A lot has happened since our very first post on this blog a year ago!

-Our brand has grown to touch more people that we could have imagined through our exclusive snapbacks and wristbands

-We’re fortunate to say that our songwriters music continue to be licensed to tv shows and networks broadcasted to millions around the globe

-We launched our music production company in one of the best studios in New York City

And a lot more that would make this post way longer than it should be…

We owe it all to our great friends and supporters who’ve been along for this very interesting ride.  BIG THANKS to every single one of you!  

As everyone gets ready for EDC this weekend, be safe, and be sure to send the pics of you in your Everything Young & Major™ snapbacks!

Be Fresh.  Be New.  Be You™

Rare  Module sat down with Everything Young & Major™ co-owners, Etan “eY” Yravas & Marcus Cram, to discuss current projects, influences and the future direction of the up and coming entertainment brand. Click HERE to watch the interview!

We’re glad to announce that Everything Young & Major™ has also signed a licensing agreement to provide the music for all Rare Module videos, while our production company, EYM Digital, took on sound design responsibilities for the Brand ID that opens each visual. 

Childish Gambino / Donald Glover - “STN MTN” (DJ Drama Mixtape)

Who’s More Atlanta: Childish Gambino or Iggy Azalea?

You should be on the look out for the second half of this project, the “Kauai” EP coming soon. Head over to iamdonald and the thedeepwebtour for more info.

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Meek Mill - “I Don’t Know”

Suicide Is A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem.

If You’re Thinking About Doing Something Drastic Like Trying To Test Meek, Click (HERE) To Find The Help You Clearly Need.

Downloads of this song are available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon.

Be on the lookout for Meek’s next album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money”, later this year.


Jones Factory - “STN MTN / Kauai”, “Souled Out”, “These Days…”, “Nobody’s Smiling”, “LP1”, “Ultraviolence”(Custom Cover Art)

Need Dope Art? Jones Has You Covered.

You can see more amazing art from jonesfactory on his page (HERE).

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Patso Dimitrov - “Rap Album Covers X NBA Jerseys”

“In The Same League But We Don’t Ball The Same.” - Aubrey Graham

You can (and should) check out more of Patso’s art (HERE).

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