Soo, what the hell is up with all the hate us Sherlollians are getting lately? I don’t understand. 

We stay over here on our nice little ship, with nice little shippers, who give us nice little fics and nice little pics!

(Okay, so not everything about us Sherlollians is little, especially some of our fics!)

Shipping is about fun! Shipping is for yourself! Shipping a ship does not mean we expect it to become canon. As many of us said at 221B, we’re not even sure we want Sherlolly to become canon because most likely if it does, Molly won’t last till then end. And guess what?! Molly is a BAMF! We love Molly! We care about Molly! 

Would I love to see some Sherlolly romantic kisses? Umm, yea! Would I love to see some Sherlolly cuddles? Hell yea! Would I love there to be some alluding to Sherlolly sexy times? Fuck yea! (Pun intended) 

BUT! If that all means Molly is put in danger and dies, then HELL NO! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR QUEEN! 

What I am trying to say, is, stop assuming things about us Sherlollians. We are love! I have met so many awesome and caring people through this ship alone! We are fun and goofy, but we still care about our ship. And we will defend our right to ship whoever we want to ship! We don’t need a reason to ship who we ship, but I promise you we all do have a reason - but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because shipping is supposed to be fun (^see notes above about shipping)!

Anyways, just, gah! Stop with all the hate inside the fandom! Its been a long time since we have gotten an episode and I know it is all killing us, but don’t start fights just to keep yourselves entertained. If you love your ship so much, then write fics, draw pics, and create stuff for it. But please leave other ships alone.  

anonymous asked:

I think it's sad that if you look back at SDCC13 when Colin did all his interviews with MRJ he was totally chill, having a good time, and basically bro'ing it out with MRJ (he even had really laid back attire on compared to what he wears at the conventions now). They both talked about their characters in depth, where they see them going, the storytelling, etc. Now it's like Colin is stuck to a script where everything is "HOOK LOVES EMMA, HOOK THINKS EMMA IS SEXY, EMMA, EMMA, EMMA, EMMA, EMMA."

Everything about Colin makes me sad nowadays. I saw gifsets and pics of him at Comic Con this year and he just looked….. Miserable to say the least. Poor guy. 

I was SO relieved and excited to see the trailer for his new movie ‘The Dust Storm’ because it wasn’t OUAT related and the female lead wasn’t blonde so there wasn’t any dumb CS comparisons. But also because I just found the premise of the movie, sweet, classic and I love that it takes place in Nashville. Given my love for Country music. :-)