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reasons why monsta x is ACTUALLY the best group to stan ever
  • they ruin their own self images, so u don’t have to worry about the fact that ur embarrassing because i can promise u, they are worse
  • they’re honestly basically in love with like all of their fans. like why would u need a man when u have shownu promising to marry u n stuff. or when minhyuk says you’re the prettiest girl (or boy, hey, mx don’t care) they’ve ever seen !!!!
  • they’re really including of all of their fans. like some other groups only care about girl fans, or about korean fans, or about some other specific type of fan ??? but like monsta x ???? they literally love everyone ?????????? like even ppl who aren’t their fans ????? like they’re the type to see u on the street decked out in some svt merch and still be like “wow she’s so pretty aw i like her sweater i love woozi” ????
  • they’re all super talented. like shownu’s dancing, kihyun’s voice, jooheon’s rap, hyungwon’s modeling,,,, like what can’t this group do ??
  • they all really love each other. they’re not like those groups where u KNOW that they all hate each other on the low. they may want u to think they hate each other sometimes (looking @ u,,, kihyun) but we all know they’re lying
  • honestly the monbebe fandom is so nice ??? so peaceful ?? drama ??? what is that ??/ we don’t know ??? the only drama we have is when other fans of other groups do something against us. but like other than that ???? where the drama @ ???
  • okay,, guys,, WONHO. THAT BOY. HE IS AN ANGEL. LOVE SHIN HOSEOK WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART EVEN IF U AREN’T A MONBEBE. this boy loves EVERYONE. like he LITERALLY SUPPORTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. he has like 485975973287589375 pieces of “for a cause” clothing and jewelry. like he has this necklace against child abuse (i think it was) ??? he panted his pinky green for this charity type thing. like WHEN HAS YOUR FAVE EVER ?? like honestly i can’t think of anything wonho doesn’t support ?? gay marriage ? hell he’d marry a guy if he can cook 4 him. causes against domestic and child violence ?? sign him up !! he wants the world to be a happy and good place. wow. such an angel. wow i love hoseok. love hoseok trust me he will never hurt u.
  • they haven’t done anything dumb yet. like problematic. ya know what i mean. like they’re probably gonna do something that starts a scandal one day,, but like they try REALLY hard to make sure they don’t say things that could hurt ANY of their fans. like they don’t talk about race or get offended when they hear people think they’re gay or anything. the only thing they get offended at is cucumbers apparently ???? like honestly they’re angels ?? they care about us so much they try so hard to not screw up n hurt us. get u a man who ?? (or 7 of them,, i support that too ??)
  • they’re literally ?? so dumb ?? and so funny ?? like they argued over which greek goddess is goddess of victory,, LITERALLY for like 20 mins. they have no lives. their lives revolve around doing dumb things to make us laugh ?? like ?? they stopped caring about their image before they debuted ?? who cares ?? they don’t ?? lets ruin it ourselves ??
  • changkyun’s VERY strong urge to see wonho naked. why. i’m sure a lot of mbb won’t complain. but why changkyun. why are u trying tto give us a naked hoseok every single time we see u ??? what is ur motive ??
  • kihyun is really violent. like i don’t understand how someone who dresses in a hamster onsie regularly can be so angry ?? where does he store it ?? why is he so sinister ?? (or should i say why does he just do stuff to people and then laugh for like 2 months over it bc that’s all he really does. he gave minhyuk a cucumber once actually. he still laughs over it. like yoo kihyun are u 5 ??? why are u hurting minhyuk like this ?)
  • changkyun’s really bad puns. those r another reason to stan. trust me u hate it at first but eventually u can’t go a day without listening to him make some weird and oddly funny pun about a name or smth.
  • shownu. dad. honestly a real dad. like. throwback to every member calling him dad and reminding him to not forget the room key. honest dad figure. i wish hyunwoo was my dad.
  • minhyuk is really happy nd cute and honestly u could probably smile for like 3 hours just after looking at a picture of him smiling. he’s literally the definition of sunshine. we need more people like lee mihyuk in this world.
  • i ran out of thing to think of and it’s 2am but honestly stan monsta x ? like it’s so worth it ? they’re so caring and funny and loving and talented and like ??? the fandom is so including and amazing ?? like there isn’t even tension between k-fans and intl-fans ?? we literally all just love each other ?? like stanning monsta x is such an AMAZING thing like it cleanses ur soul from all the bad things in this world. i swear. it’s like actually confirmed. monsta x is so pure and wow. just stan those cute 7 little boys who dress up in animal onsies and dance to girl group songs just to make their fans smile and laugh

@incorrectprinxietyquotes can you please call off your followers? I’ve gotten like 50 hate messages that I keep deleting because I can’t deal with that stuff.

I apologized for the accidental unauthorized use of your gif, I reblogged my post from you say I was sorry and that it was an accident.

I got the Virgil gifs from Google and I’m on MOBILE it doesn’t tell me who originally posted it. As far as Google is concerned half the time it’s either a product or from pinterest!

If I took down the post, it’s still going to float around with your gif on it. I can’t fix that, because tumblr is dumb.

Look, I’m sorry this has happened and if I could fix it properly I would. but like I DON’T EVEN FOLLOW YOU so… it’s not like I purposely went on to your blog, and stole your gif.

So please just call off the hounds because being told to kill myself isn’t helping how I already feel.

Thank you for your time


Songs For The Cold War //

sabo’s the type of person to get a jumpscare from toast popping out of a toaster 

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Could you please write a drabble with Eric from Divergent?😍 Prompt numbers: 82 and 85

Characters: Reader x Eric

Warnings: mentions of violence, Divergent spoilers

Prompts: 82: “I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here.” 85: “Wake up! Please, please wake up.”

Word Count: 307

A/N: Hope you like it !

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

“Wake up! Please, please wake up.”

You rubbed your eyes and sat up on your bed to see a desperate Eric kneeling besides you. You immediately became more focused, confused at what was happening. The room was still dark, but you could see the shadows of your roommates moving around getting dressed. There was something odd about the way they were moving, robotic and rigid. You looked back at Eric, who had grabbed your hands.

“I knew it,” he sighed, shaking his head. “You’re Divergent.”

“I-” you tried to pull away, unsure of how he was going to react. He kept a firm grip on your hand.

“When we injected everyone after the ceremony, it was to control everyone, but also to single out the Divergents. Everyone in the room is being controlled, but Divergents are immune to it.” he explained, and you looked around as you pieced everything together. 

“Why is everyone being controlled, Eric? Where are they going?” you asked timidly. A door slammed shut further down the hall, and you could see Eric flinch.

“I’ll explain later, I have to go.” he brushed the hair out of your face and looked pleadingly into your eyes. “I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here.”

“No,” you shook your head, still confused. “I’m going with you, wherever the hell you’re going.” 

“Please, y/n,” he begged. “They’ll kill you, and I can’t let that happen.”

He reached over and kissed your forehead, and you held tightly onto his hand.

“I promise I’ll come back and explain everything.” he looked into your eyes again, and you nodded. “But right now you need to hide.” 

“You promise you’ll come back?” you asked, and he nodded.

“Now go! Hide somewhere safe.” he urged, and you quickly got to your feet.

Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 4

Words: tbh does anyone even care lol

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Warnings: nonneeeee

A/N: sorry i am taking so long to update, you know me (or well, you should know me by now) anywhoo, this was really fun to write and i hope you like it

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

She guided the five of you into a small room, with a round table. You were nervous, your hands shaking. It’s not like magic was not discussed in your time, it was just not real. And the fact that she knew your name scared you, a lot. Hamilton looked over at you, noticing your trembling. He touched your hand, squeezing your fingers.

I’m here. He mumbled to you, giving you a sideways smile. His arm brushed against yours. You smiled back, turning to look back at the woman.

Her hair was long, almost reaching the floor. It was a strange color, a dark blue, with flicks of blonde. You got a sick feeling in your gut, and you felt like something was wrong. She did not look familiar, but you felt like she was untrustworthy, like you should run away. But the boys wanted to help you, and this was the best shot that you could take. It was your only chance on getting home and seeing your family and friends again. 

And finally take a hot shower.

She grabbed some mixtures, and passed a small mug to each of us. Lafayette sniffed it, his nose wrinkling in disgust. Laurens coughed, pushing it farther away from him. Mulligan looked into his, his eyes widening. You let go of Hamilton’s hands, looking at the puke green substance in yours. Hamilton’s was a bright blue, contrasting to yours.

“Not to be rude, but, what is this?” Laurens asked, eyeing his cup. The woman laughed, drinking hers quickly.

“It allows me to read whatever might come your way. This is a way for me to find out how Miss Y/N can get back home. Please, drink. It will not harm you.” The way she said her last words, made you slightly suspicious. You hesitated, looking at the color. Why did each of you get a different liquid? Shouldn’t it all be the same?

“I, how do I know if I can trust you?” You asked her.

“The lady seems trustworthy to me!” Mulligan said, the first to drink his. You widened your eyes, and he burped, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. His was red, staining the blue he wore. Lafayette looked at his friend, then at you. He drank his soon after, not making as much of a mess as Mulligan. Laurens did so, and Hamilton looked at you, drinking his. The woman looked at you, gesturing for you to drink yours.

You held your nose, drinking it on one go. It tasted like copper being poured down your throat. It was extremely cold, and you shivered, placing the cup on the table. The woman looked at all of you, smiling.

“The reason there was separate drinks for all of you, was to match your personality. Laurens’s was for Ambition, Hamilton’s was for Intelligence, Lafayette’s was for Valiance and Mulligan’s was for Meticulous. You, Y/N, was for Humility.” You still felt like she was not truthful. None of this makes any sense, and she’s not helping you. It seems more like she’s tricking you.

You looked over at Hamilton for confirmation on your feelings, but he was staring at her intently, not questioning anything. You felt your negative feelings slowly slip away, and you panicked. She looked at you, smirking.

“Miss Y/N, do you have something to say?” You opened your mouth, but no sound came out. You held your neck, confused. What the hell did she give you? “Now, everyone, I have to ask you a few questions. Hamilton, since you have met Y/N, have you believed her to speak the truth?”

You looked at Hamilton, and he seemed to be in a dream-like state, not even glancing your way. “I was confused, when I first met Y/N. I thought she was some sort of escort, but after speaking to her for a few minutes, I knew she was truthful. I trust her with every fiber in my being. I, I do not want her to leave, but if that is what she wants, then it must be done.” Your heart swelled at his confession. He wanted you to stay.


Your voice was still stuck, unable to say anything. You wondered why she did this to you all, since they were in fact cooperating. The woman then turned to Mulligan, a smirk on her face.

“What about you, Mulligan? How do you feel about Y/N?” She dropped the miss from your name quickly, her fingers tapping on the table. You tried lunging out of your chair, but to no avail, your bottom stuck to the seat. Mulligan laughed, looking directly at you. You hoped that he wasn’t in a trance like the rest of the boys, but when his eyes met yours, they were glazed over.

“Y/N is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Why would I not trust her? She is captivating. But I see the way she looks at Hamilton, I know she would not look at me the same. I’m not giving up, though.” He puffed out his chest, winking at you once. Your eyes widened. Mulligan liked you?

“Lafayette?” The woman asked, a grin appearing on her face. She was amused, listening to these men speak against their will. It was entertainment to her. You shaped your hands into fists, glaring at her. She barely glanced your way.

“Miss Y/N? She is interesting woman, very much. I, I am giving my trust to her.” He smiled. Even in the state that he was in, he still spoke broken English.

“Laurens? Last but not least?”

“Ahh, Y/N? I consider her my best friend already! She’s funny, she’s snarky, and she’s smart! Who wouldn’t trust her? She even believes in my idea to make the first black battalion!” He grinned, his smile from cheek to cheek.

The woman finally looked at you, pulling her hair back against her shoulder. “So, Y/N, it seems you have grabbed all of these handsome men, huh? You’ve barely known them for little over a day. What did you do?” She willed you to speak, and you were finally able to, glaring at her.

“Who do you think you are? Manipulating them this way? They just came to help me, no need to make them spill their guts.” She rolled her eyes at your spoken word, standing up from her chair.

“Oh, you poor child. Is this not how it works in the future? If you want something, you must give something in return. How about it?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you.

“What makes you think I would give anything to you?” She laughed manically, her grin seeming to break her face. You tensed up, unsure. Mulligan dragged all of you into this mess, and you had no idea what you were dealing with. Honestly, you were just saying what a hero would say on movies that you watch. It seemed to work, though.

“Since I have you friends stuck in this state. So are you, by the way. I can make you talk, and I can stop it. Now, are you willing to pay for the information?” You debated in your head. You looked at all the boys, then looked at Hamilton next to you. He had a small smile on his face, but his eyes were empty, his personality gone. You couldn’t leave them like this, you had to help them. They came here to assist you on getting home, and they did not need this in their lives. They deserved more.

“What do you want me to do?” You asked, and she nodded slowly.

“I’ll give you a clue on getting home, and, in return, I’ll make Alexander Hamilton slowly hate you. It’ll start as soon as I give you the cure for them. You have to see him hate every piece of you, hate everything you touch and everyone you encounter.” She grinned.

“Why? How could this help you? Why do you want this?”

“Because, I want you to suffer. I want you to feel what I felt, when you did the same to me.” She sneered, an evil spark in her eye. You stared at her, more confused than ever. Who is she? You just met her today, what could you possibly do to hurt her?

But the way she stared at you, the way she looked at you as if you two had a history, made you think otherwise.

“Did we meet before?” She laughed, giving you a small bottle. You looked inside, seeing a clear liquid. Before you could ask anything else, she disappeared, leaving you alone with the three men. You gave the substance to the men. They blinked, rubbing their heads. Hamilton was the first to stare at you, confused.

“What happened, Y/N? How did we get here?” She was right, they did not remember a thing.

“We were just taking a walk, and you brought me here. Mulligan said that he knew someone that could help me, but we walked in, and no one was here.” You glanced around the room, seeing nothing but empty shelves and broken furniture. The only thing that was the same was the table in front of you.

Mulligan dragged himself over to the two of you, rubbing his temple. “This headache is killing me. Let’s go back to camp, before Washington really tears us a new one.”

“Agreed.” Lafayette said, patting Laurens on the shoulder. Laurens groaned, and you all walked out the house, closing the door behind you.

You put the container you had in your pocket, walking alongside Hamilton. He was standing with a foot between the two of you, completely different from when you all were sitting at the table. You wondered if this was just the beginning of the spiral that the two of you would go through. You looked at Hamilton’s face, and gave him a smile. He gave you a small nod, the smile on his face unseen.

Your heart was in your throat, and you turned away from him.

The five of you made it back to the camp quickly, making it just before six in the morning. The boys ran off to their tents to change into their uniforms, and you stayed behind, sitting outside Hamilton’s tent. You wanted to talk to him, you wanted to see if the curse that that witch said was true, but he seemed to avoid you, like the day before was just another.

Mulligan still joked with you as much as before, and you clung to him instead, ignoring the ache in your heart. After a few days of silence and quiet tents, Hamilton sighed, looking at you sitting on the makeshift bed. He didn’t bother moving you like he did before.

“Y/N?” He said, finally speaking to you after a week. He dropped the miss right after he woke from the magic, and you pretended that he just actually listened to your requests. You jumped at the opportunity, smiling at him.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Did you ever think about moving to the other men’s tents? It’s not like we are friends, and you have grown to be quite a nuisance.” Your smile faltered, looking at him. He looked annoyed, different from the man you met not too long ago.

You looked at your hands. “I have not bothered you this whole time, Hamilton. I’ve stayed quiet, I haven’t said a word. And even if I tried, you’d just ignore me.” He placed his quill on the side, staring at you.

“We have not found any clues on how to get you home. Making casual conversation is pointless, since you may be gone any day now. There is no purpose in me being kind to you, even if you are beautiful. I am attracted to intellect, not looks.” You twitched, unable to hide your frown.

You knew this was just all in his head, that this lady (who did not give you a clue to get you home yet) has done, but it hurt. He was so much kinder to you in the beginning, and seeing this side of him, it just, it hurt. “You know what, fine. I’m leaving.” You grabbed the clothes that you borrowed from him, and began walking out. Before you left, Hamilton called to you. You turned back, looking at you. He gestured towards the clothes in your hand.

“I may need those later, Y/N. You can give them back now.” You glared at him, throwing the clothes in his face. It almost touched the lit candle on the desk, and he widened his eyes. “You, you almost burned down my whole tent!”

“Good riddance.” You mumbled, walking out. You hoped he didn’t see the tears staining your cheeks.

on one hand, Percy and Cassandra being the only ones at Hogwarts, the rest of the family lost to some strange accident, while they’re under the care of their guardians, the Briarwoods

on the other, all of the de Rolo siblings swarming Hogwarts like the Weasleys, and people being like “ah yes, another de Rolo… wonder which end of the stick we got this time” by the time Ludwig and Cassandra come around

Ennoshita volunteers to do the dishes, but he’s ushered away by the automata that govern the kitchen. Ennoshita’s almost afraid of the democracy they show within the confines of the tiniest, dirtiest kitchen in the galaxy.

The night is bright when he surfaces. The deck is empty, save for a solitary figure in the crow’s nest. Ennoshita sighs, tension rolling off his shoulders, tension he didn’t know he was holding. He climbs up slowly, not entirely sure of what he wants to accomplish.

“Hey,” Tanaka says, without looking back. 

“Hey. How’re you feeling?”

“Great. Except for the part where I die.”

here’s my preview for @ennotanazine ☆彡
Driving Lessons - Driving Stick

My prompt was Driving lessons. I had too much fun writing this one for sure! My other fic is such a slow burn that it was nice to just get to it, lol!

Any part of this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

May also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, angst (see above), fluff, smut

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“Well I’d say that this was a productive damn trip gentlemen. And lady.” Negan said as he watched the last of the supplies being loaded into the trucks, winking at you slyly.

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Character Agency

Hi, writeblr! I want to talk to you guys about character agency.

Because there’s nothing that gets under my skin more than a character with no agency. You know the type. They don’t make any choices. They don’t actively seek out anything that happens to them. They’re passive players in their own life, waiting for puzzle pieces to be handed to them so that they can arrange them into a nice, expected picture.

It’s not unbelievable, exactly, but it is pretty boring. And it’s especially annoying when the main character is a girl, as that carries with it the unfortunate implication that women aren’t able or willing to pull their own weight as human beings with basic cognitive functions.

“But wait, Jillian! I’ve looked over your WIPs,” says the hypothetical reader who has bothered looking over my WIPs, “And both Songbird and Reversed Star features female characters who get kidnapped! What sort of agency is that? (Also, what’s with the kidnapping thing? It’s weird.)”

And to you, hypothetical reader, I say: Well, that’s just the inciting incident! (Also, I have no idea how you managed to talk in a parenthetical, but … I honestly don’t have a good answer for you. It’s not like this is a common theme in all of my stories?)

It’s true, both Elizabeth and Evangeline (both E names, whaaaaaat) are kidnapped towards the beginning of their stories. And, as is typical with kidnappings, they don’t have much choice in the matter … But their choices lead to it. Elizabeth chooses to go to the show where she is taken, and Evangeline chooses to follow the mysterious figure into the woods. While they couldn’t have possibly known that those actions would get them kidnapped (by a vindictive witch and a group of strange alien radicals, respectively), neither were they forced into doing what they did.

Plus, they’re both very different women who follow very different character arcs (which, for obvious reasons, I cannot disclose). But one similarity is that over the course of their stories, they both very actively take control of their narratives. They don’t wait for the puzzle pieces to fall into their lap, putting them into their proper places and creating the picture someone else set up for them. No – they seek, steal, cajole, plead, demand, convince, and threaten the pieces out of everyone and everything around them. And then they rip the pieces apart and put them back together into the pictures that they want to see.

I want to see more of that, writeblr. I want to see more characters who have a direct influence on how their stories end.

[ I’m trying a new thing where I give weekly writing advice every Monday. I came up with this topic on my own, but I’d love to hear what you guys want to know! Shoot me an ask and it might just become the topic of a blog post. ]


I know a lot of people immediately discredit people’s “tin foil” lore theories, often to the point of being aggressive towards the poster in reply, but I personally love hearing them, even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. I just love seeing how everything might possibly piece together, and how into the lore everyone gets!

Being The Oldest Gallagher Would Include!

Being the oldest Gallagher would include (Gender neutral)

  • + Taking care of your younger siblings
  • + Knowing if one of your sisters or brothers are lying
  • + Debbie looking up to you
  • + Being best friends with the Milkovich’s
  • + Lip following in your footsteps(you did really good in school)
  • + You making sure your siblings are protected at all times
  • + Movie nights every week
  • + Hating your father Frank for everything he’s done
  • + Everyone of your siblings love you to pieces

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Hey guys! It’s Darcy, the author behind this blog! After having this blog for a while and meeting sooooo many lovelies like you and receiving the greatest amount of support from you guys, I want to give back! So, I’m holding a writing contest! 


  • You must be following @nightbts and need to reblog this post.
  • You can pick any BTS member and use Y/N or and OC of your choice!
  • Pick one prompt (make sure to mention which prompt you have picked though :) )
  • Word count must be a minimum of at least 500 words. 
  • Deadline: September 15th *
    • *CHANGED TO OCT. 15TH  


  • Person A can’t help but feel lonely and homesick after days of practice, events and shows.  Person B somehow ends up spending the night with Person A in their bed looking for comfort and they’re not sure how they feel about it. x
  • Person A had a bad breakup and in order to make their ex jealous, they ask Person B to be their fake girl/boyfriend. Little do they know, Person B has been in love with Person A for years.
  • Person A and Person B have been dating for years now, but Person A has yet to say “I love you” and Person B doubts Person A’s love for them.
  • Person A and Person B are lifelong rivals and neighbors, but when a issue in the apartment building occurs, Person A ends up having to room with Person B.
  • Person A likes Person B but doesn’t have the guts to tell them, so instead Person A asks Person B how to get a girl to like them and Person B tells him everything he needs to know

How To Win

  • When writing, make sure to follow this introductory format!
  • For example:

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Word Count: 2k

Prompt: Person A and Person B are lifelong rivals and neighbors, but when a issue in the apartment building occurs, Person A ends up having to room with Person B.

  • Make sure to @nightbts in the introductory and tag #nightbtscontest in the tags below!
  • Will be mainly judged on: 
    • Language
    • Grammar 
    • How well writing portrays selected prompt 


  • There will be three places given: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • 1st place: I will write a scenario for them (with their name) and will give a Followback, Repost and Shoutout
  • 2nd place: Followback, Repost and Shoutout
  • 3rd place: Repost and Shoutout
  • Everyone else: Shoutout for participation :)

Ending Note

All pieces will be judged with absolute fairness and no bias towards any writer! I will genuinely take my time with each piece because I firsthand know everything that goes into writing. Everyone who participates, I believe in you and your abilities and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.


Imagine Scott and Lydia talking about 5x16 after they get their memories back:

Scott grabs Lydia’s hand and sits her down in a chair across from him. 

“Lydia, do you remember when Stiles saved your life?”

“Which time are you referring to?”

Scott showed a small laugh and let out a sigh.

“Remember when Stiles and I were rushing you to the animal clinic after the escape from Eichen.”

“Well I remember being in so much pain. I remember hearing Stiles screaming my name banging the door over and over. I remember leaning back in relief seeing Stiles burst through those 2 doors…”

Lydia paused for a minute, she let out a breath that she wasn’t even aware of holding in. Scott looked concerned, until Lydia finished her sentence.

“I felt so safe when he had his arms around me. He always tried to be one step ahead of me, and his chin would sometimes brush over my head. He caught me in his arms every time I collapsed and his body heat would stop my shivering.”

“I remember how close we were in the jeep. My eyes were focused on his traceable moles. I still remember it, every last detail.”

“You know I could of killed both of you that night, with just one scream.”

“Yeah but you didn’t. Even when the mirror cracked it gave me the urge to drive even faster.”

“I broke Stiles’ mirror?”

“Yeah, but it technically wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t control yourself.”

“But Scott, Stiles didn’t even bat an eye. Doesn’t that boy love his jeep more than anything in this world.”

“Lydia, he loves you more than anything in this world.”

Lydia showed a shy smile while looking down at the carpeted floor. The same shy smile she always tried to hide from Stiles.

“Lydia what else do you remember about that night?”

“I remember you guys carrying me into the clinic. My body felt terrible, like this kind of pain spreading everywhere and it wouldn’t go away.

Lydia paused to catch her breath.

"I screamed. I screamed so loud the windows shattered into pieces and everything just went dark and silent. I thought I killed everyone in that room. I thought I even killed myself.”

“But I couldn’t have killed myself… because I opened my eyes and I saw the same traceable moles. I gazed up to see Stiles, he was the first person I saw. Stiles saved me.”

“Lydia that’s what I need to tell you about.”

“What do you need to tell me Scott?”

“The darkness you felt… the silence you heard…”

“I remember watching Stiles hold onto your face. He was begging for your life, begging for you to wake up. He was breaking apart every second you wouldn’t respond.”

“Lydia, I didn’t even hear a single heart beat come out of you. You were dead.”

“I remember getting violent flashbacks to Allison’s death. I thought "how the hell am I gonna deal with telling my best friend the girl he loves is dead, and how the hell am I gonna live the rest of my life knowing one of my best friends died”.“

The room went silent, Lydia was trying to absorb this all in.

"Stiles kept looking over at me, almost like a puppy crying for help. I just stood there absolutely frozen.”

“I thought it was all over. I thought there was no way to bring you back to life. No supernatural tricks could ever fix this. Everything was gone.”

“But it was Stiles, no tricks, no super powers, no extraordinary thing. It was just Stiles. Stiles repeatedly asking you to open your eyes, urging you to wake up. Stiles who was slowly tearing apart from reality realizing he would still be alive in a world where you’re not. Stiles, who was about to have a panic attack you wouldn’t be able to fix.”

Scott stared off into the distance. A focused object crossing between another gave him a blur.

“I knew exactly how he felt. It felt like he was holding his own life, his whole future planed ahead with that person. His whole world shattered into pieces within seconds. Nothing will ever feel the same.”

A tear streamed down Scotts right eye. Lydia reached out to hold his hand across the table in comfort. She misses Allison. And now she misses Stiles. Everything Scott just said is everything she’s feeling right now. Her world doesn’t feel complete without the boy she loves. 

“Why has no one ever told me this before?”

“Stiles and I have discussed it before. He thought it wasn’t important for you to know. "As long as you were alive and still here”.“

Lydia felt a cold shiver headed her way. She really wished for Stiles’ presence because all she wanted to do right now was hold him in her arms. She wanted to grasp his soft dark brown hair in her small hands, she wanted to smell his cheap cologne and laundry detergent used for his flannels. Because for Lydia, all of that was her world. Stiles is her whole world.

"Why did you decide to tell me this now?”

“Because it’s pretty huge Lydia. You can’t just bring someone back to life like that. You guys have a special connection. A bond that can’t be broken.”

Lydia’s breathing started slowing down.

“And that’s why we felt his presence. That’s why we never forgot him.”

“YOU never forgot him Lydia. You were the one who figured it out. You’re the second half of the equation, the second side to the same coin.”

Scott and Lydia stood up from their seats to get a drink, resting their elbows on the kitchen island.

“It’s me isn’t it. I’m the one who’s gonna be able to bring him back.”

“Yeah and now we need to think like Stiles.”

“What’s that?”

“Come up with a plan.”

⚜️SOA-Song Imagine: Hoodie by Hey Violet⚜️

Requested by Anon🖤: song hey violet hoddie with chibs pls

Notes // Warnings // Words: Chibs Telford x Reader // Fluff // 1.251

You’d probably think I was psychotic (if you knew)
What I still got in my closet (sad but true)
I slip it all over my shoulders

You stepped out of the shower and instantly felt the need to let the hot water ‘burn’ your skin again. It was freezing and the cold drops send shivers down your spine. You never liked the icy winter months. Letting all the memories and him behind was the only good thing about it. The towel dried your shivering body, you put on your undergarment and you began to tiptoe towards your bedroom. You couldn’t wait to slip into a warming sweater and opened your closet, causing the candles to blew out and your fingers stopped randomly when they perceived a fluffy material. You felt way better the instant the cozy hoodie embraced your shoulders. You couldn’t see anything in the darkness and stumbled over one of many stacked boxes and cursed when you bumped your toe.

Something I’ll never get over
It makes me feel a little bit closer to you
I can’t keep your love, I can’t keep your kiss
Gave you everything and all I got was this

You switched on the small nightlight next to your bed and needed to reorientate your surroundings in your new apartment. You still didn’t unpack all your belongings and this whole situation seemed to overwhelm you. Your body started trembling and you searched for fake comfort in your own arms. It was then that you realized what kept you warm in this bleak and cold new home. You exhaled deeply and hated to admit that this blue hoodie, his damn hoodie, still has a place in your new home…also in your heart. You agonized over the fact that you already knew that you would miss him forever. Strangely enough, wearing his hoodie made you feel a little bit closer to Chibs, regardlessly of his excruciating absence.

I’m still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings
It makes me think about you, so I wear it when I sleep
I kept the broken zipper and cigarette burns
Still rocking your hoodie, baby, even though it hurts
Still rocking your…

You laid down on your bed and stared dead ahead till you fell into a trance. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, all the memories the two of you shared. Preoccupied with melancholy thoughts of your lived love, you started chewing on the strings, till the nasty taste brought you back down to earth. You couldn’t explain why you ever started this vice but you knew, old habits die hard. Chibs usually kissed and tried to distract you with endearments whenever you done it and the desire to taste him, instead of this old piece of cotton, grew immeasurably. You knew you needed to stop daydreaming about him and decided that sleep may be the cure, pleasantly accepting the fact that you possibly see him again – in your dreams. Wearing his hoodie might help and you snuggled up in everything that was left of him

I used to put my hand in your pockets (holding on)
The smell of your cologne still on it (but you’re still gone)
Slip it on over my shoulders
Someone I’ll never get over
Makes me feel a little bit closer to you

After hours of tossing and turning sleeplessly in your cuddly bed you knew he occupied your mind and one of these wakeful nights eagerly awaited you. You sat on the edge of the bed and you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. An old familiar scent filled the air. The smell of his aftershave winged your senses in the most delighted way. The earthy-musk composite always affected your body, likewise your soul and still conduced as your aphrodesiac. You could have sworn that you almost feel his presence at that very moment. 

I can’t keep your love, I can’t keep your kiss
Gave you everything and all I got was this

You gave him everything you had – Your time, your heart and your soul. As a matter of fact you also left your hometown and moved to this tedious idyll called Charming. Now you’re deadlocked in this journey called life. 

I’m still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings
It makes me think about you, so I wear it when I sleep
I kept the broken zipper and cigarette burns
Still rocking your hoodie, baby, even though it hurts
Still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings
It makes me think about you, so I wear it when I sleep
I kept the broken zipper and cigarette burns
Still rocking your hoodie, baby, even though it hurts
Still rocking your…

You decided to use time productively. You unpacked, sorted and stored your belongings until a small object caught your attention. The tiny broken zipper of his blue hoodie attached to a gilded necklace. It was negligible and worthless for everyone, but it meant everything to you. The piece of jewelry rested in your left hand and the size of the zipper overlaid the scar you once earned due to a overly buzzed Chibs, his inadvertence and a cigarette. You asked yourself if this mark will ever fade, indeed disappear? You knew it wasn’t something to be proud of, nor cherish it…but you didn’t wanted to lose this scar. It was a strange yet touching reminder that it all happened, that you actually been his girl.

If you want it back, if you want it back
I’m here waiting
Come take it back, come take it back
If you want it back, if you want it back
I’m here waiting
Come take it back, come take it back

…maybe you should pass his hoodie back to him? You couldn’t believe that you actually thought about doing so. You shook your head in disbelief and sighed deeply, trying to calm yourself and not psych out…too much…‘‘No!’’ You convinced yourself, repeatedly. If he wants his damn hoodie back he can regain it himself…you wouldn’t mind if he would. You couldn’t put into words how much you hated yourself, still longing for this man, his touch, Chibs overall. This painful craving inside your soul torn apart the sanity that was left inside you.

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