everything's better with a jar of weed!

1. I am not a writer
I am just good at making
collages of words

2. The couches bones
goose bumps on my rib-cage
my old wooden roof
what is structure really?

3. I watch those who consume to feel colored in the lines
with the edge of my eye
the slap heard at the end of a fight
its hitting me
but I’m only holding the bottle

4. I learned the other day
all of your blood gets replaced every four months
your skin every seven years

so every single cell that pumped through my heart
at the excitement of your touch
is gone

but I still have to wait six years for a body that is free of you touch

I think, it is unfair

5. We are all walking clocks

6. You need to know that
when i was six
I would collect weeds from the school playground
and keep them in a box
till they wilted

when my mom found them and tried to throw them away
it almost threw away my sanity

because I wanted to save everything
I still do.

7. I am trying to remember what it was like
before I was born
as if
remembering what it is like to not physically exist
would make me feel better about
physically existing

I am scraping my hand on the bottom
of a dirty mason jar
trying to find a spot of clarity

a reason more than
our atoms were scattered like seeds
and we bloomed into this

sometimes I wish I had less crippling awareness

—  CC // Seven Thoughs