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We’ve all met that one person. That one person that literally drives us out of our minds because we’re so crazy about them. That one person who we think of all the time because everything reminds us of them. That one person who makes our hearts pound and our knees shaky. That one person we’d take a literal bullet for. That one person you could spend every moment with. That one person who has the power to destroy you. That one person you’re afraid to say those three words to because those eight letters mean everything.

- i l o v e y o u

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So I got cast in a play where I have a kissing scene and I was wondering how the club would react if their s/o had to kiss another person?

This is a good one! Thank you for requesting, and I hope you enjoy~ <3


- Help this child

- He wants so badly to be supportive

- And he is supportive!!

- But he’s so jealous…

- He’s unbelievably proud of you, and he brags about you and your play to everyone, but the whole kissing scene thing doesn’t register until it’s actually about to happen

- Probably cries on Kyoya a bit

- Expect lots of kisses and cuddles when you get home


- Doesn’t phase him that much

- You may have complained about the other person’t breath in order to spare them the wrath of the shadow king…

- But he knows that you’re still his, and you’ll be coming back to him after the play is done

- That’s not to say he didn’t care though

- He was extra affectionate, in his weird, Kyoya way, afterwords

- This possessive boy

- You’re honestly surprise he didn’t do anything drastic

- Of course, you don’t know everything he does…


- J E A L O U S

- This poor boy…

- It very nearly physically pains him to see it

- Has to keep reminding himself that it’s okay, you’re his, this is what you love doing and it makes you happy


- He needs to find his chill poor baby

- His brother definetley comforts him throughout the play

- Other than the kissing scene, he loves the play and he encourages you to do more of them~ 

- Just not ones with kissing scenes…


- Chill about it

- Legit, he doesn’t care

- No jealousy, nothing

- Okay so maybe there was a twinge nothing

- No, but he understands that you’re acting and you can act like you’re inl ove with that other person character and wowyou’rereallygoodatacting

- Lots of cuddle time when you guys get home

- But he didn’t care


- Definitely ramps up the cuteness before and after your performance

- Yeah, he gets it, you’re acting, but what could a little affirmation hurt?

- Just makes sure you don’t forget about him in general

- He brings you sweets after the performance to remind you how sweet he is you are!

- Happy that you’re happy though

- But now it’s your turn to make him happy, movie night with sweets it is


- Now this boy genuinely doesn’t care

- A little nervous when you first warn him, but he’s fine overall

- Just wants you to be happy

- Honestly your acting is so good he forgets that you’re his s/o and he’s drawn into the story

- Why are you so good at acting?

- Looks up other performance opportunities with you because watching you act makes him so happy

- Definitely congratulates you on a performance well done afterwords

…it’s here it is HERE i’m making my first pot of chilli of the season this week FALL IS HERE

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Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: hi! could you write a theo imagine based on Melanie martinez’s song Dollhouse? something where theo & reader are yelling at each other and he says something about (accuses) her having a perfect life, and she confesses about her dysfunctional family?? sorry that’s oddly specific haha I just really love the song :-) thanks!

Places, places, get in your places, throw on your dress and put on your doll faces. Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them look through the curtains.

This house, these photographs hanging on the wall and sitting pretty all throughout the house was a lie, a cover up if you would. Only you knew and saw what happened once guests let and once that front door closed. No-one could understand or even fathom how picture perfect you had to be within these walls.

Theo had come over like he does everyday and straight away you knew he was in a bad mood. From the moment he stepped through the door, his jaw was clenched and you could tell he was taking deep breaths to calm himself down.

“Everything okay Theo?” you asked him, and a part of you wished you hadn’t.

“Okay? Does everything look like it’s okay?” he sighed.

“It was just a question, there is no need to get all mad about it” you replied. Usually when things between you and Theo got to the point where an argument was about to occur, you gave each other space. But something about this fight was going to be different.

“Babe I’m past mad, I have a pack who can’t do anything right which means I have to fix what they screw up, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve what I set out to do and to top it all off I’m still not a bloody alpha!” his voice rose higher every time he checked off another point, Theo had a short fuse that’s for sure.

You didn’t know what to say. So silence seemed like the best option, in fact it was probably the safest one.

Picture, picture, smile for the picture, pose with your brother, won’t you be a good sister?Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them look through the curtains.

Theo had picked up a photo frame that was sitting on the mantel, there was plenty to choose from. All showed the same thing, a family that supposedly had no flaws, no issues…oh how people were horribly mistaken.

“It must be nice” Theo spoke and you had no idea what he was referring too.

“What must be nice?” you asked, holding your breath.

“This” he held up the photo in his hands, and pointed to all the ones on the mantel. “To have a family, to grow up with no worries. Your lucky Y/N, you have a fucking perfect life”. He threw the photo on the couch, and the word perfect made you want to throw up.

“You think my life is perfect? You have no idea how wrong you are”.

He turned to you, and it took everything not to explode right then and there.

“Care to elaborate? Because these photos tell a completely different story”.

He didn’t believe you…and you had to admit it hurt. “Yes they do Theo, but photos can be deceiving. Every one of these so called photos is a curtain, their fake! They paint a picture that doesn’t fucking exist Theo!” you shouted, not caring that you were breaking down in front of him.

You went to pick up the photo he threw on the couch, “Do you see this? A photo full of fake smiles, and perfect posture. A photo that is full of lies. You and everyone else see a perfect family, but underneath is a dysfunctional one”. You threw the photo on the floor, and Theo was left standing with a blank expression.

Staring at all the other photos it was harder and harder to pretend that nothing was wrong. “My family is far from perfect, and I didn’t tell you because my parents don’t want anyone to know. So I keep my mouth shut and play along, and I guess it’s all pretty convincing….even you couldn’t see behind the disguise. Can’t believe I fooled Theo Raeken”.

You sat down on the edge of the couch, putting your head in your hands. Theo sat near you and put his hands around you shoulder, pulling you into him. “I’m sorry babygirl, if I had known…”.

“But you didn’t and I can’t blame you for lashing out, you’re under stress too.” you replied.

“That doesn’t mean I let my anger get the best of me, or aim it towards you”.

You looked him in the eye and he gave you a smile, “Well you know now and it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulder”.

He kissed you on the forehead, tracing your skin with his fingers. “Anytime, any day…whenever you want to get away from all this, I will gladly leave my door open for you babe. It can be just the two of us if this gets all to much for you”.

Biting your lip to not allow any tears to fall, you lifted your head. Leaning in your lips find his and it provided you with so much more than what a simple kiss could. Theo was you salvation from this family hell, and when you were with him there was no pretending or faking….because everything was real, everything was perfect.

D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E. I see things that nobody else sees.

Living in this house, being apart of a family that was crumbling in more ways than one and having to keep quiet, was the hardest thing ever. You were living in a dollhouse….and now you weren’t the only one who saw that.

The two of you pulled away and Theo grabbed your hand, pulling you up. “Let’s get out of here, yeah?” he told you. Not bothering to clean up or pick up the broken frame, Theo and you walked out and shut the door.

And maybe, just maybe the closing of the door was a metaphor, a sign that better things were headed…and that this dollhouse was going to be no more.

Inferior functions under stress
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Fi (ENTJ, ESTJ):</b> you idiots are all wrong and I will fucking SHOW YOU<p/><b>Ti (ENFJ, ESFJ):</b> yes but what is the TRUTH??<p/><b>Fe (ISTP, INTP):</b> I'm in a glass cage of emooootion<p/><b>Te (INFP, ISFP):</b> you. Stop. Right now. I must organize our EVERY MOVE. you're disorganized and you're annoying me.<p/><b>Si (ENFP, ENTP):</b> am I always the only one how does the things that must be done?<p/><b>Ni (ESFP, ESTP):</b> what do you mean the earth is not going to explode? ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE BRO<p/><b>Se (INTJ, INFJ):</b> i REALLY want to punch the wall, like, right now<p/><b>Ne (ISTJ, ISFJ):</b> r e v o l u t i o n. Everything's going to hell anyway. Let's change every fucking thing. Now.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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ok but imagine bangtan's dressing up for halloween, but kook sees jimin, and he's just in a white t-shirt, jeans and a beanie so kook goes 'what are you meant to be???'. jimin points to his feet and he's wearing timberlands, and kook's still like '???' (yoongi groans bc are u seriOUS JEON) and jimin smiles and goes 'the handsomest halloween costume i've ever worn, it's called jeon jungkookie~' and all of a sudden kook's face super red :') (it's late and i can't stop laughing about this idea ;^;)


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Hiya!! I love your headcanons for the riarkle kids (I love all your headcanons lbr here) and as a fellow theatre geek, wondered which kid is the most theatre geek-y? I know you said that they're all pretty involved, but there's a chill drama kid and then there's a Minkus-Matthews kid 😂 xxx

WHY WITH THE OC’S omfg okay

  • Penny cannot fucking sing
  • No one has the heart to tell her
  • Basically every year she goes out for shows and has an experience close to Farkle’s at the end of GM Truth
  • They do not tell her the truth lmao they just all let her believe that for some reason the drama teacher has already picked favorites and she’s just not one of them
  • She eventually just quits altogether like junior year because at this point it’s ‘disrespectful’ lmao but she still listens to/sees shows whenever she can.
  • Everyone keeps trying to get Cassie into theater professionally bc she’s A+ at dancing/singing/acting but the fact alone that everyone wants her to do it stops her from doing it lol
  • But she still really likes them
  • But to anyone outside her family, theater is like…a closeted passion lmao
  • Her daughter Tabitha gets super involved with it at school too
  • And then when they move to New York, they move in with Auggie and Ava and Ava’s a fucking Broadway actress so obviously the four of them geek out all the time
  • And one day Katie tries to sneak into the apartment when she thinks everyone’s out to set up for a surprise romantic dinner
  • She enters as Cassie is doing Mein Herr from Cabaret
  • And when Cassie finally notices she’s there she’s FREAKING OUT because she’s been exposed but Katie is about to achieve an Anime-Nosebleed over this omfg
  • Needless to say she starts looking into musicals more and they just become trash together it’s v cute
  • Cleo does not fucking care
  • At all
  • You all need to stop singing
  • She just wants to play lacrosse STOP TAP DANCING DAD
  • UGH
  • One day she caught her son Riley on Broadway.com and acted as though she had walked in on him watching porn omfg
  • She just. Needs everyone to stop with the theater thank you and goodnight lol
  • Tessa only admits to liking the ‘darker’ shows because she’s 9Edgy5You
  • You know like Sweeny Todd, American Psycho, Heathers, Jekyll and Hide, shows like that
  • Get this Mama Mia shit away from her, she yells, as Riley feels her heart collapse
  • Although Tessa will never admit it for obvious reasons, but she REALLY fucking loves Legally Blonde the musical omfg
  • The only time she ever did a show was her senior year when the school did Jekyll and Hide and she got the role of Lucy and she RUINED EVERYONE’S LIVES WHAT THE FUCK TESSA WHERE DID THESE EMOTIONS COME FROM
  • Also she literally didn’t mention to anyone she was in the show, Nova and Leo brought it up bc they were in it too lol
  • NOVA
  • V E R Y  S E R I O U S L Y
  • Life is a competition and there is literally nothing more competitive than auditions holy shit
  • She signed herself up for voice lessons when she was five
  • Like Riley and Farkle had no idea until they were billed for like 3 months of her lessons at a theater school and they were like WTF
  • Okay and Nova is also 900% the kind that when her best friend doesn’t get the role she wants, she’s just like “Don’t worry I can get you rat poison!!!”
  • She’s like Sharpay but nicer, do you feel me
  • If Sharpay and Gabriella had a love child, it’d be this girl
  • She’s that bitch at dance rehearsal that is like “Ugh warm up stretches are the worst!!!!” and then very easily just pulls her leg over her fucking head as you struggle to breathe without falling over and pulling something
  • She can rap Guns and Ships perfectly it’s the funniest fucking thing
  • Always running for drama club president and stuff
  • Ends up marrying a Broadway actor that she toootally hadn’t been fangirling over for years lol
  • L e o
  • Is such a mess of a human being
  • Because he really doesn’t actually care at all about theater but he feels like he needs to bc his family is so crazy about it
  • And it’s so funny like he’s sleep through shows and movies and miss important plot details and have to bullshit scenes that he liked most when his fam asks lol
  • He’ll be in his usual attire of backwards baseball cap, vintage welding googles or some shit, and he’ll be carrying like a three books and a fucking knife collection
  • And someone will be like “LEO I BET YOU CANT DO A BACK FLIP INTO A PIROUETTE” and he’s immediately like “YOU WANNA FUCKIN BET” and tries to do it without dropping anything so Farkle’s in the back yelling “sON NO” and it never ends well okay
  • Anyway so his freshman year of high school, Nova, Tessa, and his best friend/girlfriend Skyler literally fucking bully him into joining the drama club
  • Because 1) It’s always funny seeing him trying to dance but also 2) SHIT he’s actually a great singer and actor what the fuck they NEED you LEo
  • But like. They literally bully him into this omfg
  • Tessa’s decided since she’s a junior she’s allowed to make her freshman sibling’s life hell lol but she doesn’t actually do anything that will actually hurt him or upset him you know what I mean
  • But like he’ll be minding his own business and then Tessa is jokingly slamming him into a locker telling him that he’ll never stop being a dork unless he does theater
  • Or she’ll be like ‘You have to listen to me you’re freshman scum and I am the Upperclass Overlord JOIN THE DAMN DRAMA CLUB”
  • Nova will fill his locker with passive aggressive notes insulting/challenging him like ‘you must be a wuss’ or ‘I bet you won’t try out because you have no talent’ and stuff like that
  • And he mentioned them to her and she’s like ‘Oh my God who would ever say such horrible things to my dear, precious brother’ and he’s just like ‘NOVA I CAN RECOGNIZE YOUR HAND WRITING CUT IT OUT” lmao
  • “Skyler please listen to me I really don’t want to try out for the drama club!”
  • “Well Leo I really don’t want to make out with you right now! Should I take one for the team or go home?”
  • “WhAT thE FuCK”
  • So eventually after like 2 months of this he gives up and decides to audition
  • And he’s like “Maybe…I’ll just sabotage my own audition so they don’t cast me as anything”
  • And he got really excited about that plan
  • But then
  • Since he is his father’s son
  • None of his plans can ever work out for him
  • So everything he did to sabotage himself, something else happened that prevented him from looking bad
  • It was so fucking funny to the girls bc they knew he was trying so hard to suck and it just wasn’t working lmao
  • They cast him as Moritz in Spring Awakening lmao
  • And after that, everyone in school wouldn’t stop talking about how great a performer he was, so he was like…fuck I’m stuck with this until I graduate aren’t I
  • He was
  • On his last day of high school, Riley and Farkle go into his room to have an emotional ‘Oh my God our baby’s graduating” talk after they had one with Nova
  • But they open the door and
  • Leo’s got a fucking sacrificial alter or some shit set up, and a metal trashcan with a fire blazing in it right in front of it
  • And he’s throwing into it all his scripts, costume pieces, makeup and tap shoes he’s gathered up over the years, laughing manically
  • When he notices his parents he freezes and they just stare at each other for like five whole minutes
  • But that took his concentration away from the fire, which then got too big and catches his fucking sleeve on fire
  • So he’s now jumping around trying to put it out and that causes him to bang into the fucking alter, knocking it down and putting a fucking hole in his floor.
  • Riley’s just like “why couldn’t we have just walked in on you watching porn” at the same time Farkle  goes “why are you like this” lmao
  • They never speak of that again
  • He still gets dragged along on family musical trips tho lmao
  • riarkle kids why are you doing this to me

PROMISES mean everything when you’re little and the world is so big
i just don’t understand how you can smile with all those tears in your eyes
tell me everything is W O N D E R F U L now