everything...including the kitchen sink

The Everything Draft

I often find it useful to think of what I’m working on in first draft as an “everything” draft. I’m throwing everything in including the kitchen sink. If I’m doing research, I throw it all in. If I have backstory, throw it in. If I have a character sketch, put it in. In a way, this first draft is all for me. It’s not meant for a reader to see. It isn’t fun to read. It’s boring and it has way TOO much information, but it helps me deal with the impulse to make sure I have everything I need.

Then when it’s time to sit down for a cleaner draft, I can cut freely because I have the everything draft. If I ever cut too much, I can go back to my everything draft and retrieve it. (Mostly, there’s not such thing as cutting too much, BTW.) A reader doesn’t want to know everything about the Russian Revolution, for instance. But you might need to know in order to write a good book set in that time period.

An everything draft is like outtakes from a movie. You don’t show them for the regular movie screenings. The regular audience doesn’t hear the director’s comments. Those are only for the super fans. And sure, you can add some extra historical details in an author’s note in the back if you want. (My experience is that readers never read them, but maybe librarians?)

I have a general rule of thumb for sff that you can only do one paragraph of backstory/world-building before you go back to the plot that is moving things forward from this moment. This is so that readers don’t get bored and feel like they’re never going to find out what happens next. For adult history, you might be able to get away with more than one paragraph, but if it’s more than a full page, I recommend you reconsider for a general audience.

If in doubt, leave it in the everything draft.

Me: (talking to a friend who had just started DMing for the first time) When there’s a chaotic character in play, you need to plan for everything. Including the kitchen sink.

Friend: What would they even do with a kitchen sink though?

Me: I mean they could try to fuck it

Friend: what

Me: I mean they could take off the drain cover and stick their thing in….

Friend: …

Me: ….Anyway just plan for them trying to lick everything and you’ll be fine.

Tuesjade October Prompts!

October 3rd- Science Girl!
We all know that this sweetheart is an brilliant mind! She’s keen on her science and her logical thinking- why dont we show that through our creations this month? Dont you love a girl in lab coat, a honey on the edge of a breakthrough, or a project gone horribly wrong! Let us see this #tuesjade and make sure to let us know through our hashtag or tagging us at @tuesjade-hq

October 10th- Kid Swap!

We’ve all been there, wondering how these baby beta boys would have turned out if they had grown up with a different parent, a different environment or even a different colour! How does your version of Jade fair off? It can be any combination you prefer, you dont even need to draw Jade as your chosen beta as long as shes part of the combo! Let us in on it with the #tuesjade hashtag!

October 17th- Gemsona!
This was gonna happen eventually, you know! You dont have to pick the Jade Gem obviously! But it seems like the appropriate choice doesnt it? What would her job be? Is she part of homeworld or not, what is her angst about? :o Tell us just how much this diamond glitters with #tuesjade !

October 24th- Old Fashioned
A classic but at the same time progressive! They were extra back in the day, weren’t they? Lets see those big dresses and corsets! Lets see those uniforms and fans and everything including the kitchen sink! Maybe make it relevant to where you think Jade’s island is situated in terms of that country’s history? Whatever you do, have fun on the #tuesjade tag!

October 31rst- Spoopy! Ooooh!~
Happy Hallowe’en everyone! To celebrate lets go all out! Does Jade go trick or treating and does she do any tricks? Whats her Hallowe’en performance or joke? What is costume is she wearing this year? Or, in a twist of fate, is her costume wearing her? Freak us out on the #tuesjade and then go back to your regular scheduled spooping!

We tried something a little different with doing 5 prompts because there are 5 tuesjades this month instead of just taking the week off! Let us know if you prefer it this way or the way it was before! <3 Have a very scary month!

okay so the thing is back in 2015 @n00tscamander and i started a slow-burn, arranged marriage hartwin au

about march 2016 we kinda drifted away from it and it has been sitting dusty in a doc since then


we have decided to edit what we have and throw it out there for people to read if they want

it’s got angst, fluff, smut, canon, non-canon, p much everything (including a handjob at the kitchen sink) and as soon as we’ve got this edited the first chapter will be out

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Hii! I was wondering if you could tell me about the steps, spins, and other techniques? Basically, all the moves except the jumps. Hehehe, thanks so much ^w^

Thanks for asking!

I’m not certain exactly what you want to know?


There are three “basic” positions: upright, sit, and camel (some older coaches still call this “parallel”), which are denoted in the scoring system as USp, SSp, and CSp respectively. Of these, two additional abbreviations exist in the system: LSp (Layback spin) and CoSp (combination spin). Flying entrances and changes of foot are marked with F and C at the start of the spin, respectively. A combination spin must contain all three basic positions (or variations of). If it does not, it is marked V and points are lost. Spins are leveled elements, with the lowest level being B (basic), and the highest being 4. Some lower test levels might have a cap on spin levels, restricting the skaters to level 2 or 3.

Note: spins that travel or wander all over the place do not affect the level. This is for the judges to reduce GOE. Additionally, only the first attempt at the spin counts: if you go for a combo spin, fall out of it, then continue the spin, the tech panel is required to ignore everything after the aborted part of the spin.


A step sequence (StSq) is made up of linked turns, steps and movements. This is a leveled element, again, with B being the lowest and 4 being the highest. Until about 4 years ago, step sequences were required to have a “shape” (circular, straight line, or serpentine) and there were two of them; now there is only one, and shapes are not required. The reason for this is because they found that skaters, in an attempt to fit everything in to get level four, were sometimes spending up to nearly a full minute of their program on just the step sequence. These sequences were also often slow and meandering as skaters threw everything including the proverbial kitchen sink in. So now we have one step sequence. Some of them are still very long, but short of reducing the level four requirements, there’s nothing the ISU can really do about that.

Different turns and steps are assigned different levels of difficulty for level purposes. For example, a three turn is not counted as a “difficult turn” for the minimum variety required, but a twizzle is. All turns and steps must be executed on the correct edges.

Choreographic Sequence;

The choreo sequence (ChSq) is made up of turns, steps and other movements. This is not a leveled feature! It is either confirmed (ChSq1) or not (ChSq). You cannot get higher than a 1 on a ChSq. (Yes, I have heard this argument before: “xyz skater is really not that good, s/he only got level 1 on the choreo sequence!”) ChSq is evaluated in GOE only.

The choreo sequence replaces the now-defunct second step sequence, and at some lower levels replaces the step sequence altogether (mercifully). Choreo sequences are designed to be a throwback to 6.0 style step sequences, which, while often choreographically excellent and matching the music, were rarely difficult. The choreo sequence is supposed to match the music. Spirals count as part of a choreo sequence, as do Ina Bauers, spreadeagles, and cantilevers.

This place is just amazing. Honestly lost for words at how much quieter it is compared to London, granted I haven’t been outside yet because apparently I thought it’d be a good idea to bring everything including the kitchen sink with me which also means a whole of unpacking to do. Psst, if anyone is interested in showing me around and getting me away from all the unpacking I won’t stop you.

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I would hang apples for you, the star of my eye.
Even when the tables burn and the bridges turn
or when the two in my hand-basket turn into Hell in a bush.
My wrong foot has a silver-lining
and every dog and bull still got a story to tell.
Mine will go something like this:
A heart divided cannot stand
itself to become a home.
So let’s move in and redecorate everything.
Kitchen sink included.
—  Lost My Head Over My Heels by Alex Dang!

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little brother is hands-down the best piece of OUAT ever, including everything the show has done. including all the fan works. including all the everything. including ... including the kitchen sink. (trying to make sure i've covered everything.) that piece is perfection. you did them better than they did themselves. you should write them a whole novel. and then i would read it. and then i would read it again. and again after that. thanks for writing it. (also ♥ drinks with the prince!)

Originally posted by wakingdawn96

You are welcome. But I’m pretty sure I should be thanking you! I was very lucky to have a great friend to help me think through some of the plotting, and if weren’t for her, it wouldn’t have been as good as it was. :) 

Also I’m glad you love that old chestnut, Drinks with the Prince. I had so much fun writing it! 

Thank you, my dear!

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hi darqx! how do you make such interesting and diverse characters? i am horrible at making oc's ;w;

Awr thanks anon! Honestly i just wing it ahaha…don’t be like me |D Also noo don’t say that anyone can make an oc! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ …sometimes we just need a little bit more of a nudge in a general direction than others is all.

There’s an oc masterpost floating around Tumblr that is a handy resource for if you wanna go really in depth, otherwise here are 4 shorthand tips that may be helpful to start out :)

1. Make them relatable

People like characters they can relate to and such a sense of ‘kinship’ helps to make a character seem more realistic. A lack of relatability is often the downfall of many ocs and is why those considered top-tier ‘Mary Sues/Gary Stus’ are so disliked by practically everyone. We don’t usually feel any connection with a character who is literally perfect with no flaws or a godmodder or someone with no context to their actions etc. Because we aren’t.

You can make a character relatable through:

  • Looks (this is kinda shallow, but having a good looking or interesting character design is one of the first things that hooks people’s interest if you’ve drawn them. They like the look of your character then maybe they wanna find out more. Writers have a bit more leeway in this area cos plots often come first before looks.)
  • Personality (what kind of person are they? Are they likeable? Or are they a little shit that you want to murder?)
  • Actions (what choices did they make and do?)
  • Ideology (what do they think?)
  • Relation to other characters in a group dynamic

NB: This applies to villains too. Make them relatable to a degree and not only do you get a more fleshed out antagonist but you can watch people being torn about whether they like them or not and it’s rather entertaining.

2. Make them real

Take a look at the people around you to gain ideas and understanding of aspects of your characters looks, personality, emotions etc. Your friends may have some interesting quirks or some irksome flaws that would make for part of an interesting character. If you have people you dislike you can take the parts of them that make you dislike them and make that a part of a realistically annoying antagonist.

Using HH as an example Wei Ren gets some of his interests (e.g. Dr Who, Star Trek, anime…) from some of my uni friends and the rest of him (speech, mannerisms, family life…) comes from my cousin and his friends.

Give your characters some sort of life (figuratively and literally lol).

3. Remember your character’s context

Context affects everything. If your character reacts to something in a certain way, it will probably (or should, really) be explainable by taking things like their upbringing, personality or past events into context. Your character dresses a certain way? Their environment and/or personality was most likely the context. Keep the context of your character in mind and it will help to keep them believable.

Here’s .D and Izm’s reaction to the same vaguely unsettling thing. If you consider base elements of their personality - a form of context - then their individual ways of reacting are quite fitting. Even if you don’t know what the characters are like, you can sort of figure out who’s more stoic and who’s more extroverted from it.

(I’m not sure if that helps explain it any…i just wanted to doodle these two reacting like this lmao)

Your character’s context should change as they grow and mature - this is a good thing and shows evolution of character. Don’t be afraid to tweak them.

4. Keep their design relatively simple

Consider their personality, environment and context when designing your character and you will get something more memorable than if you threw everything including the kitchen sink on them.

Hope that helps!

  • Fandom: "That episode was freaking awesome!! Woman cops kick ass, hell yes!!!!"
  • {10x9 Sneak Peak Plays}
  • Dean to Cas: "If I go dark side, you gotta' take me out."
  • Cas: What do you mean?
The Bananas, Witty Nitty-gritty


  • 1 pound of bananas (for flavor and folly)
  • 1 ounce of wit (even though it and some of the other ingredients are abstract things that cannot be measured)
  • 1 original piece (or more if desired)
  • 1 block of cleverly written text (if and when needed)
  • 1 cup of love (providing you have any to spare)
  • ½ cup of simplicity (It’s really sugar, but let’s just pretend it’s simplicity)
  • ½ cup of complexity (It’s really flour, but let’s just–well, you get the idea)
  • Everything and everything else in the kitchen (including the kitchen sink, of course)


  1. Combine the bananas and wit (The wit may be a little bit, but it’s just enough for the wisdom to balance out the foolishness).
  2. Pour the simplicity into the mixture, and when no one is looking, deceptively add the complexity (Make sure the opposite qualities are equal so that one does not overpower the other).
  3. Liberally ladle the luscious love all over your labor. Hold and hoard the love; save it for when you’re working on commission. Why waste it on something you’re not getting paid to make?
  4. Add a pinch of crack to the piece to make it extra addictive. What?! NO! I don’t need crack for that! Come to think of it, how’d I even get hold of this stuff? Sh*t! I gotta get rid of it!
  5. Upload the piece and paste the block as a caption. Throw everything and everything else into the post and stir yourself thoroughly before publishing.
  6. Insert up to 20–19 if it’s a submission–systematized tags into the post, and make sure that they are relevant to it.
  7. Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese; get some burgers and mayoneese. Eat ‘em all up and don’t forget to chew, and you’re finished! So toodleeoo (Hey)!

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Hi again! Can you do a bechloe au where either Beca or Chloe work as a technician and the other one constantly breaks their equipment just to see them? Thank you so much!!

“Hey stranger,” she said it sheepishly, almost starting the sentence before she opened the door. With a head leaning against the side of the door, she squinched her nose in embarrassment, and Chloe found herself thinking it was overwhelmingly adorable. 

“What’d you do this time?” she asked jokingly, pushing past Beca and through the doorway as if she was the one who owned the place. Behind her, Beca shut the door, rubbing her hands on her jeans to buy time. 

Keep reading

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Quentin Tarantino

Love: The fact that he has such douchey stans and so many shitty little freshman film students and bartenders with rich parents make poor imitations of his work tends to distract from the fact that he is actually an excellent filmmaker. Sure, his writing can be a little up-its-own-ass at times, and sure, it can verge on pastiche, but at the end of the day, he’s an excellent writer with an excellent visual sense who gets excellent performances and has an excellent grasp of structure and pacing. And he’s good at “killing his darlings.” His scripts tend to be overlong everything-up-to-and-including-the-kitchen-sink works, but he has no problem cutting what doesn’t work, even if that thing is something he loves, and as a filmmaker, I can tell you that’s one of the hardest things to do (and is one of the biggest reasons my Haiti script is still not done after all these years).

Hate: I’ve mentioned this before in posts about Django Unchained and Tarantino in general: Tarantino’s anti-racism makes him too comfortable and loops his films around into territory that requires too much outside knowledge to not come off actually racist (and, because of his primary audience, who doesn’t know the things that he knows, perpetuate racism). He, like Scorsese, likes to use the n-word as a signifier that someone is shady or not to be trusted, but it often doesn’t work, especially when used in a quotable scene like the infamous “dead nigger storage” scene in Pulp Fiction.

And the best example, IMO, of where Tarantino’s attempts at anti-racism go wrong is in Django Unchained. Some of the anti-racist rhetoric is obvious–the scene with the proto-Klan struggling with their hoods, for example. Other bits are not. Like when Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monsieur Candie has the skull at the dinner table and is explaining the (current to the movie’s setting but since discredited) pseudoscience of phrenology. Tarantino uses that moment to subtly point out flaws in racist ideology, but in a way that only makes sense if you both know the history of racism and have engaged in arguments with neo-Nazis in the modern day. Candie uses the skull and points to the dimples that supposedly indicate the black race’s inherent loyalty, subservience, and docile nature, which was the stereotype from the antebellum period to the collapse of Reconstruction. This was supposed to illustrate that the stereotype completely reversed after the war and show how little sense any of it made to begin with. But most people don’t know that history, don’t know that neo-Nazis still believe in phrenology to this day, and likely didn’t engage with the scene enough to notice the message he was attempting to deliver through it. Thus to most people, the scene was just Leo’s character getting progressively angrier at being tricked and losing his shit and saying the n-word a bunch.

The critical reactions to Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from that film also illustrates how easily Tarantino’s point was missed. The character was intended to demonstrate how some black people, when treated with relative kindness by racist whites, are willing to betray their own for that seat at the foot of the table, how being born into that system can brainwash intelligent people into betraying their own self-interest. It was taken instead, even by critics who are generally intelligent and progressive on many issues, as “anyone can be racist.” They viewed him as more evil than Candie rather than as a pathetic, brainwashed pawn. And that was in large part because Tarantino didn’t plan for an audience with a different perspective than his. In the end, it helped no one.

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can you give us a breakdown of all the shitty things carlyle has done to this team?

I am probably going to miss a few because there have been a lot but let’s go back to last season first.

Mike Kostka/Korbinian Holzer continually got into the lineups while Jake Gardiner/John-Michael Liles were scratched. A lot. Yes, Gardiner got a concussion with the Marlies HOWEVER Gardiner at 70% is still better than both of those other defenseman at 100%. Same goes for Liles. It wasn’t even like a game or two, it was a solid month or two straight. That’s A LOT of games especially considering it was a shortened season due to the lockout.

For all of the people that were saying Carlyle is a great defensive minded coach- the Leafs have been CONTINUALLY outshot. You can talk about how all the shots come from the outside or whatever but it’s a terrible strategy to score a goal and then to sit back and let the other team throw everything including the kitchen sink at your goalies. It doesn’t matter who is in net, be it Reimer/Scrivens/Bernier. All three of them have seen a ton of rubber. This style of play has clearly stopped working because the Leafs are in a free fall now and all of the teams around them in the standings are gaining ground and fast.

Carlyle has also continually scratched players who are actually good at hockey for goons. Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren are probably very nice guys off the ice…but they are absolutely worthless on the ice. You’re not paid to be a super nice guy off the ice if you’re a player in the NHL. They can’t play the game worth a damn. This year they weren’t even fighting so what is the point of including them in the lineup? None. None whatsoever. Both of those two saw about 5-7 minutes a night as well. Waste of a 4th line.

No, seriously. The 4th line is supposed to give a team a good 8-10 minutes of ice time so the other lines can rest. The 4th line of Orr-McClement-McLaren was GOD AWFUL. This is not a slight at McClement - he’s very good at his 4th line/PK role. But the other two are so bad. Carlyle could have easily run a D’Amigo-McClement-Ashton 4th line all season long. That’s a line that can not only shut down opponents in the defensive zone but also put up some good offensive shifts. People talk about how they are surprised that Ashton hasn’t scored a goal yet but I’d like to see anyone score a goal with 3 minutes of ice time playing on a line with Orr or McLaren.

Carlyle also used to send out McClement when the team was down a goal in the late stages of the game. His job is not to score goals, it’s to prevent the other team from scoring. But routinely we used to see McClement out on the ice with 5 minutes to go with the Leafs down a goal. It’s one thing to have him come out to take a defensive zone draw. It’s another to send him over the boards…which happened a lot.

Carlyle has the BIGGEST double standard for certain players. I don’t know why either but if Gardiner or Kadri makes a mistake Carlyle will throw them under the bus and severely cut their ice time but yet somehow David Clarkson or the goons still have their spot in the lineup despite not earning shit on the ice.

I think it was very telling in that one episode of 24/7 where Kessel said, “GOOD ONE RANDY.” He was joking but I’m not the only one who sensed the derision in that statement. Then you are shown the Detroit dressing room and you see how Babcock encourages and supports his players and it was just a night and day thing. The Wings seem like they would run through a wall for Babcock while I don’t think any of the Leafs could say the same for Carlyle.

He’s a disaster. I think even Nonis is fed up with him. Nonis demoted Holland to the Marlies not because he was playing poorly but because Carlyle was deploying him horribly. I am honestly on board with the Leafs losing out the rest of this season just so Carlyle can get fired. It’s an experiment that hasn’t worked and it’s time to move on.

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erica you know what I miss? I miss the Unestablished sexual tension in season 2. Do you feel like they rushed Olicity? Maybe to get it out of the way? Why are olicity getting together in Season 3? Isn't that too early. I was hoping until Season 5 tbh and we'd have more seasons like season 2

Hey Nonnie! Okay, so I’m trying to understand what you’re trying to say, because the sexual tension was always kind of established, from Felicity’s end, anyways. Season 2 was a nice mix of Felicity and Oliver keeping their friendship afloat while having these really big feelings for each other. I think that Oliver knew he was in love with her all the way back in 2x07, and continued to deny himself those feelings. Felicity is a ball of emotions, she can’t help that they show and that they run out of her mouth, so Season 2 was really about Felicity reconciling that she’ll always be Oliver’s friend, while at the same time, Oliver was silently due for more than friendship. That’s just my take. 

I don’t feel they rushed Olicity at all. I think the writers are picking up the love story that works the best for the story they’re telling and throwing everything they can at it, including the kitchen sink and the bathtub, and that’s not rushing it at all to me. That’s acknowledgment and implementation.

Now, lets get one thing straight, the writers have simply implemented the fact that Oliver and Felicity are in love with each other, and that because they are harboring different sets of ideals about the inevitable outcomes of their lives, whether or not they can do something RIGHT NOW to change said outcomes, they can’t be together.

“Getting together in Season 3” makes it sound like by season’s end, Oliver and Felicity will be at an altar before God promising to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. That’s not even remotely what will happen at this point. Oliver and Felicity still have a heavy load to carry up that hill that is this part of the season, with Ray Palmer being the salt of their oyster, and Oliver disappearing. These are story pieces that are just going to add more to the load on Olicity’s back. 

I don’t want more seasons like Season 2. I don’t want Oliver sluoring with every woman that comes across his threshold. I don’t want Felicity feeling like she did when she caught him after that random sex intermission with Isabel Rochev. Please don’t glorify Season 2 babe, because really, as much as was great about it in the first-half, there were issues in the second-half once Oliver was paired with Sara for nothing more than to bring the Canary into the Team Arrow fold. There were kinks that I’m glad were ironed out before Oliver went for Felicity. I think Season 2 got our loves where they needed to be, romantically, and only for that am I grateful. 

I understand your point about Season 5 and wanting to see that, but really, to have the reaction the Arrow EPs have gotten about Oliver and Felicity and to continue to have them date other people when no other pair-up for Oliver has worked and no other pair-up for Felicity can even compete (sorry Barry!), that would be kinda dumb and counter-intuitive for the show’s success. Yes, it brings about drama, but there are better ways to produce that drama without interloopers like “Random Rochev” (as I like to call her, LMAO).

They have suspended Oliver and Felicity within this impasse of being so much to each other and doing nothing about it. They’re teammates, but they’re not together. They’re in love, but they’re not together. Their being in love is enough for now. Ray can kiss Felicity senseless and show up at her doorstep every morning with Krispy Kreme and hot coffee, but Felicity will still  be in love with Oliver. Oliver can run off to the LOA and beat his opponents into the dirt out of pure aggression and having given himself over to the darkness, but he’ll still be in love with Felicity. The “being together” might not happen for awhile. Maybe the end of S3 opens that door again, maybe sooner, maybe not at all. I don’t know. 

I am the first one to always want more, but I’m also one who understands that the writers have to preserve and tuck away what they can to get these two to THAT moment. It all has to fit. Just because they love each other, doesn’t make the timing any more right than it would be if Season 5 rolled around and the same barriers keeping them apart were there. 

Basically, I think that this pacing is great. I think that Oliver seeing Felicity in a lip-lock with Ray was great, because it starves things off for awhile, while reminding us of the decisions Oliver made and the choices he had in front of him. Will he choose right before Season 4 or 5 or 7? I’m hoping sooner and THAT doesn’t mean rushed, it means progress. Two different things! 

I hope that helped! If you need anything else….