calling him Geno to his face without him telling you to out of fear of offending him. 

            “You call me Geno” he says simply, causing you to smile.  

           About halfway through the movie you start getting bored, the movie was good and everything but you saw it the first week it came out.  Deciding not to disturb anyone else you silently got up and made your way out onto the back porch, sitting on one of the couches and just breathing.  

           "Can I join?“ Geno asks from the door startling you. 

           "Sure” you tell him softly inviting him to sit next to you. 

           "You’re very nice" He tells you quietly before quickly saying “no” he says shaking his head. 

            “No I’m not nice?” you question him slightly offended.

            “No” he says quickly causing you to frown “well yes but not what meant, you’re very… um, very pretty” he finally says causing you to blush once again.  

           "Thank you.“ 

           "The boys always say I am boyfriend” he chuckles a little “and you seem to not like it, why?" 

            "Well you don’t like” you tell him simply. 

           "If I like, would you like?“ 

           "Well maybe, I guess, I don’t know Geno you can’t just ask that” you let out a sigh, getting obviously flustered.  

            “I like flustering you” he tells you laughing and poking your rosy cheeks “make you feel like I feel." 

           "What?” you ask him taking his had away from your face. 

           "You make me forget English" he tells you simply “you make me turn to mush, well that what Sid say." 

           ”make you turn to mush?“ you ask him shocked, causing him to nod.

            "That is why I am quiet” he tells you “I don’t know what to say." 

          "I never know what to say to you either” you tell him quietly looking up at him. 

           "You make me afraid to talk, afraid I will mess up.“ 

           "You shouldn’t be afraid” you tell him simply. 

           "Media makes fun.“ 

            "But I won’t.  It’ll be pretty hard for you to do something I genuinely make fun of you for." 

            "Yeah?” he asks for reassurance, once you nod your head he continues, “then maybe you will let me take you out?”

            “I would love that." 

            "FINALLY” you hear various voices from above “it took about damn time." 

            You look up to see the rest of the boys watching from windows on the second floor causing you, for the millionth time, to go bright red.  "Go away” Geno yells up at them causing them and you to laugh. 

          “Let’s go back inside” you tell him pulling him up to stand beside you. 

           "Sure, just one thing" he says pulling you closer to him connecting your lips, much to the pleasure of the boys who are still watching the two of you. 

not only do i want the penguins NOT to visit the white house this year, i also want them to give the most thinly veiled excuses possible when asked. like oh, sorry we can’t be at the white house… sidney’s got a cold… tanger is washing his hair that day… geno just forgot how to speak english… not that we’d expect his russian to be too much trouble for the current white house staff, but all the same, 

Next time there’s a lockout because Bettman et al. have decided to throw another tantrum, I hope the NHLPA just sort of goes “well alrighty” and sets out to prove that the NHL needs the players more than the players need the NHL

What I mean is that they hire a few camera people and do things like:

  • Trying to play Sports That Are Not Hockey on ice. Personally I think Auston Matthews would be very entertaining at ice baseball
  • Buying a literal punch bowl and calling it the “Steve Cup” or something
  • Short reality-TV episodes following the lives of Tyler Seguin’s dogs
  • Roller hockey
  • Underwater hockey
  • Players launching a public health campaign about the importance of dental care
  • A Hockey with the Stars type show where they try to make hockey teams with celebrities who do not know how to skate
  • Going to the Olympics
  • Lots of PK Subban style charity stuff. In fact, just lots of PK Subban. He doesn’t need hockey to have fans
  • Helping out with other union disputes. Just. News articles about fast-food worker strikes in Pittsburgh and there’s Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury holding up signs
  • Zdeno Chara could get a job retrieving things off high shelves or something
  • Disney on Ice

When Pens winger Phil Kessel arrived at Ricoh Coliseum for Pittsburgh’s optional practice on Friday, he was met with a surprise.

Instead of finding his gear in a locker stall, it was set up on a chair outside of the locker room, complete with a case of Coke-a-Cola, cups for coffee, some signs and a big sign above it all reading “The Phil Zone.”

The prank was the brainchild of center Evgeni Malkin and head equipment manager Dana Heinze.

The backstory is this. On Thursday the Pens were playing against the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center. However, there were only 24 locker stalls available and 25 players in attendance.

Heinze approached Malkin out of respect and asked if he would mind being placed in a chair, since he was not playing that evening against the Devils. Malkin, of course, was fine with it.

Heinze set out to find “the nicest chair possible,” and set up his gear on the seat. As the team arrived for the morning skate, Kessel began chirping both Heinze and Malkin. He even tweeted a pic of the seat saying: “Pigeon couldn’t even get a regular stall.”

So Malkin and Heinze put their heads together for some payback.

“It wasn’t my idea. It was Dana. He said we need to answer,” Malkin said. “I wanted to answer today and Dana helped me.”

04/07/17: Phil Kessel gets pranked + Inside Scoop: Payback for Phil


One of my local newspapers got a little creative with celebrating the Pens Stanley Cup win and I’m so in love with it! It’s like a movie poster (feat. the Two Headed Monster) and where they have the production credits on the bottom of poster they WENT OFF, they start off with our fearless director Coach Sully and then they go on listing each player (with their position and playoff points broken down); each team they defeated (how many games were played in each round), and their regular season standings. I’m holding onto this forever. It’s a gem. <3