everytime you say this

introducing the bae to your babies over facetime

i can’t believe he has pet hamsters this is amazing

Uno:The Movie! Drinking Game

Everytime lil j says “ Heres to you kid”: take a shot

Everytime they successfully stack (add on to a +2 or +4 card): Take a shot

Everytime someone doesnt call a UNO when they have 1 card: Take a shot

Everytime someone puts a reverse card ontop of another reverse card: Take a shot.

Everytime someone can place down a card BUT choses to draw a card: Take a shot.

Everytime someone says to “Challenge it”: Take a shot

Everytime Someone skips Gavin: Take a shot.

Everytime someone someone gets back their ORIGINAL hand: Take a shot.

Everytime someone says “Slut”: Take a shot

(thats all I got for now but feel free to add more if you think of anything)

There’s nothing wrong with your kinks as long as you don’t force them on someone.

I am a little confused about is why Johnny fans keep saying Johnny has a daddy kink when

1) he literally just explained the mama/daddy culture to the best of his abilities to leeteuk and xiuchen.

2) just bc someone explains the daddy kink (tbh he wasnt even explaining it in a sexual way, pls watch the My SMT episode) DOES NOT MEAN they have that kink (i can’t believe i have to say this)…

I don’t want to see you guys harassing him on every social media platform. His teasers are coming up, and I can already see those comments on youtube and instagram. Yo he’s going to read those comments, so don’t waste your time with making him uncomfortable. Tell him nice things like how proud you are of him. Johnny said so himself that he wants to talk with and see his fans again, so make it fun for him. Please just do this one small thing :( He deserves a good time.

Stop forcing things on idols this 2017. Thank you.

Everytime I see someone say “I’ve been watching you guys since (something from long time ago), thanks for (memories and old stuff)” to anyone from CowChop, I feel like I don’t deserve to be a fan because I just found James and Aleks this year and I wasn’t there with all the old memories, sad or happy.

That not being there when James “retired” for awhile or seeing “Immortal” become Aleks with the face reveal makes me think that I’m not really part of this family, community or whatever.

I know CowChop still has a future, a time in the far future I can say “I was a fan since “educational STD penis vid” or “The CowChop House” and make people remember the good old times but right now I feel like I wasn’t there for a large part of these guys careers and I should just give up on being a fan because I can’t connect to James, Aleks and the guys like all of the really old fans.

ugh i’m trying to compose an eloquent text post about this but i’ve erased it like four times now but like. there’s nothing wrong with being a moderate - in politics and in cultural stuff like fandom and everything else. a person doesn’t need to be Dead To You for saying one wrong thing. and on the flipside (and this is more my point), a generally shitty person (like jason kenney, or fucking like john mccain or someone) shouldn’t be Your God & Bae now for saying one right thing. don’t be reactionary, and don’t be polemic. don’t be inflammatory when you’re arguing with someone; they’re not an enemy to be destroyed. the end.

I will choose to let go.
I will choose to give you up.
And I am sure that it will hurt me more than it will hurt you. Yes, the hurt will remain and the memories I’ve had with you will linger for a bit. And though I’d still answer your phone calls even if I’m already asleep, I know I won’t be able to stay in the line longer than before. Because I know that before you even decide to dial my number, you called her first and it hurts that I’m no longer the first person that comes into your mind whenever you want to talk to someone. Everytime I’ll hear you say you miss me, everytime I’ll hear you say I am special, I know that in between those words, she will always be there. And I’ll remember how much it hurts. I’ll remember how painful it is to know that someone’s getting more of your attention you used to gave me. I’ll remember the days where it was just you and me, the days where she doesn’t exists in our lives, yet. Because now you already have her, now she gets to be first in everything you want to share. And even though it hurts to know that you will never be happy with me as you are with her, it’s okay. It will always be okay. Because I’ve always wanted you to be happy, and I only wanted what’s best for you. And if it’s her, clearly it’s her, it’s okay. Maybe someday I’ll find that person who would treat me the same way I treat you, someone who will always put me on top of his priorities because I have already accepted the fact that that person won’t be you. The hurt will remain but someday, I’ll forget that you were the only person I’ve always wanted to go home with.

I know you don’t think you’re beautiful enough, or enough in general. I’ve been laying here for what seems like forever trying to think of the words I could say to make you feel as beautiful as you are to me.
but how do I tell you that everytime you look at me I get goosebumps all over my body.
how do I tell you that I spend too much time thinking about the goosebumps on yours and how I want to trace every one to create constellations out of the spots so I can prove to you that you are the universe.
how do I tell you that I’ve had always hard time loving myself but everytime you say my name I feel so lucky to be in my own skin.
how do I tell you that every day I fall for something new about you but I’m afraid that if our eyes meet for too long I’ll fall for a part of you that I can’t hold.
it’s hard to find the right words to tell you how beautiful you are to me, but if I have to I’ll tell you everyday, over and over, in different ways, different forms, different languages, until maybe someday you’ll feel it too.