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name: I Was Made for Loving You
author: LHStylinson
summary:  “Daddy… Daddy that’s Peter Pan.”
“Nate, love, don’t point,” Harry said softly, gently pushing his son’s hand down and offering the man sitting across from them at the table an apologetic smile. “That’s not Peter, he just-“
“How did you know I was Peter?” the man interrupted him, whispering to Nate as if it was a secret just between them. “Are you one of my lost boys?”
Harry is on a cruise with his son, and meets a blue eyed man who happens to be a famous voice actor and singer for children’s animated movies.

Dorm Mates AU
  • Harry and Ron were SUPPOSED to be roommates but Ron fucked up and forgot to request him
  • On move in day Harry bumps into this asshole who’s bitching about someone touching his “imported scarves”
  • Harry doesn’t have a lot to unpack so he’s already set up when that same asshole barges into the room. He doesn’t even notice Harry as he orders the poor volunteers around, telling them how to set up and “that doesn’t go THERE what are you, an animal???”
  • When the storm clears Harry just stands there blinking as Draco finally notices him. He offers him his hand to shake with his signature “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. And you are…?”
  • Harry reluctantly takes it. “… Harry Potter”
  • Throughout the school year they’re very short with each other, usually hanging out with other groups. They still respect each others rules and lifestyles within the dorm, but rarely ever talk.
  • One night, late into the year, Draco comes in shit faced drunk while Harry is studying.
  • He starts crawling all over Harry on the bed and ends up laying in his lap talking about how everyone wants to be friends with him because of his father and how sometimes he doesn’t even like the people he hangs out with and stuff like that
  • After his long rant they just kinda sit there and suddenly Draco looks up like “You’re really hot you know that? Like suuuper hot. That’s why all those girls are after you. But you’re so stupid you don’t even realize it. Honestly.”
  • He kinda goes on about how hot Harry is and how sometimes he wants to make out with his stupid face and how the way his expressions are on a day to day basis is practically killing him but then Draco starts falling asleep mid-rant and just passes out on Harry’s lap.
  • Harry just sits there in stunned silence before sliding out from under Draco and going to Rons to spend the night
  • Draco wakes up feeling horrible and he doesn’t remember a lot from the night before. When he sees he’s on Harry’s bed and Harry is gone he starts panicking like “fuck fuck FUCK what did I do??”
  • Later that night Harry comes back and they exchange awkward “heys” before Draco gets all formal saying he’s sorry if he said anything out of term or caused any trouble
  • Harry just laughs like “you’re fine its cute the way you act when you’re drunk”
  • Draco is internally screaming at "cute” but he’s like “nevertheless I should not have imposed you-”
  • Harry interrupts him like “dude enough you don’t have to act so up tight with me I’m not gonna judge you”
  • And after a bunch of back and forth they’re suddenly criss crossed on the floor talking about their stupid aunt and uncle or how strict their houses are and they’re up talking until 2AM and somehow Draco ends up in Harry’s lap again ranting away and Harry is playing with his hair, only stopping when he agrees with something (“RIGHT?? How stupid is that???”)
  • There’s a small pause as they catch their breath and wind down a bit
  • Draco closes his eyes while Harry combs through his bangs before asking “So last night I just ranted about my friends at you?”
  • Harry chuckled and makes a mysterious comment like “among other things”
  • “Like what?” Draco is sweating now oh god what did I say to this beautiful boy
  • “Apparently I’m hot and I don’t even realize it”
  • Draco’s hands are on his face because he’s beet fucking red and Harry is laughing trying to pry them away
  • “don’t worry, don’t worry! I thought it was cute-” “don’t make fun of me!” “I’m not! Really! It was adorable! To be honest, I think everything you do is adorable” “OOHMYGOD PLEASE STOP”
  • and they both act like total fucking dorks until Harry manages to get Draco’s hands out of his face and plants a weird upside down kiss on his lips
  • Harry half-expects him to get embarrassed, but after a beat Draco’s pulling Harry back down with messy kisses and reposition’s himself so he’s straddling Harry’s lap
  • They’re wrapped around each other, Draco holding himself up so he can curve Harry’s head back and force his mouth open
  • Harry’s clawing at his back, about to slide his hands down to grab Draco’s hips when there’s a loud knock on the door (“are you fucking kidding me” goes through both their minds)
  • Ron’s coming from a party, drunk, trying to get Harry to go with him. Harry just takes Ron back to his dorm instead.
  • He expects Draco to be asleep when he gets back, which he is.
  • But on Harry’s bed.
  • Deliberately leaving space for Harry.
  • For the rest of the year they switch off on cuddling and making out with each other on different beds. Ron finds out at the end of the year and is more upset about how he could have half-dormed with them since they had an extra bed than the fact they were secretly dating all that time.

I think I’m in love with muggle AU’s of drarry. Also, make out scenes are my life. Fight me.

Dating Yongguk would include:
  • dating Yongguk means you are a mom to the rest 
  • like they will literally call you both parents 
  • even if you are younger than one of them they will still call you mom
  • Yongguk would be sometimes annoyed because he wanted to spend some time with you but guess who’s with you ;-)
  • other girls being jealous, cause he chose you
  • i don’t think Yongguk would be very jealous because he knows you love him and you’re not going to leave him
  • calls you ‘dearest’ ‘my queen’ and ‘my darling’ 
  • he has the money and wants to spoil you all the damn time
  • whenever you get upsed or mad at him he would come to you and ask “CHANNEL? PRADA? GUCCI? what do you want??” 
  • then he smiles and ask “of course me, right?”
  • calling him your suggar daddy
  • he says he don’t like it at all but he lowkey love it
  • he gives you a lot of tight hugs when you need him
  • actually i think Yongguk would love to hug you or kiss you or just to be in touch with you
  • he would support you no matter what and vice versa
  • he likes to slow dance with you
  • imagine its like 2 am in the morning and you two are snuggle with each other and slowly moving to daddy issues by the neighbourhood
  • if he could he woould spend hours kissing you
  • soft kisses on your neck 
  • during intimate moments i think Yongguk would be pretty rough but also gentle with you and only for you
  • lots of lazy mornings when he has free days
  • long walks
  • him always taking care of you
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • he never hide anything from you, he tells you everything up front and expects you to do the same
  • leaving adorable notes all around the house
  • wearing his clothes ofc
  • drinking with him wine or champagne
  • you would be a l w a y s the first person who hears his new music and he would ask you what you think because your opinion matters to him the most
  • writing a lot some songs about you
  • because you are his inspiration
  • holding you really close to him
  • when you guys are out on a date or something and he sees some guy is staring at you Yongguk would kiss you and smirk at this guy
  • “look at this beauty, i bet you’re jealous.”
  • he would touch your ass whenever he can 
  • having dinner with each other’s families
  • his family adores you!!!
  • you would be best friends with his sister
  • he tells you he loves you every night before sleep


// zoey xoxo

Dating Calum Would Include

◇ “Can we get a dog?”

◇"We already have three Cal"

◇"But the third one is lonely"

◇Tracing his tattoos

◇Taking care of him after he gets wasted

◇Drunk Calum hitting on you

◇"You’re hot, wanna go out sometime?“

◇"First off, that’s a horrible way to ask a girl out. And second, I’m already your girlfriend?”

◇Non-sexual showers together

◇Him accidentally getting shampoo in your eye

◇"Please don’t go blind, I’m sorry"

◇Going on the wildest adventures together

◇Listening to him play the piano and guitar

◇"No Calum, the boys can’t come"

◇Running your fingers through his hair when cuddling

◇Going out to the park to kick around the football

◇Play wrestling

◇Snapping cute candids of him without his knowledge

◇Him later scrolling through your phone and finding them

◇"When did you take these?“

◇Playing FIFA

◇"How do you get your hair to grow so fast? You were literally bald like yesterday?? What is your secret??”

◇Make out sessions on the couch

◇Him absolutely adoring you and everything you do

◇Him constantly bragging about you to his friends

◇Stealing his shirts

◇Funny twitter convos

◇Him playing you small samples of upcoming songs

◇Not being the usual lovey dovey couple

◇Strangers wondering whether you’re together or just best friends

◇Daring each other to do stupid stuff

◇Getting matching tattoos

◇Being 100% comfortable around each other

◇Him constantly stopping to pet dogs he see’s on the street

◇Gossiping/spilling tea about other celebrities together

◇Throwing shade together

◇Him being grumpy when he’s tired

◇Being trapped underneath him when cuddling

◇Poking him to wake up bc he’s literally squashing you

◇Eventually giving up because he could sleep through World War Three

◇Telling each other your deepest secrets

◇Neither of you being able to sleep, so going out on a mini road trip at 2 am


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how about MC couldn't get a present for the twins (probably because they didn't tell her it was their birthday), so MC puts on a bow and tell them she will be their gift? it's up to you if this is smutty or not?

Countdown to the Cake: 2

MC as a bithday gift


“Oh MC~~ you missed a spot!” Saeyoung points and smiles teasingly.

“Saeyoung, I’m tired, I’m hungry, my clothes are wet and I look like a mess. Don’t you think it’s enough?”

“MC… I’m kind enough to help you clean my babies in my birthday and that’s how you pay me? Oh… I guess people like me aren’t meant to have a happy birthday after all…” he says dramatically, you roll your eyes.

“You’re just taking advantage of me! I told you I was gonna be your gift, not your maid or…” oh no, you should not have used that word, you look at him and his eyes gleam mischievously.

“Yes, you’re right… and your clothes are all wet, maybe you should change? I might have some spare clothes for you…”

How did you end up here? Oh yeah…  it was this morning, you dropped by to grab the HBC bags he promised you and smelled something burning in the kitchen.

“Shit! My birthday cake!”

“Why were you doing birthday cake?”

“For my birthday, obviously!”

“Your birthday? When is your birthday, Saeyoung?”

“June 11th

“Do you mean today?” he nodded, then sighed in frustration, looking at the amount of black burnt dough. “Now what will I have for my birthday?”

You felt bad for him… “Well, you…  you can have me!” you stated, smiling nervously and hoping he wouldn’t take this in the wrong way… “I’ll be… you birthday gift! We can do whatever you want!”

When you said that, you were expecting he would want to hang out in the amusement park or in an arcade, how could you imagine he would want you to help him wash his cars? And how could you imagine he would turn into this sadistic evil little monster throwing water in you on purpose?

So now, here you are changing to a freaking maid costume, of course those would be the only spare clothes he would have for you! You just hope he doesn’t ask for nothing weird like speaking in a French accent or something like this.

“Come out, MC! I wanna see you…~” he smiles teasingly, but his smile fades away as you timidly step out of his room. “MC… you look…”

“Pathetic, I know.” Not what he was thinking of at all… oh god… you looked adorable and… sexy… and the tiara with a little bow on it made you really resemble a birthday gift.

He looks away, blushing. You look down, feeling ridiculous. Why this silence right now? You two never have a problem finding interests in common and subjects to talk about, the deepest and meaningful conversations or the silliest and weirderst ones, you two can always feel a true connection.

“Can we finish polishing the cars?” you ask, finally gathering some courage to look at him.

“Y-yeah, le-let’s do it…” he doesn’t look back at you.

The polishing is torture, he is trying to focus, but it’s impossible as you bent down in one of the cars to polish its hood, your skirt is so short! His hands works in circles, but only then he realizes there is no car, he is polishing the air, looking at you, his mouth ajar.

“I finished this one, Saeyoung, do you want some help?” he is still staring and doesn’t answer. “Saeyoung?” you look at him, curious.

“It’s good, MC… you did a great job… you look… great, you… are… great…” he gulps when you start walking towards him.

“I… am?” you tilt your head and smile. “Saeyoung?”


“Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday before?”

“I… I don’t know. I’m just very used to spend this day alone. I… didn’t know if I could tell you, I still have these habits of not telling much about me to people I… like.” your heart flutter, is he trying to confess? Oh… You knew there was more behind this tease sadistic side of him.

“You could have told me. I would have known what to do for you.” You come really close, he can feel your breath against his face.

“I think you know exactly what you’re doing right now, MC.” He says, his eyes following your lips with lust.

“Only if you know what to do next.”

He smirks before attacking your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer. Your tongues dance together as you two trip in your own feet till the back of your knees meet the car’s hood, making you sit.

His tongue travels down you moth to your jaw, making you spread your legs to bring him closer as he kisses your neck, the hand which was holding you tight against him goes a little up, reaching for the zipper in the maid dress.

“H-Happy birthday, Saeyoung…”

“Oh, for the very fisrt time in a long time, it will be…” he says breathlessly, making you lie in the car’s hood as his body keeps pressed against yours.


Saeyoung was busy for the day and asked you to pick Saeran in the therapy. He usually would get back quieter than usual after the sessions. Although it concerned you and made you wonder if the therapy was really helping, you wouldn’t say anything in order to get him even more nervous.

“Hey, how was it?”

“Fine.” Yes, that’s what he usually says.

“Okay, wanna get some ice cream?”

“No, not today.” Oh… that was weird… he never turned down ice cream.

“Okay… so I’ll take you home.”

“I wanna go to your place.” He says, looking away, you can’t help feeling surprise. “What? Something wrong?”

“No, not at all. It’s just… you never want to go to my place without Saeyoung.”

“Today it’s different.” Then he looks at you, and even though you don’t know why, how can you say no?

You get home and tell him to make himself comfortable. He sits in the couch and starts messing with his phone.

“So, uhm… your therapist… how is she?”

“She’s okay, I guess. Why?”

“I don’t know, it’s just…  I don’t know much about her, that’s all.”

“She’s fine, she says some weird stuff sometimes, but I don’t hate her.” Wow, okay, so maybe he likes her, that’s good. “Do you have cupcakes? I want cupcakes.”

“I don’t, but… maybe I can try to make a few. Do you want to help me?”


You put on your apron and help him with his, he looks slightly embarrassed when you almost hug him as you tie a bow in the apron. You start working on making the cupcakes, and and now you are waiting to take it out of the oven.

“So… if you don’t mind me asking, why cupcakes? Why not ice cream?”

“She says I need to do different things in special days, so I can feel the difference and know what’s special and what’s not, some bullshit like that.” Some bullshit he’s listening to.

“Oh… so today is a special day, huh?” why could that be?

“Yeah, Saeyoung even got me a present. Though he’s always giving me presents, I don’t know what changes just because it’s our birthday. Can you put sprinkles in the frosting? Will you do some frosting?” you blink a couple of times, staring at him. “I guess not, then…”

“Saeran… today it’s your birthday?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just… I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t, I didn’t tell you.” Well, yeah… that’s the point. You look really embarrassed, clearing your throat and avoiding his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“I… nothing. I… am sorry, I didn’t know, I… didn’t get you anything. I thought this was just a regular day. I mean, I’ve been wondering when your birthday would be and what could I get you, but… I could never imagine it was today…”

“It’s fine. So, uhm… what did you think about getting me for a gift?”

“I… here’s the thing, I… couldn’t think of anything, so I was… wondering about offering myself as your gift. You know… going to anywhere you want to go, do what you would like to do for the day, stupid cheesy things that, now that I come to think of it, are awf…” he grabs your chin and makes you look at him.

“I’ll take it.” You blush, so does he. Now you wonder how long it’s gonna take for him to let you go and get all flustered and weird, but… he doesn’t. He keeps looking at you, and his face is getting closer, and closer… you close your eyes in anticipation and… the timer dings, indicating the baked cupcakes are ready.

You two get away from each other, both really embarrassed and giving these quick glances to each other. Well, maybe this is a sign to not make bold moves like that, he’s not ready for this kind of relationship.

You two start working on the frosting, he’s so focused and dedicated, it’s absolutely adorable. He looks at you, mimicking everything you do. It’s been like this in almost everything, he’s always looking up for you in order to act as normal as possible. Your eyes lock to his, and you’ll think t’s going to be one of those moments, but he starts chuckling, you look at him confused.

“It’s just… you have something in your face.” Oh yeah… there’s some frosting in your cheek, you didn’t bother to clean because you were trying to finish this. “Let me get that for you.” You think he’ll wipe it off with his fingers, but your breath hitches when he leans closer and licks it off your face. “Yummy” he says, smiling softly. Today really is a different day, huh?

You can see the other days here!

BTS~ When Their S/O Expresses her Love

Anonymous said: Hey ! Can you do a BTS reaction where their s/o tell them how much they love them and how grateful for what the boys do for them and everything ? (I’m in the mood for something cute today lol) I really love your blog by the way, I love how you write your reaction 😊

A/N: Awh thank you anon!! I hope you enjoy this!!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Masterlist ^.^

Seokjin/ Jin

When you told him how grateful you are for him, Jin would actually become mush. He would try so hard not to cry and he’d just want to hug you forever and smother you with his love. He’d make sure you to kiss your cheek tell you sweet nothings everythings.

“I’ll always be here for you, no matter what the future holds. I love you so much Jagiya.”

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Yoongi/ Suga

As he listened to your words, he would slowly start to smile and by the time you finished talking, his gummy smile would be stamped on his face. Yoongi isn’t one for too much PDA but he still like when you do these things. He would melt instantly and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling as he hugged you.

“You’re too sweet Jagi. How did I manage to get you?”

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Hoseok/ J-Hope

He’d be so happy and giggy!! Hobi would engulf you in a big hug and shower you with kisses before telling you how much he loves and adores you for everything you do. He is a big lover so he lives for moments like these.

“Ahh!! I love you too!! I love you so much! I don’t know what I’d do without you!” 

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Namjoon/ Rap Monster 

Joonie would fanboy so hard! He would squeal and hug you way too tight. You were his world and he loved how cute you’d be when you got into these fluffy moods that he just had to cuddle you forever. Like, bitch you better get comfy okAy¿

“Aww! You’re being so cute! I love you too baby!”

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Chimchim would be so soft for you affection! He would smile so big and keep saying how much he cared for you. Everything you said he had to 1up you with his love. He wouldn’t be able to stop kissing your lips and holding you close to him bc he just adored you so much.

“I love you more! You don’t know how much I love you.”

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Taehyung/ V

While affection pooled from your mouth, Tae would grow increasingly flustered. He’d be a smiling mess but he knew exactly what he wanted to say to you. He’d start off by saying how he doesn’t deserve you but he’s glad he has you. It’d end with kisses and maybe a tear or two bc he just loves you so much.

“J- Jagi… You’re so sweet, I- I love you.”

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Kookie would actually start crying. He probably had a bad day and really need this so when you told him how much you appreciate him and everything he does. he’d breakdown and just hug you. He didn’t say anything but you knew what he was thinking; All the times you were there for him when he felt alone or anything. You knew how much he cared for you.

“Just stay here.” He holds onto you waist.

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What Would Dating Seth Clearwater Be Like?
  • Going on cute little dates together that you call adventures. An example would be having a panic at the beach or going hiking.
  • Getting flowers from time to time.
  • The rest of the pack thinking that your relationship is so cute and innocent. When they accidentally walk in on make out session, they look utterly shook.
  • Leah being skeptical of you at first but then being considered a sister to her.
  • Seth having little pet names that he calls you all of the time. Examples could be beautiful or darling.
  • Having movie marathon nights together when he is not patrolling. There will be a lot of junk food that you both will eat until you both can’t stand to put another bite of food in your mouth. Both of you will be under the covers cuddling and eventually will fall asleep in that position with the TV still playing a movie in the background.
  • Seth not only being your boyfriend but also considered one of your best friends. Some nights you both will stay up late talking on the phone with each other until you go to sleep.
  • Seth being your partner in crime when you decide to try and prank one of the pack members. When one of them does get pranked, they can’t get mad. This is because you’ll be off in the corners giggling very loudly.
  • Seth completely and utterly adoring everything you do because to him you are perfect. And not just because you’re his imprint.
  • And just like in the What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like headcannon, you are finally able to find your people with the other pack members and imprints.
the signs as boyfriends
  • aries: will confront the boy who was flirting with you, lots of pillow fights and making out. usually trying to impress you and always has his arm around your waist or his hand in yours
  • taurus: always making you laugh, loyal af. doesn't fuck with anyone else bc they've got their eyes on you. loves to see your smile
  • gemini: stays up late to talk to you, flirts with you even though they've already won your heart, adorable and cheesy
  • cancer: supportive of everything you do, super sweet and a gr8 cuddler. will make you food and kiss you 24/7
  • leo: will buy you gifts all the time "just because". the flowers and chocolate kind of guy. will always show you off and remind you of how beautiful you are
  • virgo: will listen to you talk about anything. remembers to the little details about you and knows you better than you know yourself. gives the best advice
  • libra: extremely romantic. the kind of boyfriend in the movies. always wants to make sure you're happy, puts your happiness above their own
  • scorpio: easily jealous, cute small gestures all the time, very affectionate and sex god. will have deep talks with you
  • sagittarius: will take you on adventures and be your best friend. playful and jokes around a lot to hear your laugh. also will build a treehouse w/ you
  • capricorn: will let you sit on his lap and hold your hand. the one you can depend on for anything. lowkey sexual
  • aquarius: so. many. inside jokes. a little clingy but doesn't admit it. will talk to you for hours about anything. spontaneous and casually touches you a lot
  • pisces: understands you so well and will listen to you when you're upset. reads to you and shares his earbuds w/ you at night. treats you like a princess

so i talk a lot about francy and why they’d be good together but i guess i should also make a post why they’re not good together – not because i want to ruin my own ship but tbh sometimes the angst is worth it (also this is a v long list i’m sorry)

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Being friends with Barry Allen Would Include

My first thing for The Flash. It’s kind of all over the place

Being Friends with Barry Allen and Having Feelings for Each Other Would Include…

  • He’s the basically the biggest dork ever so he isn’t really the best at flirting and stuff.
  • He blushes a lot when you talk/look at him.
  • Everything you do just melts his heart, you’re just too adorable.
  • He wants to protect you at all costs but he doesn’t really know how to protect you as Barry, and not The Flash.
  • You two weren’t really close friends because you kind found hi behavior odd at times.
  • The way he would just stare at you without blinking or saying anything for five minutes- it made you a little uneasy.
  • But other then that you actually liked him
  • His pick-up lines would totally be the cheesiest thins ever, probably something Cisco recommended him to say.
  • (He’d always think they were the best lines ever though.)
  • He’d just be really dork and nervous around you (more than he usually was)
  • He would suddenly become SUPER uncoordinated
  • “I swear y/n that trashcan came out of nowhere!”
  • You finding out he’s The Flash
  • He didn’t come out and tell you or anything, it was actually unintentional. 
  • He had saved you from danger as the Flash, (he’d saved you from Snart)
  • “Thank you so much! You saved my life.”
  • “Don’t worry about it. It’s ‘snow’ problem.”
  • “Wait, Barry?!”
  • “How in the holy he-”
  • You’d tease him mercilessly after that, albeit only around people who knew his identity.
  • Refusing to call him the Flash
  • Calling him The Streak, Scarlet Speedster, etc.
  • Or just “guy in red suit that runs kinda fast”.
  • That one was probably the most annoying. (And hardest for you to throw causally into conversation.)
  • That’s why you used it the most.
  • The first time you’d said that he’d responded with “girl in blue shirt who runs kinda slow”
  • So that’s basically what you call each other. (He changes the color to match the color of your shirt, of course.)
  • When you two would call each other that it would usually escalate into a dumb nickname war.
  • (Because you two are such children around each other)
  • “Look at that, Barry and y/n are flirting again.”
  • “I’m not flirting with Ms. Bad nickname giver lady! If anything she’s flirting with me.”
  • “As if I’d flirt with Barry-trips-over-trashcans-Allen!”
  • Yeah, you two aren’t the best at insulting nicknames.

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2 + jungkook for the angst drabbles please

2. “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to make you shut up.” with Jungkook

Send me a number and a member and I’ll write a short drabble!

“Oh just admit it, Kook. You’re all bark and no bite.”

The guys snickered around you when Jungkook threw you a deadly glare in return, enjoying the feud between you two that had managed to occur even during a night in.

“I bite real hard, __. Don’t tempt me, yeah?” He retorted.

‘Ohs’ and ‘oh snaps’ sounded around the room and you barely managed to contain your blush.

“Aw, well that’s just too adorable,” you cooed, pouting your bottom lip, and knowing very well that you were past pushing your limits with him when he bit his lip and warned you with a single dark look thrown your way. But you just couldn’t help it, it was so fun to mess with him, especially in front of the others when you knew he didn’t like his manliness to be questioned.

Little did they know that you knew exactly how hard he bites. God, did you know. After you spent countless hot nights with this man beneath the sheets, sweaty hands gripping at each other oh so tightly, lips sealed to one another’s in the most passionate of kisses. Yeah, you knew everything he could do.

“Adorable, huh?” He chuckled darkly but said no more. Jimin and Hoseok continued to play FIFA, while the other four watched intensely, quickly forgetting about the banter that had just occurred in front of them. But he stayed with his eyes glued to you, and even with your eyes glued to the screen, you could feel his gaze burning into the side of your head from where he sat on the other couch across from you.

You saw him shift slightly from your peripheral vision, but didn’t dare to look up. Then you heard your phone ding, signaling that you just received a text, and you just knew it was him.

if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up

Your mouth ran dry and your eyes involuntarily flicked up to his, only to be met with his. However, you maintained your confident brave façade and quickly typed in a text, despite the voice at the back of your head telling you that you were so gonna get it later.

I’d like to see you try

keep your door unlocked for me

and why would i do that?

i don’t think it’s very wise of you to question me right now baby

what’re you gonna do about it?

you just fucking wait

You thanked god your roommate had decided to spend the night at her boyfriend’s, who lived off campus. Because as soon as he’d managed to sneak into your dorm room, he roughly pushed you against the wall and put his hand firmly around your throat.

“God, you could be such a bitch sometimes,” he groaned, tightening his hand slightly before letting go and trailing it down to your breasts, squeezing harshly.

“Only because you’re a cocky piece of shit,” you snarled with a smirk, feeling courageous enough to call him out. But you quickly faltered when he slammed a hand on the wall right beside your head, quite literally growling at you with fire in his eyes.

“Get on your fucking knees.”

You didn’t even hesitate for half a second, dropping to your knees so that you were face to face with his hard on, clearly seen through his sweatpants. You brought your hands up to pull them down but he was quick to slap them away. You looked up at him with innocent eyes as he busied himself with pushing down his sweatpants, and when you looked back down, your mouth watered at the sight.

He’d decided not to wear boxers and was already hard as a rock, standing erect and fucking begging to be sucked off. He didn’t even bother to take off his pants completely, settling for leaving them around his knees before he used his hands to grab your hair and pull you forward harshly. “Open up now, baby..”

You opened your mouth obediently, knowing that it really wasn’t wise to test him in this situation. You knew exactly what he wanted. Your arms behind your back so you couldn’t touch him, your lips parted just for him to use your mouth as he pleased.

In a matter of minutes, his soft moans and groans, his panting, along with the wet sounds of his cock fucking your mouth filled the room. His fingers gripped your hair in a tight hold, keeping you still as he thrusts into your hungry mouth. You tried to put one of your hands on his thigh ever once in a while, but he would slap your hand away. “Be a good girl for fucking once and keep your hands to yourself.”

So you were currently satisfied with looking up at him with teary eyes, your throat already feeling sore from his ruthless abuse as he looked down at you with lust filled eyes that told you as soon as he was done with this, it would be time for your actual punishment. And boy, were you excited.

Being really short and dating Gibbs would involve:

  • Before and in the beginning of the relationship, Gibbs barely even mentions how short you are. Maybe little comments here and there like “you can’t even reach my coffee cup,” but nothing too bad
  • But Gibbs is like a dormant tumor or something; one day, he’ll start relenting teasing you about your height
  • Very obviously bending down to give you a kiss
  • Putting things on the highest shelves just to piss you off
  • Stupid nicknames like Shorty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse; the list goes on, honestly
  • Always has his arms over your shoulders while you’re talking together
  • He’ll probably feel a lot more protective than usual because you’re so smol and tiny and he’s so big
  • Finds pretty much everything you do adorable
  • A lot of lap-sitting
  • The only downside that Gibbs can see is that whenever you wear his shirts, they completely cover up your ass so he can’t get any ass shots while you’re reaching up for a cup or something
  • But on the other hand, his shirts are so big that your entire collarbone and upper chest will be visible, so there’s that
  • He’s a little shit when it comes to your height, but he wouldn’t want to change it for the world

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EXO Reaction when their GF shakes a ton/vibrates when she gets cold

I normally don’t shake too much when I’m cold. But Besht said she does, I wanna hug her. XD Let’s hug liz xD Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Suffering too* “D-do… d-do you want… my jacket? A-Anything for you.. B-b-but hug me, yes?”


“I can make you hot again… if you want. Come sit on my lap..” *Naughty boy kind of likes you vibrating* 


“Maybe if we vibrate together we can get a little bit warmer…” *Always trying to find a way to be close to you*


*Hugs you tight* “C’mere you shaking girl. My arms are warm, you need to stop shaking…”


“You know what we should do? Dance! With that shaking of yours… we might get an unique choreography” *His solution to everything when it’s not chicken*


*He’d me the one shaking* “No no…  you wear my sweater. I’m not cold.. I’m just shy” *But wouldn’t want you to give him back his sweater*


“Did I click the wrong button? I didn’t know you were like those stuffed animals that vibrate…. woah jagi… you are really special”


*Not sure what’s going on* “It wasn’t me! I didn’t do anything! Oh… you are cold? Never mind, come here”


*Cold too* “Ahh jagi… I think our vibration mode is on… this place is cold. Let’s go inside and cuddle”


“If we take some blankets we might not be that cold… Let’s take some jagi. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid” *He’s still one tho… a squishy one*


“You are adorable baobei… everything you do is cute. Let’s cuddle now, it’ll be a cold night and we don’t want you shaking all night” *Bf material*


*Wakes up* “What’s that… my phone? Oh.. jagi are you cold? Come here with me… There’s enough blanket for the two”

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