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everytime someone mentions elansbsj i have a flashback to Dallas when harry and zayn came out of this place with elana and louis following and harry was sobbing. That just gets me every time.

i dunno if he was sobbing but there was definitely something wrong and she’s known to have been cruel to him before so whatever happened it was ugly :(


Shadowhunters vs Ao3 tags  Part 1/??

“well.. the horse have to back on his own trail sometimes” ___ Jesse McCree 
  Scenario practice on 1 point perspective . Jesse burst out of the glass window with the cylinder that he was ordered to take, zip-linning down to the client’s helicopter below.
   I have a headcanon that during the time of McCree’s wandering, he been hired by an annoymous group to do certain job for money, by mean job: heist. The man have to accept because he do need money for himself, and this kind of job is the one he good at ( at the past) ,in the end he got betrayed by the hirer but he escaped  successfully ( everytime ) [ not mention I did got his reward too ] 

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who knows me: Yes, you love Integra Hellsing, we know, you love Integra so much, she is the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Integra Hellsing, we KNOW, you love Integra you fucking love Integra ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE INTEGRA. WE GET IT.

Why is therapy so stigmatised? Everytime I mention therapy to someone, I get this look of pity. It’s like seeking help is a bad thing?! Therapy literally saved my life. If I didn’t go to group therapy I would not have met a great group of girls who understand me and love me unconditionally. My “group” friends are like family to me. I can tell them anything; no judgements. If I didn’t meet my therapist I would never have been able to walk in the dark alone, I wouldn’t have managed to limit my self harming (I barely do it anymore; once my 2 open wounds heal I WILL HAVE NONE ON MY BODY; no picking, no burning etc). If it wasn’t for therapy I wouldn’t have been able to accept events in my childhood, or my sexuality/promiscuity. Therapy is helping me accept my sexual assault. It’s helping me accept myself. Therapy makes me want a future.

I just don’t understand why people look at me with such disgust when I tell them I’m in therapy. Therapy saved my life and I’m proud of that.

I just realized that everytime Hide is mentioned in the manga, someone dies right after:

  • Oumi, that Anteiku ghoul 
  • Several members of the Aogiri raid 
  • Kaneki at V14 
  • Yoshitoki at Rue 
  • Arima at Cochlea

Ace of Spades - the death card

In the Vietnam war, this card is left on the bodies of men killed by troops, serving as a warning to others.

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Okay so I'm a fan of your comics and gametheory. And they are currently doing theories centered around Gaster. I just keep thinking of your comic everytime they mention something that works with it.

Thank you, first off! Also, I am loving those Game Theory episodes. Been waiting for them to hit on Gaster for a long while. And yes, defo happy when a few assertions match up with my comic, however I think I do leave out a few relevant items in my own theory, and the creation of Sans and Paps from the bodies of the first two fallen children thing came from @sansybones and was just too good for me, so I pretty much “headcanon accepted” it.

Right so I’ve noticed that most phanfics feature Dan being the one that is emotionally hurt but have you considered

~ Phil coming in from a bullshit meeting at the BBC and just being so drained nothing feels real anymore

~ Phil laying awake at night listening to Dan sleeping through the wall because he feels like he’ll never be good enough

~ Phil watching his subscriber count like a hawk to see if he can get anywhere near the amount that Dan has

~ Phil worrying about Dan so often that he doesn’t notice his own health slipping

~ Phil forgetting to eat, drink or sleep for long periods of time because “this one video isn’t good enough” and it needs more editing

~ Phil getting worried that people are mostly coming on the tour to see Dan and not him

~ Phil not letting himself cry because he’s supposed to be the more together of the two and if he can’t hold it together no one can

But let us not forget

~ Dan noticing something is up, but everytime he mentions it, Phil replies with “I’m fine” and refuses to give detail

~ Dan looking on Phil’s phone to see if there’s any tasks he can do without confronting Phil about them (since he knows that Phil will say he can do it, and he also knows that Phil can’t)

~ Dan slipping into his room to cry because he has no idea how to handle this and Phil needs him damnit why won’t he let Dan help

~ Dan pulling Phil into hugs, platonic or romantic, whenever he trys to do something so Phil is forced to stop and relax

And finally

~ Phil finally cracking under the stress of his own mind and Dan finding him on the floor of his bedroom

~ Dan finally pulling him into bed at 3am, platonic or not, because he’s fed up with Phil pulling late nights to get stuff done that doesn’t matter all that much

~ Dan forcing Phil to have days off, watching anime or disney films together with take out and Ice cream

~ Dan googling ‘How to help a friend’ and trying every link he can find

~ Phil finally coming clean and breaking down in Dan’s arms because he’s being holding it in for so long

Charlie Rose: You’re thirty…what, seven?
Sara: Thirty-five. Jeez! Is this the lightning in here?
Tegan: I’m thirty-five, Sara’s thirty-seven. It was a long two years for my mom!

It never, ever gets old. Like these two. Seriously, they don’t age. And they’re beautiful. So, so, so beautiful!

Happy 36th Birthday Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin!!

And Happy Quin Day to all of you!

This Blog

Around the past March I stop working. It wasn’t unexpected but it was unexpected at THAT moment in my life.

So suddenly I had a lot of free time… Then S6 came and I watched every episode about 4 times each. Then I re-read the 5 books in about two months. Then a created this blog and I wrote a really long post in a language that itsn’t my mother tongue (That fact amaze me everytime I think about it, that’s why I mention it).

Well, that very long post is about Sansa Stark and the story of Jenny of Oldstones and her Prince of Dragonflies and how the role of a prince that give up the throne for love, suits Jon Snow very well: “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa”, among other connections between them.

But my first post was about a post entry that GRRM wrote in his personal blog about what happened to Sansa Stark in S5, there you can read the title of this blog: “Sometimes butterflies grow into dragons”.

That beautiful and powerful line gives me so much hope about Sansa’s future, because she is the butterfly that could grows into a dragon.

And in the books you can find a subtle reference about Sansa and dragons as well: “The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell, and afterward changed into a wolf with big leather wings like a bat”. Big leather wings reminds me of dragons instead of bats, and that line also reminds me of the last prophesy of the Ghost of High Heart relative to Sansa (I wrote about that prophesy in my very long post). 

So, since I still have a lot of free time, I would like to write more about Sansa. I was thinking about this subjets: 

  • Sansa and Magic
  • How Jon knows a lot about Sansa because of Arya and more connections about them (Just think about the fact that Jon and Arya name Arya’s sword needle BECAUSE of Sansa!!!)
  • More connections between Jon and Sansa

What would you like to read? Do you have another subjects in mind or any suggestion? Please let me know. Give me a reason to get up from bed everyday (This year is just UGH…). Send help.

Thank you in advance :)