everything's moved!


It’s okay to miss someone that meant a lot to you, but be confident with where you are and who you’ll become.



people leave and people move… but that’s okay :))

little things to remember

because everything is going to be alright, love

-          Smiling at strangers and watching them smile back

-          Dogs resting their heads on your lap

-          Being shown around the house of a brand new friend

-          Remembering your favourite scene from an old movie

-          Childhood friends

-          Soft new socks

-          Finishing a favourite book and thinking it over

-          The soft glow of the microwave as you heat up a midnight snack

-          Being the last one awake at a sleepover and the comfort from being                with your friends

Be patient

You’ll become financially stable.
You’ll get that work done.
You’ll finish that work for class.
You’ll get that degree.
You’ll get over your ex.
You’ll find the right one.
Everything in due time, just be patient.

*snorts* 😂😂😂

cr:  @vanillajinki

Don’t let negative thoughts poison your mind. Leave people that aren’t good for you.