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I saw Namjoon on the variety show Problematic Men and I just. I really fell for him. I was in a bad, bad mental place at the time since I had come out to my mom and was kicked out, and when I looked up his lyrics, I just. I found an angel to help guide me. And then I saw his support for LGBT+ and I was even more smitten. Even today, I look to him for inspiration and motivation and hope. I never really considered myself a weak man before, but his dimpled smile really melts me everytime.

Namjoon on Problematic Men was everything I ever wanted. (Especially when he was on it with Jackson. “Don’t diss me. Please. …..Please.”) 

I’m just so… happy to know that someone could help you out of a bad place like that. To think that you were kicked out for coming out and being open about who you really are, when you’re at one of the most vulnerable times in your life, that’s just. That makes me so livid. And I know some people find the idea that a celebrity or idol (or comic, or show, or movie, or fandom…) can mean that much to you and help you through tough times a little silly but this isn’t exactly a crazy concept. Outsiders think you’re idolizing a simple person, when in reality you’re “idolizing” - and deeply connecting to - what that person stands for, what that person has helped you come to terms with about your own life and feelings.

We’d be here all day if you and I listed off the ways that Namjoon is an angel. He’s intelligent, witty, talented, exceptionally kind, a caring leader, I mean… I won’t let myself get carried away. So yes, let’s focus on his cute dimples instead and save some time.

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I really hope that you’re doing well now, nonnie. I hope you are in a safe place surrounded by those who love and care for you. And I’m also here if you ever need to talk. But if you’re ever feeling like you’re at the end of your rope and there’s no where left to go, I leave you with these words from Namjoon himself:

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

One of my friends asked me the other day if I would suck one thousand dicks for a billion dollars, and I love questions like that because not only are they so demonstrative of the no-homo society we live in, but they also show a fundamental lack of understanding that some people have for the value of money. Like, do you realize just how much money one billion dollars is? Do you realize I could live my life in the lap of luxury buying literally everything I could ever want and still have a fortune to leave to my children?? For sucking some dicks?? We are talking 1 million dollars per dick sucked!! That’s just economical like come on man.

jim, arriving on the enterprise: *is very attractive*

spock: okay i can deal with this

jim, over the next few weeks: *shows how hes also very intellegent, funny, engaging, good at chess, kind, soft, and just everything you could ever want in a man*

spock: Oh No

So my friend Erica (fuck you Erica I hate you) tells me to watch some movie on YouTube called “the strange thing about the Johnsons”. At first I didn’t want to watch it but she was like “it’s 30 minutes just fucking watch it”, and I was like “alright damn”.

I knew I shouldn’t have watched it because Erica is always watching some weird shit, bitch could never watch a regular movie like everybody else. So anywho the movie starts off weird.

The dad walks in on the son beating his meat and have the most awkward conversation known to man, and then it’s revealed WHO the son is beating his meat too and right then and their I should have stopped. Because everything just tumbles downhill after that, the weirdest movie with black people I have ever seen in ma life.

Nigga talking bout “time for din din”, you who calls dinner “din din A RAPIST THAT’S WHO. And the mom just gon act like her son ain’t violating her husband like a prisoner in an empty shower stall, because she wanna watch Scandal. Like I can’t. I’m simply canting right now

I don’t want to say too much but if you love God..don’t watch this movie…don’t do it to yourself. BUT if you want to see some weird shit watch it.

Ps. I’m currently waiting for Erica to respond to my text message so that we can fight.

When you discover someone who makes you feel as if you are far more than this body that holds you hostage, you will presume it is far too perfect to be true. He will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear. He will speak in dramatic tongues of how beautiful you are when you awake in the late evening, and how he adores the gentleness in your breath as you sleep. He will patiently await your next statement, hanging onto every word you say because he has become addicted to this Poison know as you. He will find new ways every day to leave your core quivering beneath his palm, desperately awaiting more of his touch, which never cieses to be both gentle and rough in the same instance. He will sink into the tub behind you when you’re attempting to relax after a long, stressful day only to wrap his arms around you and pull you into his masculine frame, just as he does when you lay at his side in the night. He will brush the hair from your face and wipe away every tear that falls from your mesmerizing eyes, because he will never be able to grow accustomed to seeing you cry. He’s going to listen to your chaotic ramblings when you’re caught up recollecting the past and all of its many disasters, because he hasn’t ever found a sound he adored more than your voice. He will show your selfies to all of his friends, never growing tired of seeing that bright smile of yours when you finally manage to call at midnight. You’ll find that even after your countless explanations of the fear he may leave, that he never stops reassuring you every time. He will grow silent at times, lost in a sea of his thoughts, but you need not worry, because he will remind you constantly about how you never leave his thoughts. He will buy your favourite scent of candle and snag a special treat before coming home to you, cautious when picking his gift because he knows how you’ve never been fond of ordinary things. You see, someday you’re going to find someone who makes you feel alive again. Someone who would swim across the oceans and tread through the most dangerous climates, just to hold you in person for a brief moment before you leave for work.
—  @darknesssetsmefree // And He Will Call It Love

I promise I’ll stop talking but I was thinking about this : Joyce and Jonathan are going to have the biggest argument of all time when Jonathan gets accepted to NYU and he then says he doesn’t want to go because it costs to much money and he couldn’t leave her and will behind. I can see her packing up his bags and loading them in the car and saying you’re going Jonathan you’ve wanted to go since you were six years old, will and I can take care of ourselves. Joyce knows it will be hard without Jonathan she knows that but she also knows her baby boy (who isn’t much of a baby anymore but grew up into more of a man than Lonnie could ever dream of being) deserves the best. So yes she will struggle because Jonathan deserves everything this life has to offer

Loved Me Back To Life

You come back to set to film your final music video and circumstances change, so after a severe panic attack Jared suggests that you just admit your feelings but you just can’t figure out what to do.

Jensen and Reader *No Hate towards Danneel she is our queen*

Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Jensen being cute and a dork

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           The minute I walked on the Supernatural set, I was welcomed with open arms. It was an amazing experience. The first time I met Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He was everything I could have ever wanted in a man, but I knew I couldn’t. Over the time, we had gotten to know each other, I fell deeply in love with him. After I had found out he had a girlfriend I had asked them to kill me off.

           I had my record company create a tour just so that I could get out of here, away from Jay. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Did it feel like I was numb on the inside? Every damn day. For those six years, I worked day and night, no vacations, no relaxation, just hard work.  

           I had just heard that they were renewed for their thirteenth season, and I was happy for them. I kept in contact with Jared and Misha mainly, and they always told me that Jensen had felt the same way, but I couldn’t accept it. After about twelve years in the music business I decided to do a final single then retire. I had enough money to last over several lifetimes so I wanted to relax and just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest.

           I had gotten a call from Robert Singer asking if I wanted to use the set for the last music video I would ever do. I hesitantly said yes and he assured me that no one would know I was there. I wanted to do ‘In the Dark’ by Billy Squier and had gotten the ok to do it.

           I had taken the red eye out to make sure I was there before everyone would know I was there. I had a trailer I could stay in when I needed to rest or whatever I needed, I wanted this to be an amazing video for those fans who had supported me all these years.

           Once I had gotten there nothing had changed, I took a quick nap and headed to the stage that was reserved just for me. I walked in to see my band and choreographer to help get things started. I started warming up my vocal chords while the band went through their instrument checks. ‘Ok y/n! You can do this’ I walked up to the microphone and started singing when it was my time.

           I gave the song everything I had, I kept my emotions in check to make sure I didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I saw Jared and Misha come in, they were a little shocked at my song choice but that’s what was going on in my head. I finished the song a little rough but I would work on it.

           I stepped away from the mic feeling dizzy, I then collapsed having issues with my breathing. I knew it was one of my famous panic attacks, I tried to play it off but this one was a mean something. Both guys were at my side helping me up, I had no strength so Jared had to carry me to his trailer.

           He sat down with me in his lap helping me through it with ease. Misha handed me a bottle of water. I heard the door open but I was too out of it to know who it was. Jared just sat there rocking me, calming me down. I had called him many times over the years when they got bad. So, he knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

           Once I finally calmed down, I was exhausted, so Jared led me back to his bed so that I could rest. In no time, I was out, resting from the war against my brain.

Jared POV

           I walked back after getting her comfortable, I knew they were bad, but this was beyond bad. I was tired just from watching her have the panic attacks, I closed the door and went back out to talk to Misha and Jensen who had come in with coffee, and got the shock of his life.          

           “What was that?” “That was one her famous panic attacks” Misha shook his head, I could see the sadness on his face. “Jay, I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she was here until I heard her singing” “That’s ok, is she ok though?” “No, she’s not, she’s pushed herself beyond exhaustion, she’s retiring so she thought that would be a good song to end her career with, but it just destroyed her mentally”

           “I should have told her how I felt, I was with Sarah then, but I should have just grown a pair” I felt bad for him, I knew how he felt and I also knew how she felt, I had to come up with a plan and fast.

Reader POV

           I woke up feeling better than ever, I decided to change my finale song, I didn’t want to deal with that again. I walked out to see a note from Jared saying to help myself to the snacks, and to also think about changing my song choice. I saw a post it note on the fridge and opened it up see cold coke and a turkey sandwich. I’ll have to thank him later.

           I called my manager asking if I could do something different, and of she quickly agreed and told me to think about it. I went through my iPod and quickly had an idea to mind, I finished my lunch and text Jared about my plan and of course he was on board with it. For six years, he told me that love was mutual from Jay, so now I tell him the only way I know how.

           We got everything planned, and ready for this to work. I stayed with Jared that night and everything was hammered down. I was really excited about this and hoped that I wasn’t going to get my heart broken. I decided to go shopping the next morning and find the perfect dress to sing in.

           The video was going to be simple, just me singing with my band and the guys from Supernatural hanging out. It would be my greatest or my worst decision. I had finally found what I wanted and got myself ready for the reveal.

           Misha had snuck me in so that Jen wouldn’t see me, and once I got there it was so simple yet so awesome. Misha gave me the thumbs up and the band started the intro, ‘Loved me back to Life’ by Celine Dion. The boys came once I started singing, Jay was in shock and just stood watching me sing the song the told my true feelings.

           Over the next week, we filmed the video and got everything ready for the reveal to my loyal fans. Over that week, Jay and I got to know each other again, it was amazing. The first time he kissed me was when we livestreamed my last video and wanted everyone to know that I was now taken.

           The video was a big success and it was my highest selling single to date. The record company tried to get me to reconsider but I declined. When the hiatus had come, Jay had planned a vacation, just the two of us. When we had arrived to our destination I was in shock to see the house from the twilight movies. The secluded island was just what we needed, I giggled at him, he knew I was an inner twihard so he made sure I had an amazing time.

           Over the next month, we spent time just enjoying our free time. There was one day where we found a beautiful waterfall. He had a picnic made and wine at the ready, he just had on a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. I had on my red bikini that showed a lot of skin but I didn’t care I was proud of my curves.

           The whole day was spent eating, drinking, splashing and chasing each other. The sun started to set showing the true beauty of this paradise. “Whatcha looking for hot stuff?” “Nothing now” He laid back down next to me and pulled me to him. “He started kissing down my neck leaving hickeys in his wake. I felt something weird on my left ring finger only to see a beautiful diamond ring.

           “Yes!” “But I didn’t ask yet” “Sorry” “No you’re not!” I laughed at his whine that sounded way too much like Dean. He held up his phone and took a picture of us and tweeted out that ‘she said yes!!’

           “So, tell me, have you ever made love on a beach?” “No but I know sand gets everywhere!” “Woman!” I squeaked and ran away from him, yelling at him to catch up. He finally caught up to me and threw me over his shoulder carrying me the rest of the way to the house.

           He went in and started a bath so that we could get the sand out, we soaked and just enjoyed each other, the way we wanted. After we were dried off properly, he carried me out to the living room where he had blankets on the floor in front of the window showing off the night sky. The entire night was spent on those blankets, crying out each other’s names and celebrating your engagement.

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At the Comic-Con

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Featuring: the Avengers cast

Words: 1579

Warning: some swearing

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: I know it’s really crap but I wanted to write something and this is what I could come up with. Sorry!

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This was the best birthday present ever. You were from San Francisco and had spent years dreaming about going to the San Diego’s Comic-con. You loved Marvel and everything that had to do with it, so that place was a dream come true for you. Sadly, the tickets used to be too expensive and were sold too fast so you never got the chance. But when you turned 22, your best friend gave you the best present someone could ever give you: tickets to the comic-con!

The moment you had them in your hands you rushed to the web page to check the program and let out a scream when you saw your friend, Anne, had given you tickets for the day when The Avengers panel would take place.

“My fucking God, Anne! I’m gonna meet Captain America!” You squealed while you were walking into the Comic-con itself.

The moment you gave your tickets you started looking around. It was much better than what you ever imagined. Many cosplays, dressed up people, photoshoot, interviews everywhere and your heroes all around you!

“Close your mouth or a fly will go in”, Anne laughed as she saw you looking around speechless.

“This is just amazing, really”, you mumbled shaking your head. “Thank you so much”, you told your friend as you hugged her tight.

The Avengers panel was at noon so you two walked around the place for two hours before going there. Somehow you managed to seat at the front row which almost made you cry. You were holding Anne’s hand the whole time since you felt like scream if you didn’t. She was truly being your rock that day.

“Ladies and gentleman, please, welcome… The Avengers! Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo!”

You got up and started clapping while all of them went up to the stage. Your eyes immediately found Chris. He was so good looking! And those damn eyes could be seen from the other side of the room. They all took a seat and you did the same, biting your lip as you looked at all of them.

“So guys, congratulations for The Avengers 2, I gotta say I loved it!” The host said. You nodded smiling, it had been such a good movie. Marvel never disappointed you.

“It was a fun movie to film, to be honest. I mean, working for Marvel and with the Russo brothers is always such a rewarding experience”, Robert talked on the microphone while the rest of the team nodded.

“So tell us, where did you film it?” The interviewer asked.

“Actually, we did a lot of filming in Europe, the Avengers facility was in Norwich and Sokovia was actually in Italy” Chris explained.

“Italy? Wow!” The host replied.

“The team made such a good work to make it look like…well, Sokovia”, he said making you laugh a little.

“Indeed, I would have never said it was Italy”

The interview lasted for like 15 minutes before the audience started asking questions. You didn’t ask anything since you were too shy and shocked to say anything else. Before you even noticed, this part of the panel was gone and now you had 30 minutes before the signing started.

“I can’t do this, Anne”, you said holding your Avengers’ poster as you waited in the line.

“You’ve been waiting years for this, of course you can”, your friend encouraged you.

“But he’s so hot! I won’t be able to say anything coherent”, you sighed looking at the table where they were already seated, waiting for the signing to start.

“Then be incoherent but don’t be quiet! It’s not the moment to be quiet”, Anne said as she pushed you a little to move forward.

You didn’t have to wait long and before you could realise what was going on, you were in front of Scarlet Johansson and she was signing your poster as she talked to you.

“How are you? You seem nervous”, she smiled at you.

“I am. I’m freaking out. I had been waiting to come to this Comic-con for years now and I can’t believe I’m here”, you said as fast as you could.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed it”, she replied with a smile.

“Indeed”, you said while you moved to stand in front of Robert.

You looked around for a moment just to discover that Chris was just next to Jeremy and Renner was the next one. Just with that, you started freaking out once again.

“Someone’s nervous”, Robert smiled at you. You nodded biting your lip. “Don’t worry, Jer is a good guy”, he winked at you and passed the poster to Jeremy.

You looked at Chris for a moment and for some reason you saw he was actually looking at you. Immediately, you felt your cheeks getting red as you tried to focus on what Jeremy was saying, but all you could do was smiling at him.

“Hi”, Chris said as soon as you were in front of him. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“I…I’m… (Y/N). My name is (Y/N)”, you managed to say. He smiled at you and looked down at the poster to sign it.

“Such a beautiful name that one”, he said and looked at you once again before writing something on the poster. “Read that”, he winked and passed the poster to Mark.

Once you passed Chris you felt a bit calmed, but the fact that his eyes were on you the whole time didn’t really help. Somehow, you still managed to have a short conversation with Mark and Chris. Once you were finished you took the poster and looked at all the autographs. It was just amazing!

Looking around for Anne you hurried to where she was waiting for you just to show her your signed poster. This was going straight to your wall. No doubt.

“(Y/N)… What’s that?” She asked taking the poster.

“What’s what?” You said taking it from her hands.

She pointed at the Cap’s image that was covered by his signature. But there was something else: “meet me after the signing at the back of the stage where we had the panel ;)”

“Oh my…” you mumbled and looked at Anne who was looking at you shocked. “This is a joke, isn’t it?” You said.

“It doesn’t look like a joke at all, if you ask me”, she replied looking at the message. “You have to go”, she immediately said.

“You think so?” You asked unsure.

“I didn’t give you tickets for this so you missed a chance like this one”, she immediately replied.

She was right. Maybe it wasn’t true, but how many times would you have a chance like this one? Ever again. So you had to take it. Biting your lip, you looked back at the table just when Chris was looking at you again. When your eyes met, he winked at you before focusing his attention on the guy in front of him.

You two decided to sit down on a bench and wait for the signing to be over. When there were only three people left on the line, you looked at your friend before going to the spot Chris had told you. It wasn’t actually easy to get there since there was security everywhere but you managed to sneak in the back somehow.

“Hey there”, you looked around for the source of the voice and felt really nervous when you saw it was Chris. “I thought you wouldn’t come”, he said walking closer to you.

“Sorry I…it was hard to sneak in here. It’s crowded with security”, you explained.

“I’m glad you made it”, he nodded.

“So…why did you want me to come anyway?” You asked. He chuckled a little and ran a hand over his head.

“This is going to be so creepy but… there was something about you, besides the fact that you’re so beautiful, that made me want to get to know you”, he said with his hands in his pockets.

You looked at him like you didn’t even hear him. He had to be kidding you. It was a bad joke, but it had to be one. There was no way he could be interested in you. Not in that sense at least. It was Chris Evans we were talking about.

“Don’t mess with me”, you laughed nervously.

“I’m not”, he said smiling as well. “We will be in town for another couple of days and I would like a date with you in that time”, he added.

“Are you serious?” You asked still not believing what you heard.

“I am”, he replied. “So? Do you want to go and grab a coffee once I’m finished here?” He suggested.

“A coffee sounds good, actually”, you nodded.

“Great. Then…meet me at the parking lot at 7?” He asked.

“I’m with a friend. I can’t leave her alone”, you said biting your lip.

“Oh…eh… I can tell Scar to come with us so you can bring your friend”, he said.

“Ok, it’s settled then”, you said with a big smile.

“Good…see you later then”

He moved a bit closer and kissed your cheek softly. Damn, he smelled so good. Then he looked at you for a few more moments before walking away. Probably he had another interview but you didn’t care anymore. You had a date with Chris fucking Evans and you just couldn’t wait to tell your best friend.

A coffee in Volterra, a Caius Volturi imagine

Imagine Caius Volturi getting mad at you , his human mate

“I have given you everything you have ever wanted!” Caius slammed his fist down on the rustic mahogany table making me jump. “The least you could do was respect that.”

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Gif source:  Enjolras

Imagine spending the night with Enjolras before he goes to the barricade.

——— Request for anon ———

You were too nervous to sleep, both of you hyped up on the adrenaline at the mere thought of what could happen tomorrow. But the one thing you did know was that you didn’t want to be alone tonight, and the man standing in front of you was the closest thing you’d ever had to love, so when he invited you into his room, you agreed as normally as if he had asked you to pass the salt.

“Tell me everything will be all right tomorrow,” you murmur against his chest, Enjolras’ fingers absentmindedly stroking down your shoulder.

“What if it isn’t true? I don’t want to wind up lying to you,” he replies in a teasing tone, but it’s laced with the worry that it wasn’t just a joke.

You huffed, “Enjolras…”

“All right,” he sighs with a huff of a chuckle at the way you’d chastised him, “everything will be fine tomorrow, love.”

you know what? i’m a little disappointed by oswald’s “death”, because ed could have been so much crueler than he decided to be. he wanted to wreck him, take everything he ever had, right? 

but he could have done it so much better, after all those little ‘games’ and mind tricks. 

if ed had wanted to be cruel, he could’ve given oswald hope. 

the hope that his feelings were not unanswered. that isabella meant in fact nothing. that it was just them, the king of gotham and his righthand man. 

the hope that there was actually something between them, more than just friendship. 

and as they stood there by the docks, cold seeping through their coats and fog hanging in the air.

after all those words, after the bullet pierced his skin.

he could’ve pulled him closer. 

just a quick kiss on the lips, before everything ended. just enough to make oswald think that he had the chance to be loved

As I watched you slip further away from me, and what we could have been, it felt like I was dying again. I know the feeling. It’s terrible. I can’t ever imagine that I’ll be okay again. That I can walk this earth a healed man. I think all always be broken if you never come back and put your hand on my heart and tell me everything will be alright.
—  I’m losing you
Oath | Ch.15 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 1797

Night was taking over the city when Taehyung woke you up with more deep kisses and soft bites, going from your elbow to your neck. By Yoongi’s orders, you had to get some information out of the man you captured the day before. Easier said than done. You found out that the so called “basement” was located somewhere in the forest. It was safer and the screams could barely be heard from there. You were holding Taehyung’s hand tightly as he led the way through the maze whose exits only he knew. The old trees that you passed by seemed to keep a lot of secrets. They were exuding a gloomy feel. It made your skin crawl.

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What is papyrus' favorite game?

UT Papyrus: The Legend of Zelda, he likes adventure puzzle games, and the fighting aspect makes it everything he could ever want. You will find him playing it into the late hours of the day if you let him get on.

US Papyrus: Hatoful Boyfriend. Pidgeon dating simulator. What better joke is there? He plays it because he loves birds, and he loves abstract humor.

UF Papyrus: Doesn’t play video games, but if he did? Pokemon. Have you ever seen a man look at a baby pokemon before, let alone pet one? IN GAME? He would love you forever if you got him moon, and the 3DS to go with, so that he could also pick up Animal Crossing and reset his town until he got either Julian or Marshal.

SF Papyrus: Every indie horror game known to humankind.

HT Papyrus: Stardew Valley. He’s a farming man, this one, and he’ll probably marry Shane, he loves Shane, so much guys.

MT Papyrus: When he still had access to video games, it was Pokemon. He misses his Furret.

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I feel stupid for asking this - how do I get over someone who I ultimately know is straight but secretly wish he was gay?. Also I don't even know him I just know of him as a family friend and everyone talks about how nice and kind he is. I hate homophobes but he is an ally and stands up for the LGBT community. He just seems like everything I want in a man - looks, personality, interests. We are so similar. It just hurts that he couldn't ever feel the same or that I cant find someone similar.

It’s hard, I know, but it’s definitely something we’re all going through. I think most of the gay guys had a crush on a straight guy. He could never love you the way you want, that’s a fact. But there is no absolut advice how to get over him. The time will heal it, I guess.

He Was

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 803

Trigger Warning: Death, period typical racisim (which no one important condones don’t worry pals)

He said each word like a note. Sentences were songs. Paragraphs were symphonies.

You were entranced by them.

You were entranced with the words. Not the man who spoke them.


Not after what he did.

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