i’m bigger than my body,
i’m colder than this home,
i’m meaner than my demons
i’m bigger than these bones

a very special commission i did for @moloosh!!! she’s playing the same MU on all three routes and wanted me to do a sort of time traveler concept with her birthright/conquest runs. i put a LOT of thought and hard work into this piece, so i’ll write a blog post about everything soon with WIP pics too!! it was a lot of fun!

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name: Stephanie

nicknames: Steph,Stephi (StephMoney on the mean streets)

gender: girl

star sign: sagittarius

height: 5′2″ (157cm)

age: 20

hogwarts house: you know i’ve never taken than quiz..i’d like to say HufflePuff

favorite color: Currently everything around me is a combo of pink and blue in many neon shades. Anything neon or pastel tho

time right now: time to study for my calc final *oops* (9:32pm)

hours of sleep: actually 6! (ONLY because i had a final this morning hhhaaa~)

lucky number: 1 cuz im a winner (lol i don’t have one but its one now~)

last thing i googled: “Is it a compilation error if two methods differ only in return type in the same class” LOL my compsci final was this morning..*technically the last thing i googled was how to spell saggittarius i can’t spell for crap*

blankets i sleep with: my penguin one that my sister got me like a year or two ago. Now ask me about the stuffed animals I sleep with..WHOLE OTHER STORY LOL

favorite bands/artists:*cracks knuckles* ok so for kpop: Infinite,f(x),BTS,OhMyGirl,EXO,BAP,MONSTAX,Got7,B2ST,SHINee,
Seventeen,VIXX,B1A4,Mamamoo (veterans such as tvxq/jyj,Suju,SISTAR, BigBang,UKISS etc are implied LOL all rookies such as Astro and NCT as well pffftt who am I)
for kHipHop/rnb: Beenzino,Reddy,SAN E AOMG,DEEEAN,Microdot,LilBoi,Basick,ok so a lot of ppl from SMTM4~
kSoloist: Ailee,Crush,SamKim,EddyKim,ZionT,Z.Tao,Kris,Luhan,RoyKim(ok can there be like a triple Kim special stage orr) ParkHyoShin,JooYoung,
kBands: FTIsland,RoyalPirates,CNBlue,Day6,Where is N.Flying???
OK SO ENGLISH STUFF lumped together: DRAKE,ChildishGambino,Logic,ChrisBrown,Hoodie Allen,BrysonTiller

dream trip: i’ve always wanted to go to Australia or Canada. 

dream job: rly I mean if I could make a living by singing, talking to ppl and being their friends, and eating tasty food that’d be my dream job. Idk what to do with my life tbqh

what i’m wearing right now: purple cut off tank and nike shorts.I slept in it,went to class in it. An i’ll probs sleep in it again because my life

when did you make this blog: 2012 June

follower count: 372

posts: 53,770 (+1 after this holy crap)

what do i post about: kpop, Drake, memes, and vines 

most active followers: fam @changeinpressure @waytoooldforthis @fake-pcy @suhosheaven (when I see ur names a smiles :’)

when did your blog reach its peak: hmmm idk what this means. I know for a fact though that I gained almost all of my followers during Exo’s first comeback LOL also the only time I ever got notes on things jafkfds

why did you get tumblr: my friend in highschool found out that I liked kpop and kept telling me to make one for like 3months. I finally did haha

do you get asks on a daily basis: nah, only if im the one who asked a public question cuz ppl r sweet and help me all the time <3

why did you choose your url : when I was a thespian in highschool I wanted to put something funny on the back of my hoodie like every else, so i put ‘stefunny’. So then i made it “thestefunnyone”. That’s my user name too though, i have never actually tried changing my url to anything. in reality i don’t use many of tumblr’s basic functions LOL

that was rly long and boring im sorry im just trying not to do my calc work

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i rly hope got7 will be ok i mean like things among them u know.. im so worried about everything

i just saw their pics at the airport and i’m feeling weak… i never saw them that way… like, i think this is much bigger than we thought it was and i’m too scared… 

That time when this guy from Joe’s group said this to Daryl, which made him just crazy. I know it was bad but however I love this scene, because it shows to me that Daryl has feelings for Beth, he really cares about her and he always protects her, even when she isn’t there. Not only we, the Bethyl shipper notice it, no, even another character notice that too and he never got to know Beth, the “bitch”, he was talking about. And Daryl’s reaction also shows everything!

pic credits to @dead.family
@emmykinney @bigbaldhead
#bethgreene #daryldixon #bethyl #emilykinney #normanreedus

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