Go Ahead and Drown

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A/N: This takes place the first 6 or so epiosdes of season 6. I had an idea to do an angsty fic based on Willie Nelson’s song “Whiskey River” and this kinda…happened. It does time jump a bit, but I promise you’re not missing anything important. Please let me know what you think! I’m pretty happy with this one, and I hope you like it too.

Pairings: Dean x Reader (fb status: it’s complicated); Dean x Lisa

Words: 2,270

Warnings: Wordy af. Swears (it me guys this goes without saying) This is none too kind to a one Lisa Braeden. 


“Bobby you can’t be serious. We have to tell him!”

“No. He’s out. He stays out. We stay out of this. If Sam eventually decides to go find him then he does, but you and me ain’t doing jack.”

“When the fuck have we ever stayed out of anything? Especially when it comes to the boys? You’re choosing now to break the pattern?”

“I know. I know, but you gotta trust me on this, girl. Promise me Y/N. You promise me you won’t go after him. You let him go.”

“Fine! But for the record, I hate this and when he finds out - because he will find out - I’m 100% blaming this on you and Sam. And, yes, I let him go. When we thought Sam was dead and Dean was fulfilling his baby brother’s goddamned dying wish.”


“Ugh! Alright, alright. I promise. Happy?”

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It’s good to have you back, Steve adores your art and no doubt you as a pony -wink, wink- but anywho your art style is simply marvelous forgive me for not showing how much I appreciate you I’ve been out on the deployment and just got back recently I hope everything from here on out is less stressful to you but most of all I hope you have an amazing time being back and I wish you the best of luck being the awesome pony you are ^^

Ayye he likes my ‘lil gal Tome Weaver? :> Coolsies! I’m so glad so many people are loving her as my (still fairly) new mod oc! And thank youuuuuu, my darling! Grateful that you appreciate my work! I’ll have a grand ‘ol time being back! Super pumped to show more feels, life lessons, and cheesy relationships! :U lol !

Your Savior - 42

Here it is! It’s been so fun working closer and closer to Alexandria! I want to throw a quick shout-out to @backseat-negan, who was amazing enough to ensure part of this was accurate for me! Thank you so much girly!!!


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

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Chapter 42

The morning after the ceremony to honor those lost at the outpost you bolted awake in Negan’s bed to find yourself alone. His side of the bed was cold, so you knew he had been gone for several hours. It was light out and when you looked at the nearest clock you swore loudly and shot out the opulent bed, pulling on clothes as quickly as you could. 

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“Warmth of Cardassian Sun”

I’m not drawing. Like at all. I mean, I would like to - have lots of ideas but no skill, so my sketches had never reached publishing stage before. This is too scary for me right now, I hope everything goes well.
And here I am, just couldn’t resist giving those two a happy ending with sunset and etc. Basically - it’s somewhen post-canon. 

Jumin MC week. Day 4- Insecurities.

Here comes the story for today of the @juminmcweek :3 I decided to use the prompt insecurities, though MC gets somehow jealous too in the story.

You can also read it on AO3.

I really hope you like it!

Thank you for reading and all your likes and reblogs, it really means a lot <3

You’re reading one of your favourites books in the quietness of your comfy home, when you start hearing water and suddenly everything gets wet and awful. You call a plumber and he informs you that you have a problem with your pipes –thanks, Your Eminence –which makes you pout. Fortunately, your super-duper perfect lovely boyfriend invites you to stay at his penthouse until they can fix the problem.

Drooling at the prospect of staying for the next couple of days living as a married couple, you arrive to the penthouse with your luggage and he opens the door to you with a gentle smile.

“Welcome, MC, please make yourself at home,” he says as Elizabeth 3rd meows calling your attention. You lift her and rub your cheek against her fur.

“Thank you, Jumin,” you smile as he takes your luggage like the gentleman he is. You think he’s going to take it to his own room, when he puts it in the guests room instead. That makes you startle, unsure. Maybe he needs some privacy. The only times you have stayed the night at his house had been during weekends, so probably after a long day of work he prefers staying at his room alone and undisturbed.

You pout, disencouraged, but your smile returns to your face when you realise that, either way, you will be able to live with him the rest of the time!

The next day, he leaves home early for work and you say goodbye to him at the door, making him chuckle as you lift Elizabeth’s paw to make her wave him goodbye. You spend the morning and afternoon alone in the penthouse, but comfortable, alternating between working in your computer, playing with Elizabeth, having lunch, playing with Elizabeth, reading, playing with Elizabeth… Elizabeth is just too adorable, alright?

When Jumin arrives home, he lets a soft smile at the view of you sitting on the sofa, the cat on your lap, and can’t help but letting out a: “how’s the most beautiful girl in the house?”

You are going to reply, surprised at his compliment, when he lifts Elizabeth 3rd from your lap.

“I see MC is treating you well,” he smiles and your grin falls, a deep blush crawling up your cheeks, embarrassed at the misunderstanding.

“Sh-she is,” you almost sob.

“I hope everything was to your liking here and you didn’t get bored,” he said, finally looking at you, which you thanked or you’d have thought he was still talking to the cat.

“Everything was perfect,” you smile.

“I’m glad that’s the case,” he smiles, moving towards the kitchen. “Now, let’s give you some of your favourite food.”

Your eyes sparkle at the word ‘food’ and you eagerly follow Jumin to the kitchen… only to see him taking cat food and serving it to Elizabeth. You sob and turn to leave your boyfriend and the love of his life together and sit on the sofa, reconsidering all the decisions you’ve taken in your life.

Jumin finally goes back to the living room with some wine and a chef arrives to prepare your dinner as you talked about your day, becoming happy again. The dinner is excellent, the wine delicious, and Jumin as gentle and caring as always, and the night would have been perfect if only he wasn’t saying goodbye to you giving you a peck on the cheek at the door of your room.

The next day you see him to the door again, this time without caring to take Elizabeth with you. Later that morning, you’re lying on your bed, depressed, when Jumin calls you. You pick it up, happy.

“Hi, Jumin,” you chant.

“Hello, MC, I hope I’m not disturbing you,” you hear Jumin’s soft voice at the other side of the phone.

“Of course not!”

“I’m at a recess from work and I was wondering whether…” he hesitates, “whether Elizabeth 3rd has eaten all her breakfast.”

You glance at the cat, wondering if you should call Seven to keep her ‘entertained.’

“She has,” you reply.

“Good. I must go now. I’ll see you later.”

“See you, Jumin.”

But, oh, you have a plan.

When Jumin arrives home, only Elizabeth 3rd meets him at the entrance. He looks around, disappointed that you weren’t there to greet him, and goes to your door, raising his hand to knock, but hesitates. He doesn’t want to disturb you, so he ends up going away without saying anything. He goes to the kitchen and opens a bottle of wine, pouring some in his favourite glass to sit on the sofa and caress Elizabeth. Then, he hears you.

“Jumin,” you say in a wanton tone and he turns.

When he sees you, he almost chokes in his wine. You’re wearing a too-short white dress, white stockings and cat ears on your head, your hand curled up as a paw as you wink.

“Welcome home.”

He stares blankly at you for a couple of seconds and looks away, finishing the whole content of his glass of wine in a row. Just as he’s going to serve himself some more, you move for his eyes to meet you, pouting, and call his name.

“MC, how are you doing?” he asks, his hand trembling and the wine falling right next to the glass.

“Jumin, the carpet,” you point out, the wine starting to stain it.

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

You put the bottle down and he excuses himself to go to the toilet, leaving you alone and embarrassed at the living room. Frustrated, you put on some clothes and remove the cat ears, going back to your room and sitting on your bed with a pout and a frown, your hands crossed on your chest.

Jumin finally knocks on your door and enters the room when he hears you giving him leave to do so, sitting next to you. You remain silent for a while until finally Jumin speaks up.

“Is that something related to that ‘cosplaying’…?”

“Jumin!” you exclaim, letting your face fall on the pillow.

“Did I upset you?” Jumin asks, genuinely puzzled.

“I-it’s just…” you hesitate, feeling silly, “I wanted to call your attention.”

Jumin hesitates for a second, but puts his hand on your back, rubbing it until you look up at him.

“You always have my attention, MC.”

“Not lately,” you pout. “You’ve been ignoring me since I arrived. You don’t like me anymore?”

Unexpectedly, Jumin starts to chuckle, covering his eyes with his hand, which makes you startle. You look at him, confused, embarrassed and, finally, angry.

“Don’t laugh!” you punch his shoulder.

“I beg your pardon,” he takes your hand to prevent you from hitting him again. “I do like you, MC, I’m sorry if my behaviour made you think otherwise.”

“Then, why…?”

“To be entirely honest, I’ve been fearing you may feel uncomfortable living with me, or disturbed at my invading your privacy, so I tried not to be too intrusive.” You startle for a second and your turn arrives to laugh and you throw your arms round your boyfriend’s neck, exclaiming his name in relief. “This morning, I just wanted to call you, so I elaborated an excuse to do so. Yesterday, too, I wanted to refrain from being too invasive, so I focused on Elizabeth instead.”

“So when you asked about the most beautiful girl in the house you actually meant me?” you ask playfully.

“I did refer to Elizabeth at that moment,” he gives you a smirk. “I would never consider you the most beautiful girl in the house, MC, but the most beautiful woman in the entire world.”

You stutter some nonsense as Jumin lifts you in his arms.

“Now that this misunderstanding is solved, I would like you to do me some company in my room with that outfit I saw later,” he smirks, making you blush.

You’re going to reply something, but you don’t manage to as your lips are too occupied returning the passionate kiss he gives you with a smile, since you know that’s only the beginning to a pleasant night in which he’ll make sure to compensate for the time wasted.

Bumblebee giftart for dear blazingheartisalive’s birthday today! Happy birthday, lovie~~! <3 I’ve been waiting forever to give this to you, so I hope you enjoy it ;3;

I honestly don’t know anything about RWBY (sorry lol), so I hope everything is correct, here ;;

Blake and Yang/RWBY © Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth

Art © littlekittylion-art. DO NOT remove these credits or use this piece without my permission. Thank you. Reblogs and likes are much appreciated!

Kitty xx

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I seen that you were doing GIF sets and could I have one for Jungkook or Jin please,if you're still doing them. I got into an argument with one of my friends and I'm still pretty upset-September anon

Oh honey, I’m sorry!!! I hope everything will work out! Here you go:

Here’s a mix of them both, I hope everything works out!!! (GIFs aren’t mine)

- Admin Jewel

the philippines’ current president, pres. duterte, has declared martial law in mindanao (where marawi is located)

the last time the philippines was under martial law, everything went to Shit

women were raped, killed, and abducted. media outlets were shut down. economy wasn’t good as well. the gap between the rich and the poor had been the biggest. people who had different opinions with the government were killed and tortured.

and mindanao? its the 2nd largest island in the philippines

which also has the population of around 22 million, and the philippines’ current population is 100.7 million

please, let us pray and think of all the filipinos who were at the event, they had experienced great hell 


Who wants to have a bubble bath with Reyes?

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Then click the following link!  XD


Thank you so much Tehprincessj!  I know you don’t have a Tumblr account (yet), I hope you won’t mind I share your fic on Tumblr!  You keep making my dirty (!) dreams comes true!  Hoho…..Looking forward to your next update!  ^____^

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Hiya me again, im sorta new to Tumblr and youre the first blog i came across! I think your blog is really cool and i hope everything is alright! Im here if ya wanna talk, think positive!

oh!! well, welcome to tumblr, my dude!! glad you like my little old blog here :D

and thank you for the sweet offer!! doing a lot better now!! ❤️ hope you have a good day/night my dude!!

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I have cell biology and evolutionary biology exams coming up in a couple of days. Also there's a lot of personal issues going on, things at home and about a friend. As someone with anxiety, my anxiety is acting up on me and my stress is physically affecting me. I just want to do well.

I’m sorry about that, I hope everything gets better soon. Here are some posts that could help:

I also have a self-care tag to help ♥

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I like how you program and follow your dream the same time! Keep it up!!! You inspired me when I first heard your story. How do you do this? --Shirley

Hi Shirley. Thank you for your kind words. Getting a job as a programmer was the only way I could pay the bills after I graduated from uni. Some time later I felt this need to get away from the office environment because I found it so stifling. I’m not generalising but my workplace in particular was and it became harder and harder to get out of bed every morning. I decided I needed to get away. But the company I worked for was nice enough to take me on a contract basis so means I had the freedom to choose my work scope and do other things as well. This gave me time to work on my art and start this blog. I was doing both software development and freelance design jobs for over a year before finally getting a book deal. Now because of the book I have even more freedom to choose what work I take on. 

It’s great so far… I hope everything goes well from here. I guess I had to be really patient and just give it a shot. If there’s something you always wanted to do it eats away at you the longer you put it off. I hope this answer helps! :) x

And You Are?

Hi! I’m such a huge fan of your writings; you have such talent! I read pretty much everything the past couple of days!! I was wondering, could I possibly request something with Derek Morgan x reader with Derek teasing the reader about her trying to touch her nose with her tongue like he does? I’m sure you’re the only one who could do this idea any justice!! Thank you so much and keep up all this great work!! <3

Oh my word, bless you!  Thank you so very much!  I am so glad that you are enjoying everything.  I hope that you enjoy your story!  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Shaking your head as you watch Derek yet again show up to a group of girls his nasty ability to stick his tongue in his nose, you sigh as you throw back your third martini of the night.

“Rough week?” a random voice behind you asks.

“Just full of narcissistic men,” you mumble to yourself.

What he was doing wasn’t so hard.  I mean, you tackled bad guys and looked at dead bodies for a living.  It’s just your tongue.

What’s so special about the trick?

“Narcissistic, huh?” the man asks as he sits in the seat next to you.

Looking over at him, you couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was.  Dark brown eyes, jet black hair, high cheek bones.

He reminded you of the stereotypical bad boy from your high school days.

Except he was in a suit.

A very expensive suit.

“Yeah.  I mean, my friend thinks he’s so awesome that he could wow women just because he can jam his tongue up his nose,” you scoff.

“Oh really?” the man asks as he takes a sip of his amber liquid on the rocks.

“Yeah, I mean…how hard can it be?” you ask as you motion for another drink.

“You tried it?” he asks in amusement.

And you took his challenge.

Sticking your tongue out, you run it all along your lips, trying desperately to stretch it enough to reach your nose.

But the only thing you were doing was eating the makeup off of your face while the very handsome man stifled his smile in return.

“Come on,” you mumble with your tongue out as Derek begins to stare at you.

“Not so easy, I guess,” the man muses as he takes another sip of his drink.

“Guess not,” you grumble as you wipe your mouth off and grab your fresh drink.

“You know what he’s doing, right?” the guy asks.

Looking over at Derek as you see him chuckling at you, he sticks his tongue out again, shoves it up his nose, and shrugs his shoulders as the women around him giggle.

“Being an idiot?” you ask.

“No,” the guy laughs, “he’s showing off the prowess he has with his tongue.  You know, in case any of those giggling ladies want to go home with him.”

It took you a few seconds before you caught what he was throwing down.

“Oh, good lord,” you groan as you roll your eyes.

And the man leaned back with you as he continued to chuckle.

“I’m sure there are better ways for him to show off that sort of thing,” the mysterious guy comments.

“Yeah…like just taking them home and doing it.”

The man paused, his glass halfway to his lips, as you roll your eyes.

He was studying your every move.  The way your fingers balanced your glass in your hand.  The way the glass seemed to slip effortlessly between your lips as the brightly colored liquid disappeared into what he could only assume was the warmest, softest cavern that drink could possibly be in.

It was hard for him to take his eyes off of you.

And you noticed.

“So, did you come with him?” the man asks as he sets him empty glass drink down.

“Just as a friend,” you say as you turn your attention back to the man.

Wow…he was handsome.

“How do you know him?” he asks.

“Derek?” you ask.  “I met him at the gym.  I was doing a stupid thing and squatting without a spotter, and he saw me going down and rushed over to catch the bar before I got hurt.”

“Sounds chivalrous,” the man chimes.

“It was nice, at first.  But he’s not really my type,” you muse.

You looked back over at Derek again as he looked up at you, his finger pointing out to you before pointing back to his lips.

“Try it again!” he yells at you.

“Nope!” you yell back.

“But you look so cute doing it!” Morgan roars over the chatter of the bar.

“More like moronic!” you yell back.

“I wouldn’t say that,” the man smiles as a fresh drink is put in front of him.

“He’s a good man,” you muse as you turn your attention back to the man at your side.

“So,” the mystery man begins, “what is your type of guy?”

To be bold? Or to be subtle?


Very bold.

“You,” you smirk over your glass as you watch his expression and take another sip of your drink.

And the man smiled as he picked up his glass and took a sip with you, his eyes never leaving yours as you both sit your glasses down together.

“And what is your name?” he asks.

“Y/N,” you say.  “And you are…?”

And as he holds out his hand, taking yours lightly within his, he smiles brightly at you as his dark eyes glisten.

“Aaron. Aaron Hotchner.”

“Nice to meet you, Aaron Hotcher,” you smile.

“Nice to meet you, too, Y/N.”

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Beka Im furious. Shit is going on with my brother. They treated him like a glorified babysitter, then complained that he was too close to the children. All this happened at my church, all this was handled poorly, my brother is a good man who doesnt have an inappropriate thought in his head, and now they're accusing him of dreadful things. THEY threw their kids at HIM. I just... I cant even. Im sorry... do you have a happy Dean gif or something? Im just so angry Im shaking.

Oh, I’m so sorry honey. I hope everything works out OK.💖 here’s some Dean smiles…

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Just found ur blog and ran thru it, there was so much cuteness and sweetness and beautiful art that I had a heart attack out of the pureness of u and ur drawing, you must be a living cinnamon roll to be this adorable and sweet. Thank u for making my day after the shit I went thru. Also I read about someone harassing u. It's ok, just do what I do about people like that and pretend they don't exist. I also have a habit of eating and being lazy as a reaction but don't do that. Stay pure little one

Oh my oh my !! (///////////)♡

You don’t know how this made me happy ! I am so glad I could bring happiness to someone.///// You are the adorable and sweet one ! I am really happy for receiving such a beautiful message from you.

You are the one who made my day . I can’t stop smiling and blushing !! /////// You are so kind ! Thank you very very much for the sweet words .

I am sorry you had to go through bad things, I hope everything is okay for you.

Here, here, I have something for you ! I hope you like flowers.♡