Alright Korra folks, here are my reaction video highlights from the hour finale. I am broken inside and everything hurts. 

  • Me: -crying on the couch-
  • Roomie: -comes home- Oh my god, are you okay?
  • Me: -trying to hide the tears-
  • Roomie: Are you crying?
  • Me: -sob-
  • Roomie: Is it that show you've been telling me about?
  • Roomie: I'll... just leave you to it then.
Everything Hurts || Harry and Ron

Harry slowly made his way to the Hospital Wing, his bowed as he tried to avoid being recognized by his classmates. He had been quiet since the moment he realized Malfoy had caught the snitch, and stayed long in the showers after the match so he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t go ahead and walk in the open when his best friend was hurt and needing company. Maybe Harry was also doing it for himself, but he still carried as much chocolate frogs as he had found in his trunk, to give to Ron.

Luckily, no one approached him as he went, although his shoulders –  that before were always back, Harry walking straight and with his head up – kept going down every time he heard whispers or groups passing by him. Shame felt awful.

Soon enough, anyway, Harry walked into the Hospital Wing, passing by Madam Pomfrey and, recognizing that ginger hair anywhere, he made his way to Ron’s bed, stopping next to it and sitting down. He wasn’t sure if Ron was sleeping or not, so he nudged his shoulder anyway. “Hey.”

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I was asked to record my reaction to the very end of season 3 episode 9 of Game of Thrones. #ohgod #everythinghurts

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Axe Fighter journal, entry one

I was told some time ago that it’d be useful to document my journey as a fighter in the SCA.

Background, coming up to my 1 year anniversay in heavy fighting, and about 5 months of exclusively axe/shield.

That said, today was the first day of real progress, in terms of both my new, lighter axe, and re-designed shield. (Pictures to follow.)

The format for these fighter posts will be what worked, and what didn’t. A useful tool for me, and the next poor schlub who tries things the hard way.

What worked!

Moving, stepping in offline (That’s a diagonal movement to the side of my foe, non-fighters.) Works a charm when I do it with full commitment, and rotate the shield back as I step in. An additional step to help is flick the axe-head at the face, get them to bring the shield up right before you step.

MUST HAVE A LIGHT AXE for that to work.

What didn’t work!

My leg is a mass of bruising, so clearly I need to work on that more.


Footwork mixed with proper shield movements. Try to stay on my feet more.

Now, to beg my wife for a hair brushing and maybe an hour in hot water.