everytime i promise myself

Everytime I watch A choice with no regrets part 2 I promise myself that I’m not going to cry. Ten minutes in and I can hear Aragorn yelling “It is not this day” in front of the Black Gate, tears rolling down my cheeks and ugly sobbing as Levi finds Isabel and Farlan


Nylon Interview:

Q:Do you have nickname for each other?

Hyuk :I call him “donghaek”,Lately i started call him ‘Donghyeo’ (Dongtongue). Because When Donghae is excited, his words quicken and he trips over his tongue.
Hae:I just say “ya”  or sometimes drop the  'Eun’, like a 2nd boy of 'Eagle 5 bros’(comics), Hyukkie(Hyuk).

Q:You know each other for 15 years.There are still things that didn’t change at all?

Hyuk:He is like a kid and the childish behavior.We first met when we were middle school students.Since then till now it didnt really changed.we are still saying jokes and fooling around,it’s like both of us didn’t grow up..

Hae:hyuk’s face ? isn’t he getting and looking younger ?

Q:who is the most mature?

Hyuk: I think the word mature didn’t fit both of us at all.

Hae:Eunhyuk. when Leeteuk hyung went to the army he took the leader position.He is really good at leadership.Meanwhile i don’t like to stand out since i was a kid.

Q:Do you like learning foreign languages?

Hyuk: I thought about studing but i got too stressed.While going out with people,during conversations you can learn naturally and have fun.During the Japan tour is did it this way.i like to travel  and everytime i go abroad, i promise myself to start studing english but when i am back in Korea that promise dies down in a day. 

Hae: When it’s funny it’s funny,when it’s stressful it’s stressful,but it’s something you have to do. 

Q:There is a country in the whole world where you want to spread D&E’s name?

Hyuk: The country of Mansu. i like Mansu and i want to became a musician.

Hae: Africa.Those are people who like music so it would be great to get an approval from them.

Q:What is the one thing you won’t forget to pack in your luggage?

Hae:candles,health care products,diary,sport clothes,there really is a lot~

Hyuk: Even if it’s just for 2 days 1 night, donghae will bring the whole load of things,like red ginseng,vitamins. Always bring these useless things.He doesnt have time to take photos,why does he even bring a camera,when it’s easier to take photos with a phone? i just need to bring laptop and that’s it.

Q:How to you usually spen your time in hotel?

Hae: i make it like my own bedroom. i even change the scent. i put my diary and stationaries on the table, i put all my accessories in the closet.That is why my luggage is usually 3 times heavier than the other members.

Hyuk: I put few clothes that i may use on the hanger then i just leave my  luggage open.I mostly do nothing but sleep

Q:You are about to begin your Asia tour..

Hae:We will tour in mainland China, Hong Kong,Taiwan, i want to sing a lot of songs for everyone.

Hyuk: The songs we released in the Japan album are in process of being re-recorded.Although they are songs everyone has heard before,the different lyrics will give a different experience .Everything else will remain a secret for now.

Q: Donghae made “ growing paing” as the title track.

Hae: Everyone fall in love.When you are 10,20 or 30.when you love there may be something you hate or you blame ,but still your heart care and value your lover.Even if you are not together anymore you still wish your lover isnt hurt as much as you are, with all your heart. 

Hyuk:As title track we wanted something with the same atmosphere as oppa oppa,but when we listened to growing pains we liked it and we wanted to do it.

Q:It’s already 12 am.what do you usually do around this time?

Hae:I put water in my humidifier,then i lit up my candle and start to write in my diary. I think about what i will do next day very thoroughly.When i dont have schedule i sleep for 7 hours ,i wake up early,go to gallery and stroll around.

Hyuk: There is a movie theater infront of our dorm. I said lets go watch movie in the group KKT chat,the number decreased but no one replied.Then i just went alone.No matter what movie, it gets more interesting if we watch at theater.If not,i just get online in my room. I go around fansites page and read every comment.

Q:Both of you turned 30 right? 

Hae:When i was a kid  i thought i’d  married and have kids when i turn 30. I got older and i am more responsible in any of my actions but there are some times that i get  spoilt like a kid. I think this won’t change till i die. 

Hyuk: I watched a movie called “about me” sometime ago. I thought that when ones do hypnosis,you can live at any age you want.That is why lately i am living my life while thinking that i am 25.

Q: Till now there have been lots of albums (from SJ) ,you should have feel special about D&E first korean album.

Hyuk: Since 2008,during concerts we always had a performance together.Since oppa oppa was really good we formed an unit.We like the same music and we are the same age also. Finally the output came and i felt like i was debuting again.

Hae: TBGO is a present for our korean fans.To repay for all the records we acknowledged thanks to them. After the japan tour we got pressure from all the  schedules but they still made my heart happy.

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► Klaus & Caroline || Battlefield

There are moments when I wish I would had never discovered this ship. Moments when I really hope I could forget all about these two, about their story together, about everything I’ve been through to support them and just keep living my life without all the pain I’ve endured just because Julie never wanted Klaus and Caroline to have all the success they’ve got in these years. And unfortunately these moments are the ones when I remember I have to be strong. The ones when I tell myself to keep going on, to raise my head and hold it up straight because they deserve it from me! Even if they are fictional characters they deserve an happy ending (and I’m extremely sure they HAVE to have it together) and I deserve to be happy watching their love story like a lot of people promised me. And everytime I tell myself all this, I find in my heart, in my soul, the strength to keep shipping them instead of walking away, and the pride of doing it along with people, with a family that after months, after years of lies, manipulations and bullshits is still here, loving them like the first time. I don’t need other ships like Klayley, Klamille, Steroline or Carenzo. I have THEM. I have perfection. I have Klaus and Caroline. I still prefer to cry and to pull my hair out for a thousand years waiting for them to be and stay together than settle for anything less. So please, guys, when you become sad and think to give up, remember: STAY STRONG! You are not the only one. We are a family and we are all in this, TOGETHER!