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Requested on tumblr: James and Lily are so dating and it’s disgusting to everyone around them maybe just maybe James and Lily fight and in the middle of the GREAT HALL James says something “Lily Potter you come back here!” And then everyone is like ? And also !

Levins18 requested this and it turned into a 32 page story so that I could properly fit in everything that was asked for so specifically. Also I brought back my character Anna from The Quidditch Commentator because I missed her.

“You’re going to have to do something about that Prongs.”

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How it Feels to be the Signs at Their Worst
  • Aries: being so livid at someone that you literally can't think of any words to express your anger
  • Taurus: people only seeing half of who you really are
  • Gemini: constantly torn between two things and never being able to choose
  • Cancer: people joking about something you're actually insecure about
  • Leo: telling people what you like and getting a disgusted/judgmental look in return
  • Virgo: cracking a joke to a group of people and no one laughing at it
  • Libra: telling a story and then realizing no ones listening
  • Scorpio: everyone around you talking about plans to go out and not being invited along
  • Sagittarius: your parents yelling at you for what/who you want to be and what you want to do with your life
  • Capricorn: failing a test and having to tell everybody your score
  • Aquarius: no one listening to what you have to say or taking everything as a joke
  • Pisces: not being able to sleep at night because of a presentation tomorrow
St. Vincent on the 'True and Very Disturbing Story' That Inspired Her Horror Directorial Debut

Rock chanteuse St. Vincent, also known as Annie Clark, 34, talks making her directorial debut with horror anthology XX, which premieres at the festival on Jan. 22.

Did you ever see yourself making a horror movie?

I never saw myself even seeing a horror film. I can’t watch them, because everything disgusting or violent just gets seared into my retinas. I’ll obsess over those images for a long time. Watching horror movies with me is so annoying - I’m the one screaming, “What’s going to happen next?” But it was very amazing when I got asked to direct one. Surprisingly, I had the best time.

What can you reveal about your chapter of the film, “The Birthday Party”?

It’s partially based on a true and very disturbing story that a friend of mine told me. It’s about a woman who’s trying to give her young son a nice birthday when things turn very macabre. I thought, “How can we make this a black comedy?” Though I don’t do well with blood and guts and gore, I love things that are absurd. Comedy and horror actually have a lot in common, like the tension between the setup and the punchline. That dynamic is something I certainly include in my music. I hope it’s a laugh, because I’ll be covering my eyes for the rest of the movie.

XX is the first horror anthology made by all female directors. How was that significant for you?

Even beyond that, there were just a whole lot of women on set. I hadn’t worked on film sets, but I think it’s similar to music in that the crews tend to be male. When I’m touring, I make sure to have women around - not as some sort of quota, but because it makes the ecosystem nicer. There’s more balance - yin and yang.

This article originally appeared in the Jan. 28 issue of Billboard. 

Just Know That I'm Sorry [Tate Langdon Imagine]

A/N: Y/N finally spills how she feels about Tate to Violet, who instigated her to the point of letting out her real emotions and Tate hears everything.

Requested: No

Pairing: Tate Langdon X Reader

Warnings: cursing

Being in love with Tate Langdon was painful, but to watch him be in love with Violet was excruciating. Just seeing the two of them smother each other in kisses disgusted you, and instantly ruined your day. You knew you could treat him better than she ever could.

This morning you instantly felt off; from the moment you woke up, you were feeling quite anxious and on edge. You got up out of bed and changed, then went to go brush your teeth. You turned on the tap, and wet your toothbrush before you applied the toothpaste and began brushing. As you went to spit out the remaining toothpaste, you felt two large, cold hands being placed upon your waist, giving you the chills. It was Tate.

“Jeez Tate, you scared the shit out of me.” You giggled, leaning back into him. You felt his chest vibrate against your back as he chuckled, before leaning down and kissing your cheek.

“Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean it.” He said, placing his chin on top of your head. You blushed profoundly and escaped his grasp, ignoring the urge you felt to stay in his arms a bit longer.

“You can’t just do that, Tate. You have a girlfriend.” You sighed, hiding the jealousy that ignited from within you. You watched his face light up as the word escaped from your lips, immediately making you upset.

“Yeah, girlfriend..” He said wearily. You gave him a small smile and sat down on your bed.

“So Y/N, do you a-” Tate was immediately cut off by the sound of footsteps approaching your room. You gave him a panicked look, and ushered him into your closet.

You returned to your spot on the bed just as the door opened, revealing your father.

“Hey sweetie, Your mom and I are going out for a bit, money is on the counter if you want to order something for dinner.” He said.

“Okay, thank you. Have fun!” You smiled, waving him goodbye. Your dad closed the door and you heard his footsteps fade away. You waited until you heard the front door close and the car pull out of the driveway before letting out a relieved sigh.

“Well, I’d be relieved too. Finally getting away from your sorry ass. One can only wish for such a blessing.” You heard from the corner of your room. You whipped your head around, your eyes catching the devious glare of Violet’s.

“What do you want, Violet.” You replied in a flat tone. You and Violet hadn’t gotten along from the very start. She was fully aware of your feelings for Tate, therefore doing anything in her power so that she could win him back, and make you jealous with any chance she could get.

“Oh you know, I just wanted to talk..” She teased, sauntering over to your bed sitting down directly beside you. “About…Tate.”

You felt your breath hitch in your throat, realizing that Tate was still hiding in your closet. You squeezed your eyes shut. You didn’t want him finding out; not now, not ever.

“W-What do you mean?” Your voice wobbled, trying to sound completely oblivious, but failing miserably.

She scoffed at me, “You know what the hell I mean, Y/N. Your huge crush on him. I wanted to settle things once and for all, you know? Really connect the dots, here.”

You gave her a confused look which she completely disregarded, and pulled you up from your bed. She dragged you over to your full sized mirror, fixing you so you both stood in front of it completely.

You see now, Tate loves this,“ She said gesturing to her body. "He likes a skinny waist, and a decent sized rack and a bit of an ass. Not whatever the fuck your body is.”

You were genuinely hurt by her words. You always thought you had a pretty nice body. You weren’t a twig but you were decently skinny with a nice ass and boobs. You worked out whenever you could, and always tried to watch what you eat. But compared to Violet, you always believed it was like looking at an elephant next to a peanut. You listened to her go on and on about your flaws, and compare them to her perfect being.

Violet realized the look on your face and scoffed, “Listen. This isn’t to be rude, but to let you know that Tate doesn’t want you. Not now, not next week, not ever. You’re fucking garbage, Y/N. Tate likes pretty girls, with good personalities. Not a dull nobody who thinks they’re really something special. He’s in love with me. You need to get that threw your thick fucking scull.” She gave me a hard shove before sitting down at my desk.

You felt your throat tighten and your eyes began to well up with tears. It was like being hit with an unknown force; the sudden reality hitting you, igniting all of the pain and sadness you hadn’t known you’ve had to surface.

When suddenly, something inside of you snapped. “Violet, you don’t need to remind me that the boy I’ve been in love with for the past few years doesn’t love me back. He’s completely in love with a girl who will never really love him for who he is, what he’s done, and what he ever will be. I don’t need you to give me a constant reminder that he’ll never love me the way I love him.”
You sobbed, not giving a shit whether Tate heard you or not.

You heard the closet door creak open. “Y/N..” Tate’s voice began.

“Oh, shit..” Violet let out.

You sniffled, “Save it Tate, I don’t wanna hear it.”
You walked over to him so that you were both face to face until you finally looked up at him, trying to decipher his facial expression.

“I just want you to know,” You cried, “That I’m sorry..”

You wiped your eyes and backed up, walking towards the door.

“For ruining this friendship, for making things awkward.. For possibly ruining your relationship. And if you’re happy..then so am I.”

“Just.. know that I’m sorry.” You mumbled, and with that, you ran.

Part 2?


Room (2015) - Lenny Abrahamson

5 bullets on this film:

  • This movie was like a punch in the face for me, in a good way. I felt shocked, disgusted and sad at the same time. It made me feel so anxious that I forgot how to breathe during some scenes. BUT IT WAS GREAT, I SWEAR.
  • Can we talk about how Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, who is 9 years old,  made this movie? Not that the story wasn’t good, because it was, but they made everything 19x better.

  • I love movies about moms, they are so cute and real. Shoutout to all the cool moms. 

  • Many people thought this movie was boring, but I honestly can’t understand how. It has the perfect pace, and if you were annoyed by the fact that most of the film has only one scenery, you are very small minded, my friend. 

  • I don’t think it will win the Oscar for best picture, but Brie Larson has a good chance of winning as best actress. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won for best adapted screenplay. 

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What quinnshot headcannons do you like? I'm thinking of writing but need ideas


  • Floyd did not realize he had feelings for Harley until they were back in their cells. He was in his room for like 2 days when he realized he felt slightly uncomfortable - like something was missing … And then after thinking about it for a full night, he realized he missed her. He missed her silly hair, her funny talks and optimism. When he realized that, he whispered ‘fuck.’
  • He eventually tells Zoe about Harley because he’s always distracted and one afternoon, Zoe goes like ‘what is wrong with you daddy’ and he tells her that he thinks about this lady…… And Zoe thinks about it for 30 seconds and then proceeds on googling Harley and they discover about her and her back story with Joker and everything and they both are really disgusted with what happened to her and Zoe is all like ‘daddy you need to help her’ and he answers ‘it’s none of my business’
  • On their second mission together, Floyd is distant with her because he promised himself he would never get emotionally attached to a woman after what happened with his wife and Harley is really confused because he doesn’t smile to her and talk to her a lot like he did on their first mission 
  • He keeps a close eye on her though because he does not want her to get hurt 
  • When she is knocked out, he goes on full-mode rage and kills everyone furiously around them because he wants to check out quickly how she is. “Are you okay?” he asks, extremely worried when she slowly wakes up and she smiles and goes like “I knew you still liked me Floydy” and he just cracks a smile, relieved, and their relationship goes back to normal
  • Still during this mission, when everyone is asleep, they talk and Floyd asks him about the Joker. He clearly sees she’s in love with him and he accepts it even though he doesn’t approve it. 
  • He tries to discover how the Joker acts with her and he quickly realizes he is not a good man. He clearly abuses her does not treat her well. And although Floyd keeps telling to himself that it is none of his business, he cannot help it and decides that he needs to help her somehow. 
  • He slowly makes her realize how awful Joker he is. He does not force it, he is subtle. He just asks her questions or ask about some stories and Harley slowly discovers by herself that Joker treats her like garbage.
  • She really open her eyes when they talk about tattoos. He asks her about her ‘Rotten’ tattoo on her jaw and she tells him that Joker is used to call her that when she does something he doesn’t like or when she annoys him.
  • She is shook, so she quickly fires back if Floyd has tattoos and he says he does. She asks him if she can see them because she loves tattoos. He sighs and eventually accepts after she does her famous puppy eyes. He removes his shirt and shows her his rib tattoo, his arm tattoos (one is a heart with a dagger where ‘Zoe’ is written innit) and his target tattoo on his chest. 
  • Harley suddenly realizes what a fine specimen he is when she sees his muscular body and also realizes what a nice decent person he has been to her and wonders what it would feel like to have a healthy relationship with a person such as Floyd.

and im gonna stop right now or my heart is gonna combust into flames and this will end in a full fanfiction cjkdnfvkfjdnvjkdnjkv         

Nico and Piper friendship is the best thing just consider it

Them cutting each other’s hair for fun because they couldn’t care less about how it looks and Nico braiding Piper’s hair on formal occasions like he used to do Bianca’s

Telling people wrong translations in French and Italian then laughing their heads off when they are out of earshot

They see who can disgust Drew the most with their horrible fashion sense, looser has to wear a dress for a day

Piper telling Nico Cherokee ghost stories

Nico teaching Piper Italian lullabies which she aces only after a few minutes

Piper teaching Nico about being a 21st century teenager as he has a basic 10 year old knowledge of everything

Nico and Piper being so close that Jason feels like the third wheel when he hangs with then but is fine about it because seeing Nico happy is worth it

Imagine being with Ope, married and finding out you're having kids.

Guys this is without the background story linked to it, which you can find here. This is my first Opie imagine soooo, be gentle babes, kisses. 

Today it’s been five years since you and Ope got married, six since he had made you his old lady and 23 since you’ve first met. The thought of how you met made you smile, you were only teens but thought you already knew everything. Thinking about how you met made you wonder off to think about your parents, whom want nothing to do with you since you married Opie. They think you’re as disgusting as the MC is.

“Hon? Baby? Y/N!! Yeah hi, could you pass those files next to ya?” Gemma snapped you out of your daydreams and gave you a stern but concerned look. “Er.. Yeah, yeah sure” you passed the files, Gem took em from you. “What’s wrong baby, I can tell when something is wrong with my family so you might as well just tell me now” Gemma always had to convince you to tell her personal stuff, not because you didn’t trust her with it, but because you still didn’t wanted to take advantages of her, or anybody else, because you are with Opie.

“I was thinking about how me and Opie met” Gemma started laughing at the thought of a young y/n crashing her car into a tree just for the trill. “…and my folks” you sorta whispered as you knew Gemma didn’t like the mention of them as she now saw you as her own. “Honey, they’re not worth it, you are so much smarter then they are, so much better than them, walking out on your family like they did to you? They don’t deserve somebody like you to miss them or think about them” she gave you a loving look, stood up from her chair and kissed your forehead. “We’re your family now y/n, how many times do I have to tell you before you realize that?” You laughed under your breath “a couple more times Gem”


“So the good news is that you don’t have any weird illnesses” Tara came from the back door into the tiny room you were waiting for her. She stared at you for a bit then opened her mouth again “you’re pregnant Y/n.” You were in shock, you just sat on the bed looking at Tara in disbelieve, “but.. How.. What… I’m on birth control…” She laughed and sat down next to you on the bed “yeah, sometimes the pill doesn’t do it’s job, but it’s not like this kid is unwanted right?” Tara looked at you now a bit worried. “I honestly don’t know yet Tara, you’re sure right?” “Yep, hundred precent sure”


“Hey baby” Opie walked in the kitchen, placing his kutte very carefully on the chair, “Hey” he placed a kiss on your cheek. “I missed you you know, shit’s been crazy with the club” you turned around now standing to face him. “Hun when isn it” he let out a sigh, he knew you were right, but all the crazy club shit never was a problem for you and sometimes he wondered what he did to deserve an old lady like that. “I love you y/n” he kissed you passionately lifting you up, your legs wrapped around him, he placed you on the kitchen table, your face resting against his chest. You just sat there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the touch of each other.

You decided that it was now or never, “I have to tell you something Ope..” He didn’t move or speak, curious what you would want to tell him. “.. I went to the hospital today to see Tara today” you lifted your head to look at him. You went silent for a bit to read his face, it was full of worry. “We’re pregnant” his eyes flickered at the word pregnant. “You sure?” “Yep pretty sure” suddenly he twirled you around the kitchen, kissing your neck and face. “I’m gonna be a dad, we have to tell everybody, have a party tonight!” He put you down, kissed you, he looked at you once again now his face was full of love “you make me the happiest man on earth you know that y/n”

“Ope I don’t understand why the fuck I already look like a wale” Opie sat on the couch looking at you standing in front of him with only your bra and panties on, complaining about the size of your belly. “I feel like Tara wasn’t even this big when she was nine months!” He chuckled at you, your hormones have been picking up again. “Yeah but Thom is a really small child babe, I mean have you ever even seen the size of your old man over here?” he waved at you "Yeah yeah you’re a giant” you laughed at him and sat on his lap, kissing him. He bent over to kiss your belly “My little giant boy” “boy? Maybe it’s a girl, I feel like it’s a girl babe?” “Nah he’s gonna be just like his old man” “or she’s gonna be just like her old lady” Opie shook his head and started to tickle you, you tried to wiggle from his lap but he was just to strong.

He finally released you to catch your breath, “he’s a boy babe” you smirked at him, getting up from the couch, “fine fine, i’m taking a shower”

As you got out of the shower you looked at your belly once again, something just wasn’t right. You were only 3 months and you were huge. “What’s going on little one?” You held your tummy and whispered to it. 

Tomorrow you would go and check with Tara.


“Okay guys so everything turned out positive, so there’s nothing wrong with the pregnancy” Opie looked at you smiling hearing the news Tara just gave you. “You see hun, I told you you were overreacting” before you could say something Tara started to speak again. “But there is a reason why you’re so big already, you are having a beautiful baby boy…” You just frowned, that wasn’t an explanation at all.. “… And a beautiful baby girl” “TWINS!?” You were shocked, what the hell, two baby’s, how is that even possible. You looked at Ope to see any reaction but he just smiled like a damn fool, turning to you, he kissed your cheek and whispered “I told you it’s a boy” you laughed “and a girl”

People sending Halsey hate for sharing her story about her miscarriage disgust me. I don’t give a fuck if you’re not her fan. I don’t give a fuck if don’t like her music or her personality or whatever. This woman sacrifices everything for her fans. This woman went on stage in adult diapers, in extreme pain (yes, miscarriage is painful) and fucking performed because she cares. She cares about her fans more than anything. This woman has suffered a tragic loss and she was brave enough to share that story and people have the fucking nerve to say she’s lying? How the hell would you know? And why would she? I’m sorry if she doesn’t fit into the perfect little box you have decided female celebrities should but that does not give you the right to harass her for something so painful and traumatic. So don’t you dare say she’s just looking for attention. Guess what? She sold out MSG, she doesn’t need petty mother fuckers like you. Honestly if you said one word against her during this incident, unfollow me. She deserves so much better than that.

Okay, so I got really excited and in the mood for writing and also scared of what would happen if I waited until the end of the deadline I gave myself (it would probs be crap) and so yeah. Chapter one is early. (This is why I hate deadlines and tend to set them for myself) Based on @piku-chan on Tumblr’s Cinderella!AU for piku-chan! The plot is hers and Miraculous Ladybug belongs to Thomas Astruc. Basically…all I did was write the story….lol Enjoy!

“Ugh! Mar-i-nette! Get in here!” Chloé Bourgeois ordered angrily through the door of her luxurious bedroom.

The servant standing in the hall grumbled. She hated everything about the spoiled brat she took care of. There was merely a month between them in age, but Chloé always managed to act like a child when she didn’t get her way.

Marinette entered the door before her, a look of anger and disgust hiding her true beauty. She walked, rather heavily stepped, over to where Chloé was sitting on her silk bed and growled, very dog-like. The blonde rolled her eyes, but soon fixed her attention to the disheveled yellow dress in her hands.

“My dress is simply disgusting! Go to the tailor up Akuma Path and get a new one! Yellow, of course!”

Marinette’s face hardened, even more than before if that was possible. There was simply no way she was going to risk an attack by thieves or thugs because one girl was so petty about a dress! But she hadn’t a choice. If Mister Bourgeois were to find out about such a commotion, he would have her head! I mean, the deal was she would work off the supposed “debt” her parents owed or she would be hunted down and executed, even though she was a mere 17! So she had to go…but not without a quick visit to her parents grave’s.

Marinette hurried to the barn. She pulled a few gold pieces from a a small brown bag hidden in the hay pile so the Bourgeois family wouldn’t learn of the extra money she earned and rushed into town, toward the petite gardener, Rose. She was younger than Marinette by a few months, but was still very skilled in a garden for her age. 

“Ah, Marinette! Did you come to buy more vegetables?” she asked, genuinely curious.

Marinette stopped in her tracks as to not run into the blonde. “No, I actually came to buy flowers for the graves.”

Rose knew of her parents death, as did the rest of the village. They were devastated to loose the kind bakers who gave out bread to the poor and hungry every morning. Such beautiful people.

She smiled and turned to the bunches of flowers she had piled upon her wooden cart. Rose stood there for a few seconds, contemplating which bundles to give Marinette. After a few minutes, she picked out Orchids. Two bundles of Orchids. Sabine and Tom’s favorites. The young girl grew them for the couple even when they were alive and she was merely a child. That’s actually why she grew them…They fed her, a poor and starving child teetering between life and death, so to repay them, she took to gardening and grew flowers to decorate the bakery, herbs to keep them healthy, fruits and vegetables to feed them. She wanted to repay them for saving her life and giving her the greatest gift one could ever receive, someone that cares for her.

Rose turned once again to face Marinette’s lovely freckled face. She handed the Orchids to her and smiled brightly. “Free of charge.

"Marinette, in shock, blurted out, "I could never! You’ve already given me so many things for free! Please take this!” She held out her hand, the two gold coins sitting out in the open, ready for the taking.

Rose closed Marinette’s hand. She smiled again, a tear falling from her eyes. “I give you plants for free because I want to repay your family’s kindness. So, on this day, the day Sabine and Tom died, please take it once more for free.”

Marinette smiled warmly with the smile her parents gave her. She thanked Rose and ran. Ran as fast as her callused, over-worked feet could take her. Ran to her beloved parents’ graves. She ran.

Marientte sat down in front of two graves, one marked for Sabine Dupain-Cheng and the other for her husband Tom Dupain-Cheng. Marinette’s parents. She smiled, but tears formed in her eyes, threatening to spill down her face. 

“Hello Papa. Hello Mama. It’s been a while…,” She choked out. “Sorry I haven’t come to visit. I don’t have much time these days. I miss you.”

Marinette sat the Orchids on the two graves. She smiled again, even brighter this time around. “Rest in peace.” She stood up and turned, walking away happily. She always loved seeing her parents.

Marinette walked up the dark path, jumping at every twig broken by a nearby animal, shuddering at every quick breeze, eyes darting to the forest around her to make sure there were no thieves, but despite her best efforts, she was jumped. They were ruthless. The thugs checked every pocket, every piece of clothing, even her shoes were not left unscathed. They robbed her of her gold pieces and began to high-tail it out of there. 

She hadn’t a clue what was going on, but the robbers ran the other direction, dropping her coins onto the trampled ground beside her. It must have been a very terrifying creature, one that she wouldn’t like to get caught it conflict with. She looked up slowly, with deep hesitation….What? There was no monster. No blinding, unholy creature ready to tear her limb from limb. It was a blonde man in a black, cat-themed, leather outfit. He didn’t seem terrifying or threatening, but the sharp sword in his hand and scowl spread across his face suggested otherwise. 

The leather-clad man looked at the girl. His scowl dropped and a smile raised. He looked at her, almost longingly and took confident, quick strides towards her. He leaned onto one knee and sheathed his sword, setting his now free right glove on his heart.

“I hope those thugs did not cause you too much distress. Are you alright?” He asked whole-heartedly.

Marinette was dazed. She took a few seconds to process his words. They were perfect, as if he had practiced them a thousand time. She snapped awake and jumped onto her knees. “Oh, I’m quite fine…How can I thank you, kind Mister…?”

“Chat Noir. At your service, Princess.” He bowed with such grace only a noble would would know it. But Marinette had spent most of her time around nobles. She assumed he was merely a noble who lost his power and entitlement to such a name. He might’ve lost it long ago as he seemed very accustomed to being wild. That fight was a good example.

“P-Princess..?” The words hung in her mouth. What had he called her so casually?

“As for thanks…” Chat thought for a second, but came to a quick conclusion in his mind of what he would ask of this girl. “…may I ask you for your company at the festival? I heard there’s a lot of fun to be had.”

Definitely a past noble. He had never been to one of the festivals. They were held every year in town for mostly the poor to enjoy. It was a tradition the late Queen had devised some years before her untimely death.

Marinette thought for a second. Should she accompany this stranger to the festival? Would she be able to even finish her work in time for each night? She weighed her options and eventually made a decision. “I’d love to accompany you….as thanks for saving me.”

Chat’s face lit up like a child on Christmas. He jumped up. “Yahoo!” He danced, leaving poor Marinette on the ground, confused. He soon realized what he was doing. This was no way to act in front of a lady. He stopped, coughed awkwardly, and attempted to make himself poised again. Chat Noir picked Marinette off the ground and bowed again. He choked out, “Thank you, m'lady.” and ran away, turning for a second to salute her good-bye. Marinette waved back, still very confused, but slightly charmed.

Sorry if I made any mistakes! This is merely chapter one! I intend to have more coming soon that will be based around the festival itself and probably another little before chapter about Adrien as Chat and stuff. Well, if you’re down to this part of the post, I guess that you most likely read and enjoyed, so thanks for that! Hope you enjoyed especially, @piku-chan! Btw I love, love, love your your Cinderella!AU! Ahh!

I Need a Gangsta (Bottom Feeder - Part 1)

My first x reader post on here. I hope someone likes it :$ I have an idea of where I want this to go and I will post it, however if people have suggestions let me know!

Characters: Joker, Gabby Barnes (you), some goons, a couple bystanders.

Warnings: Some violence, threatening at gunpoint.

“What do you mean you’re going with the croc guy story?” I screamed into the phone, disturbing a few people ahead of me in line at the Gotham Bank. An elderly woman in a fur coat glanced over her shoulder at me in disgust. It took everything I could not to flip her off.

My editor sighed, “It’s Killer Croc, Gabby, and let’s be honest, who wants to hear about some blind psycho who really likes colours?”

“It’s Crazy Quilt and that’s all he can see - you know what it doesn’t matter. Mike, I really need that spot in the Times, I’m on thin ice here.” I glimpsed a man in a dark coat and hat with a long brim perusing the paper stand just outside the glass doors. Was that a hint of green? Fashion these days.

“I’m sorry, Gabs, people like that big, scary shock factor when it comes to crime figures. Besides, we still have a spot open for you in the obits.”

“You know what, Mike? You can just shove -” The man from the newspaper stand was suddenly inside and brushed passed me. I now realized that his coat was purple, and that the hair peeking out of his hat was definitely green. Silver glinted out of his pocket and my heart skipped a beat. Instinctively, I slid my taser out of my purse and into my jacket.

“Hey, Mike, honey?” I said sweetly, attempting to collect myself, “I’ll call you in an hour with something that’ll make Killer Croc read like a fluff piece. Keep that front page warm for me.”

As I ended the call, the man whipped out two silver handguns and began firing in the air. People began screaming, some even tried to run from the building, but men with clown masks stepped in front of the doors wielding machine guns. I lowered my phone and hit record on the camera just in time to catch the Joker’s signature laugh.

“You can’t do this! Who do you think you are?” the woman in the fur coat shouted.

His eyes flashed and he was in front of her in seconds, the cold barrel of his gun pushing up on her jaw. I tried not to smirk. Jesus, Gaby, you’re wicked.

He smiled wide, “Not so arrogant now, are we, old bag?”

She whimpered but said nothing. There was a long tense silence where he simply stared at her, and slowly cocked his weapon. Suddenly, a big hand gripped my wrist and twisted it behind me, causing me to drop my phone and yelp.

“Hey, boss!” said a male voice over my shoulder, “This one was trying to get it on tape.”

Without thinking I pulled out my taser and twisted around enough to hit him square in the chest. The goon fell to the ground writhing and I readied myself for the others to strike.

“I’ll handle this, boys. Go get that volt open.” the Joker turned his attention to me and the woman slumped to the floor in relief.

His heels clicked along the marble floor as he deliberately strode towards me. I resisted the urge to bolt and settled for taking a few steps back.

“You know, I really do like surprises.” he cooed, then hissed, “When I’m in on them!”

Sliding the gun shaft along my cheek, he snarled, “Why were you recording? And drop that.”

My taser clattered to the floor, “I-I work for the Gotham Times.”

He cackled, “Tell me, what’s it like being a bottom feeder?”

“Speak for yourself.” I almost covered my own mouth in shock but stood my ground.

His eyes glinted and he regarded me from head to toe, “What’s your name, kitten?”

Don’t tell the bad guy your name, Gabby, “Gabby Barnes.” I practically blurted. Idiot.

“I suppose you would just die for an interview, wouldn’t you, Miss Barnes?” he eased himself against the wall he had backed me up into.

I nodded sharply, not trusting myself to speak. I chose to think that it was because of the stressful situation, not because he oddly smelled good or that I had noticed his muscles tensing under his dark red dress shirt.

Abruptly, one of the goons called out to him, “Boss, we got the stuff, we best get out of here before the Bats comes!”

The Joker, seemingly unfazed, trailed a finger along my cheek and hooked a strand of my hair. He gently brought it to his face and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. When they opened his eyes were suddenly focused, almost predatory. My insides churned but I couldn’t look away. He then yanked me closer by my hair and I gasped as his lips grazed mine.


The criminal blinked back to reality and briskly turned to make his exit, leaving my hair behind.

“But how do I get in touch with you!” I yelled after him.

“Oh, kitten, just put your lips together and blow.” He gave me a once over, bit his lower lip for a long moment, then was gone.

I grabbed a bench to steady myself on. What have you gotten yourself into now, Barnes?

I was originally going to post this on Saturday, but I instead posted that great video of Gavin attempting to tie a knot in a cherry stem. I didn’t expect that post to garner so much attention! I also promised boardpresence I’d post this on Sunday, but I never got around to it.

So in the last month I’ve often said in reblogs or in my own posts that I truly don’t believe the Adam Stevens story line. As in, I don’t truly believe Adam is homophobic like the show portrays him to be. I also sincerely doubt he abuses Connor. As Peter and Brad have stated several times in the past, not everything is as it looks. I’m not an expert on anything gay, but I imagine that the man is fine with LGBT people but has reservations about his son. Not out of disgust like people believe him to be, but that he’s afraid his son will get hurt by people because of who he is. Without further ado, my theory:

Adam never truly thought or believed that Jude was gay, contrary to what was said in the show and in a later episode post camping trip. In my opinion, if Adam truly believed that Jude was gay, he would have never let Connor hang out with him, even when his son began dating Daria. He also wouldn’t have let Connor sleep over prior to breaking their friendship in 2x02, as Connor would have stated that Jude had two moms. If Adam were as homophobic as the show portrays him to be, he would have believed that either Jude or his moms, or both, would be able to persuade his son to be gay. Which is what the majority if not all homophobes believe to be true.

It’s my honest opinion that Adam had a feeling or knew that Connor was gay before Jude came along, maybe even years before. Hence why he pushes Connor into hyper-masculine activities. At the batting cages, he noticed how Connor was distracted by his friend. He was already wary of Jude when he caught Connor momentarily looking at Jude, prior to Jude comforting Connor on the bench. He was distracted by a boy. Most believe this was when Connor began feeling differently about Jude, but we saw Connor having feelings in 1x15 (Padre). In addition, the show provided many clues in the beginning of the series of who Connor was to Jude Even in the very first episode. We hear the line “Well, there is this one boy named Connor” several times in 1A before we even see Connor on screen. The show was practically foreshadowing a relationship that went beyond friendly boundaries.

When Connor began dating Daria, it put Adam at ease and he allowed Jude and Connor to be friends again. Mostly because he was happy that Connor was dating a girl, and for that brief period in time he felt that all his thoughts of Connor being gay over the past few years were wrong.

Oh how wrong Adam Stevens was. So wrong.

That time I came out to my homophobic mother

With a happy ending! Well, ten years after it happened we still live together so that should say something, no?

Anyhow, I felt like doing another “story time” with one of my life experiences and this was pretty peculiar in itself and it is a story I wanted to share for a long time.

Under the cut is the story and a warning for homophobic language.

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I think it’s important for teenagers who think they can do no wrong just because they care about social justice to remember that every villain is the hero of their own story.

You can care about the right things and still be a shitty, disgusting, vile human being barely worth the breath you’re breathing. And yeah, maybe a lot of people agree with you on everything, but every villain has a huge fanbase.

That doesn’t make them less of a fucking villain.

  • I am disgusted by the media posting 'Oh these white tourist had to leave Mexico because of Patricia' OH BOO HOO WHAT ABOUT THE MILLIONS OF MEXICAN CITIZENS THAT ARE GONNA LOSE EVERYTHING? THEIR HOMES? HOPEFULLY NOT THEIR FAMILIES! So media stop being dumb & actually post about important stuff not stupid stories about tourist being devastated about their short vacation.My family in Mexico are near the area its gonna hit.I'm praying for them & EVERYONE in mexico.❤🙏

Funny story. So before I was out I kissed a guy and I remember feeling his beard rub my face. I hated it and I felt disgusted. I was so used to girls that a guy felt unnatural. Now I love everything about a nice bristly beard rubbing all over my face 😁😁😁😁