everything will fall into place

OKAY LISTEN UP! It was unclear if I would be going to comic con because getting tickets is impossiblre, so last night I had already accepted that I wouldn’t go, THEN last minute I get a call saying I got a ticket AND that my posters had been printed of my drawing of Matt and delivered to me at midnight, so everything was falling into place, right? So I go by myself and take a half hour trolley ride to downtown, which is shut down because comic con is THE event of the year literally thousands of people walking around and I had to calm down from panic attacks in the crowds, but I did good! So I found the hall they would be in and sat in it TWO HOURS before they went on, and after every panel was over I would run up to get a closer seat. I started in the back row, out of like 50 rows, up to ROW THREE for shadowhunters. I met some lovely fans, the panel was awesome I fucking love this cast but the hour was up very fast. I knew I had two hours to find where they were doing autographs but I wanted to get in line early, what I didn’t know was where the fuck this booth was, out of hundreds, nor did I know I needed to win a raffel to get autographs. So I found the booth and I just sat down mad because no one was even in line yet and the line of people that did come was MAYBE 50 people out of the hundreds that were there, fucked up right?? So I saw the cast enter in but as soon as they sat down they were out of sight so I was herded to stand with a group of people oggling the cast and made another sweet friend. THEN the line died down fast and a security guard goes, “don’t you dare rush me, get in a single file line and you can go” so the girl and I fucking bolted and my mouth got dry and my heart was racing because I didn’t think this would happen.

MATT IS FIRST and I DIED his eyes literally glow they are so hypnotising it was insane his beauty is unreal. So I rolled out my two foot drawing and say “I drew this of you when I heard you guys were coming to comic con and he goes "Holy shit you drew this??” And I said yes it took me eight hours and he was staring at it like “wow” and I said I had another piece in the Paris fanbook he got and he takes a second and realizes and goes “the fanbook from paris?? How do I find it??” And I told him my name was in there and he looks at Dom and goes “Nannette…Nannette has art in the Paris book” so they could remember and I died again and he asked if he wanted me to give it to him or for him to sign it and I asked him to sign it and i laughed and said “Ha I’m making all of your cast members sign a picture of you” and we laughed and it was great and I got pushed to keep going since I was taking forever so we took a picture but I was shaking and I FORGOT TO ASK HIM TO TAKE A PIC OF US DOING THE EYE SQUINT IN SO DISSAPOINTED but whatever so I move down to Dom who is next but I’m still talking to Matt and I say “I could literally talk to you about space for hours and just about everything I swear” and Dom jokingly was like “Nah it gets old after a while” and Matt got offended and said “Hey! She’s gonna replace you on set, those conversations are fun!” And I died again after we all laughed. This is long I’ll make another post about the rest of the cast!

bomb’s away~

he asked me if i was scared.
my reply,
as usual, was cool and collected.
in reality,
there are a million fireworks
going off in my heart
and i feel like i am standing
in the middle of an open field
as the thunder starts to 
roll in.
no, i’m not scared
i’m fucking terrified.
i don’t know how everything
could change so
so quickly
so purely
so truly.
my heart is palpitating 
and i feel like i am about
to hear the whistle blow
signaling the biggest race
of my entire life.
i may seem like i have 
it all together
but inside my mind
there are so many neurons
constantly firing
i feel like there is a 
paintball fight of emotion
every second.
my wonder and bewilderment
hasn’t lapsed,
i’m so captivated 
how could i have gone
so long
to almost forget what
it feels like
to have everything
fall into place-
like i’m falling from
a thousand stories high
right into
the sun.
so ask me again if 
i’m scared
and remember
the soft response i 
give when i tell you
that yes,
it’s true.
i’m fucking terrified.
and i love it.

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hi prim! im so happy i wanna share it!!!!! so im a high school dropout (im 16) and i just got my GED diploma (high school equivalency) today and i broke up with my ab*sive boyfriend like 3 days ago and things just seem so nice now!!! i really thought i was destined for nothing bc i have depression & anxiety but i think things will be okay :-) n i hope that everyone else goign thru tough times gets good things too! especially u sweet angel!!!!! xx

this is so relieving and refreshing and im so so glad you’re doing better because you absolutely deserve it! i hope everything will fall into place! :,) im happy for you!!! here’s to never giving up and constantly fighting for your betterment! *cheers

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I offer a day of many feelings, of surprise adventures, feeling alive, letting go, and breaking a few rules. Will everything fall into place? Will i feel this good again?


You can achieve your dreams by just believing that you can. You do not need to necessarily need to know the process and the steps to get there, but if you believe and if you put in your time, effort and love into it, everything else will fall into place. Believe in yourself and your dreams.
—  What i’ve learnt by achieving my small dreams

The One That Got Away

by reddit user bookshelfghost

Lily Harrison and I met at a graduation party when we were eighteen. As soon as I walked into the house, her bubbling laughter caught my attention. I couldn’t help but grin because it was so contagious, and she’d noticed. Already a couple drinks in, she pointed right at me and shouted, “Hey. You’re cute. Come be my partner.” 

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Shoutout to the chill, laid-back girls, that don’t believe in forcefully initiating a relationship & are convinced that if you just “go with the flow” everything should fall into place. You’ll find someone that has your same vision and takes you very seriously. 

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Seeing this image will bring money to you, all your needs will be fulfilled, and you will be surrounded by love. Know that you are loved, and everything will fall in place. Like and/or reblog to charge them. Like and/or reblogging on a Monday adds extra magick to them. Smile & blow a kiss to add even more!

you have so much time to make yourself into the person you want to be, don’t let anyone rush your plans and what you have in store for yourself. take your time and everything will fall into place

I feel like there’s something really symbolic in today’s clip with people skipping and dancing in the yard and isak and even walking hand in hand with the flower in isak’s hair; it seems like everything in that scene in the schoolyard refers to children and the youth and the past. it felt almost creepy how they were painted in this light, as kids, when everything is actually the opposite of that because no one is innocent and so many people hurt sana while hiding under this fake facade

Meanwhile, Molly

(Or: More Things That People Think Make Sherlock Canonically Straight But They Really Really Don’t)

Allow me to address one more incredibly beautiful part of Sherlock (and then I’ll stop overusing the word “beautiful”, sorry, I just loved series four): Let’s talk about what is the point of Molly Hooper.

I’ve always sympathised with Molly, but I admit that from a literary point of view, I didn’t quite get her. If she was a love interest for Sherlock, why would the story not revolve more around her? But if she wasn’t a love interest, where was her character going? Why was she there in the first place? It didn’t feel Moffat-y sound. (And yes, I just made that expression up.) 

But looking back on all four series, the intention of Molly’s character actually becomes pretty clear. In a nutshell: At any given moment of the show, Molly is an indicator of John Watson’s feelings towards Sherlock. (No really, let me show you.) 

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SKAM S04E09 Clip 3 - Talk about everything

CHRIS: I don’t think you should be worried. I’m sure it’s fine.

VILDE: Yeah.

CHRIS: Yeah.

VILDE: I just have a bad feeling in my tummy.

CHRIS: What’s that supposed to mean?

VILDE: No, I think there’s something wrong.

CHRIS: Something wrong? How do you know?

SANA: Hey, should we contact the police?

VILDE: What if he has killed her?

SANA: He hasn’t killed her.

VILDE: We can’t know that for sure. He has shown violent tendencies in his past and his brother is a psychopath. We don’t know if William is or not - those things are genetic.

CHRIS: Oh my God.. They’re fucking! Stop nagging!

SANA: For four days?

CHRIS: Yeah!

SANA: Without making a sound?

CHRIS: Well I don’t know, I haven’t heard them.

MAGNUS: Hey. Fucking hell, William’s car is so cheesy.

CHRIS: Shocking! She’s alive.




NOORA: William? I have to leave.

NOORA: It’s.. It’s just like.. Okay. Because I feel like we’ve.. Just talked about everything. That.. That we just.. He just opened up completely. Do you understand? I don’t know what I was doing before, but I understand how he thinks now. Sana Bakkoush, this is the best thing you’ve done. Thank you. But hey! Oh my God, how did it go with Yousef?

SANA: I don’t know.

NOORA: But you talked, right?

SANA: I.. Yes, or.. I tried talking to him, but.. He’s going to Turkey and he’s staying all summer and he’s not a Muslim and..

NOORA: But you have to talk to him! Just talk to him before he leaves. Just send him a text. Now!

SANA: I don’t have his number.

NOORA: Then write to him on Facebook.

SANA: We’re not friends on Facebook.

NOORA: But oh my God, Sana! Add him then! Now! Seriously, come on. Yes and then you write: “Do you want to hang out with me?” Sana! I swear I’ll log onto your account and write it myself and hit send. I’m not kidding, you know that.

SANA: Okay.

NOORA: Yeeeeah! Good!

SANA: Oh my God.

NOORA: That wasn’t so hard, was it? You know what, now life is smiling. Now we can do anything we want. And I suggest that we skip. You in?

SANA: Yeah, but I already think we are. Class started a long time ago.

NOORA: Is it true? Oh my God. Yeah, well, then that’s it. I thought it be a bit more difficult.

SANA: Yes.

NOORA: But it feels very natural.

SANA: Maybe because we’ve been good all year.


SANA: Summer vacation starts soon.

NOORA: Yes, now we’ll just go and hide, wait for the summer and wait for the summer.

SANA: What if he doesn’t answer?

NOORA: No! Everything is falling into place now, Sana.

SANA: Yes, it is.

it’s okay if you haven’t figured yourself out a 100% yet, everything will fall into place eventually. it’s also okay if you thought you had figured yourself out 100% but it turned out you were wrong, people are constantly changing and evolving. it’s all natural & everyone experiences this.