the signs as things that sebastian michaelis has done
  • Aries: tried to kick a tank
  • Taurus: agreed to be the slave of a ten year old boy
  • Gemini: had sex without taking his clothes off
  • Cancer: stolen the spotlight in a circus
  • Leo: used cutlery as weapons
  • Virgo: been skewered through the chest
  • Libra: compromised his master's mission for the sake of getting bitten by a tiger
  • Scorpio: giggled like a schoolgirl
  • Sagittarius: hoarded cats in his closet
  • Capricorn: taken off his gloves like he's in some sort of fancy porno
  • Aquarius: disguised himself as a priest
  • Pisces: cried

Computer Virus!

One of my personal favorite Kirby bosses, as it’s pretty weird. Computer Virus is literally floating computer windows, specifically those of an RPG. The Computer Virus sends out various stereotypical RPG enemies, which I’m gonna draw separately. It also supplies Kirby with various copy abilities, because the fight would be kinda time-consuming without them. The boss fight is actually turn-based, where Kirby can only attack at certain times. 

Fatty Whale!

I’M BACK. Winter Break has finally come and so I can finally get back to drawing! I’m happy to get back into the Kirby spirit, and go back to daily uploading. Sorry I took so long haha. Anyways, here we have Fatty Whale! Fatty Whale is the first boss of the Great Cave Offensive, and is just a large whale with a pipe and a sailor outfit who splashes around. He used the background before Triple Deluxe made it cool.