I used to love Alexa Bliss and I wish I still loved Alexa Bliss because it isn’t her fault she’s been shoved to the top of the division at an incredible pace but man.  Because women don’t get the same time as most folks often anybody not in the champ picture doesn’t get much TV time and I just want to see some other peopleeeee.  (I had a similar gripe during the endless Charlotte/Sasha series, and Alexa is good but she’s still not putting on matches of quite that quality yet)

I’ve just hit the point where, like Brock and Roman, I’m sort of accepting Alexa will be champ until Asuka gets to murder her



Cual es la moraleja? Si algo te hace mal, sacalo, tiralo lejos, manda todo a la mierda, sean falsos amigos, sean viejas actitudes, sean momentos tristes que ya no te permiten construirte, etc. Nos vimo♥ que se vaya de tu alma. No es un consejo, es una vivencia que les trasmito :)