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I don't want to push your buttons but is there any reason why you won't draw Priscilla and Audrey on the nsfw blog as well as not drawing Mauxie, Vivian and Vanessa on this blog(note this is just a question that's been bugging the hell out of me)

It’s really that simple. I know there’s a bunch of other artist that just don’t care about this and would mix everything up. But nsfw pics would really crash with the tone I want for my comic project so it’s just better to keep things separated.

And that’s pretty much it anon.

#1205 “My blog is dedicated to Thorin. I reblog furiously everything about him. But I found myself totally incapable of reblogging pics or gifs of dead Thorin. It’s too painful. Besides, I chose to live in a rosy bubble of denial where he is the mighty King Under the Mountain, training Fíli to be his successor and showering Kíli with attention and fatherly love. Yeah.”

‘Kay, soooooooo… I somehow spent a whole month not drawing Oxnard. Yeah. A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH. I.. how??? Idk. So I when I tried drawing him, his head/face got fricked up. (Though admittedly kinda cute. In a bobbleheady kinda way. xD) Anywhoozies, I doodled Bernard to make me feel better ‘bout it. XDDDDD Thought it was funny, so I wanted to share. ^^