Today, I thought something beautiful and I did not cry.

I don’t need to wear a ring,
I don’t need to speak your name,
I don’t need to grieve,
I don’t need to cry,
I don’t need a tattoo with your name.
I don’t need to speak to you every night.

You are in my heart.
All you’ve done, who you were, your beautiful ways,
They’re all inside of me.
That’s something no one can take away.

When the negative thoughts crawl into my mind, the ones that scream at me that it was a shame you left us so early, I must endure through them.
All that could have happened, all I want to happen is a picture, a wonderful movie in my mind, something that is all my own. They are the thoughts that soothe me at night, they create a world I can go to at anytime.

What a gift it is to have you everywhere I go.

- From Cici to River. 

Live with kindness, integrity and spirituality. Comport yourself with grace under pressure. Be an asset in the lives of others. Put people before things and live from your heart. Be intelligent, but know it is better to be kind than smart. Be a peacemaker who values peace and takes peace everywhere you go. Learn to understand your energy and how you create with your energy. Have among your priorities the characteristics of politeness, compassion and patience. Avoid making rash assumptions. Be a believer in true love. Seek deep communication with others and with yourself. Laugh and make the best of every situation. Understand that life is not perfect. Be whole enough to love and to be loved. When you find real love — protect and preserve the sweetness and intimacy of your gift. Make your home a heaven on Earth. — Bryant McGill


-kicks things around-

I WANT A BB UNIT SO BADLY NOW. heal my black and wounded heart. i’ll love it forever

POE TRIES TO PLAY HAND TRICKS WITH BB8. but BB8 cheats. because BB8 doesn’t know -cry- but BB8 loses anyway. and is embarrassed by it. i cry so much

if you’re down in the dumps as much as i am, i hope this helps ´w`/

i want a Poe Dameron and i hope he comes with a BB8 -crying-

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Poe Dameron and BB8©Star Wars
-crying a lot-©me

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.


Nouveau Ancestors

Well, these took approximately a million years.  But hey, they’re done now, and I learned a lot long the way.  Unfortunately, I also lost the original order I wanted to put them in after they were paired up..  Oh well, first and last are still the same.


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ponthion said: omg omg Ganondorf with 8

Night after night, the desert king is haunted by visions of a sacred triangle in the eastern sky…


Smooth Jackson. Very smooth

pro tip, u do not have any banter about chip cards that your cashier hasn’t already heard just do not say anything about the chip to your poor cashier, if u even think about saying “it’s different everywhere you go!” theyll hope u die


5pm alps