everything's alright with the world

  • Uraraka: Bakugou-kun!
  • Bakugou: What
  • Uraraka: Pat my head!
  • Bakugou: Don't tell me what to do. [pats her head]
  • Uraraka: Ah, I feel like everything is going to be alright now. Thanks! I'm off to face the world again!

“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

weather as types of people

Wind: Nomadic people are those who love wind. They are born of change and circumstance. Their worst enemy is the jailor of restriction. Seldom seen with restricting clothes, they like to move as they please. Messages pass their hands many times a day, and they love to be the bearer of news: whether good or bad, gossip or fun. They are desert people: hearts of sand and time, ever changing, always different. They are late-night pitstop people: gas station spirits and moonlight souls. People of change, people of destiny, people of drive.

Rain: Gentle souls. Instead of being in constant state of growth like most people, they are in a constant state of settling into themselves. Their presence is a calming one, even if they are not calm within themselves. They create effortlessly, ideas always flowing from them when they are present. When ideas are not present, the drought comes: not a drought of dehydration, but a drought of inspiration. When this drought comes, the people of rain have nothing to offer. All creativity is gone, all motive is lost. That is, until it rains again. A mysterious people, are those made of rain.

Thunder: Thunderous people can often be too loud, too much, and too frightening to those who do not understand them. Their anger holds the power of the earth, and heaven forbid you should see one cry. While they may shout and laugh, and be the greatest presence in the room, their loudness does not reflect who they are. Stormy emotion is their way to be heard, even if it isn’t the way they are best understood. You do not know a person of thunder, until you have studied while one slept next to you, or watched from a distance as they created something. You can hold no judgement to their stormy hearts until you take the time to know one. And should you manage to befriend one, you will find a strange sense of ancientness in their mannerisms. In the way they look off into the distance when they think nobody is watching, in how their art reflects people and places that no longer exist, in how they breathe so steadily beside you, as if they are meant to live forever.

Hail: Just like that embarrassing thing that happened to you in second grade, just like a memory that fills you with nostalgia at odd hours of the night, so hail people only appear in the moments before you fall asleep. They are beautiful in person, yes, but it is not until you have a time to ponder their beauty that you begin to see how incredible they truly are. Buffeted by wind, thrust up into the sky over and over again, their hearts have hardened to ice. But ice can melt; that is apparent with people of this kind. Give them a warm touch, and a kind eye. They will melt, and it will be beautiful.

Snow: Falling slowly, falling beautifully. People of snow are quiet and sad, but there is beauty in it. They drift downward, decorating the world with beauty as they go. You don’t see them much, since they’re quiet and rarely around. But it isn’t until they go missing that you realize how much they’ve impacted your life. They have an odd habit of making everything seem alright. When they speak, it is as if all the world is silent around them. You can never quite describe it, but they have a gentle peace about them: as if they know they are quickly failing, and are content with darkness that will approach. I’m sorry if you’ve ever held one’s hand, because there is no falling out of love with them. I’m sorry if you’ve ever heard one sing, because their music will never stop ringing in your ears. They are quiet. They are beautiful. They impact you in small ways, until everything you’re made up of seems to hold a piece of them.

bangtan as good feelings

jin: feeling like everything in the world is alright when you’re in someone’s embrace, the feeling of satisfying a craving, the feeling of peace.

yoongi: feeling utterly exhausted but deeply contented, but also feeling like you have unlimited energy when doing something you love, the feeling of passion.

hoseok: the feeling of the warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the feeling of laughing with someone, the feeling causing laughter, the feeling of liberation.

namjoon: the feeling of being at peace with yourself, feeling your heart beating and your body radiating heat after a run, the feeling of adrenaline.

jimin: cheeks hurting from laughing too much, the feeling of the cool breeze while you stand under the starry night sky, the feeling of happiness.

taehyung: feeling someone’s love for you, feeling complete adoration for someone, the feeling of stroking the soft fur of animals, the feeling of love.

jungkook: the feeling of watching the people you adore laugh and smile, the feeling of wearing a freshly washed hoodie that smells of fabric softener, the feeling of achievement.

too many times the scorpio is their own ghost, reliving their nightmares in everyday life. they would rather dwell in their own demons than face the world and pretend everything is alright. scorpios would rather be alone then be amongst fakery

Hi Taylor! I just wanna tell you a little something about me. So over the past 4 years or so I have been struggling with my anxiety and depression. Recently over the past year it has gotten worse and I have thought about ending the pain. I know that is a sign of weakness but people are just so mean and society is so hard to please. One day I was thinking if I leave this world I’ll never get to hear your voice again. Your amazing songs. Your words of wisdom and that made me scared. So I been fighting. I hope one day we will be able to meet because that 10 year old girl of me is dying to meet you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you so much words can’t describe it. I know that you probably will never see this but it is worth knowing that I got my story out there and that I’m fighting. Again thank you my life is so much better with you in it. One day hopefully I’ll get that hug from you and everything will be alright in my world. 💕 @taylorswift


And the chapter ends on a look at Yuuko’s own resolution. 

Capping off her efforts to cheer up Watanuki, Yuuko has a private moment of thought just to herself. No-one is watching her here. She’s not wearing the cheerful mask - she doesn’t have to, because no-one is there to be affecting by it. But her resolution is still just as strong.

Even knowing what she does - all the things happening right now across the multiverse and all the sadness that lies in the future - she still chooses to believe in these kids and where their choices will take them. 

She doesn’t have to do that. Just like cheering up Watanuki, it’s not going to change anything in the big picture one way or the other, and that makes it even more important. 

Yuuko, with all her power and knowledge, believes that the future will be ok. 

In the end, it will be alright. 

And she trusts the kids to make it happen. 

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I want to rub my hands all over his face

(( OOC: For a solid second I didn’t know what this meant, and I was mildly afraid, then I realized you were talking about the dog and everything felt alright with the world again. )) 

  • Monika: I know you’re all very different in a lot of ways. But as far as Monika is concerned, you’re all pieces of shit! Yeah, I can prove it mathematically. Actually, let me get my whiteboard. This has been a long time coming anyway.
  • *Later*
  • Monika: So in conclusion, you’re all equally mercurial, overly sensitive, clingy, hysterical, bird-brained homunculi. And I honestly can’t tell you all apart from time to time. Because I don’t go by height or age. I go by amount of pain in my ass! Which makes you both identical. Alright, everything resolved? Everyone nice and certain about their position in my world?
  • All other Dokis: Yes.

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listen,,,,, jace is autistic this is a Fact

Yeah, my dude, this is 100% Fact, absolutely. 

Here are some more Facts to go along with it:

  • Jace growing up with Valentine and not knowing how to behave because Valentine has such different reactions to different parts of Jace’s behavior
  • Jace not understanding why Valentine praises him for not being open with his emotions, but punishes him for being fidgety with his hands
  • Jace being forced to maintain eye contact because it shows ‘strength’, Jace being punished when he looks away, Jace learning that he has to make eye contact even if he’s uncomfortable 
  • Jace training himself to keep still when he wants to fidget, to look people in the eye when he wants to look away, to force himself to respond to questions when he can’t make himself talk
  • Jace meeting the Lightwoods and realizing he doesn’t have to follow Valentine’s rules anymore
  • Jace realizing he and Alec have a lot in common
  • Jace having an autistic parabatai
  • Jace and Alec being able to use their parabatai bond to sense when one of them is starting to struggle, and being able to get them out of bad situations before they can get too overwhelmed
  • Jace and Alec coming up with a system to communicate for each other when one of them is nonverbal 
  • Jace and Alec studying and experimenting with different runes to help block out loud noises and lessen other sensory sources for overstimulation
  • Jace and Alec being completely comfortable stimming around each other, even if it’s one of the less ‘acceptable’ ways, because they know they’re not going to get any crap for it
  • Jace finally having someone who understands what it’s like for him, and being able to help and support him, and finally getting to feel like he doesn’t have to constantly worry about himself and the way he’s behaving, because Alec is right there with him

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do you have any favorite tropes in superman art

  • sunlight everywhere, drenching the entire picture, superman’s probably mouthing raaaaaayyy a drop of golden suuuun
  • billowing red cape even though that’s not how fabric works
  • doves? birds. he is friends with the birds. somehow he summons the birds? did you know doves are just pigeons and you’ve all been mean to pigeons for absolutely no reason
  • flying
  • flying with zoom trails
  • when the zoom trails get really long because he’s flying….. dare i say it…….. super fast 
  • hands spread like he’s petting the sky like it’s his fucking superdog
  • he is strong
  • he is super strong
  • therefore, he must make fist
  • poppin collars….. lookin fly……. poppin buttons…… flinging himself out of the daily planet’s window because he has to actually fly now and save the world
  • what i mean by that is, he’s doing the superman shirt thing but god do you know how many shirts he goes through? does his mom just have to sew the buttons back on? are all of his shirts replete with very mismatched buttons? come on, clark, what is the fucking deal? get it together my man
  • radiant smile that makes everything in the world alright. when he smiles that smile, he now works at the daily buddy, hails from the planet kryp-i-love-you-ton (this is fact), he has a fortress of friendship (NOT solitude, this is a place for all of his friends to be friendly, shut the HELL your MOUTH) and the justice league is called the superfriends because fuck you, batman, these are what real facts look like mr. detective
  • when he smiles that smile he becomes pal-el
  • i wrote this entire post to recycle my pal-el pun
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
Corey Fogelmanis
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

I’ve never heard this song before today while I was scrolling on youtube but I did NOT know he could sing this well! it’s a couple of years old, I’m not exactly sure by how much but might as well give this a listen while scrolling through your tumblr feed:) 

For Dan.

hang in there, bud 👍🏻 thank u as always to soph for helping me through my funk


Jason groans, and manages to roll himself over as the weight on top of him adjusts from his back to his belly.

“Why are you calling me by my first name?” he asks the weight, frowning.

A mini Piper - he’s unsure his second daughter inherited any of his genes - stares back at him and shrugs her little shoulders.

“I dunno. That’s what mommy yells when she wants your attention.”

Jason laughs, big and loud, and reaches up to tickle his daughter for her troubles. Her giggle could cure ailments, he’s sure. It rings out alongside his own laugh and he’s not sure how he managed to bottle happiness like this.

“Jason! Blair! Breakfast is ready!”

Jason grins at the sound of his wife’s yelling voice. It’s so damn domestic that he can’t help it. He jumps off the bed, leaving it a mountain of duvet and pillows, and takes a sprinter’s stance.

“Race you,” he challenges Blair.   

She gasps and scrambles off the bed, already yelling that he has an advantage as she takes off through the door ahead of him. Jason laughs again, big bellied and loud, and takes off after her towards the kitchen.

He catches up to her at the threshold of the kitchen and scoops her up, blowing raspberries into her belly.

“Daaaaddyyy! Stooopppp!” She giggles through her protests and slaps his leg when he puts her back down.

Their oldest daughter is sitting at the breakfast table opposite her mom, sipping her orange juice and reading her book like she’s much older than eight. Kylie is his brainchild, Piper has always argued.

Jason kisses the top of her head and she mumbles, “Morning, dad.”

“Morning, Kyles.”

Piper raises her eyebrows over her coffee.

“Morning,” he says, walking over and kissing the top of her head.

“Morning, dear,” she says lightly. It used to be said sardonically but now he hears the familiar affection seem into the term of endearment. “You were dead to the world this morning. Everything alright?”

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BBS Fandom Gothic
  • You distinctly remember watching a video long before time began to pass, but when you go back to look for it, it is gone. You ask others, and they do not remember the video. Perhaps it never existed. 
  • “What do you call a magic owl?” you ask the crowd of silhouettes that surround you. “Hoodini,” they say. “Hoodini” is all they say. “Hoodini” repeats around you in a chorus of chants that echoes against nonexistent walls. You try to run, but the crowd runs with you. There is no escape. 
  • You remember the owl being human once, and the pig and the eagle. You feel as though all of the animals were human once, but it was so long ago that you don’t quite remember. The panda has always been human, but you don’t question this. Nobody ever does. 
  • You meet a man with no face, and he tells you his name is Ryan. You have never met a Ryan, nor a man with no face, but his presence is comforting and familiar. He offers you his hand and promises to take you home. You did not tell him where you live, but you trust him wholeheartedly for reasons you cannot explain. 
  • The monkey laughs with childlike glee, and you are sure he is only a child. He has been a child for many many years. Time does not affect him.
  • You feel boiling anger at a dog you have never met. He looks up at you cutely and sweetly, but you must not fall for his tricks. You must not believe his lies. If he speaks to you, you must silence him with a firm shout of his name. You already know what it is and do not need to ask. Tell him no. Only tell him no.
  • The owl has two names. Bat Owl? Night Owl? You are not sure which is right, but he answers to both. You ask the raccoon his name, but he doesn’t seem to remember. 
  • Delirious is a real, tangible person. You know this. You have seen many artists’ renditions of him that are all slightly different but all recognisable. You know he is real, but you cannot picture him. All you can see is static in a vaguely humanoid shape. It buzzes and crackles like a radio that has been disconnected, and you can hear a distinct cackle among the cacophony of sounds. It is laughing at you, and you do not know why. The static grows and eats and consumes all that exists around it until the static is all that you see. You scream into the void and the void screams back. 
  • The owl tells you that everything will be alright. The world is burning around you, but somehow, everything will be alright.