Fic Updates Week Ending 3/25/17

Hello Everyone!  Another week of updates is in the books and hope you were able to catch a few as they were reblogged yesterday.  We have some seriously amazing talented authors out there…we really do!  Anyway, here’s what we uncovered last week:

Where We Can Be Safe  Chapters 17&18  by @geekymoviemom

Tending Marigold  Chapter 2  by ScarletTengu

Everything But Money  Chapter 12  by @mtk4fun

A Year of Firsts  Chapter 5  by RedHeadedFlame

Perhaps Maybe  Chapter 4 by @everllarkingnewtina (thanks to @hutchhitched for directing me to the correct blog!)

Leading Suspects  Multiple Chapters  by @katnissdoesnotfollowback

Hidden Blessing  Chapter 10 by Everlarklover1960 

Elaborate Lives  Chapter 12 by @hpfanonezillion

There are Still Much Worse Games to Play  Chapter 71  by panskiss123

Counting on Love  Chapter 2  by LitLove

New Fic

Why I Went to the Woods  by @javistg

Out of the Wood  by @notanislander

As always, If you see that a fic did not make it to the list, please send a message so that it can be added next week.  

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Happy Peeta Sunday!  Will always be the best damn day of the week! 

Love ya!  Mean it!


jelix trash

^^^me!! so here, have a fanfic! (if you wish)

College/University AU, Felix Kjellberg/Sean McLoughlin (aka jelix, septicpie), Ken/Mary, Mark/Amy, implied Marzia Bisognin/Signe Hansen, past Felix/Marzia

Very fluffy! Everything is nice and nothing hurts. Felix is a ray of precious, positive, nice sunshine. Sean is loud and sassy. PJ ships it. What’s new?

No offence whatsoever intended!!

Enjoy! :) 

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I don't know if you remembered know if me but a long time ago I asked about a story where the reader's dad had died because mine had, wow now it's been two years, but I recently rediscovered your blog and I just finished reading Budapest. Wow! It was so well written, everything on here is, but that song has been such a great song to listen to in my life and I'll always remember how amazing this story was whenever I listen to it. Keep up the good work! -J

Hi! I do remember you! It was the Dad’s Song fic, right? I’m so glad to hear you’ve rediscovered my blog and its content! There’s going to start being more one shots on here again this week; I’m actually off to work on one now, so I hope you like it! Thank you so much for coming back and for letting me know. <3


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(for the mods, hope everything’s okay now!! looking forward to the new update. here’s tom in a dress i hope you like it)

{Mod Ryuu: OKAY TOM IS SO CUTE?????? I love your art so much aosndheuehebe (I’m probably gonna redraw this ‘cause I love that dress on Tom *-*)}

((Ngl, make this blue and you have what I think Tom would wear for the wedding. Thank you for the submission! ~Mod Silver))

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What if i'm A?

That is disturbing to be honest.
Anyways even if it’s unlikely, if you are A: please don’t freak out, this is a blog full of feelings and things that I can’t really talk about with anyone, I am not obsessed with you I just kind of love you and I know it’s wrong so I just vent here and try to keep it profesional with you. I am sorry if you find it creepy at all that was never the intention and if you want me to delete it just say it, we don’t even have to talk about it just tell me to erase everything and I will and if you want me to stay away from you I will understand absolutely and respect whatever you want. I hope that if you read this blog you get an idea of how amazing you are and how much you mean to me, you mean the world to me and I would give up everything for you A, I have never felt so deeply in love with anyone. I guess that is all I can say. Also if you find this blog please tell me. Please

you know what
my country is trying to stay alive but no one notices
today my country is telling the NO to its current government
…and the state media are silent.
we still don’t have any rights here, you see. we may say our huge NO but it’s gonna mean nothing. nothing at all. like always.

my city is fighting for itself, for its history, for science and education… no one notices. they are like “oh well here these stupid people are again” then just ignore the protests and keep doing what they were doing. 
idk i wanna cry sometimes, cry because of anger, hatred i feel towards the ones who rule, and because of realisation that i have no power to change anything. 
i want to have hope. hope that at least something will change. but it seems like it won’t. we are drowning. the motherfucking anti-utopian world becomes real. 

to all the people who managed to go out today and say everything they think about the current state of events: i am proud of you. 
we must do everything we can and even more.
keep going.

This became longer than I wanted to, but here it goes - my take on the friendship triangle of Archie, Betty and Jughead:

I don’t doubt at all that Betty loves Archie and will always love Archie or that she had this monumental crush on him because he will always represent that comfortable piece of her life when things were easier and simpler and they didn’t have to worry about such things as parental manipulation, sexual abuse, neglect or the general pitfalls of becoming an adult.

Betty probably thought Archie could still fulfill that role of childhood companion into their adolescence and young adult life with the extra benefit of also being a lover, but unfortunately Archie was not there yet. And it is okay. I think the story the show is trying to tell this season, which combined with Archie’s and Jughead’s friendship, is that there is a point in our lives that our friend’s experiences and our own diverge to a point which can result in either the perpetuation of that friendship because we still relate to it all or we end up drifting in opposite directions, becoming a mere fond memory of a increasingly distant childhood. And I repeat, it is natural and it is okay.  Betty and Archie’s experience are both still validly difficult (his parents are getting a divorce after all) but vastly different.  Archie still has a lot growing up to do while Betty has been navigating a troublesome family with mental health issues for quite some time which he must know about btw but can’t quite relate, just like Betty couldn’t quite relate with Archie’s experience of being a victim of Ms Grundy. 

And here is where Jughead comes in.  Betty’s and Jughead’s stories fit in a way I don’t think either was actually counting on. It was a nice surprise. They can empathise with each other because they are both struggling with parental abuse: her with overprotection and gaslighting, him with neglect and abandonment. Again, I am not saying Archie’s life doesn’t have valid struggle in it, because it does, but it is a different kind of struggle while Bughead’s is fundamentally similar.  

But imagine this: from childhood these three lives went in parallel lines to each other, each their own with different colours and different shapes, but running next to each other and going in the same unavoidable direction that is adulthood.  But at some point they start taking different turns. Jughead’s father starts to drink, Betty’s sister runs away from home and Archie’s parent are fighting at home. And this goes on and on and each turn they take their lines sometimes cross each other (Betty promises to marry Archie when they are 18), sometimes move in different direction (Jughead never tells any of them his father is a Serpent), and sometimes they go back to run in parallel (Betty is still Archie’s best friend, who in turn is still Jughead’s best friend).  

But at some point in time and space Archie’s line just went one way, while Jughead’s and Betty’s went the other.  Archie might have been oblivious, but I believe Betty has been fighting this whole time to try to keep those lines close together while Jughead is also doing the same from his end with his obsession for the Riverdale of old and the “American Dream”, Archie being the archetypical character in his nostalgic dreams (that knife in his back bears so many connotations).  In both cases, Archie is still the centre piece.

But then everything that summer comes to a head, Jughead is planning a trip with ‘Archie and Betty finally decides to take their friendship to another level… but both of them fail. Big time. He is snubbed and she is rejected while Archie continued to be clueless about any of the implications.

When Jughead finds out that Archie slighted him for Ms Grundy, I think it really put a fissure in their friendship.  The same way I think what really crushed Betty’s expectations of a romantic happy ending with Archie was his “You are so perfect” speech. I think that really broke her heart because how could this boy who lived next door, who was her best friend and knew her their whole life not see her. Truly see her. And it was the first time she realised their paths might not be going in the same direction after all.  

They will always be the best of friends, but they are definitely drifting apart and on her way there she found a kindred spirit in Jughead, another cast away of friendship’s tortuous ways, when before she was sure Archie’s was the right path for her. How far will they drift away from each other, and how much will Jughead’s and Betty’s line become intertwined, is what we will have to wait for.  

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I appreciate what you've been doing here for all this time but I think I finally had enough. I remember when this fandom was flourishing, creative, positive. When it was ours. I had no illusions of Swan Queen ever happening but everything surrounding it became suffocating so come finale, that'll be it for me. And s for you, I have no idea why you do what you do and what keeps you going. But I hope you'll hold on, for the rest of the people that stuck around through thick and thin. Stay strong!

And there goes another one. *sighs* We understand you, though, we truly do. You should do what’s best for you, to preserve sanity as well as your (as we’ve been told by many others, who said their goodbyes) dignity. I can only hope we’ll meet again in some better fandom, around some better show. And until then we’ll probably (possibly? maybe? I don’t really know to be honest–we’re at our wit’s end, too) stick around, because… well. Not sure why, but what I’m coincidentally listening to–might be fitting:

Das ist deine Welt.
Das sind deine Mitmenschen.
Du kannst heute für dich leben,
Oder für alle die Zukunft von morgen aufbauen. 

Happy trails, friend! :)


I can’t be on here very much anymore. I accidentally clicked into this tab and a teacher caught me there so I now have it and p much everything else that I can contact you guys on (minus gmail) is blocked. Restricted, by that fuckface.

My mom IS CONSIDERING getting me a phone, so there is hope. Message me if you want my gmail address. I will be on periodically on weekends.

Stay safe, my frens.


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Here comes the sappy post. 

Phillip Matthew, you’re three years old today. That’s 1,095 days I’ve gotten to love you with all my heart. That’s 26,280 hours I’ve spent thinking, worrying, hoping, wanting everything in the world for you. Since the first minute I knew you were in my life, I have made sure I was going to be the best possible mommy for you I could be. Gone were the days of not taking care of myself. Gone were the moments when I wondered what my life’s purpose was. I knew it was to have you and to raise you to be a beautiful man. You’re still my little boy right now, but you’re getting older and older. Smarter and sillier and sassier and stronger. You may have been born prematurely but baby boy, you are a fighter. There hasn’t been a single moment in your life where you haven’t proven to me just how lucky I am that you’re mine. Your kindness is infinite. Your charm is magnetic. Your baby blues, your smile, and your laughter are the three keys to keeping me solid and sane. You are everything I ever wanted and so much more. I didn’t know what true love was until I looked into your eyes and felt your finger wrap around mine. My love for you is steadfast hope that never fades. I know you’re going to change the world one day. I know you’re going to bring light and peace and beauty to a world that desperately needs it. You’re going to do so many things and my faith in you will never fade.

The older you get, the more you might become embarrassed by my little acts of love - you’ll squirm away from me kissing your cheek, you’ll drop my hand when we’re crossing the street. You’ll yell, “Okay!” when I tell you I love you as you leave. That’s okay. That’s never going to change how I feel about you. My first born. My baby. My Philly. My prince. But you’re not that old yet and today, I’m going to fully soak in you wrapped around my legs and your insistence that Mommy sit by you and help you color.

Phillip Matthew, you are my world. I love you to the moon and back and a second time around. You will always be the best part of me I put out into this world. #phillyturnsthree

@keeoone, thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for him. He is your mini me and I’m so thankful that when I look at him, I see you too. Happy birthday as well to the beautiful man who raised the beautiful man whose love helped me create this munchkin and whose helping me raise our beautiful boy. I’m the luckiest woman/mother in the world. @supitskeegs

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I've had a mental list since 4th grade on what I wanted in a guy from personality to appearance. I found a guy tht checked off every single one...but tht guy was Jungkook and I'm sitting here like ????? Couldn't the universe give me someone I could attain??????? So in fact I will never get my dream guy...

Wow literally me with Hoseok. He checks off everything on my list and more. Like he’s so perfect that he’s unreal. He’s really unreal!!!

preview analysis: Yuuri

so i got to thinking about the preview for next weeks episode (or rather, the lack there off) and i got hooked on this

considering the state he’s in, i’m going to run off the assumption that this is after his free skate. we got glimpses of some of the competitors post-skate, which i thought was an interesting parallel to the preview for ep.7, where we saw glimpses of them pre-skate instead. and considering the only other preview to give us so little to work with in terms of Viktor and Yuuri and their relationship was, notably, the preview for episode 7, which gave us a major development in their relationship, i’m thinking that episode 9 might bring about another major development for them, and we already know that this episode is going to be extremely important. 

it’s also notable that this preview has given us little to work with over all, which is unusual in itself. but, besides that, there’s something interesting about this screenshot.

all of the other times Yuuri has finished his free skate, he’s been very expressive, especially towards Viktor, who we know is going to be absent in this coming episode, such as here

from ep.5, and here,

for ep.7 (both of these directly follow the final pose).

however, the look on Yuuri’s face after his FS in the preview is vastly different. he looks distant, like he’s not 100% with whatever is going on. there’s something else too that’s bothering me because i can’t pin it down but he looks… dreadful, almost. or perhaps disappointed is a better word. like he’s being brought back down to reality. 

that brings me to this thought tangent: we all know that Yuuri has to place in this competition, at least at 4th, because otherwise he wouldn’t be going to the Grand Prix Final, and we know he has to make it there at least. his FS is probably not going to be a disaster. one theory i had was that he’d do worse than China, because of anxiety and Yakov’s coaching methods; i saw him getting 3rd or 4th. it’s a possibility, but there was still something bothering me about that, and i finally realized what it was.

this episode is going to be about showing Yuuri’s strength on his own, without Viktor. personally, i’d like to see him do better than he did in China, because it’d be solid proof that he doesn’t need Viktor to skate well. that he can be on his own and still do amazing things. however, just because he may not need Viktor by his side to skate, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Viktor by his side. and here’s where that screencap comes in.

it looks like Yuuri’s just skated his heart out, maybe not a perfect program but nearing so, and he was riding that high the whole time so he wasn’t thinking about the fact that Viktor wasn’t there. he’s skated this program so many times in practice and now, in competition, and he forgets that Viktor isn’t there. this time his free skate is not going to be centered directly on Viktor like in ep.7, where Yuuri caught sight of Viktor while he skated and let his thoughts dwell on him, but instead its going to be centered abstractly. he skates, and strikes the finishing pose, directing the feeling he’s been channeling the whole skate like he always does, except it’s not Viktor standing there. it’s Yakov. and that exact moment of realization, of, oh, right, he wasn’t here to see me skate, is what i think is going on in this screencap. 

the sharp sting disappointment melting away the feelings he’d had while skating, the loneliness and ache of I miss you

maybe he doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but Yuuri wants him there. to smile and tell him he did great, to sit in the kiss and cry and do stupid things in front of the cameras to show how proud he is. 

it suddenly doesn’t hold as much worth to him if Viktor isn’t there to share it with him, and that, i think, is going to be a very significant point to be made in this next episode.

TL;DR: this screencap of Yuuri from the preview looks like he just finished his FS and realized Viktor wasn’t there to see it, and makes me think this episode is going to focus on the fact that Yuuri doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but he still wants Viktor by his side regardless of that.

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“this is perfect.”


Second part of this

My best friend told me that my handwriting is really ugly ,so i apologize for that !

Note : My best friend is a super cool and supportive person,she just thinks my handwriting is bad ~


Hyung line to accompany the maknae line!!! Maknae Line here!!!

Necromancer Yoongi, Enchanter Jin, Banshee Hobi and reaper Namjoon, I wrote little captions~~

You guys seem to really like the maknae line’s one so I made a hyung line~ You guys were so nice with all the lovely messages and aaahhhh!!!! Thank you all so much for the support hope you like this one too!!!! Send me messages if you like!!!! 

Please don’t edit, repost, use without my permission thank you!!!!