We do it together. We’ll tell Harry about James and Lily. He’ll know he’s loved.

Based off of this wonderful post by lotstradamus, where Remus and Sirius raise Harry.


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Some say zerrie started by sep of 2011, both of them were 18. Ed said is about one of the boys relationship and he has no contact with any of them besides harry so that's why I think he wouldn't write about ziam, being a secret relationship I don't think ziam would tell someone they're not close to about it. I remember you talked about 18 being ziam, could you tag the link of this post (if is not too much trouble)? And Ed might have written based on zerrie since I think he wouldn't know is fake

take everything in base of the narrative 

no zerrie meet in november ed is more friend with harry okay but he have contact with the other but if he is gonna write a song about one of the boys relationship would have to be harry or maybe niall(?) because is the one he is more close so then he could know about the relationship but harry and niall are the only person that don’t have a relationship 

you right zayn and perrie was 18 but 

"Long before we both thought the same thing"

this don’t fix because when zerrie meet 

but then perrie denies because she only want to know about lm and album 

and then they start to date 

so not long before they want the same thing 

just keeping hide to preserve

you mean my post?


There are two kinds of professors: those who post reading schedules and all secondary reading material online weeks or months in advance, and those who say they’re going to post secondary material right away but then wait until the day before a class. 

Hello everyone. My name is Eric Andrew Thomas, and I’m in a bit of trouble. Moving out of my parents house was unavoidable. It was time for me to get out on my own, explore adulthood, make progress with my mental wellbeing. The problem? My job was through a temp agency. And finding work is incredibly difficult. I have been putting in applications left and right, calling the temp agency I’m stationed with and numerous other agencies. All in vain. As I’m writing this, the date is March 1st, 2015. Today rent is due, which is 210 dollars. I have that amount; but there’s another 300 I have to pay each month in order to keep the home in my name. The extra 300 is due by the tenth. This makes the total up to 510 each and every month. Which I can handle, if I find a job.

With my depression, PTSD from a sexual assault, and numerous other diagnosis such as acute paranoia, BPD, and social anxiety, finding a job that suits my needs and that I could handle is extremely difficult. But I’m trying. I’m trying like crazy to find a job, to keep myself stable, and everything in between.

But I need help.

With only a little over 200 dollars in the bank, all going to rent, I have nothing else coming in. No money for food, no money to pay bills, nothing. I am looking to the kindness of strangers, to the good will in people, for help.

I have set the goal so high for a few reasons: One being that aside from the 300 for the rest of the rent; I also have a downpayment of 200 dollars for my electric. And nearly another 100 for my telephone and internet.

Making the goal so high was not my initial intention. But I know that if I do make it to that goal; I would be set until I had a job and even after it. Asking for help isn’t easy for me, and never has been. But I’m asking now. I need this help.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your time.

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tbh i use photoshop and have to master it in uni (since i do visual editing) and the instagram posts, besides the kill yourself one are all pretty legit. I've even checked out on saturation, lighting, w/e and it's not fake. Plus eitherway what benefit does that give anyway.... these are real comments and a real bullying situation. People need to learn we shouldnt be quiet about this



I’m in the middle of an episode in which Slappy was placed in a rest home.

And Skippy was just picked up by Child Protective Services.

These are squirrels.

Cartoon squirrels.

Things like this shouldn’t happen to squirrels.


"Kris, what do you do on Saturday nights?" 

…look up the cost of plane tickets for Vancouver, Edinburgh, London, Venice, Paris. Try to decide if I should just say, ‘Fuck it’ and book a flight and pack up most of my valuables on the presumption I might just stay in one of those places and never come back. Or go for something more practical, like NYC, Boston, Chicago…