everytime there is no source

  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Oh wow really?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: And then what?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: He did that?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Damn it, Seven!

even and sana’s mom

  • she’s short but her arms are long and strong enough to give him the biggest and tightest hugs
  • she always has the biggest smile on her face when she sees him
  • calls him habibi
  • answers all his questions about islam
  • keeps him in her prayers
  • when she cooks her awesome shish barak, and even is done with his plate, he doesn’t have to ask, she simply fills his plate again. gives him some to take home with him
  • always makes him feel welcome in her house
  • is a source of comfort for him everytime he sees her

‘cause there’s nothing like seein’ each other again
no matter what the distance between
and the stories that we tell will make you smile
oh it really lifts my heart


*Hani drawing at the table*
Junghwa: Hey whatcha working on over there?

Hani: A very important sign.

*Junghwa sees LE asleep on the couch*

Junghwa: You know LE unnie isn’t nearly as scary when she’s sleeping…she’s pretty cute actually..

Hani: *scoffs* Yeah so is a sleeping Lion. Don’t get any ideas and mind the sign.

*Places sign on LE that reads: Dangerous Being Do Not Touch! (That means you Junghwa)*

this ship pisses me off, everyones always like “space is so cool!” no its not, space is bullshit and i hate everything about it, i genuinely just saw the phrase “a black hole with a mass two billion times the mass of the sun” im so pissed off, shut the fuck up, dont patronise me scientists you know i dont know what the fuck that means, my sad little brain cant comprehend the mass of one sun let alone two fucking billion, i cant even count past 10 without getting confused and youre out here talking about the mass of two billion fucking suns, shut the hell up. and dont even get me started about black holes or the expansion of the universe because thats another two seperate rants entierly. oh and apparently theres a planet made of ice except the ice is also on fire??? yeah sure fucking thing, scientists. and this is just the shit i know about. i purposely dont research space because it pisses me off so much, god knows what other fucking bullshit exists out there that ive yet to read a fucking wikipedia article about. i dont think space is real, literally everything about space is so fucking fake, this is just some elaborate fucking practicle joke. two billion times the mass of the sun, fuck you
—  Leonard McCoy 

Inspired by the song:  Santiano - The Fiddler On The Deck

My new OC Joe the Fiddler. 
The song mostly explains everything but to get a bit more background to what I had in mind after hearing the song:

He’s a guy with an unknown background. The captain of the crew found him and his special gift to manipulate people while playing his fiddle. She thought this would come in handy so he offered him a place in her crew. He accepted and plays whenever she wants him to or whenever he feels like it. 
The other crew members actually fear him and sometimes even try to get rid of him by pushing him overboard. Tho he manages to get back up everytime to switch places with the responible guy.

His fiddle is the source of his gif but somehow  it’s impossible to seperate them with force.

Again, @pimpdaddysebastian is the one to blame. (WISH THIS HO A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GO CHECK OUT HER FICS!) <3 Here goes +1k words of artist!Steve headcanons!

Being a freelance artist isn’t easy but Steve wouldn’t have it in another way. As long as he remembers, he’s always wanted to live and study for his art and he considers himself pretty lucky to be able to do what he does. His work is recognized by now, even though it’s only by a select group who follows independent artists. He’s had his artpieces displayed and even sold. He’s built a name and he’s more than grateful for it.

But his life doesn’t really revolve around art all the time.

Growing up with a hardworking widowed mother, Steve settles with a strong role model to follow. Sarah had always made the possible and the impossible to raise him and so, the traits of a overworking, determined man has been always with him. Still, he gets some of his own as he grows up.

Steve’s lost the count of how many times he got into trouble for stepping into something that wasn’t his business. He’s earned cringes and bad looks all around for standing up for what he believes.

He doesn’t let that stop him but something changes once he knows her.

The first time Steve sees her, it’s in the local nursing home where he volunteers at every time he’s got some time off. He doesn’t do much – only some reading, helping around with the locomotion, talking to elderly veterans and hearing out his ladies. He’d never saw her around but by the way she seems intimate with some of workers, he guessed it was just his luck.

Everytime he makes it to the nursing home and finds her there, Steve pulls out his sketchbook and draws her. She’s kind and pretty and he tries to convince himself it’s just for art. By the end of the month, he’s got 13 pages with different types and techniques to her sketches.

The day she founds out though, he can easily label as the greatest but scariest day of his life.

She’s sitting by the window with Margaret, one of the eldest ladies who he’s been awfully close to, while he’s supposed to be talking with Timothy, a WWII veteran that he loves to hear stories from. With the sketchbook on his lap, Steve doesn’t even notice when she gets up from her spot and walks towards them, only stopping to greet Timothy and offer him a smile. Until she looks down and sees it.

A rough sketch of her face that only makes her grin at him while he’s nearly having a heart attack.

Steve is a good artist and he loves to observe the people around him. With her isn’t any different, even more with him sketching her so often but his incessant observing makes him notice little things that most definitely didn’t help his growing infatuation. She’s passionate and kind and keen on helping the others. Incredibly strong and more often than not putting others before her.

Wether he lets it show too obviously or they find out on their own, soon the whole ward of the nursing home are teasing him about it. They start to low-key create little schemes so she’d meet him, matchmake them into tasks and random activities, make little jokes and teases whenever they’re both around and Steve knows his ladies talk about him for her.

With time, it starts to get through them and a rather tensed look or two would be shared along with warm cheeks and sheepish chuckles.

The next nursing home’s themed day changes it completely. The workers decide for a vintage day and Steve swears his breath got caught up in his throat when she walked in looking straight out of the 1940s. Wearing a baby blue flowy dress, with a little belt around her waist, baby doll shoes and lips so red that he can’t think of anything but kiss them.

(Also, they don’t hear the end of it when it’s the kids visiting day and they dress up as Captain America and Wonder Woman. He’s pretty sure it takes  about two weeks for people to forget).

The missing courage of asking her out for dinner is found later that night and it becomes also the first day in which he walks her home. It turns into a habit and then all the times he’s accompanied her to lunch and dinner before walking her home turn into dates without they even realizing it.

The first official one though is the theatre to watch a play she had been dying to see – he’d spent some good money on that one but the way her face lit up once he invited her was worth more than anything in the world. That date leads to museums, paintings exhibitions, performances and it still doesn’t cover everything that they are.

Steve would be more surprised if things didn’t feel so natural with her.

He knows that she believes and supports him and his work because she truly loves what he does too. She lets herself fall for art just like him and she genuinely enjoys the process. And the day Steve realizes that, in an art studio that she seems to absolutely be in love with, he kisses her for the first time.

The day the nursing home throws a garden party for the patients families happens to be the day that she realizes that she’s in love with him.

Steve had voluteered to make face paitings to the kids while she’d been in charge of the decoration. It wasn’t until the very end of the party that Steve managed to have some time with her, when she sat down in the small stool in front of him and demanded the paiting of a sunflower to her cheek. He was glad that his years of practice helped him given he just couldn’t calm down his nerves, his hands nearly shaking over how close she was.

Over the soft touches, breathing mingling together and definitely warm cheeks, Steve hoped she didn’t notice his nervousness.

They weren’t even sure of what they were and where they stood when that happened but when Steve hears her speaking so fondly about the said day in their first anniversary, he’s most definitely sure that they’d been dating for a long time before that, even if the official words came a few weeks later.

It is no surprise that she’s the biggest supporter of his job and it’s most definitely a breath of fresh air to have her around in his studio and apartment.

Besides her brightening presence, Steve loves the fact that she tries to learn about every little thing around and more often than not, those days all end with her childish but cute drawings in his sketchbooks or in a mess of paint and brushes as she uses his skin as canvas.

She doesn’t really believe him and try to brush it off everytime he mentions it, but she’s an endless source of inspiration to him.

It started with a few sketches back in the nursing home and then developed to walls and canvas and papers and soon Steve has way too much artpieces with her face on it. She models for a canvas paiting for the first time in her birthday – the first one they’d spent together – and Steve can’t help but be nervous when he’s just about to show her the finished piece.

He doesn’t think that anything can come close to her beauty, not even his art could do justice to it but then she sees it and her soft gasp and teary eyes are more than enough for an answer. Besides the breathtaking kiss she gives him right after.

Steve’s earned cringes and bad looks all around for standing up for what he believes. He’s been most definitely judged and frowned upon for his art and job but knowing that she believes and has his back on whatever he does makes everything worth a while.

One year later and he’s got three paitings of her hanging on a wall of a his third gallery exhibition.

As they move in together, things just seem to get better.

The apartment is bigger and they get the saying on everything – the walls were painted by both of them in a random weekend and the decoration and furniture were guaranteed in one of their IKEA trips. As she develops a knack for photography (resulting in several pictures of his artwork, himself and their place), his art studio becomes a place for two and he’s more than happy to share the space with her photos and polaroids.

The routine never gets old and Steve can’t be more thankful for that.

He loves when he’s just about giving up in a paiting and she just comes up with a smile on her face and sits on his lap, arms around him as she runs her fingers through his hair. He loves when he’s way too focused on something, earning him a kiss on his nose because he looks way too cute with glasses. He loves when they’re out in the street and she randomly kisses a spot on his skin, just to notice later that there’s a paint stain he forgot to scrub off.

Roadtrips to find new landscapes, city exploring for street art, late night walks for a coffee when both of them need a breath from work and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what they do.

The day they tell everyone at the nursing home that they’re together is memorable but not as much as the day they finally announce their wedding – handmade watercolor invitations that bring their elderly friends into a frenzy.

About the wedding itself, let’s just say that the said friends had a lot of fun in their roles as groomsmen and bridesmaids.

(Just as the bride and the groom).

Confession: All the dwarves we get to meet in Awakening are cute&badass characters. Sigrun gets some (well deserved) love, but the others are never mentionned despite their awesomeness so here’s to them! With a special nod to Dworkin who makes my heart explode everytime (get it? get it?)

cap source: rdp