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How to Be Single Movie Online (2016) HD


Comedy, Romance | 12 February 2016 (USA)
New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

  • Director: Christian Ditter
  • Writers: Abby Kohn (screenplay), Marc Silverstein (screenplay)
  • Stars: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann

It Has Begun

Into the dark below
Evading shadows
Blind in a rabbit’s hole
We fall beneath the earth
And watch the shell come unraveled
As the seed begins to rise
Embracing its starlit fate as we wait in the night
It’s written in the walls

As we walk in a straight line
Down in the dirt with a landslide approaching
But nothing could ever stop us
From stealing our own place in the sun
We will face the odds against us
And run into the fear we run from


I wanted to draw a quick poster for the final episode. I had to contribute SOMETHING! If it weren’t for Gravity Falls,  I would have stopped drawing. This show and its characters gave me so much inspiration, it’s unbelievable. And I met so many great people online too! I hope this magical time lasts longer. :) Thank you, good people and Thank you, GF crew!

I listened to Starset’s “It Has Begun” while drawing this. I provided a link to the song above. Check it out! :)


I actually didn’t notice my alarm going off so I woke up super late and missed two potentially productive hours :((
but I still managed to get a nice&bright spot at my fav library thanks to my lovely friends✨✨

four days until my finals. almost done!!!!
(in the picture: my statistics study guide, ipad&notes, lovely matching pens and lemon water which is super good and refreshing!!!)

Wow. Look at Brooklyn 99...

Putting their romantic leads together, yet still creating stories where both leads interact with other characters, they have their own storylines, and can have fun scenes to play on their relationship instead of forced tension and drama… It’s almost as if you CAN write a romantic pairing without having the couple completely derail the storyline.

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