everything you say is invalid

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Heyy I can't join your discord? Says invalid or expired

Everything’s still open. You should be able to join except you’re the person I had to ban earlier. ^^ 

There’s absolutely nothing romantic about psych ward au’s with doctor/patient relationships. Across the nine different psychiatry hospital wards surveyed in Victoria, 85% of female inpatients felt unsafe during hospitalization, 67% reported experiencing sexual or other forms of harassment and 45% of respondents had experienced sexual assault during an in-patient admission. When you’re hospitalized in a psych ward, the personnel around you have immense power over you in every area of your life and if they choose to abuse said power, the chance that they are going to be held accountable are very low. An abusive doctor can easily claim that everything you say is invalid due to the mental instability that got you hospitalized in the first place - that you’re just confused, that you’re lying, that you misunderstood what happened. The odds that anyone will believe you and stick up for you when it’s your word against a doctors are very, very low. Sexual abuse in psych wards is a rampant problem that continually hurts an extremely vulnerable population. Do not romanticize it. 

Things some people don't seem to understand about aquariums:

If there’s a bunch of poop and gunk on the bottom of your tank adding more things that poop will only make it worse

“Ok” never means good, it shows me you know you’re doing wrong but are trying to convince me you’re right when you know you aren’t.

Algae eaters won’t completely get rid of an algae problem in most cases

Algae eaters need supplement foods, especially when there is very little algae in your tank.

A fish that quickly grows to 2 feet long is not going to survive in your ten gallon.

Any tank that is specifically marketed for bettas or goldfish is not good for them, no matter what the package says.

Just because the picture on the box shows 3 goldfish, 2 red platies, a common pleco, and about 12 neon tetras does not mean you can put those fish together in that tank.

If its less than 10 gallons it shouldn’t be divided.

Yes, ghost shrimp can and will eat your neons.

I don’t care how long you’ve been keeping fish when you tell me you’ve never had to do a water change in 20 years everything you say is completely invalid.

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whats tone policing

Tone policing is a logical fallacy and a part of respectability politics in which a person determines that a person’s tone is more important than the points they are making, and concludes that if an argument is delivered in a way that is “not nice”, the argument is thus invalid and/or not worth hearing.

It is often used to silence marginalized persons and people in debates about oppression, because those who use it are able to be detached from the issue in a manner that is not reasonable to expect from those making the argument. That is, it doesn’t effect them, so of course they can be “calm and rational” about the subject, and tone policing determines that this automatically makes their statements more correct and factual.

The determination of tone is subjective, rather than objective, thus it is exceedingly easy to declare that an argument is wrong by virtue of anything being capable of being considered “too mean”. This is one way that the fallacy of “moving the goal posts” is often utilized alongside tone policing (that is, tone policing often works by demanding a goal of tone to be reached, that is not possible to be reached, because that goal is always moved/changed once it seems to be met).

It’s also not uncommon that tone policing rests solely on who is being “too emotional”, and, again, it’s easy to be “above emotion” when it’s an issue that doesn’t affect you. This also a subjective determination and has no actual place as a logical argument, because there’s no logic behind “you’re too invested in this, thus everything you say is invalid and/or not worth hearing”. There was a great post going around explaining this with the example of someone arguing that your aunt’s name was something ridiculous, and harassing you over it - of course, they can remain straight faced and calm through the whole thing, because in the end it’s not something they’ll deal with or be forced to care about, because it’s not their family and not their life that they’re arguing for.

- damegreywulf

Speaking about one particular axis on which one experiences microagressions and tone-policing doesn’t mean invalidating other forms of oppression which you (or other people!) may face, it simply means that you can’t address every topic in every conversation, and sometimes a particular topic is on your mind.
—  bramblepatch

Reminder: once you make the decision to cheat on someone you supposedly love, you instantly become no more than a pile of garbage. Unless the words coming out of your mouth are sincere apologies and owning up to what you did, everything you say to justify your selfish actions is invalidated trash. Most importantly, you are not the fucking victim.

Im not typically one to continue to fuel the flames when it comes to drama like this but I feel like this needs to be said because the fact that you had to bring up a band members apperance shows that you dont have a valid argument because that was nowhere near the topic of conversation. They do write their own music, contrary to what you want to believe, the music and the melodies they play are their own. You can think its “plagiarism” all you want but thats simply not what it is. I will not deny that there are plenty of similarities with riffs or beats or whatever, but it is not the same, similarities and being exactly the same are two different things. They do not have any songs that have the exact same riffs or melodies to other songs and even if they did, to do so they would have to have permission to do so those artists can be compensated. Don’t act like every other artist has not taken inspiration from past classic rock/hip-hop/pop acts in the past because it always happens and it will continue to happen. These boys grew up with the same music you listen to and love, they have the same respect for the scene as everyone else and all the artists in that scene have more respect for them than they will have of you hating on them. You only want to find a fault in them because you want to have this high and holy attitude about music. But, its because of them becoming mainstream that pop punk artists are going to get more attention and have more success. You can keep living with your close mindedness about 5sos as a band because the music you want to enjoy is your own and I wont tell you what to listen to, but beating down on someones appearance completely invalidates everything you have to say and frankly, its downright pathetic.

I’m going to be honest, I really don’t care what you say about bellarke or clexa but the second you start invalidating Eliza and everything she says is where I draw the line. Eliza is a real human being with real feelings and you invalidating every single thing that comes out of her mouth shows just little respect you have for her.

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You confuse race with national identity. Leave things like this up to college professors who understand their respective fields. Seriously, the second you start throwing around buzzwords like privilege you invalidate everything you are trying to say.

oh hello anon. i’ll answer you one last time. no i’m not ‘confusing anything’.

racialisation in europe is constructed along ETHNIC LINES not just colour that’s all. this is exactly why the UN convention against racial discrimination defines racism as discrimination not just based on colour but includes ethnicity. thanks to the schengen treaty and the EU in general this matters a lot because most european countries have a huge influx of intra-european migration and in western europe there’s loads of racist attacks on polish people in addition to usual colourist racism. our media, our police, our govt calls this racism. if you think racism only functions on colourist US categories, you’re woefully wrong. 

if you insist otherwise, nice. US cultural imperialism. projecting US race politics on the rest of the world. erasing huge amounts of racism between people who you consider to be in the same ‘race’ category. by your logic, then nazi racism against russians and polish people isn’t racism because they’re all considered ‘white’. even though pretty much all reputable historians and human rights lawyers consider things like generalplan ost a genocidal policy. japanese far right nationalists can be racist to koreans, chinese can be racist to tibetans and uighur muslims - even if other people see us all as just ‘east asian’ or ‘asian’.

race is a fundamentally artificial construct and ‘white’ europeans do not see themselves as a homogenous group of white people in europe unlike the US because ethnicity matters. you pull the ‘college professors’ schtick…and yet you claim to know more than people who actually live in a place talking about racism there? 

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"I don't think any of this gender stuff is real. have you been taking your [antipsychotic] meds?"

Cislated: I think I’m in a better position to determine your gender than you are, and that your mental illness somehow invalidates everything you say. Anything you say which I dislike or disagree with is the result of your illness, as it couldn’t possibly be th result of me being a giant bag of transphobic, ableist dicks.

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its sad and angering that not only men think that way, about the so-called equality and progressiveness but also equalists/egalitarians which consist of some females and it's just smh. Egalitarianism is extremely idealistic and cowardly honestly, just like the way society has structured men. Both want equality and progression and yet we can't ever achieve that because there will always be oppression (which apparently equalists don't believe in?? im laughing e.g tell that to a disabled woc)

now before I answer this DISCLAIMER that I know not all people that label themselves as egalitarians or equalists are like this blah blah blah lmao (also sorry for any spelling errors)

but yes, it is very sad and angering. egalitarianism is like the societal equivalence of being pro-communism; thinking “yeah, I want everyone to have the same opportunities but I don’t actually want to do anything about it or actually put a whole lot of thought into it”

communism doesn’t work in practice because of where the world is at just like egalitarianism won’t work until feminism (and the like) isn’t needed anymore. overall, egalitarianism is extremely vague and lacks a solid basis and for most people that label themselves as such: a cheap and lazy way of deeming themselves a Good Person. Like, “hey I’m not shitty, I believe in equality. I just don’t want to address my own shortcomings or that of societies, because I am a coward!”

and I get it, no one chose to be born so when someone doesn’t want to involve themselves in causes like feminism or racism or anything similar, even though on some level I disagree, I’m not here to force people to fight battles they never agreed to. BUT when someone has the audacity to label themselves as an ANTI-feminist or an egalitarian > feminism type of person, there’s something wrong there. you don’t get to label yourself as someone who has the active benefit of society in mind if you’re actually too lazy to do anything about it. you’re either for it, against it, or you stay out of it. you don’t get to keep the security and comfort of not enforcing changes like those against, while deeming yourself as superior because you’re a “good person” like those that are for it.

it’s also a really annoying problem in the western/1st world society because of the way it is so deeply ingrained in our society, so many people don’t realise their privilege and anyone who has it instantly tries to dismiss it by declaring how they’re “oppressed” too and since they’ve risen “above” it they’re obviously more intelligent and everyone just needs to grow up. and then you get these white-passing middle class american women saying that they’re anti-feminists but 3rd world feminists because we need to be fighting “real problems” rather than the sexism that doesn’t exist in “our” society, because they’re a woman and they’re bossy, and independent and they’re fine! which is really just them failing to acknowledge how much privilege they do have and the small bubble in which they’ve experienced the world.

another problem is, is that a lot of sexism goes unnoticed, it’s so small. it’s being told that pointing is rude but men doing it all the time to women when they’re making a point, & then being told “not all men do that”, “I’m a man and I was raised better than that”, “some men do it to other men too”, & “I’ve met women that do that as well though” because all these people KNOW what the point being made is but choose to ignore it because it would mean acknowledging something is wrong that they can’t be bothered to change. and then you get told things like “that’s a big deal? he pointed a finger at you. there are bigger problems in the world!” and then when you explain that, yes, there are bigger problems in the world and they’re all caused by these tiny ones that equal the big picture. can’t you see that? you’re enforcing the problem!

of course we should prioritise the bigger issues, especially child marriage and slave women labour in other countries too but that doesn’t mean neglecting what’s wrong with us too because you’re afraid of change. we need to focus on housing the homeless in our 1st world country just as much as we need to help others without homes in 3rd world countries too, you know what I mean?

and then, no matter how hard you try to be polite about it (because if you get angry, everything you say is invalid) it always STILL boils down the the fact that feminists need to “get over themselves” it’s so disgusting, and only highlights the problem rather than dismissing it.

you know to be honest sometimes i feel it’s only because i’m a) a girl b) non-white that i get more leeway to say various things that may go against the grain of conventional tumblr views without being accused of being an apologist, because of how much tumblr uses identity politics as to whether your opinion is valid or not.

and that’s complete BULLSHIT. being non-white doesn’t mean you can’t be perpetuating racism (as i’ve shown many times). being a woman doesn’t mean you might not be subscribing to misogynistic ideas too (i mean look how much women have played a role in perpetuating patriarchal power structures??? My great-great-grandma ok-ing female infanticide??) being white doesn’t mean everything you say is automatically invalid.

ALL THAT does is form the context from which one’s opinion comes from. It may mean your perspective is more limited, and that what you say should bear in mind what position you speak from. (I.e I doubt my opinion can be taken to be accurately describing what it’s like to be a black man, a black dude’s POV will be limited regarding what it’s like to be a woman.) Evaluate the opinion with that in mind- it’s not an excuse for people to go “lol no ur opinion is automatically invalid cos ur a __cis/het/white/male!!!!!__”.

That’s not logical reasoning in any form at all and acts as though our gender/sexuality/ethnicity etc somehow automatically determines the soundness of our opinions and character…and NOPE, it doesn’t.

(And see how many so-called champions of progressive causes have let people down? The most recent being Lena Dunham?)