246 Things Bones Has Taught Me

1. 6,7,16 are Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur on the Periodic Table of Elements
2. If you plan to murder someone do it on a plane right before you land in a different country
3. What it means to be a rational thinker. And that being irrational sometimes is ok
4. There is such a thing as fate
5. Everything happens eventually. But nothing happens unless first a dream
6. There’s more than one kind of family
7. How to get someone off on murder charges
8. The definition of true friendship
9. 246 ways how NOT to kill someone, because you will get caught
10. When “the” is not the first word in the episode title, shits about to get real (ie Aliens in a Spaceship)
11. The skeletal system is the best part of the human body
12. A million little facts curtesy of Vincent Nigel Murray
13. All the words to Hot Blooded
14. Nothing good happens when the clock says 4:47
15. Everyone deserves happiness, love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance
16. Very few people are scary once they have been poked in the eyes
17. Don’t ramble on and on about conspiracy theories. You never know who is really listening to you and what they might do with that information
18. People do almost anything for family (even murdering the deputy director of the FBI)
19. To appreciate Brainy Smurf
20. Never trust a Russian knife throwing act in the circus
21. You can buy weapons at the mall. But wanting a gun for the sole reason of shooting people is not a good enough reason
22. The plot to strangers on a train
23. How to save someone with compartment syndrome
24. How to make a carbon dioxide scrubber
25. If you start hallucinating cartoon characters and dead soldiers you probably have a brain tumor
26. To search for the truth even if it leads to unwanted results
27. Chasing someone may be the smartest decision you ever make and being chased may be your greatest joy
28. Diplomatic immunity is extremely inconvenient
29. Even scientists can change (and we are all glad she did)
30. To fight. Even when the odds are stacked against you
31. Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing
32. 1 Corinthians 13:4
33. We can’t change who we are (but thankfully he’s a sexy FBI agent)
34. To not be distracted by the shiny baubles, because you might miss what really matters
35. People make their lives out of chaos and hope. And love.
36. The center has to be solid because the center must hold
37. Daffodil, Daisy, and Jupiter will always hold a special meaning
38. Sometimes you have to take the brain and put it in neutral. Then take the heart and pop it into overdrive
39. There is someone for everyone, someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. You just have to be open enough to see it
40. Sarcasm does not play well on the forensic platform
41. Any lock worth picking is worth kicking
42. There are mysteries I will never understand but everywhere I look I see proof that for every effect there is a corresponding cause
43. Sometimes we have to have the ability to substitute optimism for reality
44. Try to get the signal before you are living with regrets (because we are all glad she did!)
45. That doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is the definition of insanity
46. That people are more than just psychology
47. To find someone who makes your life messy, and confusing, and unfocused, and irrational, and wonderful
48. Go to the company Christmas party; because friends don’t let friends photocopy their butts at company Christmas parties
49. To appreciate Christmas Eve day. It’s both an Eve and a day, it’s a Christmas miracle
50. That there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in science
51. To find that person who will never make you fall and who will always be there
52. Be respectful of others. You never know what scars they carry on their back. Metaphorically or literally.
53. Life is a lot more than what can be cooked up in a chemistry set. Miracles do happen.
54. Phylogenetic Systematics
55. Always play in the key of G demolished.
56. To not jump to conclusions until all the evidence is in
57. If your world gets turned upside down, give it time, it takes three days for it to turn right side up again
58. That there are burdens which allow us to fly
59. We all share in the loss of a life. No matter who it is.
60. Glug-Glug Woo-hoo!
61. Ergo, ipso facto columbo oreo.
62. Beer from Missouri goes great with leftovers
63. Love changes everything
64. All the words to “Keep on Trying”
65. There is a mystery to life
66. That Wonder Woman is better than Cat Woman
67. WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (but we are really talking about the buzzing pest)
68. Booth is Superman (he beats up bad guys and leaps over things. Not to mention he is married to Wonder Woman)
69. All organisms evolve and develop along patterns only recognized in retrospect (and thank god her life didn’t exist outside the laws of nature)
70. Sometimes you have to have absolute faith in someone
71. All pigs are now named Jasper
72. Beer hats in the bathtub solve all problems
73. Having to hire two nannies (one to watch the kid and the other to watch the first nanny) isn’t crazy it just shows how much you care about your child
74. Sometimes it’s ok to let the ice cream melt
75. The garage is an excellent place to store C4
76. Hearts can’t be broken they can only be crushed. But her heart muscle is bigger than people give her credit for
77. Inertia demands us to keep going
78. The washing machine makes for a great make out location
79. That he’s with Bones. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second. Because she’s his standard.
80. Sometimes you have to be bad to be good. That way your frontal lobe won’t be a dried up raisin.
81. What goes on between them is just theirs
82. Shooting machine guns is a totally acceptable way to celebrate valentines day.
83. Dancing Phalanges
84. Everyone deserves a knight in standard issue FBI body armor.
85. A rubber band is a great anger management tool
86. Sometimes you have to have the guts of a gambler and take that risk.
87. Don’t judge someone before you get to know them because she’s not a cold fish and he’s not a superstitious moron. She has a soul and he has a brain
88. That it’s illegal to have premarital sex in Virginia (but that didn’t stop them)
89. When you eliminate the possible, you are left with the truth, no matter how improbable.
90. That being the best doesn’t mean being perfect
91. That a stand up crook is better than a crooked cop. Any day of the week.
92. That when two people make love they break the laws of physics, they become one. It’s a miracle.
93. That pigs in a blanket and Mac n Cheese are gods perfect food
94. Sometimes the best gift you could give someone is not a material item. (We are all glad of the gift she gave to Zach)
95. No changies. No take backs.
96. Your gut doesn’t have any special powers but listening to it every once in a while is a good idea.
97. Sequences and patterns will continue until something disrupts the pattern.
98. Everyone has a puckish side that will not be denied.
99. Up and forward are only two directions. Science should look in all directions. (She taught us all that)
100. That everyone deserves a love that is more than just 3 weeks a year
101. To never travel to New Orleans alone.
102. That the swings make for the perfect first date location.
103. How not to act at a funeral (unless translation has occurred)
104. To learn to not fight to change the past. The pain is a part of who we are.
105. That life never comes easy. But nothing of value is ever easy.
106. To never skip snack time. Or meals. Or food in general.
107. That “The Lime in the Coconut” will hold a special place in all our hearts. Because that was his jam.
108. To find that one person who will never betray you.
109. Page 187.
110. That having a high IQ is no excuse not to bathe.
111. That friends never send friends’ fathers to the electric chair.
112. To never underestimate criminals with only one leg
113. That sometimes people don’t need time and space. Just some time.
114. That there’s nothing wrong with living in the moment; but it’s good to see what the future holds
115. That infinity goes in both directions. So we all will get a second chance
116. To dive into life, be courageous. Question things. Be happy. And don’t forget to laugh
117. That sometimes, love trumps logic.
118. To love everyday.
119. To never take life for granted. There are no guarantees.
120. That people lie; but bones always tell the truth
121. That loving someone, and everything around it, is worth it.
122. That there’s nothing more important than having hope.
123. Meatball and peppers make the perfect sandwich.
124. That addiction is a lifelong battle.
125. Always tell your partner that you aren’t really dead, you just had to fake your death to catch the bad guy
126. Don’t sleep with your college professors. They may get jealous when the student surpasses the teacher.
127. How to make the best Mac n cheese (so good he wants to be alone with it).
128. That you may choose to part with old items but you will never part with the memories you created with them.
129. That the world is a lot better than we think it is.
130. Every once in awhile Pinky can stump The Brain.
131. That there is such a thing as beginners luck.
132. To take a ride on the vomet comet.
133. That babies need grills.
134. Blackmailing a federal agent, while not recommended, seemed to work out for both parties in this situation
135. That if you end up being the parent to the best car salesman (or woman) that’s ok.
136. That it is totally worth it to have your own happiness completely contingent on another person.
137. That if you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you.
138. To give yourself a chance to be happy. Even if that means moving on.
139. That my heart isn’t someone’s to claim, it’s mine to give away
140. That character is who we are under pressure; not who you are when everything’s fine.
141. That just because something’s difficult, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do it.
142. That no matter the anthropological reasons, we fight to make the world a better place.
143. Don’t touch the bobble head Bobby
144. All the different reasons the FBI is given jurisdiction in a murder investigation
145. Sometimes you just have to flash your boobs to get information
146. To stand up and defend your friends.
147. That aliens don’t wear loafers.
148. That things don’t always end up as neatly as we wanted them too.
149. That we are all born unique and our experiences mold and change us.
150. You can be a polymath without being a douche.
151. That Pluto’s no longer a planet. It was demoted.
152. To leave life having given more than you’ve taken.
153. That love cannot be explained. It is beyond science, or religion. Beyond mind, or reason.
154. If you don’t have a gun, an app will work just fine.
155. That you don’t always get to pick your nicknames.
156. That living with a disability is not by any means a death sentence.
157. That it’s ok to plan your own surprise birthday party.
158. To expect the unexpected. It might lead to the greatest parts of your life.
159. Never turn down the chance to conduct a science experiment.
160. That purple elephants are wrong.
161. That his “charm smile” is just a sign of respect.
162. Skalle.
163. That Kansas gets boring after awhile.
164. That someone in your corner makes all the difference.
165. To never light cigarettes in an outhouse
166. The most beautiful things in the world are sunsets, the Mona Lisa and a perfectly thrown spiral.
167. Do NOT piss off your boss. If there’s a spider infestation just take care of it.
168. To take a ceramics class every once in a while.
169. Never pay for a plumber. Just get a “For Dummies” book and you’re all set.
170. That partners don’t say “forget it”
171. That you’re never too old to laugh at “boner”
172. That “the man” buys all the office furniture.
173. That he was right, bones really are the heart of the matter.
174. To enjoy a ceramics class every once and a while.
175. To always swim with a buddy.
176. The definition of a philistine, and luddite
177. To never steal evidence from a murder victims house.
178. That sometimes the relationship that didn’t work out leads you to the one that does.
179. That parents do a lot of crazy things just because they love their children.
180. That you can’t just kill Agent Andy.
181. That they were never just partners.
182. The difference between being impervious and being strong.
183. That we each learn to survive in our own way.
184. Norwegian death metal
185. To appreciate the magic of the Egyptian room
186. That he will always be King of the Lab. Even if he’s the only one who cares.
187. Diner eggs are simple magic.
188. Nunchucks are not toys. Seriously.
189. That your brain cannot digest breakfast burritos.
190. Never shoot an ice cream truck (even if you do offer to replace the clown).
191. To always respect the cocky belt buckle.
192. To never trust a washed up army fighter
193. To go to prom.
194. That each squintern brought something special to the team. We could never just choose one.
195. To be weary of bank vaults.
196. That if you have no other plans, racing beetles on a Friday night is totally acceptable.
197. To never be afraid to find a new passion
198. To love your work. Life is too short not to
199. Even an empiricist can have a heart.
200. That the definition of being “stupid in love” is spending $3000 for a quarter ounce of perfume.
201. That in 30, or 40, or 50 years we can all say we knew. Right from the beginning
202. That life is really just a lot of loose ends.
203. As long as a person has enough, they don’t need more.
204. To never be ashamed of where you came from.
205. That happiness comes from what you already have.
206. That wanting things to work and making things work are two different things.
207. To never stop being yourself.
208. That if he flies to New Orleans just to make sure you’re ok, you’re not just partners
209. To appreciate Alfred Hitchcock movies
210. Never try to fit stadium seats into an elevator during a blizzard.
211. To give a piece of yourself every once in a while.
212. That getting blown up may just be a part of the job description.
213. To appreciate hospital pudding.
214. The wedding was worth the wait.
215. To appreciate Cyndi Lauper
216. Setting up a rescue at the airport is an acceptable way to get back on someone’s good side
217. Female friendships before male romantic partners
218. That we are not our parents.
219. To watch out for serial killers on Craig’s list
220. To go to the Louvre.
221. That we can’t always save our siblings from everything.
222. Sometimes it’s ok to lie your ass off to the FBI
223. The only acceptable reason to leave the hospital AMA is to save your “partner”
224. To always wear a mask when cutting into bone.
225. That life works out.
226. That 306 pages for a will is not at all excessive.
227. To let someone else drive in London.
228. That life is hard and painful, but we fight together.
229. That your boss can’t be your lovely assistant.
230. That stuffed animals make great baby gifts
231. That nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus.
232. Be weary of someone who takes New York action
234. A jail cell can be a perfect place for a wedding.
235. Never route against the Flyers.
236. To go to the museum more often. You never know who you’ll find
237. The best conversations happen in cars.
238. To appreciate colorful socks
239. That it takes all of us. Every single one.
240. To look forward to what ever happens next.
241. That it was worth the ride. Everything about it.
242. When the network moves you into every possible time slot it can only mean they love you.
243. To love.
244. That 12 years is a long time. And a lot of magic.
245. That it’s all about the cast.
246. To never doubt the little show that could.

So Season 12 is it; here’s to the last 12 years and to everything that happens next!


Shuichi Saihara

-As he tried to peck your cheek shyly you ducked at the exact moment he was about to kiss you
-He freezes
-Did you not want to kiss? ..Does his breath smell bad? IS HE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!?
-Before he could finish these thoughts you kissed him on the cheek before laughing
-Now we wait for him to realize what just happened
-Realization hit like cold water
-He jumped in surprise grabbing his hat to cover the blush on his face failing miserably to contain it
-You laughed some more before taking his hand and telling him it was only a joke


-He tries to kiss you failing miserably
-How does he fail even worse?
-He falls to the ground luckily you were near a lake he’s just in the water!
-Wait he’s a robot
-…..Oh..Oh OH FUCK
-You run to get him taking him out of the water trying to save him but their’s too much water..Too much
-“..S/O…I…I love..you”
-He lets out a final bleep before departing from this wo-
-Than you woke up
-Before banging your head on the wall and yelling on and on about how you almost had a heart-attack

Ouma Kokichi

-As Ouma tried to kiss you
-you suddenly moved away making him kiss thin air
-What the fuck?
-Did you just…. Prank him?
-He slowly looks at you a weird red glow coming out of his eyes [OH NO MONOKUMA] before grabbing your head and kissing you
-You couldn’t even move back because his grip was actually strong despite his small hands
-As he slowly let go he laughed leaving you alone to think about what just happened
-“The only one who gets to tease is obviously me~!”

Kaito Momota

-As your AWESOME boyfriend tried to kiss you he suddenly felt..Nothing?
-He takes a moment to realize that you leapt out of the way
-Why though
-“S/O what was that for??!”
-You laugh
-wait wHAT?
-He kisses you

Amami Rantarou

-As he tries to kiss his beloved girlfriend you suddenly move out of the way
-He laughes saying how evil you are before patting your head
-“Very funny…”
-Aha…Just wait though
-Next time…
-When he tries to kiss you next time
-You’ll be sorry and you’ll be very..veryyyyyyyyy sor-
-Mod Kaede than kicks you to Shinguuji’s imagine where there is no sin
-[You naughty little perfect,People… No]
-[Mod Kaede No]

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-Kissing..A thing that only happens once every full moon…Almost literally
[Are you sure about this?]
He will lose the courage to kiss you and all you’ll have left is… Cuddling and weird awkward talking
Of course cuddling!! That’s AWSOME but…
You’ll…You’ll regret this

-Now if you said yes here’s the imagine
-As he tries to kiss you,You move over regretting it immediately
-He says it with no time in his voice he seems to be angered
-You do as he says
-As you leave you regret every mistake you’ve ever made
-[You’ve fucked up]
-[Try again?]

Gokuhara Gonta

-As Gonta Tries to kiss his beloved s/o you suddenly move over smiling a bit to yourself
-..What? Is Gonta not getting something?
-“S/O why did you move? Gonta’s confused…”
-You see how sad he is
-You instantly regret your mistake as you hug the gentle giant whispering how it’s okay and it was only a joke
-You never do it again

Ryouma Hoshi

-How is he even? Wow that makes this worse
-As he somehow manages to reach your height he tries to kiss you as you move away
-…Well goodbye well needed self confidence
-He freezes a second while looking at your smiling face
-Before leaving the room
-“Wait Hoshi what are yo-?”
-“Leaving goodbye,good day,This never happened”
-“Wait H-Hosh-!”
-He leaves
-The next day you ask what was wrong but all he replies with is
-“What? yesterday nothing happened”
-“Wait bu-”
-“Nothing..HAPPENED right?”

Cristiano Ronaldo returns home

Fun things about walking home at 1am with music in your headphones and alcohol in your system:
- there’s no one around to see you skipping up the road all silly-like
- the streetlights make everything look like Halloween
- nothing MATTERS

The Storm Within - Gay Version

Shawn was happy to have a few sunny days in LA to relax. A little break from the hectic tour schedule was good for him, and he might deny it but he had missed him. He denied it, just like he had ignored the fluttering of his heart when he had replied to his message with a simple: I’ll be there.
Y/N was waiting for him and when Shawn called out his name, he turned towards him a big toothy smile spreading across his face. His eyes crinkling as he pranced towards him. Shawn felt like someone had run him over with a bulldozer. Y/N animatedly talked, bringing him up to date with all the gossip he had missed out on. Shawn listened, enraptured by his voice, as he laughed and smiled and talked about everything and nothing. Y/N spotted a record shop and begged him to go in to see if they had his album. He relented and followed him into the shop a smile curving his own lips. He started searching methodically through all the racks until he found a copy of Illuminate.
Y/N examines the cover and when he looks at him again, his eyes have a mischievous glint in them. Oh no… He asks him questions and pokes at him, commenting on his hair, the guitar, the chair, his soulful expression.
Yes, he was asked to look into the distance.
Of course it’s a real guitar!
Yes, he still has it.
No, he doesn’t think his expression is that of a  “dramatically tortured soul”.

Y/N keeps making fun of him, but he knows he doesn’t mean it. He remembers how he called him in tears when he had first listened to Hold On. He understands he is just trying to make him feel comfortable. After a lengthy discussion about his boots  - Yes he really does wear them in public – they exit the record shop only to get caught in the rain a few minutes later. Y/N shrieks when fat drops of rain start falling on him. Shawn pulls him along as he starts running to his apartment, holding hands and laughing as they get soaked to the bone. Reaching his apartment, he pries the keys out of his wet jeans. He opens the door ushering Y/N inside.          
Panting, laughing, desperately trying to catch their breath, Shawn closes the door of his apartment. Locking the storm out, turning to Y/N only to hear his breath hitch. Shaking out his hair, and his wet shirt clinging to every muscle, he had never seen him look more breathtaking.
He is beautiful.
He is off-limits.
He is gorgeous.
He is forbidden.
He is a god.
He is untouchable.
He is his.
Only he wasn’t, Shawn desperately tries to keep himself together. But  Y/N was making it so difficult, looking at him with bright eyes full of trust and laughter. A private smile, reserved for his closest, truest friends. Swallowing thickly Shawn looks away from him fearing what he might do should he look at him with his trustful eyes again. He is not his. Shaking his head he keeps his eyes fixed on his shoes.
“Shawn…” his melodic voice was a sweet drug wafting towards him, enchanting him, a poison slithering on his skin ruining him for any other man. Pressing his eyes closed, he acquiesces with a barely managed nod. He jolts when he feels Y/N’s small hand touch his arm, searing his skin. Still he doesn’t look at him, he can’t look at him.
Anger and disappointment were rearing their ugly heads as Y/N grasps the edge of his shirt and pulls it over his head. Shawn was still refusing to so much as look at him. Look at me. Unbuttoning his pants he peels them from his damp skin and discarding them on the floor. Still, Shawn’s shaking form does not look his way. He feels a sudden rush of courage fueled by anger roar through him. Look at me. He grasps his face in his hands forcing him to look at him. Startled Shawn’s hazel eyes fly open. His eyes skirt his figure. Y/N feels Shawn’s jaw clench shut even tighter at the sight of his puckered nipples. Look at me. Determined to show him that he could not simply get away with furtive glances and heated gazes when he thought Y/N wasn’t looking, he brings Shawn’s face closer to his own. A panicked expression settles upon his features.
“We can’t… Y/N we can’t.” he feebly protests, his gaze fixed on his pink lips.
“Shawn I want to…” he breathes against his lips. “Don’t you?” Shawn feels the confidence seeping out Y/N. He feels his determination leave him. He knows in this moment, if he says no Y/N would never again look at him the same way. He would move on, he wouldn’t look at him with the hint of a promise of more ever again. He would settle for friendship with him. A better man maybe would come along and would treat him the way Shawn wanted to treat him.
A fierce pang of jealousy echoes through his body. He was his. His. Not anyone else’s. He let loose a low moan as he brought his lips to Y/N’s. Finally, finally, finally he is tasting him. His breath hitches in the most delicious way as Shawn wraps his arms around his waist lifting him up and pressing him against the door. Y/N’s arms wrap around his neck, and his legs lock around his waist. Perfect. He fits against Shawn perfectly.
“I do, I do, I do.” He moans into Y/N’s mouth. His mouth opens on a silent plea for more. His calloused hand slides across the skin of Y/N’s smooth back, bringing his body closer to his own. Not close enough, Shawn lets out a frustrated groan. Detaching himself from Y/N, he quickly takes his shirt off. Y/N barely has time to let loose a whispered wail of discontent that Shawn is already reclaiming his mouth with a bruising force. He sighs happily into Y/N’s mouth, but he is not close enough to him. He has to be closer, much closer to him. Shawn moves his lips to the glorious column of his neck. Mouthing kisses against his skin he feels Y/N’s throat vibrate on a hushed moan as his nails dig into Shawn’s shoulders.
He breaks. He stumbles through the apartment, towards the bedroom. He needs to be able to lie him down, to bare him completely to his eyes. He needs to see his body, he needs to feel his body. Gently lying him down on the bed Shawn sits up and takes off his wet jeans.
“Take it all off.” He whispers, looking into his eyes.
“You’ve never…? Have you?” Shawn breathes the question. He shakes his head, a blush blossoming on his cheeks and making it’s way down his neck.
“Are you sure about this?” he asks holding his breath, expecting, knowing Y/N will say no as he realises the extent of what is about to happen.
He squares his shoulders, looks him straight in the eye and affirms:
“Yes I want to. I want to with you.” His answers shatters the last of his decency, as he discards his boxers. Shawn quickly fetches a condom and a bottle of lube from his bedside table, throws it on the bed next to him and crawls up his body.
Fuck…” Shawn kisses his cheek, his mouth, leaving a trail of fiery kisses down his neck. Y/N’s breathing coming in fast puffs as he slowly makes his way towards his chest. He sucks a deep purple bruise between them. A bruise that will remind Y/N of this instant for weeks. A proof for this unbelievable moment. Shawn’s fingers trace patterns around his nipples, Y/N is turning his eyes away, shying away from his gaze. Don’t. Shawn hadn’t realized he had said it out loud until Y/N turns his head looking down where his hot breath fanned over his chest. As Shawn licks at his nipple, he watches with delight as he tries to squirm away from his touch only to realise he cannot escape his touch as his arms are on either side of his body. Y/N is at his mercy. Shawn sucks his nipple into his mouth and watches his mouth drop open, a murmured Shawn escaping his lips. He lets his teeth graze the tip of his nipple, the genuine cry of shock he lets out, music to his ears. He can’t quite believe that he is here with the boy he calls his best friend.
Seeking support Y/N’s hand grasps the nape of his neck. Beautiful, he thinks as he moves lower on his body, continuing his exploration of his body by leaving kisses on his soft stomach. His hand curls more firmly around his neck, Shawn reaches for it, clasps it in his own and presses it into the mattress at his side. His right hand sinks lower towards the hem of his underwear, panting, he slowly removes the wet garment from his body. And oh so slowly he is revealed to him. So fucking perfect, and his, always his. In a sudden bout of hesitation Y/N tries to cross his legs, but no he can’t, Shawn won’t allow him to hide himself. No. He wraps his hand around his  thigh and settles himself between them. His erection nudges the soft skin on the inside of his thigh, he bites his lip a muffled moan of his name slipping through. He looks into his eyes, had Y/N not known him for so many years he would not have detected the hesitation in Shawn’s gaze. But he confirms his intentions by very slowly letting his hand travel down the planes of his stomach, over his abdomen until finally he reaches his thick cock. He wraps his hand carefully around Shawn’s shaft. Fuck.This moment, how long had Shawn dreamed about this precise moment. How many times had he woken up, a palm pressed against his crotch and Y/N’s name on his lips. Too many. He cannot stop his hips from thrusting into his small fist. He drops his forehead to Y/N’s, closing his eyes and thoroughly enjoying the feel of his hand against his own hot skin. A broken moan leaves his mouth as Y/N flicks the tip with his thumb, Shawn’s other hand still entwined with his, tightening its grip. Shawn’s arm trembles with the sheer effort to keep his weight from crushing his smaller frame. He squints his eyes open, looking into his eyes, Y/N’s pupils blown wide with desire and wonder. Shawn had tried to ignore his feelings, frantically pushed them aside when they bubbled up in his chest at the thought of him, of his smile, of his eyes. And yet Y/N had long ago bewitched him, casting a spell on him. He had never asked for his heart, yet Shawn realised, he had always owned it. Y/N bites his soft pink lips, taunting him, tempting him to kiss them. He crushes his mouth against his in a violently desperate kiss. Swallowing his mewls of pleasure, Shawn revels in his taste. He pulls back, leaving barely an inch between their lips.
“Are you sure?” he breathes against Y/N swollen mouth. He closes his eyes, not being able to bear the thought of a rejection. His hand squeezes his cock lightly, increasing the torturous pressure. His lips trail up Shawn’s jaw before resting against his ear.
“Teach me.” He whispers. Christ. His eyes snap open, dazed Shawn looks at him for a moment. He trusts him, he feels comfortable and safe with him. The realisation sends blood rushing to his cock, he reconnects their mouth in a tender yet sloppy and uncontrolled kiss. His hand leaves Y/N’s thigh to blindly search for the condom and the lube, as he frenziedly grinds their cocks against each other. He barely manages to put the condom on correctly as he looks at Y/N’s flushed body crying for more. He murmurs incoherent pleas of please, Shawn, oh god Shawn please. Shawn pops the cap of the bottle of lube coating his fingers with a generous amount. He gently presses a finger to the tight ring of muscles. Y/N’s fingers tighten their hold on Shawn’s as he is slowly worked open. A low moan tumbles from his swollen lips as Shawn adds a second finger. Torturously slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of him, Shawn’s cock jerks at the thought of the tight muscles clenching around him. The muscles loosen around the now three fingers pumping into Y/N, he throws his head back as Shawn’s fingers brush against his prostate.
“Shawn, please.” the hushed plea makes Shawn grit his teeth trying to control himself.
He positions himself at Y/N’s entrance, drizzling more lube on his cock. His breath hitches, he stops breathing. Slowly, gently, lovingly Shawn presses into him. Y/N’s free hand grips at the sheets as Shawn finally finally bottoms out. He heaves out a strained breath.
“Am I hurting you?” Shawn whispers, his breathing ragged from the effort it requires him to stay still as Y/N gets used to the feel of having him inside him. He shakes his head, looks up at him and utters a barely audible “It feels weird.” He clenches and unclenches his muscles familiarising himself with the feeling of fullness. Shawn barely manages to stop the involuntary thrust his hip gives. He lets his head fall into the crook of his neck. Too much.
“Y/N you will be the death of me.” He says in a pained tone. He waits patiently, anxiously for him to adjust to his size. He kisses his neck, mouthing at the sensitive skin, desperately trying to distract himself from the delicious torture of his fluttering walls, stretched around his pulsing cock.
“Shawn… please move.” He begs him quietly. He pulls out a few inches before slowly pressing back into his welcoming body. Y/N’s leg wraps itself around his middle, the heel of his dainty foot pressing into his tailbone urging him to do more… He barely pulls out now, just grinds into his body, the tip of cock pressing against Y/N’s prostrate in slow torturing motions. His softly moaned Shawn penetrates his body, settling like a warm blanket over his heart. His hips try to rise, seeking more friction, Shawn’s hand grabs his waist and pins it to the mattress. His. He grinds into him more forcefully, his walls clench down, holding his shaft in an iron grip. A gasped oh leaves Y/N’s bruised lips. His back arches, pressing his nipples against his hard chest. His free hand flies to Shawn’s shoulder, nails digging into his skin. Y/N’s cock brushes against Shawn’s stomach, the friction making him moan and the muscles around Shawn clench around him in a vice like grip. His own broken moan leaves his mouth, mingling itself with the wet sound of his cock pressing deep into him. Shawn whispers his name over and over again as he grinds into him. He feels Y/N’s walls clenching violently as he presses his forehead against his.
“You’re close.” He breathes.
So am I.
So am I.
So am I.

He thrusts into him. He shatters. Y/N’s unrestrained moans ring in his ears as Shawn presses into him. His head twist to the side, his eyes squeezing shut. Shawn lets go of his hip to grasp his chin making Y/N look at him again. Guiding him through his orgasm, Shawn feels the tight pressure in his abdomen become almost unbearable. As he clamps down on his cock riding out the final wave of his orgasm, Shawn comes. His name a sinful prayer on his lips, he spasms in Y/N’s body.
His hand releases Shawn’s shoulder, five crescent moons imprinted into his flesh. Shawn gently pulls out of him, untangles his leg from around his waist and slips out of the bed to get rid of the condom, and fetch a washcloth. He quickly crawls back in, instinctively reaching for Y/N and pulling him closer to his own body gently cleaning the come from Y/N’s stomach. Shawn uncaringly drops the cloth on the floor. Y/N cuddles into his chest as he draws shapes onto the skin of his back. His small palm rests against Shawn’s chest, he breathes in his smell that is so distinctly Y/N and presses a kiss to his head.

Images from Infinity’s Finale | Unlike our favorite characters in movies, we co-exist as one omnipresent universal being of infinite energy, made manifest as the reality of our individual consciousness. The source from which we create our life cinema recognizes itself as our all-sufficient and never-ending substance. To create a character for a movie, we must ensure that the character realizes this universal truth by the show’s end. To arrive to this point, we must first allow them to awaken from the false beliefs and betrayals of fear, lack, and limitations that often doom a life that can discover total joy from nothing at all. Nothing comes from nothing, therefore the source of everything comes from nothing too. To know this truth is to live with consciousness of faith, often in total bliss, which can come from the lessons we learn. It is these lessons that arc us into alignment with our purpose. 

Purpose: a return to innocence, in a sense an advancement, is an ascent that is in essence a spiritual one.

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you asked jumin to give saeran a hug.... why does it sound like you're saying goodbye....?

u should always prepare for everything. otherwise ur prepared for nothing.

‘He is the one who knows everything in the seven heavens and the seven earths and whatever is between them and whatever is beneath the ground and whatever is in the depths of the oceans. Who knows the place where every hair grows, where every tree is, each leaf that falls, the number of stones there are, the number of grains of sand there are, the amount of soil, the weight of the mountains, all of the actions of the servants (and the traces they leave behind) and their speech and every breath they take. He knows everything - nothing is hidden from Him - whilst He is upon the throne above the seven heavens. He the perfect and Most High’. He knows whatever was, whatever is and whatever will be before it occurs and He knows the true and hidden reality of everything. He knows whatever is not going to be and how it would be (if it were to exist) and He has always been the all knowing, perfect in His knowledge.
—  Imam Ahmed رحمه الله , Rad-alal-Jahmiyyah
If I give it all I’ve got, if I give everything, holding nothing back, will you carry me? If there’s nothing left, it’s all spent, will you back me up? If the entire me is gone, because I sacrificed myself for you, would you still love me?

A worker, who claimed to have worked with Versus XIII before it was changed to FFXV, has leaked some information. Knowing that Versus XIII’s theme was MISERY (Nomura himself said that) and that the game would be very dark with heavy issues, this does sound legit. The original Versus XIII concept contained such things as yakuza boss Regis, him selling Noctis for a demon so that he’s bound to serve the Goddess of Death in this life and in the next, Noctis being addicted to hallucinations causing drug (manufactured by their family) and which gives him ability to see Stella (who is a real person, but no one else sees her).

The full text in the picture says:

“For example, one of the main characters of the game, Stella, inflected bodily harm on herself so that she could commute with what she believed to be deceased relatives (this behavior was actually the result of a certain medication she was prescripted for sleep disorder earlier in life, an ironically is a major plot point – more on that later). This ultimately culminated at her accidental suicide, which the main protagonist, Noctis, being told he was responsible for her death (he wasn’t, at least not directly). Moreover, many of the cinematic sequences in the game contained depictions of violence against women (it was completely in the context of the story=, with one sequence involving the implied rape of Stella in the hands of the white haired character many have seen in the original Versus trailer (Seifaris, in English). A key scene involving a ceremony of sorts demanded to be pulled altogether, effectively ruining a major plot point. Said scene involved demonic “claiming” of Noctis in his mother’s womb, Cycillia Lorette Caelum, the ruling Queen and the wife of King Regis. Due the pact made by his father (originally a “don” sof sort the Lucii yakuza family, not the good, watered down king written much later) Noctis was bound to the servitude of Etro, Goddess of Death (in this life and the next). This covenant gave the line the Lucii the Ring of Binding, power over life and death, through the Crystal of the Void (all this will be explained in the footage, so don’t get too caught up on it). So that the course had to be cut, citing “potentially sensitive religious content” since the character (Noctis) was more or less written as this world’s antichrist, cursed by his father in a deal with the power behind the Void to bring the coming apocalypse.

 A sequence involving a car chase and shootout, giving the player the option to kill Insomnian citizens. This is only due the fact that the target is running and attempting to hide within the crowd. This was probably one of my favorite early game scenarios, involving Noctis, Varis (bald headed bodyguard character that drives Noctis in a particular trailer, the one that keeps telling him to wake up), GLadio and Ignis. If you takes with delivering a large quantity of a street drug (secretly manufactured by a pharmaceutical company ownded by the Lucii family, of course) called Lunatelristium, marketed ad Lunatel, street name “Luna” (seriously though) that causes its user to have a lucid dreaming effect, where the individual is awake, yet sees things in the real would as through it’s a dream (loved ones long expired, ghosts, demons, locations changing back to how they looked in your earlier memories ect. It works on putting the minf in a state on conscious REM) – originally developed as a military grade sleep substitute for the Insomnian military (this concept was later adopted into the Magitek project), and used in a weaponized forms against a particular nation with disastrous effects. 

Noctis being addicted to this substance was absolutely essential to how the was able to interact with the female protagonist (Stella), as no one else would see her for a certain plot reasons, all of which is revealed about two hours into the game. He is only convinces that she is a hallucination after being held and interrogated by the INPD (yes, the original game had a police department in Insomnia, along with all the other normal things you would see in any regular city) – with the division head showing him camera footage of him covering no one as the bullet are being fired at him (Noctis thought he was covering Stella). Stella is in fact real, but it is a bit too convulsed to type without me spending 30 more minutes that I don’t have. Much of this information I did not release in my initial post months ago anonymously, because quite frankly, I was afraid of losing my job and legal ramifications. Now that much  has changed thanks to fan outcry (yes, they DO listen),a lot has changed… which I can’t discuss at this particular moment.

Now, you have my permission to release these plot details, but I am going to be honest in saying that I don’t know if Square will immediately hit your channel with a cease and desists, citing ownership of the content, but the fact is you won’t be posting any content, only information that is valid. This is where it becomes complicated and I cannot give you the best advice.”

Also a following message from the leak:

“ Hi, I am OP. I will clarify this point. Everything to described is unfortunately accurate, (I did not write it, that is the way they are explained). These events are listed as Chapter 1, with the second chapter beginning with Insomnia’s Crown City have its crystal actually extracted, by a small team of special forces units that literally blow the gates to the thrown room to get to the Crystal Vault (from the email). The key person is the white haired individual who is the adopted brother of Stella, who uses the spell ‘holy’ to nullify the unholy magic sealing the crystal, causing a magical explosion that takes out the top of the Lucii Family’s tower. They then storm the building with these forces in what is described as a “ruthless massacre”, shooting simply people who work there and don’t even have knowledge of the Crime Family’s illegal activities OR the Crystal. Holy is cast and the Vault opens revealing the Crystal. it is then “smuggled out”, collapsing the “Embrace of Etro”, something that causes the city to stay in perpetual night and be covered in a huge blueish shield. Then a coordinated attack with Magitek airships and Walkers start invading during Noctis’ Art of Insomnia Ball where he meets Stella. This is when the attack formally commences. I will post unreleased storyboards to display this with text in Japanese and english below it.

Sorry I could not type more. I am being bombarded. “

ALSO; if this is true, we will get this original game in some extent:

“Hi, I am OP. This is the next FF project that will enter full development when Episode 2 of FFVIIRemake has begun. The source says the development team is simply calling it "Final Fantasy Versus”. No number.Likewise, Nomura did not come to Square to request it, but agreed it will be made in an agreement with him supporting FFVIIR project fully. Via e-mail. Thank you.I’m sorry, I know nothing else development specific.“”


Evidence of homophobia in the Shadowhunters society (both direct or through the effect it had on alec) - requested by anonymous