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It's okay to ship what you do and like what you like and so, but can people vent or just talk with other people about their ship? ☺ as everybody does everywhere, we don't go to Stydia talking about Stalia 😧😓

Exactly. I open my ask to people who need to vent about things they dislike. I know a lot of blogs like to keep theirs anti free so it’s nice to have some place to go, or just to talk about similar dislikes. So long as I’m not tagging inappropriately, there is no reason for them to complain.

In The Countenance of Kings is a new Stevens/Peck ballet premiering April 7, 2016 in San Francisco. The title comes from the first movement of The BQE. This is the third collab between Sufjan and Justin Peck. Let the countdown begin.

Check out some videos from Everywhere We Go here. And if you’ll be in NY instead of SF next April Everywhere We Go will be preformed again on the 20th, 24th, 29th, and 30th.


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