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don’t let him get away!! 


Valor and Love will lead the way
To clear the debt the lost god must pay
And the severed family line will began the Great War
When Wise Girl’s blood is spilled once more

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no pressure or anything BUT you should totally write and "happy pride month 🏳️‍🌈" conversation between eskild and isak :))))))))))

Happy Pride Month to all of my Followers!


Eskild: Isakkkkkk

Ooohhh baby Isak!!!!

My lovely little baby beannnnn


Isak: hey guru. what’s up?

Eskild: do you know what month just started? 

Isak: …. june? 


Isak: oh yeah!! Happy Gay month, Eskild!

Eskild: Isakkk you’re thinking too small!! Not just gay- lesbian, bisexual, transgender… everything and anything under the sun you that you know you are deep down inside. 

This month is our community’s month baby.

Isak: This month is our month.

Do you

Maybe want to go to the Pride Parade with Even and I? 

Eskild: Yes.

Isak: If we go. like i haven’t brought it up with him or anything. But it’s only fitting seeing as you’re my guru and all that. We should go to pride together.

Eskild: I am so proud of you. I don’t tell you enough.

Isak: gross.

Eskild: and it’s only fitting that pride is in your birthday month considering how gay you are.

When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around
Do you ever really crash, or even make a sound?
Did I even make a sound?
Did I even make a sound?
It’s like I never made a sound…

(full view for best resolution.)

had some feelings about waving through a window and felt it fit these two very well.

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JULIA, you did it. Your pic is adorable. Your smile is everything. And no, you're not too small, they're just toooo tall.

haha THANK YOU. I think I look like a fucking dweeb in the Sam and Cait one and my eyes are wonky in my just Cait one but whatever. They are the nicest human beings on earth, especially Cait lkahsgfouerhtelta

A sort of a Fruits Basket AU where if any of the brothers hug they turn into animals, and so they kind of act distant and like assholes to each other to try and keep it from happening.
Ichi and Jyushi aren’t as careful with each other because neither of them minds being a dog or a cat.
Todo only sometimes isn’t as careful, cause you get a lot of nice attention when you’re a cute little bunny rabbit. But he doesn’t like it all of the time because he doesn’t like being useless and defenseless like he gets.
Choro hates it because he thinks his horns are too unruly and his hooves tear up his magazines and the others tease him about the wool so he hates stays well away from the others.
Oso is indifferent cause its kinda fun being a red panda except he doesn’t like it too much because you can’t play pachinko or drink beer as a red panda.
They all tend to keep their distance from Kara mainly because they’d rather not have a FULLY GROWN TIGER in their house. He also prefers not to deal with it because he can’t leave the house (tigers aren’t exactly subtle and common on Japanese streets) and everything is just too small, so he doesn’t put up too much of a fuss about being ignored.


“Statues of our Past”

Well, I decided to do a thing. For @underfellfangame ’s AU Island contest. This is my entry; UnderSaga!

I put both the full picture with the door and souls, and the one with just the pixel art since I really liked it.

(Also just a side note, this is not the complete summary of the WHOLE au, just one segment. It would take too long to summarize the whole thing lol. )

In this world, Monster and Human souls could not interact at all without something harmful to one if not both parties happening (if while they were alive). Human and human souls could interact, and so could monster and monster. But no one knew this fact, and after years of trying to get along (since magic and syncing was directly correlated with the soul), they broke out in war. Monsters were more inherently kind, and so lost being trapped in Mt. Eboss.

Long after, one human, disgusted by humans traveled to the forbidden mountain in order to obtain “closure.”

They fell down a hole at the very top of the mountain in a cave, and landed in a large lake at the bottom. The splash was loud, and Asrial, who happened to be nearby heard the fall and found the human. They quickly became friends. And it stayed like that for many many years, as they grew up together.

But this human caught an unknown disease from a native monster flower that seemingly only affected humans, and it was fatal. Asrial didn’t know what to do when the human died soon after, as the human’s soul persisted after death and radiated a powerful magic. He took it not knowing the adverse effects, and also died when the surge of magic pulsed through his soul. His dust was tainted a blood red.

Asgore and Torel, rulers of the underground, buried the human’s body near the entrance point and closed off the path to the ruins.

Their magic, though, silently lingered all throughout the underground.
Until one scientist discovered it’s true power.

Moving Update!

actually idk if I’ve even talked it on here before, but to sum it up our house is going to be put on sale since my grandmother, the original owner, passed away and the rest of the family wants to get the investment out of it. so my mom has been looking for a new place for a while aaaaand…
well…not yet. it’s a local condo that’s only 15 minutes away from the house so it won’t be a big change. she made a bid on it but was counter-offered for a higher price, but she took it anyway. she signed a bunch of papers and got a letter for proof of payment from her brother, so it seems to be going smoothly. we’re just waiting on the last bit of paperwork and the approval before we officially move in, which my mom said will be around July 30th. but as long as nobody else makes an offer that will crush ours, then we’re probably good to go.
and i hope we do get it, cause it’s so nice and perfect for the two of us plus my kitty. the only downside is that we won’t be able to take our dog, so we’re looking for a good home for him, whether it’s a close neighbor or a relative.
but yeah, im actually super excited for this! i need a more simpler lifestyle without worrying about mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway.

SPN Writing Challenge | breathingdestiel vs. sataniccas 
prompt: proposal
pairings: dean/cas
word count: 3,500
tags: kid!fic, hs!au, best friends to lovers, fluff


          8 years old

Castiel Novak sat on the bench in the school’s playground. His eyes were glued to a boy standing near the school entrance and looking absolutely lost. Dean Winchester was a new kid and Cas wanted to help him, but he wasn’t sure how. Still, he understood how Dean had to be feeling, so he took a deep breath and made his way over to the other boy.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean looked at him questioningly. “Hi?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Cas said in a rushed breath. It was a phrase he had heard his mother say on the phone when he had visited her in her office. He was sure it was appropriate for this situation too.

“What?” Dean croaked as his eyebrows shot up.

“Be my friend.”

After one slow blink, Dean frowned. “I thought proposal meant you’re asking someone to marry you.”

“Oh, well it can mean that, but it also means you’re offering something.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that. You’re really smart.”

Cas blushed and looked at his shoes. “I’m not; my mother explained it to me when I asked her about it.”

“I ask my mom a lot of things, but I forget most of it. So you are smart.”

“Thank you, but I think you’re smart too. Your brain is probably just too small, so you can’t remember everything. It will grow, don’t worry,” Cas explained seriously.

Dean nodded thoughtfully, “Thanks… Cas is your name, right?”

“It’s actually Castiel, but only the teachers call me that. You can call me Cas.”

“Great. Look, two swings are free. Let’s go.” Dean grabbed Cas’ hand and pulled him towards the swings.

“Wait, does this mean you’ll be my friend?”

A huge grin broke out on Dean’s face. “Of course I will. It’s an offer, uh, a proposal I can’t refuse.”

10 years old

Cas laughed as Dean made another silly face and, in return, made Dean laugh too. Cas had spent the whole day at Dean’s house because his mother had an important meeting and his babysitter had cancelled, but Cas still wasn’t bored or fed up. They had watched TV, read comic books and played with Dean’s younger brother Sam.

At the moment, they were in Dean’s room where they had tried to play two-player charades, but had soon given up because they couldn’t keep a straight face for long enough.

“Hey, Cas?”

“Yes, Dean?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Dean answered with a toothy grin.

“What is it?” Cas asked as his lips lifted up in a small smile of his own.

“Sleep over.”

Cas thought about it. He had never slept over in the two years they had been friends, but there was no reason he shouldn’t. And he definitely didn’t want the fun to stop. “I have to ask my mother, though.”

“Yes!” Dean pumped his fist in the air. “She’ll say yes for sure. C’mon, let’s call her, my mom will definitely persuade her.”

Dean dragged him to the kitchen, where his mother Mary was washing dishes.

“Hey, Mom, can Cas stay the night?” Dean jumped excitedly around her.

“Sure, if Naomi agrees.”

“Could you please call her and ask?” Cas questioned, more calmly than Dean, but his excitement was still evident.

A few minutes and one phone call later, Naomi had agreed for Cas to stay overnight and she promised to bring his pajamas and toothbrush. Both of the boys were thrilled that they were allowed to spend more time with each other.

After several hours, both boys were bundled up in Dean’s bed, exhausted but content.

“I’m so glad you’re my best friend,” Dean whispered.

Cas smiled. “I’m glad too, Dean.”

“We’re going to have sleepovers when we’re old too, right?”

“Of course,” Cas said and took hold of Dean’s hand.

“Can’t wait.” Dean squeezed back.

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Alex wasn’t used to flying. This was going to be his second time on a plane and he was still really nervous about it. Sure the lead cans were supposed to be safe, but his nerves didn’t seem to let up. It didn’t matter how much he tried to justify it to himself; he couldn’t get over the fact that he didn’t feel safe. He’d preferred to drive home but there was no way he’d make it in time for work the next day. Alex stared vacantly out the window as the other passengers boarded the plane.

“Mind if I sit here?” a girl asked. Alex didn’t even realize that someone else was talking to him. She’d probably asked him a few times already. He looked around nervously trying to regain his composure.

“Uhhh… Yeah. Sure. I’m traveling alone. So I don’t need that seat. I only need this one. So… yeah. You can sit there and I’ll sit here. Yep.” His mind went blank as he realized he was still talking. He didn’t even know what he was saying anymore.

The girl just smiled softly. “Ahh… So you’ll sit there and I’ll sit here. Sounds good. Name’s Clara.” She stuck her hand out to shake.

“Huh? Oh. Alex.” The frightened man shook Clara’s hand. He felt like his body wouldn’t sit still.

“Little nervous?”

“Huh? Oh. Yeah. Nervous. I don’t really like planes. They just seem like metal death traps and this is going to be my last day on earth and I get to spend it hurtling down at like a million miles per hour surrounded by complete strangers all screaming in pain and terror as the world comes closer and closer until we eventually go splat.” Clara laughed as though it was a joke. Alex couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious, ‘She probably thinks I’m crazy.’ He shrugged his shoulders trying to play it off. “So I’d say, ‘a little nervous.’”

“Yeah? Couldn’t tell.” She obviously was joking right? He had practically been shaking when she sat down. “But you don’t need to worry about it. I’m sure the pilot will get us there safely.” Clara was very confident about this. It eased some of Alex’s nerves. He was being a bit dramatic. “So are you going home or away?”

“Home,” Alex replied.

“Oh really? So you were on vacation. No, that can’t be right. Let me guess what you were doing. I’m really good at guessing.” It wouldn’t have mattered even if Alex wanted to interject. Clara seemed more than happy to keep talking to him. At least it helped him get his mind off the plane ride. “You were in a weightlifting competition! I bet you won too.”

“Huh?” It caught Alex completely off-guard. Did he really look like someone who lifted weights? Well that was probably a trick question. Everyone always said he was a really big dude but he never felt like it. He just never felt like he was that big as he wanted to be. Sure he had to look down at almost everyone he met, and his arms were the size of most of their head, but he still never felt like he was that big. “How could you tell?”

“Besides your massive shoulders leaning into me?”

“Oh sorry! I didn’t mean to,” Alex apologized. He turned to his side trying to make himself smaller. It wasn’t very effective.

“Nah, I get it,” she had such a kind smile. “Big guys like you need a lot of room. I really don’t mind if you don’t. Probably why you’re a little nervous too. Planes aren’t built for guys like you. They’re way too small. I’m not even sure how you fit on here. Your head probably scrapes across the ceiling.”

Alex blushed a little bit. She was right. Planes were way too small for guys like him. Not that he was too big. It’s just that everything else was too small. “Yeah. They just don’t know how to make stuff for normal sized people,” he joked.

The plane was already starting to descend. Alex hadn’t realized that the ride was already over. It was so much smoother and faster than he’d expected. “Thanks for talking to me,” he smiled. “Just glad we didn’t have any turbulence.”

“Handsome guy like you could easily go through life without much turbulence.” Clara smiled slyly as she got up from her seat.

Vane’s gift

Pairings: Vane / Reader 

Warnings: Swearing (I feel like i write that one a lot), pain… not much else i don’t think. 

REQUEST:   tv series!Charles vane x reader where Eleanor and Charles were never together and they don’t like each other but they have to get along because she’s she reader’s best friend and the reader is Charles wife, the reader is heavily pregnant and she goes into labor, Eleanor and Charles are bickering and she snaps at them, shocking them cause she’s usually nice, and she’s give birth to a baby girl. Fluffy and proud Charles pls

A/N: @vitalanidragonbane your request is all done sweetie! Hope it came out like you wanted I tried really hard to do proud daddy Vane but not sure how it came out! Also just wanted to mention I have never been Pregnant or experience child birth so hope I haven’t upset anyone with my description of it. I tried my best! 


Normally you could deal with Eleanor and Charles bickering back and forth between each other, snapping and taunting each other like old men rather than a somewhat vicious pirate and stubborn black market merchant.

Right now though, it was hot. Middle of summer in the Bahama’s hot. The humidity settled on your body and stuck to your skin. It was making the hair on the back of your neck stick and all of your clothes to feel slightly too tight for your body.


It took you a moment to realise that both Eleanor and Charles were staring at you expectantly, obviously waiting for you to do or say something. Eleanor was stood hands on her hips staring at you while Charles lounged in your bed booted feet crossed at his ankles. He had a piece of liquorice in his mouth chewing the end which made you smile. The first time you’d told him it wasn’t healthy to smoke his cigars around you now you were pregnant he’d just scowled and muttered something along the lines of ‘fuck off’. You hadn’t seen a cigar since though and he’d suddenly started eating a whole lot of liquorice sticks.

“Y/N will you please tell your husband to back the fuck off my business. What I talk to Flint about is none of his concern”

“Leave her out of this” Vane snarled “Y/N is not some go between whenever I do something that pisses you off”

“Fuck you Vane” Eleanor hissed temper flaring “she was my friend long before she started screwing you”

“Eleanor” you sighed as Charles growled low in his throat dangerously starting to uncurl from his chair. “Can you two please just not do this right now”

“Since when did you always take his side” she demanded stamping one foot like a petulant child who wasn’t getting their own way.

“Ellie” you pressed a hand to your stomach rubbing at the ache there “I don’t even know what it is you’re arguing about this time nor do I want to. I just want the both of you to shut the hell up for a while”

“Y/N” Eleanor looked shocked at your harsh tone, you didn’t think you’d ever snapped at her before.

Vane came over to crouch down in front of you “You alright pet?”

You’d snapped at Vane many times before, it was impossible not to lose your temper with the annoying man at some points. He didn’t look that upset at your snarky tone of voice just vaguely worried.

You moved your head down to rest against his forehead. “I’m just tired and to hot. I just feel… wrong”

“The baby?” he laid his hand on top of your own, rubbing slowly.

“We’re fine. I just need you two to stop yelling for a moment”

Vane got back up looking at Eleanor “Maybe we could continue this… discussion another time”

You’d never heard Vane sound so civil before and obviously neither had Eleanor because she rose one eyebrow at him curiously.

“Now you turn polite and civil? I didn’t know you had it in you Vane”

Vane tensed beside you “I’m trying real hard to keep my temper here Miss Guthrie” he’d sneered out Eleanor’s formal name “I recommend you get the fuck out of here before I stop being so ‘polite’”

“Y/N! Are you really going to let him talk to me like that?”

“Actually I am Ellie. Look just go home for a bit. I’ll see you later on”

Eleanor did not look happy but at your added on ‘please’ she did at least agree to go, only after throwing another evil look at Vane though.

“Why are you even friends with that bitch?”

“Don’t Vane” you asked, not in the mood to deal with him and his temper tantrums right now “she is my friend and that’s all the explaining you need to know right now”

Vane leant over you balancing one hand on each arm of the chair. “You going to tell me what’s actually bothering you?”

“I don’t know” you were telling the truth “everything just feels wrong, its like my skin is too small or something” he rubbed his hand up and down one of your arms obviously unsure what it was he could do about that. Charles was wonderful when someone threatened you, he knew exactly what to do about that. Or when you had needed to learn to swim, he’d managed to sort that problem wonderfully by simply throwing you into the ocean until you’d swam. Right though he didn’t know how to fix this, how to make you feel better and his confusion was showing on his face. You took pity on him smiling softly. “I’m sure I’ll be fine. Don’t worry”

Vane sighed going back over to the bed and sitting on the edge. “I’ve never fucking worried so much in my life since this kid happened”

“You don’t want the baby, I know that. We’ve been over this Vane…”

“I want the kid Y/N” he cut you off “I’m just not sure what I’m meant to be doing”

“We can’t do anything Charles. This is just what’s happening” you got up to go and lie down behind him. “Go and talk to Jack, figure out what’s going on with Flint”

“And you?”

“I’m going to rest, I think its just too hot and I need to sleep”

Vane stared at you for a moment longer before obviously deciding you were telling the truth, he leant down and kissed you roughly before leaving. You really were tired and actually in quite a lot of pain. You were fairly sure you knew what was happening, and were confident enough to even guess you still had quite a while before anything major happened. As it was you were just in line for quite a few hours of pain. So while you still could you were planning on sleeping and building up some strength.


“Holy fuck!” you snapped awake crying out with the intense pain in your lower stomach. It was like an iron band had clamped around you and was squeezing mercilessly. Groaning you tried to sit up, not liking the amount of effort it took to get your feet underneath you. When you did manage to stand you could see blood on the sheets of the bed and the pain was coming back again forcing you to sit once more.

You’d never had a child of your own yet but you’d been around plenty of women who had and were fairly certain you were in labour.

“CHARLES!” your scream laced with pain brought Charles running along with Jack who he’d still been talking to not far from the tent you slept in.

“Y/N?” he dropped to his knee’s beside you as you moaned reaching out to clutch to his shoulder. “Y/N what is it?”


“Baby?” you’d never heard Vane sound scared before and in a strange way it calmed you down. You nodding gasping as your stomach twisted once more.

“Captain, I believe Y/N may be having this child” Jack pointed out making you nod once more still not over the last contraction and only able to take short panting intakes of breath.

“She’s having the baby?” Charles repeated apparently in shock himself.

“It does seem that way. Y/N what do you need?”

“Ellie, get Ellie” you hissed “and Max. They know what to do”

“Of course” Jack took off at a speed you appreciated as your contraction finally loosened its hold on you.

“Y/N what do I do?” Vane asked desperately.

You managed a small smile “scared Captain Vane?” you squeezed his hand tightly as with his help you got sat up on the bed leaning against a pile of cushions behind you along with Vane who was cradling your body between his thighs.

“Fuck Y/N” he whispered in your ear. “child birth… Y/N…”

You knew what he wasn’t saying. Child birth was dangerous. There was little to no medicine on Nassau and no doctors worth mentioning. “I’m strong and healthy” you tried to comfort him “We’ll be alright”

“Fuck” Vane whispered it once more in your ear as your whole body tensed up again. Contraction flowing through you. He grabbed your hand as crying out you squeezed as tight as you could.

“Y/N” Eleanor came running into the tent completely ignoring Vane for once and dropping instead down to her knees at the bottom of the bed. Max followed her in with sheets and a pail of water. She glanced at Vane.

“I’m fucking staying” he growled out before Max could even voice the idea that he left.

“He can stay” you whispered as you finally got your breath back.

“Alright” Max came over to Eleanor the two of the getting prepared and starting to help you.

What followed you couldn’t recall entirely all you knew that it was pain unlike anything you’d ever felt before. You knew you were screaming, loudly. You knew you’d sworn and cursed at Vane about never coming near you again. You knew you’d probably hurt him as well from how tightly you’d been clinging to his hand and you also knew that after what felt like forever Eleanor had looked up a beaming smile on her face as wrapped in a clean white sheet she’d placed a wriggling bundle on your chest.

“It’s a girl” Eleanor said softly as you stared down at the slightly wrinkled face of your daughter. She was staring up at you and Vane with eyes just as startlingly blue as he fathers.

“Come on Eleanor” Max pulled her away but Eleanor came over to you. Smiling she leant over and kissed first the baby’s head then yours.

“Congratulations” she said quietly, she glance at Vane and nodded once at him. You thought it was quite possibly the most civil interaction they’d ever had between them.

Vane was still sat behind you arms now coming around you to gently lay a hand on the baby’s head. “You did it Y/N”

“We did it” you corrected him. “Look at her Charles, she’s perfect”

“You both are” he corrected you this time as you laughed softly.


The soft cries of a baby woke you sometime further into the night, that and the sudden upheaval of the bed. You were about to move when you heard Charles’s voice low and soothing.

“Shhh, come on poppet shush, we need to let mummy get some sleep, she’ll make our lives fucking miserable if she doesn’t get some sleep”

Keeping quiet you opened your eyes watching as a bare chested Vane picked up their tiny daughter holding her against his skin. She snuffled a few times before going quiet against him, tiny hand splayed open above her father’s heart.

“Well fuck” he whispered to her “I didn’t realise it would be like this. You know what kid I love your mother like I never thought it was possible to love another person, but hell we’ve not even known you longer than 24 hours and I know I’d give up the world for you”

You were going to blame excess hormones on the fact that there were tears in your eyes as you listened to him. The baby snuffled once more and wriggled against him as Vane’s large hand gently rubbed her back settling her down once more.

“Looks like I’m a natural huh kid? We’re going to be just fine with each other” when their daughter didn’t answer he continued talking. “Don’t know what I was fucking scared of, after all it’s not like anything as tiny as you could possibly hurt me” he paused once more “you know what, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of you coming along and changing my life all over again. It was hard enough getting used to having your mother around all the time and dealing with all the female shit she brought with her. But having a kid, well that was a bit more domesticated than I ever wanted to be. Never been so wrong in my whole life kid.”  

He turned around eyes meeting your own over the room, hooded and dark you saw his mouth twist up into a small smile. “You’re ours kid and nothing is ever going to hurt you I promise you that… Jasmine Vane”

Your heart fluttered once more, Jasmine had been your mother’s name. That he would do that was making you cry once more as you nodded “Jasmine Vane”

Vane came back over to the bed laying down with Jasmine still resting on his chest and pulling you into the other side of his body. You were both his gifts in life he thought to himself. One’s he didn’t think he’d done anything to deserve but hell if he was ever letting go of. 

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“I like the way you look at me
I like your small lips too
I just like everything about you Hey!
I’m slowly falling for you”
-GOT7_Eyes On You

S/O!AU Moodboard_JB|재범| of GOT7 for anon
[Please do not repost/use it without giving credit]

Imagine Your Otp #48

Person B decides they want to learn how to knit. 

The first few are awful, holes everywhere, the colors clash and everything is just a bit too small. Person A loves them anyway and constantly wears them around the house. 

((They are still thankful when Person B gets better at it though.))

You’re So Beautiful

So this imagine request kinda reminded me of that song “You’re So Beautiful” from that show Empire so um yes. p.s. nick robinson is like so damn fine so whoever requested this thank you. ALSO DONT EVER LET ANYONE PUT YOU DOWN FOR ANY REASON. YOURE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND SMART AND BRAVE AND AT THE END OF THE DAY SOMEONE LOVES YOU SO AND HONESTLY THAT’S THE BEST FEELING EVER. IF ANYONE WANTS/NEEDS TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING EVER PLEASE INBOX US. WE WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP. also sorry if this sucks I’m like dying of sleep deprivation.

TRIGGER WARNING: body image issues

Request: Can I please have a Nick Robinson imagine where the girl is younger and plus size and insecure because she is not skinny and can’t wear cute lingerie but he finds her some and it turns to smut

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12 Days of 12, Day 1
July 16: The moment you fell in love with the 12th Doctor

I have to admit that I was a ridiculously easy sell. I loved him from his cameo in the anniversary special, to be honest. But if we’re talking falling in love proper, that was a process that stretched throughout ‘Deep Breath’… by the end of it I was a goner. He just owned that episode entirely.

A few dialogue highlights:

Why this one? Why did I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something. Like I’m trying to make a point. But what is so important that I can’t just tell myself what I’m thinking?

No, [Westminster, from above] isn’t [beautiful]. It’s just far away. Everything looks too small. I prefer it down there. Everything is huge. Everything is so important. Every detail, every moment, every life clung to.

You can’t see me, can you? You look at me, and you can’t see me. Have you any idea what that’s like? I’m not on the phone, I’m right here, standing in front of you. Please, just, just see me.

That’s All I Want-- Aaron Burr

Request!:  Modern AU w/ burr and its Christmas and reader is in college w/ burr and reader is really hot and confident and burr is just really blushy and they like each other and reader flirts with him and he just thinks shes teasing until one day where she just says something like “i like be bananas, do you have one?” and he just yells at her his feelings for her and shes just really calm and is just like ‘are you good at taking hints?“ and fluff

Paring: Aaron Burr X Reader

TW: cursing, make of… things, Charles Lee, lying, 

WC: 825

She so sassy

Symbols: y/f/c- Your Favorite Candy


“Knock.Knock.” You said as you entered your friend’s dorm room that he shared with Charles Lee. “Wait, Charles, are you decent?”

“It was one time, Y/n!” Charles whined and you rolled your eyes. You looked at him to see him sitting, putting his shoes on, with a suitcase next to him.

“Thank God, he’s leaving.” You thought to yourself.

“Yes, one time that will scar me forever.” You deadpanned, and looked across the room to see your friend, Aaron, laying on his bed, typing away at his computer.

“Psh, whatever, you know you liked it.” Charles winked at you and you shivered.


“Liked what? I’m sorry, everything was just too small to see.” You shot back. Charles opened and closed his mouth trying to find a come back for your statement.

You saw Aaron smile from out the corner of your eye.

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a ramble about come from away’s music

bear with me, because i’m gonna just dump out some thoughts about come from away that i’ve been having.

ok so there’s something about come from away that gets me more than other musicals? like, in the music and lyrics. there’s something sort of…vast, sitting in certain lines of some of the songs. like, the language is simple, it doesn’t really use big words or complicated rhyme schemes or genius levels of wordplay, and there’s nothing wrong with having or not having that, but like…musicals tend to have music that very much tells a story, which makes sense, all things considered, and cfa does do that, most of the time. but then there are lines, certain phrases or words, that conjure up this sense of vastness. like there’s something huge and encompassing behind them and it sort of fills your chest in a way that makes the space feel too small for everything you’re suddenly feeling. its just one line, and it hits you so hard and its so full of something and just??? i don’t even know how to describe it. and like i said, the word choice is a little simpler, but its also sort of more vague?? and that actually adds to the vast feel and sort of makes these lines have a certain like, magnitude to them that just barrels into you  

like, i hear the line ‘somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of clear blue air, you found your heart but left a part of you behind’ and it evokes this feeling that almost perfectly encompasses the show, of being lost and then found and just, ugh. lines like ‘you are here, at the start of a moment, on the edge of the world, where the river meets the sea’ and ‘on an island in between there and here’ have such a poetry to them and its so achingly beautiful. 

i said earlier, that musicals are very much about storytelling in their music, because the music is advancing the plot, and while cfa has that, it also has moments that feel like theyre suddenly stilling the world, like everything has stopped and suddenly everything is so much bigger than yourself and you freeze where you are, and if that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the heart of the story of come from away, like oh my god

its just so poetic and evocative and impactful in a way i can’t fully articulate, and knowing that its a real true story about real true people and the very center of it is simply human kindness…

everything about this musical makes me emotional