So today, I was off to the salon after work when lo and behold, I found that the lovely young lady looking after me is from Manchester! (I live in Australia) Eeeeeee! 

So we bonded over all things nice, and I started to rave about my beloved Christopher Eccleston and how I’ve loved him in pretty much anything he’s ever been in, etc etc when she suddenly looked at me and said, “Are you a Doctor Who fan?” I said yes of course to which she enthusiastically replied, “Me too!”

So we bonded some more, over all things Whovian this time, and our hatred of the Moffat and his plot nastiness when of course the discussion turns to the hated GITF episode. She mentioned that she had only started reading fanfic to help her deal with that trainwreck of an episode.  I was commiserating with her need for a fixit when she suddenly said, “My favourite one is this one where Rose decides to leave him and gives him her key back and the Doctor begs forgiveness and apologises and she eventually stays.” I just stared at her for minute because I suddenly knew EXACTLY which fic it was. So i pulled out my phone and showed her Leave Us Behind by the fabulous @goingtothetardis and said, “Is it this one?” And she shouted, “Yes!”

Much squealing ensued, with me randomly exclaiming things like, “I KNOW HER! I’M FRIENDS WITH HER! I SHARE PART OF HER BRAIN! WE TALKED LIKE THREE HOURS AGO!” and said young lady exclaiming things like, “You KNOW HER? OMG please thank her for FIXING THAT SHITE EPISODE!”

We spent the next little while chatting about random fanfic happiness and I totally encouraged her to jump on board (she has no accounts anywhere and is too shy to comment on fic).

SERIOUSLY! SUCH A SMALL WORLD!!!!! What are the odds?

And this is just more proof that Doctor x Rose fic will always find a way :)

Monsta X “Little Moments” (Scenario #2)


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- Dancing with eachother and exchanging funny looks in the mirror

- Your head resting on his chest while he plays with his phone (you know the way he plays with his phone and theothers tease him for it)

- Teddybear Shownu hugs after a long day

- Him teaching you their choreography and giving you dancing lessons


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- Workouts together and him begging you to go with him everyday

- Livestreams together, answering fan’s questions and giving them disgustingly cute moments to be in awe of

- Him falling asleep on your chest while you play with his hair.

- Taking a million selcas everywhere you two go


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- Singing contests (he’d obviously win HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE)

- Diss battles (I feel like Kihyunnie is really competitive)

- Cooking together, or you watching him cook because he prefers to cook on his own

- Him singing you to sleep


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- I feel like Minhyukkie would love to bake with his S/O for some reason

- Movie nights pigging out on everything remotely unhealthy 

- Him kissing you all over your face at bed time

- Visiting many local events (carnavals, festivals, street fairs etc…)


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- Naps together

-Reading to eachother or in comfortable silence next to eachother

- Him being really cuddly when he’s tired and out in public

- Teasing you for your height wether you’re taller or shorter


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- Rap Battles

- Sitting on his lap while he works in the studio

- aegyo battle (He wins everytime and you’re just like how?)

- Matching outfits


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- Prank wars

- him writing songs with you

- weird inside jokes no one else understands

- Constantly texting eachother memes

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Strive to become a beautiful person. Live with kindness, integrity and care. Comport yourself with grace under pressure. Don’t hurt people! Be an asset in the lives of others. Put people before things and live from your heart. Be intelligent but know it is better to be kind than smart. Be a peacemaker who values peace and takes peace everywhere you go. — Bryant McGill

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.


-kicks things around-

I WANT A BB UNIT SO BADLY NOW. heal my black and wounded heart. i’ll love it forever

POE TRIES TO PLAY HAND TRICKS WITH BB8. but BB8 cheats. because BB8 doesn’t know -cry- but BB8 loses anyway. and is embarrassed by it. i cry so much

if you’re down in the dumps as much as i am, i hope this helps ´w`/

i want a Poe Dameron and i hope he comes with a BB8 -crying-

[don’t use my art w/o permission]
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Poe Dameron and BB8©Star Wars
-crying a lot-©me

My Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a list of things I want to find under my Christmas Tree or under me.

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SO! HOLY TAMALES!!!!! <3 I commissioned @taylordraws to draw her wonderful OCs because i love them very very much <333 This was so much better than what I expected especially since I was totally vague about it pfft. TAY THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3<3 I love ittt and just they are so cute and will be the death of me

I have not dreamt of you
in many nights
yet you still appear
everywhere I go

you are courage
when I am afraid and
you are warmth
when my body shivers.

—  I feel you stronger than ever, by Shelby Leigh

a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

“He is stronger than I remember… But no matter. For you see, Iittle Samurai, the world is mine! My eyes and ears are everywhere. Nothing you do wiII go unseen. Quest as you may, but we wiII meet again–when I see fit, in a time and pIace of my choosing. And it is I who shaII put an end to the war started in that age Iong past, Samurai Jack!”

-Aku, “Samurai Jack”     



Falling in Love with Remus Lupin would include:

Sneaky glances at him from the Great Hall

Accidently daydreaming and end up staring at him for 5 minutes straight

When you snap back from your vison of snogging him, all the marauders and him are staring back at you intently

You blushing like a tomato

Remus blushing like a tomato        

Everyone else blushing bc hell, how awkward was that?                

Furious apologies from you

The Marauders all bantering about it

Trying hard in classes for him to perhaps acknowledge you

You noting down a book title that you see him reading often

Turns out it’s a muggle book that you haven’t heard of before

You buy it because the book looks quite interesting

You accidently becoming very entranced by this book and you read it everywhere you go

You forget that you found it from Remus

Remus approaching you because he saw you with the same book he’s reading

He looks so exited to talk to you about the book

Remus asks how you found out about the novel

You guiltily admitting that you’ve seen him read it often and the book looked interesting

Remus chuckles it off and just says “Next time, you can just come to me, I don’t mind lending you a couple of books.”

Many book lendings later

Remus and you sitting in the Gryffindor Common room, both on the sofa, snuggled up reading each other’s recommendations

You taking note of how his lips would silently mumble the words his eyes were reading, how his eyes were always so entranced in the story as his hair hung over his forehead but never really in his way

You noticing how every scar on his face just defines him, especially that one over the bridge of his nose, although the one over his eyebrow was interesting, almost as interesting as the eyes looking at you-

oh shit you were staring again.

Both of you apologising all over again

Remus being such a gentlemen with you

Remus sharing a surprisingly large collection of chocolate with you

Remus taking you out to Hogsmeade on “friendly” dates

Somehow you guys ended up holding hands

Somehow, behind an aisle in Honeydukes you share your first kiss

The most pure and gentle kiss

The most pure and genuine affection

The most passionate love

Feel free to request stuff ;)