evey snow

anonymous asked:

Have you ever met any of the guys or girls? If so what were they like & whos your favorite girl?

I met all the guys, including Arin Ilejay. I never got the honor to meet Jimmy though.

I met Valary, Michelle, Lacey, & Gena, they were all extremely nice. 

Valary was very nice, I got to take two pictures with her because for the first one the flash was off, and on the second picture I almost blinded her with my camera lol.

Michelle was the sweetest of them all actually, and she told me she loved my hair color and was trying to get her hair to go that color (her hair now is almost the same color as mine now). I got a picture with her and I got a hug.

Lacey was really nice, this might sound weird, but, she has a cute voice. Its really nice to hear… lol. & her eyes, omg, Johnny is a lucky guy. 

Gena was very nice, she has a fun personality. I asked her what her favorite A7X song is and she said “Afterlife”.