everytime i see this video i think of you

a yearly shoutout to all the people who make my tumblr experience great :)

thanks for your edits, gifs, writing, art, concepts and jokes. im glad to have found so many cool people to talk to here, to share my spn love with. it wouldnt be the same without you! i love ur blogs LOTS!!! creme de la creme homies

special mentions go to:

  • my irl friend Justyna, whom u can see tagged in a shit ton of posts and who is also a fan of spn (spn AND a gyros joint helped me found one of my best friends lmao)
  • Han, @sunnybauds, dude,,, i love talking to you about spn and food and music and watchin spn with you and just ugh, everything. You won me over when u were like, im gonna make a spotify mix for u… i’ll take it with me 2 my grave,,, love u even tho u made me listen to lorde’s album so many times that i ended up liking it wtf
  • Sarah, @srk1o3, you’ve brought a ton of A+ music into my life, some deeply regrettable, (i pray my dick get big as the eiffel tower??!?!?!! brAH i listened to it 2 many times i love it but like smh @ kendrick), you are thE ONLY RAP/ELECTRONIC MUSIC pal i can talk to abt this and ur taste is so good, great horror/video discourse, i hope we continue to talk next year cause goals
  • Marlz @lovelybenny wishes to see my dance moves and thinks im super cool but is afraid to admit it. also loves mountains??? nature?? but i still like her somehow
  • Alex @vintagesam has asked me the most important questions, like ‘what do you think about killer clowns from outer space?’ and thanks to him i got to know very good movies and music, thanks, i literally think about you everytime i watch some weirdo monster movie
  • Hanna @tipsysam, Dani @sensitivehandsomeactionman, Fiona @ruedesarchives, Sandra @lemondropsonice, Kaz @lipglosskaz even tho we don’t talk all that much i can’t imagine tumblr without u
  • Jenny @envydean, Aimee @scentofyesterday, Pika @lizziemcguire, Kahala @spacelesbians, Emma @fightdarcy and Sam @sammy-samulet, i consider y’all some of my regular best pals on here for years whether you like it or not

here are the blogs (and people behind them) that have been filling my dash with awesome posts this year: (under the cut cause thats A LOT of people i love so many blogs smh)

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EXO Reaction to You Fangirling Over Them

Anonymous asked - may i get a exo reaction to you fingerling super hard about them over like a cute photo or a performance they did thank youu ^^ (btw i just stalked you and im slowly dying because of your writing)

Oh, we don’t mind stalking. This is my first reaction, I hope you enjoy it! I’m doing ot12 if you don’t mind.

Xiumin - he might feel a little insulted, I mean, he’s right there in front of you! “Hi Hello. The boy you’re freaking out over, right here. Remember me?”

Originally posted by daenso

Luhan - as the great DJ Khaled said, ‘another one,’ he’s another one to be insulted. “You’re on the floor, rolling around like a fish out of water. WHY?! This is bull!”

Originally posted by crazykxl

Kris - I feel that he would get cocky, cause you just proved yourself that you wouldn’t look at another guy the way you look at him. “I’m the best, and I always will be the best.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Suho - regret. That is all. “I’ve taught you better than this..I’ll let you buy whatever you want if you stop all of this.”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay - I think he would be very awkward to just find you, screaming into a pillow, because of a picture. “Your ovaries are exploding? My butt is cute? Jagiya, are you okay?” 

Originally posted by getlayd

*let us ignore captions*

Baekhyun - he would fangirl right along with you. “I know! My butt is cute, I’ve been doing a lot more squats.”

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen - Chen would walk into the room and hear his high note being played. With a huge smile on his face, laughing, “why?”

Originally posted by achenlove

Chanyeol - he would just think you’re insanely adorable, “jagiya, why are you looking at pictures and videos when I’m right here?”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Kyungsoo - he would get very blushy and shy. “Jagiya, I’m right here! Stop flopping like a fish out of water.”

Originally posted by smileysoo

Tao - walks in and sees you squirming over his martial arts. “Everytime I come over, you do this!”

Originally posted by j-miki

Kai - this koala would also be one of them to get offended, wanna know why? He always takes you to practices and you don’t do this when he’s dancing there. “You only do this here! Why not do it where people can see how much you love me?!”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Sehun - this maknae would do it 10x as worse, he’s going to show you what’s it’s like to deal with it. “WOW, look at G-Dragon from big bang. His tattoos are so hawt and don’t get me started on his hair!”

Originally posted by sehunnified

This was actually really fun to make, guys! I hope you enjoyed it, but it probably sucked, so I apologize. 

• Mordikai •

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Everytime I hear Louis say him and Simon have a special bond, I remember that frightening video from 2015 where Simon hugged each of the boys and you could see Simon whispering something in their ears and the looks on their faces haunt me to this day. You can bet your life if Louis is constantly bringing up how wonderful and amazing his relationship is with Simon it's cause Simon has a gun to their head. I try not to think about it too much or I'll cry but Simon's hold on them scares me so bad💔

he’s such an ugly ass excuse for a human being i have no qualms when i say i hope he rots and karma hits him like a steam train

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Trust me, you're not the only one who forgets George and John are dead. Sometimes I see something and think "Hey, this reminds me of George." And then feel a sense of dread knowing that he's gone. Same with John. I was born after they both left but I feel like I knew them forever.

everytime i watch beatles video i always forget that half of them are gone 😩

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Okay, so you're the only person I know I can tell this but the masked lady in "comics" from the band Caravan Palace? Everytime I see her in that music video I think "Oh, yeah, the one that symbolizes the Quintesson opression of Cybertron".

GOD I FUCKING LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO and also that’s so accurate as to how I see Quintessons. Just that sort of nonsensical masked decadence. Yesssss.

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Could u do a marilyn tutorial (her makeup in the sixties, more precisely in something got to give movie) Im obsessed with ur channel, everytime i have to go out (currently visiting rome) i watch one of ur videos to see what makeup look i'll do the next day lol

Hey there, doll! 🌟I can absolutely add that look to my list of requests! And I think a 60s Marilyn will be so much fun! I enjoy the pink and coral lip colors she wore at that time! 🎀💗

And OMG!!! 💘💘💘way to cheer a girl up! You are amazing! Thank u for being so kind to me! I’m so thrilled u enjoy my videos! I’m in awe! Thank you!!! xoxo April 💋

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did you see jess's new summer storm mv? i loved loved the aesthetics as usual but also the song it was so good!! what did you think?

aaa im responding and watching a bit late because i was working earlier but!!! in summary: i cried?? i didn’t think i was particularly emotional today but idk i reached the end of the video and i suddenly felt a lot :( the video was beautiful as expected but i really really liked this song a lot and i think it’ll be my favorite single from her.. i think her vocals especially sounded really beautiful in a way i haven’t heard from her in a while like i really felt like i fell in love with how soothing her voice is all over again :(( i love it a lot!! im definitely gonna have it on repeat for a while!! and im currently going through the mini album and i really like it so far as well :”)


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake met as children in 1993, both members of The Mickey Mouse Club. They started dating in early 1999 and split in March 2002. Their breakup inspired Justin to write “Cry Me a River”, and Britney responded one year later with “Everytime”. Although they were not together for very long they remain one of pop’s most iconic couples of all time. 

“I don’t know Britney Spears the pop icon. And she doesn’t know Justin Timberlake, that guy from N’Sync. That’s not the way we look at each other. You could take all this away and I’d still have her. That’s what matters in life.”

“I don’t have too much to say about her situation. I can’t remember the last conversation I had with her. But this thing that happens online bothers me—these anonymous commenters. People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people. I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. Also, in Britney’s defense, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the shit I did then either.”

“You were my sun

I was your earth”

“Cry Me a River”, Justin Timberlake.

“I may have made it rain

Please forgive me

My weakness caused you pain

And this song is my sorry”

- “Everytime”, Britney Spears.

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💌 ggggggggg x)

OH MAN MELISSA, everytime i see penguin and joker i think of you, which is funny because that means i associate batman with BOTH my friends named melissa, and also nowadays, i’m actually happy to see the teen titans go robin because i can just go ‘hey that’s melissa!!’, the last thing is ‘jealous’ by nick jonas, because of that threetwo video you made

Love In Our Days

So here’s part 2 of A Modern Romace (which you should probably read before this, otherwise this won’t make a whole lot of sense). 

  • Do you think it’s okay to stab your best friend a little bit?
  • Sirius doesn’t know how respond to the text. He doesn’t even know who it’s from.
  • Um. I personally don’t take too kindly to being stabbed, even if it’s just a little bit. 
  • Who is this?
  • Oh, fuck, should’ve introduced myself first. 
  • Hi, it’s Remus :)
  • I mean. Howlingatthemoon. You probably don’t know my name. 
  • It’s Remus. 
  • My name is, I mean. 
  • Sirius’ heart does not flutter and his fingers do not shake. And the thought ‘how do I sound cool and sexy’ absolutely does not cross his mind because Sirius Black does not need to sound cool and sexy, he is cool and sexy. 
  • Oh, I just call you sexy hazel eyed twink in my head.
  • And if your best friend is anything like mine, I can understand your impulse to stab. 
  • On the other end of London, Lily Evans observes her strange best friend as he squeals and pushes his head under the pillow, convulsing and whining, only to emerge a moment later, all wide eyes and wild hair, to shove his phone in her face. 
  • I will have you know that I am a /jock/
  • What?! How can you say that? Have you seen the way Steve makes googly eyes at Bucky??? They are SO meant to be. 
  • Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you
  • Why would you cover James’ clothes in gooey things if you’re not even going to make it look like it’s nosey
  • Nosey?
  • Oh sorry, I mean snot
  • You did WHAT?
  • Let me make you feel better about yourself
  • I accidentally pushed an old lady down the stairs
  • and then
  • I burst out crying so hard that she had to calm me down and help /me/ instead of the other way around
  • and it wasn’t even pretty crying
  • there was snot everywhere
  • Don’t you mean nosey?
  • I want to hear your voice. 
  • Is that weird? I don’t have very innocent reasons for hearing your voice either. 
  • ….Are you trying to give me an aneurysm? STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THAT
  • It’s so unfair that I can’t see you blush. Or hear you get flustered. 
  • What do you sound like?
  • Like I’ve just started puberty. 
  • You also think you look horrible, so forgive me if I don’t trust your judgement. 
  • My sexual orientation is literally your hair. 
  • Everytime I watch your videos I feel like pushing you down on any available flat surface and just running my fingers through your hair.
  • Or pulling at them and hearing you make embarrassing sounds. 
  • Mmm. That’s be nice. 
  • There’s this gay friendly bar in central London if you wanna go there?
  • Woah, I just wanted to meet for a chat but apparently you have gay shenanigans on your mind.
  • …How do I get myself out of this.
  • Jamey, does this shirt say ‘hot and sexy’ or ‘I’m desperate for your affection please love me’? 
  • Remus Lupin, if you don’t stop fiddling with your hair in 2 seconds I WILL CUT YOUR HANDS OFF
  • LILYYYYYYY YOU DON’T GET IT! He’s perfect without even trying and I try so hard but I’m not half as good. Maybe I shouldn’t go. You know what? I’m telling him the plan’s off. I can’t do this. What the hell was I thinking-HEY! YOU CAN’T JUST PUSH ME OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE!
  • It’s a spiritual experience watching Remus awkwardly stand and fidget near the entry of the bar, trying to locate Sirius. Sirius wants to go to him, or at least wave to indicate where he is, but his muscles seem to have frozen up. Even his lungs aren’t working properly.
  • And then, over the head of a man vomiting his guts out, their eyes meet for the first time. 
  • And it’s like Sirius can breathe again. 
  • “Uh, hi,” Remus says and Sirius wants to melt into a puddle by his feet because his voice sounds like the colour of his eyes, deep, warm and so kind“So this is awkwar-Umph!”
  • It isn’t till he hears a low moan from Remus that Sirius realises that he has Remus pushed against a wall and is kissing him like he’s been thirsty for the feel of his lips his entire life. And a few other past lives. 
  • When they finally break apart, Sirius is panting while Remus is trying very hard to control his breathing. 
  • “Well, that definitely takes the UST out of the equation,” he says, running his tongue across his already glossy bottom lip, looking so debauched that Sirius can’t help but kiss him again.
  • “What’s UST?” he asks when they’ve managed to pull themselves apart once more.
  • “Unresolved sexual tension,” Remus answers, his cheeks turning an even brighter shade of red. 
  • “Why do you know that?” Sirius is grinning now because finally, finally, he can see Remus blush and get flustered and see how he bites his lips and pulls at the sleeves of his sweater, not meeting Sirius’ eyes.
  • “I must have read it somewhere on the internet.”
  • “Somewhere like..I don’t know, fanfiction.net or archiveofourown?”

So. That’s it. The end. I hope it matches everyone’s expectations and I WAS SMILING SO MUCH AND BLUSHING WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS LIKE WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

(Bossy Lily is my life)

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So now can we talk about kaisoo again like I really miss them, they really REALLY mean alot to me, so when did you start noticing them ??

Thank you anon for appearing in my inbox with some love!!! I can’t stand watching this mess between Kyungsoo and Pure Love anymore! This is supposed to be Kaisoo’s month, for God’s sake! But, for now, they are saved.

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Best Collab Ever (Connor Franta Imagine for psyake)

*Connor’s POV:

“So what are you gonna do?” Ricky asked as I was waiting for Y/N. I have a massive crush on her ever since we met. But I don’t know if she likes me as well..I hope she does. I’m planning to film a video with her which is the ‘What’s in my mouth challenge’ . And Ricky’s the only one who knows about my feelings for her.

“I’m gonna play it cool..and not mess it up.” I breathed out, I just hope that everything will go as planned.


Oh God there she is..Okay..you can do this Connor. Just open the door, say hi and let her in. Okay..I can do this.

*Y/N’s POV:

Y/N just ring the bell..Stop shaking. I’m very nervous since Connor which is my crush for God knows how long, asked me to film a video with him. And I just want to make a good impression for him, I don’t want Connor to think that I’m this awkward girl.

*Connor’s POV:

“Hi! How are you?” I said as I opened the door. She looks so pretty…her dark brown eyes sparkle everytime she looks at me. “Im good! So where are we gonna film?” she asked, I accompanied her to my bedroom where the camera is set. We sat down and settled all of the things that we’re gonna use.

“Hey what’s up you guys! and as you see I’m with this gorgeous human being right here.” I motioned to Y/N “Hi!” she giggled, oh that laugh is so angelic..focus Connor!

“And..uh we are gonna do the what’s in my mouth challenge!” we decided for Y/N to go first and I’m very excited to make her eat all of the things that I bought.

“Okay open up.” my first item is a disgustingly flavoured baby food “Oh God it popped.” she held her hands to her mouth “Come on..it’s not that bad.” I scooped the gooey mixture and placed it onto her mouth. “Oh my God!..” she started to stick her tongue out “No you need to eat it!” I giggled as she chewed on the food. “It’s baby food isn’t it?” I nodded my head and she started to cringe.

I took the plastic and placed it onto her mouth so that she can spit the baby food out. “Next ooone!” I sang and took the cucumber. “It’s not baby food right?” she asked reaching for my hand, Jesus her hand is so soft. “Here you go.” she chewed on the cucumber carefully and she actually liked it.

“It’s cucumber!” she cheered and had a huge smile on her face. I gave her two more different things and now we’re down to the last. “Okay so this is the last one.” I wasn’t actually gonna give her something but I’m gonna do something a bit more..fun.

I leaned in and placed my lips onto hers but its just a peck. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that it was too fast.” I giggled and she puckered her lips. I kissed her again but this time she kissed me back. Her lips were soft and smooth. We pulled away and she took off her blindfold.

“That was my boyfriend’s lips..” she smirked. Now I got a kiss from my crush and! I’ve got a girlfriend! Best collab ever!



Co star connections - video
Mix - gifs 1 2 3 4 5
Josh misspelling Jen’s name & Cornucopia - gifs: 1 2 3
“Who peed the most in the water ?” - gifs
“Josh is more comfortable when he doesn’t have shoes or a shirt on” - gifs: 1 2
Jen touching Josh’s knee - gifs: 1 2 3
Telepathy- gifs: 1 2 3 4
“If we had a wedding”- gifs
“Where’s the pizza”- gifs
“Poop, Poop ?”-gifs
“What would you do if you weren’t an actor ?” - gifs
“I thought, okay you right” - gifs

Global fan day - video  Mix - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
To my right, Josh Hutcherson ….”- gifs
I know this feeling of loving somebody so much that you just want them to be okay if they do love somebody else, at least they’re alive“ - gifs
We have kissed so many more time than that … in the movie”- gifs: 1 2
"I felt helpless, Jennifer is crying and screaming”- gifs
“Josh and I are like two puppies” - gifs: 1 2
“It was the best part ever! Beiing free in the ocean”- gifs:1 2
“Why are you staring at me, waiting for more” - gifs
Jen talks about Josh’s dancing - gifs “Yeah Josh so good to see you again” - gifs
I need to stop holding my cheeks”- gifs: 1 2  3
That’s mahogany, I was going to say that“ - gifs: 1 2
Jen touching Josh’s nose - gifs: 1 2 3
Jen lost - gifs

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Are you one of those misfortunate ones like me that was not able to be at the Margaret 50th Year Anniversary Exhibition in Japan? I want to cry everytime i think about how many exhibition only goodies not to mention be able to meet the mangakas that I would not be able to get and see.

Procrastination really is a bitch as well, i should be doing translation and irl work but what the hell, i am feeling super lazy.

Here’s a video of how one of the key exhibition pieces from the exhibition called “Koisuru Byobu” were drawn by some of our favourite mangakas (too bad they did not shown HnR being coloured in, i would have spazzed out even by seeing Yamamori-sensei’s hand… CREEPY I KNOW BUT I DON’T CARE) But the consolation is that we get to see Sakisaka’s sensei hand instead. HAHAHA (and don’t tell me it might not be their hands…i don’t want to see that! lol)

I am not a hentai i swear nor do i have hand fetish. Enjoy the video!

July 30 I celebrated my 21st birthday. My family naturally asked what I wanted and I honestly couldn’t think of anything. What did I need? I have everything I could ever imagine, I am so blessed. They weren’t taking “no” for an answer, so I said fine. I went to the 1989 Detroit show, but that was no where near enough for me. I told my family I wanted tickets to another show. They shot that idea down really fast. I know I already saw her, WHO CARES?! I thought to myself if all I tell them is Taylor tickets, they have to get them, right? I gave up on the idea quickly, they all gave valid reasons as to why it wasn’t practical so I let it go. Still, I kept trying to get my sister, Miah, to love the idea like I did. Lets road trip to another show together. Every time it was “Jo, lets wait to see if prices go down” or “let me try to save for them.” I understood. The day of my birthday, I opened presents from my family. We don’t go easy on the presents in my family. I opened presents from my parents and grand parents, and my sister. My sister and I have an incredibly special relationship. I love that girl more than anything in this world, and I know she can say the same. So, her present was really special to me. She got me this adorable keep-sake box with 21 presents labeled “21 things that will make you smile.” What, my sister got me 21 presents? Holy crap. They were the presents that came right form the heart, the ones she knows you love but would never buy yourself. (that’s how we do presents.) She is so perfect and that was one of the most beautiful presents I have ever received… or so I thought. After I opened presents, we had my favorite ice cream cake and was just spending time together until Miah said “get in the Birthday chair” I was like why, I was just there? So i got into the chair and she brought out a tiny gift bag that said “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 he he” uhhhhhhhhhhhh? I started to unravel the tissue paper before I realized it was paper. I lost all control at this point. My sister, along with my closest family and friends, made it possible for Miah and I to see Taylor on night one of the Colombia shows ON THE FLOOR. Miah bought her ticket, and with the help of my family and friends, bought my ticket and paid for our hotel. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT EVVVVVVVVVVVVENNNNNNNNN??!!!! It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is the reason I exist. (kinda) Seeing Taylor perform again on the 1989 World Tour became a wild dream of mine, and to see her on the floor was something I couldn’t even fathom. Taylor is such a big part of my life, and my family knows that. It’s beacause of them that I get to see Taylor again and my heart is so happy everytime I think about it. This video is embarrassing, but there is no other way to show exactly how I feel. I want to share this moment with you, Tay. Thank you for helping make one of my wildest dreams come true.

Watch on uptosleep.tumblr.com

Unfortunately the 5sos tour next year is already sold out. But, I tought about something really nice. A lot of people in the 5sosfam can’t pay a single ticket to see their idols, they can’t meet them and I feel bad for them. Some people In the 5sosfam are also sick, or in he hospital right now and all they want is to meet their idols before the hospital say something like “You can’t go out of the hospital anymore”. I know that some people in the 5sosfam have these problems and I also know that we CAN’T help all of them. But we can make a difference. 

So, now everytime that 5sos announce a tour think about it. It’ll be great if some of us in the 5sosfam buy a second ticket for someone who can’t afford it. We are a family and I think that this thing can work. 

I also know that what I ask is huge, but I’m not forcing anyone. I just want everyone that watch this video right now to think about the others who can’t see them and maybe help someone and buy a ticket for someone else. You will make some new friend while doing this and you will feel happy cause you just helped someone to see their idols because they have to same dream as you they just, can’t afford it. 

For the people who wants to participate in this it’s not a big project it is a personal project so you decide if you want to do it or not and if you want to share you’re future story with the 5sosfam or not. 

For more question, you guys can use the hashtag #5sosfamticketsproject 

Thank you for listening, see ya later x 

hiddle-winked-blog  asked:

hey sixpencee, i just want to let you know i love you blog! I've been exploring it for a while now and everytime i think ive seen all there is to see i stumble on something new! I appreciate your masterposts too, makes it so easy to find new things, or the best of. I'm a big wuss though so I have scrolled past the terryfying youtube video masterpost but the things im learning from your blog are amazing. thank you so much for running such a wonderful blog.

Thank you to all my followers for the support- it makes it worthwhile =)

First I love you *Cameron Dallas*

“Don’t fucking touch me” you mumble getting out of the grip of Cameron Dallas, of course you and Cam are dating and you couldn’t be more happy but lately you haven’t been you been yourself and you don’t know why. Its bothering you that you wanted to spend every second with Cameron, its bothering you that your heart is constantly fluttering when your with him. Its bothering you that your mind is always thinking about him. You have bad commitment problems and trust issues but Cameron promised you that you wouldn’t regret it. Anyway Cameron said he needs some space for a minute. So you walked out the room, you knew Cameron was under pressure because he had to do a video two days ago but hasn’t finished editing it yet but really you were just talking to your best friend. And Cameron wasn’t really nice when he said ‘Can you get out if you’re going to talk I need some space!’ you just walked out of the room soon you hung up with your best friend. You were going to leave to clear your mind, you didn’t live with him but you were there like every single day. You opened the door when you felt hands on wrist pulling you back in slamming the door shut pushing you back on it.

“Y/N baby, I’m sorry don’t leave.” Cameron whined. Cameron did piss you off and your mind isn’t right.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” You mumbled, getting out of his grip, you could tell he was hurt inside when you said that but he could tell you were hurt too.

“sweetheart what’s wrong?” He asked you took a deep breath and splatted out a simple shaky nothing.

“Y/N come on just tell me.” His faced drop from hurt to serious.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everytime I see you my heart just flutters you make me so happy then I want to spend every hour, minute, and second with you, you are seriously the only thing I think about. And its clear to me you don’t feel the same.” You started to cry a little “Cameron, I’m scared” You cried a little harder “I-I-I think I love you” You said terrified.

“Y/n are you kidding me! You are all I think about that’s why I didn’t get my video done in time. And when you were in my room I didn’t mind you talking I love your voice and I just wanted to come up and cuddle you that’s why I told you to leave. It was bothering me that I wanted to spend every second with you. But now I don’t care, because I love you. And I’m not scared to say that, I will tell anyone I don’t care Y/N I will tell you everyday every second if you don’t believe me! I love you so much!” Cameron said hugging you then kissing passionately you kissed still scared though

“Y/N don’t worry okay, I love you and I’m not letting you go anywhere I promise I won’t hurt you at all.” He kissed your nose than forehead.

“I love you Cameron” You said smiling his thumbs wiped away tears he smiled and kissed you again.

***I said I love you waaaay to much***

Request something for O2L please c: