Three colors of high waisted jeans shorts

Wow! Already 100+ followers after doing this for about a week! The response has been amazing, thank you guys so much <3 I’m gonna put together a 100 followers gift for you!

So right now I am working on basic clothes that can be mixed and matched with  the delicious cc out there.

Lipstick by evgans


Extract the zip and put the .package files into :Documents/Electronic Arts/The sims 4/Mods.

3 colors, non default, and have been tested in demo - they didn’t cause any problems for me.



Via Fargo

This teen spends her days lounging around the house writing lyrics and sketching. Her mother wonders where she went wrong…

The very lengthy CC list is as follows:

Skintone: vampire_aninyosaloh (via MTS)

Eye Colour: seventhecho

Eyebrows: ikarisims

Nail Polish: alazarrazr

Toenail Polish: kbsimmer

Eyelashes: vampire_aninyosaloh (via MTS)

Eyeshadow: margeh-75 (via TSR)

Blush: darkosims3

Face Shine: evgans

Lipstick & Lipgloss: chiasmi


Underboob/Waist Tattoo: simssalabim

Dual Guns Tattoo: onelama

Cross Tattoo she has one on the back of her neck: colourful-kitty

Hair (left to right)

Swept Over Bun: mixei

Half Up/Down Do: dvdsims (original by Nightcrawler I think?)

Loose Ponytail: dvdsims (original by NewSea)

Wavy Hair: cazycx

Long Straight Hair: stealthic

Everyday Outfit:

Oversized Jumper with Shirt: inabadromance

Long Socks: nekrosts4cc

Platform Shoes: onelama

Safety Pin Earrings: blackfascination

Rings: natalis (via TSR)

Formal Outfit (1):

Black and Red Dress: missfortunesims

Shoes: sentate

Spiked Hoop Earrings: leahlilith

Formal ‘Prom’ Outfit (2):

Long Black Dress: altea127 (via TSR)

Athletic Outfit:

White Crop Top: cienzroza

Leather Trousers: preslavabg

Platform Trainers: ivanscloset

Sleepwear Outfit:

Skeleton Bra: puresims

Criss-Cross Trousers: allaboutstyle (via allaboutstyle.com)

Party Outfit:

Choker: kanoya

Deep-V Bustier: belles-simblr

Black & White Trousers: allaboutstyle (via allaboutstyle.com)

Swimwear Outfit:

Batman Swimsuit: sims4krampus

Thank you to all the CC creators - you’re all amazing! ♥

Via has been uploaded to the Gallery via my Origin ID: LBakeryx or you can enter the Item Name: Fargo - you can also see my previous sim Maya Radburn here: http://lbakeryx.tumblr.com/post/104929823184/maya-radburn-maya-has-dreams-of-becoming-a-rich

To watch Via being created, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYE6pAlunQg&feature=youtu.be

If you have any sims requests then don’t be shy - send me an ask! I don’t bite and anon is enabled if you think I might :P

Thank you, and enjoy! x


Miranda Müller • TS4


• Hair by missParaply [link]

• Skin by Chisami [link]

• Eyes by Stefizzi [link]

• Eyelashes by Simmaniacos [link]

• Eyebrows by Evgans [link]

*you have to download them if you want Miranda looking exactly like that.


ID Origin: marianagates

hashtag: #mirandamuller #simssong

obs.: please, don’t claim her as your own and don’t use her as a base. thank you ^^


Hair retexture / default / 45 colors

It’s the same shades and swatches as my other retextures (except for the short bob..I will redo that one eventually) so your sim will keep their hair color when you switch between the different hair styles. You can find all my hair retextures  HERE. I’m using jennisims textures.

skin by chisimi

lipstick by cienzroza

eyebrows by evgans

eyeshadow by darkosims3

eyes by me

When you download you can either choose a fatpack OR a zip file. The zip file includes 3 different files where you can choose if you want to add the extra natrual/unnatrual colors.