(This was supposed to be posted by Tumblr on New Years Eve, but...)

It’s New Year, right? A whole, brand new year. When you set your hopes high again, although you didn’t exactly mean to. And I can say with all of my heart that this past year has been quite incredible, and I couldn’t ask for better people to spend it with me. So, without further blahs, I just wanted to thank the four most important people in this year for me, here on Tumblr.

I wanted to thank Taytay. You know why we got so close so quickly? It’s because of how amazing your heart is. You’re not easy to deal with, because we’re really opposites in many things - but what gets me in you is how lovely you are. You truly are. So, I jsut wanted to tell you I love you. You deserve the best year possible.

Thank you, Ash. You helped me through so much stuff, and you held my hand through it all, despite how annoying I can be so frequently. I love you, and you are possibly one of the most beautiful people inside and out I’ve ever met. Thank you, so, so, so much.

Thank you, Adrian. You’ve been the dearest, always chatting with me and sharing with me your beautiful world and your amazing stories. I admire you immensely, and I wanted you to know that. I love you, and that you have a year full of amazing things happening in your life.

Last, but never least, Rach. I left you for last because you’re incredibly special and you know that. You are incredible in so many ways I can’t even. You understand me, help me, while I do the same. We are on the same page, always. We can always count on each other, and with you, I feel safe. I really do. You amaze me everytime we talk. So thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done to me. In the little time we had, I found out how different you were - how special. Let this year be the best you can have, because you truly deserve it.

And thank you to everyone else, because there are good lots of people who I love and admire, but these were just the ones I felt I really needed to thank personally. The others are none less though, I promise you. I love all of you. Have a wonderful 2012.

(No, I’m not online. I put this to be published on Jan 1st.)