“Warmth of Cardassian Sun”

I’m not drawing. Like at all. I mean, I would like to - have lots of ideas but no skill, so my sketches had never reached publishing stage before. This is too scary for me right now, I hope everything goes well.
And here I am, just couldn’t resist giving those two a happy ending with sunset and etc. Basically - it’s somewhen post-canon. 

the philippines’ current president, pres. duterte, has declared martial law in mindanao (where marawi is located)

the last time the philippines was under martial law, everything went to Shit

women were raped, killed, and abducted. media outlets were shut down. economy wasn’t good as well. the gap between the rich and the poor had been the biggest. people who had different opinions with the government were killed and tortured.

and mindanao? its the 2nd largest island in the philippines

which also has the population of around 22 million, and the philippines’ current population is 100.7 million

please, let us pray and think of all the filipinos who were at the event, they had experienced great hell 


And You Are?

Hi! I’m such a huge fan of your writings; you have such talent! I read pretty much everything the past couple of days!! I was wondering, could I possibly request something with Derek Morgan x reader with Derek teasing the reader about her trying to touch her nose with her tongue like he does? I’m sure you’re the only one who could do this idea any justice!! Thank you so much and keep up all this great work!! <3

Oh my word, bless you!  Thank you so very much!  I am so glad that you are enjoying everything.  I hope that you enjoy your story!  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Shaking your head as you watch Derek yet again show up to a group of girls his nasty ability to stick his tongue in his nose, you sigh as you throw back your third martini of the night.

“Rough week?” a random voice behind you asks.

“Just full of narcissistic men,” you mumble to yourself.

What he was doing wasn’t so hard.  I mean, you tackled bad guys and looked at dead bodies for a living.  It’s just your tongue.

What’s so special about the trick?

“Narcissistic, huh?” the man asks as he sits in the seat next to you.

Looking over at him, you couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was.  Dark brown eyes, jet black hair, high cheek bones.

He reminded you of the stereotypical bad boy from your high school days.

Except he was in a suit.

A very expensive suit.

“Yeah.  I mean, my friend thinks he’s so awesome that he could wow women just because he can jam his tongue up his nose,” you scoff.

“Oh really?” the man asks as he takes a sip of his amber liquid on the rocks.

“Yeah, I mean…how hard can it be?” you ask as you motion for another drink.

“You tried it?” he asks in amusement.

And you took his challenge.

Sticking your tongue out, you run it all along your lips, trying desperately to stretch it enough to reach your nose.

But the only thing you were doing was eating the makeup off of your face while the very handsome man stifled his smile in return.

“Come on,” you mumble with your tongue out as Derek begins to stare at you.

“Not so easy, I guess,” the man muses as he takes another sip of his drink.

“Guess not,” you grumble as you wipe your mouth off and grab your fresh drink.

“You know what he’s doing, right?” the guy asks.

Looking over at Derek as you see him chuckling at you, he sticks his tongue out again, shoves it up his nose, and shrugs his shoulders as the women around him giggle.

“Being an idiot?” you ask.

“No,” the guy laughs, “he’s showing off the prowess he has with his tongue.  You know, in case any of those giggling ladies want to go home with him.”

It took you a few seconds before you caught what he was throwing down.

“Oh, good lord,” you groan as you roll your eyes.

And the man leaned back with you as he continued to chuckle.

“I’m sure there are better ways for him to show off that sort of thing,” the mysterious guy comments.

“Yeah…like just taking them home and doing it.”

The man paused, his glass halfway to his lips, as you roll your eyes.

He was studying your every move.  The way your fingers balanced your glass in your hand.  The way the glass seemed to slip effortlessly between your lips as the brightly colored liquid disappeared into what he could only assume was the warmest, softest cavern that drink could possibly be in.

It was hard for him to take his eyes off of you.

And you noticed.

“So, did you come with him?” the man asks as he sets him empty glass drink down.

“Just as a friend,” you say as you turn your attention back to the man.

Wow…he was handsome.

“How do you know him?” he asks.

“Derek?” you ask.  “I met him at the gym.  I was doing a stupid thing and squatting without a spotter, and he saw me going down and rushed over to catch the bar before I got hurt.”

“Sounds chivalrous,” the man chimes.

“It was nice, at first.  But he’s not really my type,” you muse.

You looked back over at Derek again as he looked up at you, his finger pointing out to you before pointing back to his lips.

“Try it again!” he yells at you.

“Nope!” you yell back.

“But you look so cute doing it!” Morgan roars over the chatter of the bar.

“More like moronic!” you yell back.

“I wouldn’t say that,” the man smiles as a fresh drink is put in front of him.

“He’s a good man,” you muse as you turn your attention back to the man at your side.

“So,” the mystery man begins, “what is your type of guy?”

To be bold? Or to be subtle?


Very bold.

“You,” you smirk over your glass as you watch his expression and take another sip of your drink.

And the man smiled as he picked up his glass and took a sip with you, his eyes never leaving yours as you both sit your glasses down together.

“And what is your name?” he asks.

“Y/N,” you say.  “And you are…?”

And as he holds out his hand, taking yours lightly within his, he smiles brightly at you as his dark eyes glisten.

“Aaron. Aaron Hotchner.”

“Nice to meet you, Aaron Hotcher,” you smile.

“Nice to meet you, too, Y/N.”

nojamslaura  asked:

Today I accidentally injured my foot and I've been sulking around in pain all day and now I just read the second part of the fuckboy au and I'm in tears that's made me feel so much better, idc if it's hard to become a published author to me you're one of the best authors out there, I'm so glad I stumbled across this tumblr. I hope you continue healing well, and I hope everything gets amazingly better from here on out for you. Just thank you so much.

, while others (including myself tbh) will disagree, knowing that there’s someone out there who thinks i’m good enough to be published means the world to me. thank you, from the bottom of my heart <3333 and i hope your foot heals up quickly and that you’re not in any pain. thanks again, i’m actually dying <33

callofthebuffalo  asked:

I'm honestly so sorry you had to deal with people like those anons. They're just cowards who have probably never accomplished anything in life that really matters. You're young and already doing so much and being impressive as hell, which probably intimidates them. You keep doing you and I hope everything gets better from here. ✨🖤✨

❤️️❤️️❤️️ thank you!!

tumblerx01  asked:

Just found ur blog and ran thru it, there was so much cuteness and sweetness and beautiful art that I had a heart attack out of the pureness of u and ur drawing, you must be a living cinnamon roll to be this adorable and sweet. Thank u for making my day after the shit I went thru. Also I read about someone harassing u. It's ok, just do what I do about people like that and pretend they don't exist. I also have a habit of eating and being lazy as a reaction but don't do that. Stay pure little one

Oh my oh my !! (///////////)♡

You don’t know how this made me happy ! I am so glad I could bring happiness to someone.///// You are the adorable and sweet one ! I am really happy for receiving such a beautiful message from you.

You are the one who made my day . I can’t stop smiling and blushing !! /////// You are so kind ! Thank you very very much for the sweet words .

I am sorry you had to go through bad things, I hope everything is okay for you.

Here, here, I have something for you ! I hope you like flowers.♡

:33 < im still here!

:33 < i havent updated in a month cause my router was constantly disconnecting from the internet but now that i have a new one everything works great!

:33 < i hope you fr33loaders here appreciate the fr33 wifi i give you at the cardboard mansion

This is a poem for my partners in crime,
To the kids that grew up with me
And the kids that went down with me.
For the believers without reason,
Always giving me hope even when I had none left to find.
This is a poem for the pick-me-ups and the late night phone calls
That kept me company when my bones rattled the first notes of loneliness.
This is for the days, or weeks, or months we spent apart but the distance didn’t let us miss a beat.
This is for the sheets of paper folded up into letters saying things like
“I hope everything is alright,” or
“I’m here for you, I know it gets harder for you during this kind of weather.”
This is my thank you
For always making things better,
For talking me off the rooftops and the ledges,
For putting the pills back in the bottle and taking the edge
Off every bad day and every worse night.
This is for keeping me here and keeping me alive.
This is a poem for these angels without wings or halos,
But still shine for me when I ask them to.
This is a poem saying sorry if I’ve never shined enough back.
Thank you for always having my back,
Especially on the days when I needed you but had too much pride to ask.
This is for keeping me grounded, keeping my head in check
Because sometimes I get a little out of hand.
This is for taking the time to understand that while I try my best not to bring too much weight,
Sometimes the levee cannot keep the water at bay.
This is a poem trying to say everything I feel
About the love I have received over all of these years.
This is a poem for the people who have walked with me through the fire.
This is a poem for the people who never gave up on me.
This is a poem for my friends.
—  “I Felt Sappy And Emotional About My Friends” - Nishat Ahmed

It’s all in the title folks.

anonymous asked:

azra I feel stupid messaging you but i have no one else to tell. after years of crumbling and terrifying debt I am finally on top of my finances and i am honestly so proud of how far i have come. i want to thank you because your poems and kind words have helped me so much along the way, and i want to let you know that as soon as i have expendable money i will be buying your book, it's long overdue and ive never been more excited to read something. i love you. thank you for being an inspiration

I’m so proud of you. Thank you for coming here and telling me about it, it makes me feel really warm and happy that you’re finally where you’re supposed to be. I wish you so much joy and I hope everything works out from here. Loads of love, A

Hi everyone, I’m very close to 3k followers so I decided to do a little something to thank you all

This is going to be my first tumblr awards so I hope everything works!

Here are the rules:

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What are you getting:

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That’s it guys, hope you like it!

I Remember [Troyler Fan Fiction]

Dear Troye,

It’s been a while and I’m sorry, I really should’ve kept in touch. I just have never been keen of one-sided conversations… 

I just thought it was about time I use my hands for something other than search for you in my bed sheets and reaching for doorknobs hoping you’ll be behind the door. Of course, I know you won’t be there, but, I’ve always been an optimist. 

Anyways, how are you? I hope everything is good. Things here are quite hectic and bland lately, I haven’t been interested in much, and YouTube doesn’t seem the same anymore. 

I watch your videos a lot though, sometimes it makes me happy and others it makes me sad, so sad I drown in my tears. I wear your sweaters a lot, I hope that’s ok. It’s all I have left of you, personally. 

I visited your family, the other day, I told them to tell you I said hi, but they just frowned at me but nodded. It’s been rough for them too, I can see it in their eyes. You dad doesn’t smile as much anymore or make those witty jokes he used to and your mom’s skin has seemed to lost it’s glow. Tyde has his first girlfriend, her name is Beth, he tells me about her a lot, I know he wishes it was you he was tell though. Sage is in college and doing absolutely amazing, top in her class, we’re all so proud of her. Steele is working on his first big production film, he’s dedicating it to you. 

I visited our spot on the beach the other day, I remembered when you kissed me there for the first time, June 3rd, 2014. I would do anything to go back to that moment. I remember how your pink lips felt so much fuller than I thought, on mine, and how you bit my lip. You always said you loved doing that, but I never thought I’d get the pleasure of experiencing it. 

I also remember when you took us out on our third date, when you asked me to be your boyfriend, June 30th, 2014. It took you long enough. But it was perfect. Everyone was still in California from VidCon and the word of ’us’ being a thing hadn’t been mad public yet, not that we wanted it to be, but I remember you sneaking me small kisses and rubbing my hand because I get nervous around big crowds. I remember you taking me to the beach, it was sunset and you had found an old pier that wasn’t used and you lit it with candles and set up an amazing dinner at the end of it. We dangled our feet in the warm water and smiled and laughed and drank wine, even though you weren’t supposed to in the states yet. And you asked me. 

I remember when you said ‘I love you’ for the first time. August 7th, 2014, the anniversary of you coming out. We had been celebrating, we raised a glass of champagne saying our congrats and you turned to me and I remember seeing the love and passion in your eyes when you said 'I am the happiest man in the world with you Tyler, I am so proud of being gay because with it, I have you. I love you, Tilly.“ It broke my hear with love and I feel like those words could be burned into my skin and carved into my bones. 

I remember June 30th, 2016 very clearly, and it was my favorite day ever, I remember our anniversary, the second one, when we held hands and trolled along the streets of Italy, one of our favorite places in the world to go to together. I remember when you reached the top of the platform, looking over the colorful buildings and the ocean as the pink sun sunk low into it’s depths and I looked over to you to say how beautiful it was and how I could stare at it forever to which you responded with getting down on your right, blank skinny jean covered, knee and pulling out that black velvet box, saying how you could spend forever staring at me, and that’s exactly what you planned on doing, much to my consent of course. It was the happiest I had ever been. 

But I also remember May 5th, 2018 very clearly and it was in stark contrast to June 30th. I remember seeing your body hit the floor in a pile of skin and bones and I remember the tears and panic. I remember running into the hospital with your body in my arms. I remember screaming for help and them rolling you away from me, holding me back as I yelled your name. I remember you waking up. I remember the doctor telling us the news. I remember holding your cold hand. I remember you crying. I remember the heart monitor beeping in the corner. I remember you loosing your beautiful chestnut colored hair. I remember you becoming even skinnier than before. I remember you throwing up all of your food. I remember your fingers becoming so thin and sickly looking that our wedding rings didn’t even fit on them anymore. 

And God dammit, Troye, sometimes I wish I couldn’t remember anything at all, like the words, expierences weren’t my life story but a movie or a book I had read from cover to cover or watched from credits to credits. But this was our life story. This was my one life, that was spent watching you fade away, but I wouldn’t trade it for one day because the days when you shone the brightest were my favorite. 

I miss you my love, my husband, my Troye. 

Sincerely yours, forever,




i don’t speak about my follower count much, and i’m not going to mention it here, but i’d just like to say how i’m about 30 followers away from an amazing milestone on this blog. it’s about time i do something to thank each and every one of you for following me and sticking around me. i’ve had brienne now for about ten months, and it’s been the most eye-opening and welcoming ten months that i’ve ever had in the roleplaying community. so many people from so many different fandoms have granted me the opportunity to befriend and write with them, and i’m eternally grateful for everything. i hope to be here for another ten months, and a hundred more.

this is just a little giveaway, since coding drains the heck out of me any time of the year. three people will win 50 icons of a faceclaim of their choosing.



  • mbf the toughest warrior women in westeros.
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  • giveaway ends 16 july 2016, around 10 am CT ( or whenever i wake up lol ).

thanks for everything, everyone! you’re the reason why i’m here. xox

series: kagerou project

pairing: kuroshin (though kuroha is referred to constantly as ‘konoha’)

warnings: nsfwdubcon, a lot of unsanitary stuff; blood used as lube, vomiting, etc. nonconsenual voyeurism, family death, references to gore… uhm i think that’s it

notes: i was prompted to write kuroshin humiliation and i wanted to finish it for the prompter’s birthday but i miSSED IT :( it’s super long to compensate, like, 4k words… i hope everything included here is okay, since humiliation isn’t a kink i’m particularly familiar with.

bear in mind that i have yet to proofread this at all, but it’s 5am and i just want to post it. i’ll edit later, but feel free to point out mistakes/inconsistencies!


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But while...

…the main competitors got their groove on can we talk about the other cutipies?

For example:

EMIL SHOWING UP WITH MICHELE??!! …be still my shipping heart *sigh*


Sara (*with Micky’s voice* SARA!) calling to check in on Seung Gil…again

Let’s not forget:

Georgi on a date…good for him

Followed by:

Kenjirō “Chicken Nugget” Minami is the leader of Yuri’s cheer-squad with the triplets at the public viewing *ded of cuteness*

I’m just truly happy with this episode. It was everything I hoped and wished + MORE!

Last Night in the Fandom #11

Steven Universe-Pearlnet Intensifies.

Originally posted by theoryofthought

Well this was a fine end to a Steven Bomb, though I am slightly disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong Sardonyx is an amazing character but I had this hope, one that got really strong during ‘Friend Ship’ that we still might meet a completely new Gem. However Pearl and Garnet’s heart to heart was everything I had hoped for.

Originally posted by oathkeeper-of-tarth

This sentence right here could explain everything about Pearl’s actions. She says ‘A Pearl’ which means there are others, very likely in a servile position on Homeworld. She needs to be told what to do which may explain her inferiority complex and her out of place actions. I’m guessing Pearl’s aren’t supposed to do a lot of what Pearl can which show’s just what an influence Rose had on her. After all Pearl is Rose’s Pearl and at first that might have just meant a servant but it became she became her confident, her friend and her knight. 

However what if her need for fusion with Garnet goes for more than just wanting a relationship or at least to feel such deep love? What if Pearl’s are hive minded and need to work together…that could mean more Pearls fought on Rose’s side and she was left alone after the war…with none of her fellow Pearls, she really could be broken.

Originally posted by turtleemojis

I also love Garnet’s response how she told Pearl she finally had to stop just following orders and finally take her life in her hands and be confident with it but let’s talk about something a little more humorous.

Originally posted by perturbedperidot

I mean look at her! Has she gone crazy from being on earth because I had no clue that her character would evolve into this. I expected someone more calculating and harsh, but I like this version too. I just feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

oh wait

Originally posted by bibarelroll

That’s who she reminds me of.