everything's a copy of a copy

I’m Done.

I’m sure you guys know just a few weeks ago, I was plagiarized by a writer who stole my idea and just yesterday, it happened again. I don’t know why this is happened or what I did to deserve this. But I really don’t know how to cope. I worked hard and tried to make everything I write absolutely perfect for you guys but this idea that somebody can just copy and paste it without any feeling is too hard to digest. I don’t want to cope with it. 

I love you guys and you’ve given me endless support and I wish I could’ve at least finished one batch of requests on time but, God has a plan for all of us.

To “my fans” who requested the one piece of work I didn’t want requested? You win. You get to have as many copies of that one piece of work as you want. Do as you wish. But I’ll be damned before I leave it here where you can bask in the original. 

I’m going to college soon and I’d rather go out now that let my work be taken advantage of. I’ll be around less and less but for any of you who think wrongly of this situation, just know this. 

I cried. I fought over things that were justly mine and lost. I’m taking my gift and I’m going to publish a book with all the things that I loved growing up. Wolves, castles, powers, and princesses and princes in disguise… 

My name isn’t Sophia, by the way. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m sorry for wasting my time. 

Work hard, everyone, and don’t let yourselves be pushed aside as easily as I was. Don’t take no for an answer, no matter what. 

anonymous asked:

It really looks like the first time we are actually going to have Harry address his new career move is when "Harry" (SMM, lets not kid ourselves) tweets on twitter and links the link in an IG post to buy his new single, otherwise he is going to stay absolutely silent and disengaged. It's such a disappointment because they are cutting out his personality and quirks to run with the mysterious above everything rock star image and he's only engaging the fans when he needs them to buy something.

My first thought when I saw the header was that it looks like a screen shot from Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” The soft focus/out of focus icon looks like a young Johnny Depp. Harry apparently sounds like Bowie and Queen. His Another Man cover copied three other people. He then copied the Another Man style of three blank IG pics for his solo launch.

Since Another Man was the Real Harry according to this fandom, the only logical conclusion is that Harry Styles wants to be seen as a copy of everyone else.

Alright then.

As for buying things, there are a few related threads I’ve seen floating around I’d like to address:
-If you’re not happy with what [any of the men/the defunct band/Harry, especially] is doing, you’re entitled.
-Trust the men.
-“Harry has said he doesn’t like fame, remember that.”
-How come the other men were trusted and Harry isn’t?
-All the boys deserve our support.


These men all auditioned on a TV show with the wish of becoming famous. And they’ve all stuck in the industry because they like being famous. And as famous people, they are selling us something. That something is not only their voice, but their images. (Video killed the radio star and all that.)

And trust someone selling me something? Caveat emptor.

Ignoring that Liam and Niall (and sure as hell Zayn) don’t have implicit support (where were 17 fan projects for “This Town?”), why does anyone selling me a product deserve implicit support? You’re selling me a product, you earn my support. You don’t earn my support, I don’t buy it. You actively piss me off, I boycott. All of the men are selling a product.

These men sold us things as a group and now they’re selling us things individually. And if we don’t like what they’re selling, that doesn’t make us bad fans or bad people. It makes us consumers.

And guess what, if you do like what they’re selling, that doesn’t make you a better fan or a better person. It makes you a consumer, too.

Now, as adherents of the great and terrible AP Stylebook — which also eschews the Oxford comma — we must admit the moral of this story flies in the face of everything (or one thing) NPR’s own sentences stand for.

But we offer these stories as a reminder that every punctuation mark deserves a fair hearing, a glimpse into the glories of grammar(,) and a quiet rebellion against the tyranny of copy editors everywhere.*

*Just a joke, NPR copy desk! Please don’t break out the red pen.

The Oxford Comma: Great For Listing, Pontificating, And Winning Court Cases

Image by Chelsea Beck/NPR

  • Normal people: the way you talk is wrong
  • Normal people: your accent is wrong
  • Normal people: your tone and inflections are all wrong
  • Normal people: your facial expressions are wrong
  • Normal people: your contributions to discussion are all so terribly wrong
  • Normal people: you're not smiling properly
  • Normal people: your body language is an abomination unto mankind
  • Normal people: what is wrong with you and your hand gestures
  • Normal people: make more hand gestures or everyone's going to think you're a serial killer
  • Normal people: I have never before beheld a horror like that of your natural voice
  • Normal people: don't talk about your interests
  • Normal people: but make sure you do talk
  • Normal people: can't you just watch the normals and copy what they're doing?
  • Normal people: no you weren't supposed to copy that bit
  • Normal people: everything about the way you interact is wrong
  • Normal people: why don't you want to be social??? Why don't you want to TALK to people???? Why are you so quiet and withdrawn???
Switch purchase? Switch jobs.

Back in 1983 my high school library was a bit of a joke. It seems we never had more than 2 copies of any book the county put on its required list. What this meant was that everyone was frantically trying to get the same books to complete papers with. Before I could drive this meant getting my poor mom to drive me to every library in the area.

One day our library started asking for volunteers to do a fundraiser to get more materials and namely more copies of the required books. Some of us jumped on board and sold everything from donuts to coupons. We would also hold bake sales, car washes, and etc. We were elated when at the end of the drive we had far exceeded the goals.

We were all promised that we would have our dreams realized over the summer. The school year starts up and we are giddy to see the new books. Imagine our dismay when we get into the library and find that most of the books are gone. Bare shelves glared at us as we went along the rows. Thats when we noticed that the holy grail of the library was also missing - the card catalog file. In its place was two computer terminals - mind you not computers.

We went to the front desk and asked the librarian what was going on. She had decided to get a fancy computer system ‘to make her job easier and cut down on theft’. We were stunned because we did not have a theft problem. Certainly some books would get lost or damaged but not very many. The books were mostly missing because they had been sent to a company to 'have security embedded in them’. The worst part is the librarian overspent and therefore, you guessed it, was not able to purchase more books.

We felt the shame of being used, lied to, and screwed over. It was at this point that we knew revenge was in order. It took myself and a couple of my fellow computer nerds 15 min to figure out what they had done to the books. The security tag was a RF tag (like at stores) on the card pocket of the book. The new cards themselves had metal foil in their center. Without this foil the tag would receive energy from the newly installed gates at the library door and set off an alarm.

I decided to test our knowledge. I grabbed a reference book, threw a gum wrapper in the pocket, shoved it in my bag, and hit the door. I passed out the door without a peep from the gates. After that day we threw our plan into action. We would steal as many books as we could and hide them in any location we could find.

At first we used storage rooms by boxing them up and soon ran out of space. We then started using empty lockers and even putting them in the ceiling on top of divider walls. By the end of the year the librarian was getting frantic. She could not balance her inventory with the new computer system and she was being called out on it thanks to our many complaints. Another genius move was to have then boxes labeled as other textbooks and sent to the warehouse over the summer. This was easy to do since WE were the volunteers that wrote a program to do it and would print the labels.

The librarian ended up losing her job and being investigated for fraud since there seemed to be some missing funds as well. Over the summer the county finally spent the money to fill our book request due to the uproar. It was not until a week before the start of school that they started discovering library books in the extra boxes several teachers received.

This was just the beginning of us getting revenge on some of the teachers. In the end we got our revenge and the original items we worked so hard to get.

Extra: the books never left county property. We boxed most up and sent them to the warehouse. They came back next year.

Also the company finished the other books they had and sent them back midway through the year. This worked to our advantage because the librarian could not see how many were gone until they placed all the secured books on the shelf from the final shipment.


He said I’m sorry baby I’m leaving you tonight
I found someone new she’s waitin’ in the car outside
Ah honey how could you do it
We swore each other everlasting love
I said well yeah I know but when
We did - there was just one thing we weren’t
Really thinking of and that’s money

Money changes everything
Money, money changes everything
We think we know what we’re doin’
That don’t mean a thing
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

They shake your hand and they smile
And they buy you a drink

hey say we’ll be your friends
We’ll stick with you till the end
Ah but everybody’s only
Looking out for themselves
And you say well who can you trust
I’ll tell you it’s just
Nobody else’s money"

Money changes everything
Money, Money changes everything

We think we know what we’re doin’
But we don’t pull the strings
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

Money changes everything
Money changes everything
So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything

[ So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything
Go Go Go ]
repeat x3


The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 522.000 copies in US and 863.000 worldwide in its first week of release, giving Bieber the largest first-week sales of his career and his sixth number-one album in the United States. Hit #1 on iTunes in 100 countries. Best selling album by a male released in 2015. Has now sold over 5.1 million copies worldwide (fastest album to sell 5 millions by a male in two years). The most streamed album of all time with over 10 billion streams in total. “Purpose” broke #HOT100 record by charting 17 songs.

i was high on sugar watching black mirror at 3am and I may have written a djwifi drabble in a videogame dominated world ???

  • okay so it basically the world has been dominated by a game company “le papillon"
  • Everyone is trapped (and trying to survive) in a virtual reality world (kinda like the matrix but they are not inside the game like the game is in the real world
  • Alya is super skilled, hacks networks and video cameras so she is an elite criminal (really she is just surviving, she steals food and electronics to make guns and stuff)
  • She goes by Lady Wifi bc no one can’t know who she really is.
  • She hacks for other people who can afford her services. That’s the way Alya gets “points”
  • She is looking for her friend Marinette aka Ladybug.
  • On her path, she meets Nino, an innocent looking guy who is looking for his friend Adrien
  • Nino, not so innocent after all, has developed high-intensity sound bombs and corrosive bubbles who help him rob “bank points” checkpoints, and food centers.
  • There’s virus flying around in form of butterflies called akumas
  • If you are akumatized there’s no way back, you work for papillon now and start hunting for the humans.
  • Alya teaches Nino how to fight and a little bit of hacking
  • Nino helps Alya update her suit (suit? more like a hoodie with a purple wifi sing painted with markers)

i know there was more but i can’t find the paper where i wrote it all lol

Space theory #1

If the Universe is infinite then there must be an infinite number of particles and combinations, this means that there are exact copies of everything and everyone. Every single one of us has exact copies out there, each completely convinced that they are the original. Most completely oblivious to each other. It also means that there are near identical copies of you, simply with very minor differences. One less hair, eyes one shade lighter, a centimetre taller. And massive differences, you could be trans, gay, a stripper, an architect… dead (#goals). This leads into Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can happen will happen. Anything that could have happened over your life, has happened to one of your doubles. 

 - an aspiring idiot